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  1. When the pie is $2,000,000.000, the lines form quickly and long , to get a piece!
  2. The reason for the rule is that fans were fighting for the balls and the league is afraid of lawsuits.
  3. Here in Nashville use to live the Dick family: Father's name was Harry, the daughter was named, Mary Atta
  4. This site would nit pick a blow job.......what is if they ever had one.
  5. Decker and Drops: According to his stats for the year, he played in all 16 games, was target 83 times, received 54 for 563 yards, with 2 drops. He also had 1 in playoffs. 31 of his 54 catches were for first downs with 1 touchdown.
  6. Have daughter who just purchased house in Hendersonville, 600k, large lot, large home, no pool. Beautiful home. Daughter in LA, comparable home, small yard by Tn standards, with pool, 2m. Yes gas dollar higher. When they visit and we go out to eat, my son in law spends most of the meal laughing at the low cost. A guy working for the corporation I retired from, was transferred to Sumner County from San Fran had to pay taxes on sale of home because he could not find a home in Sumner County expensive enough. Then there are the taxes.
  7. The Hermitage Hotel is the only 5 star in Tn. Not cheap, an old hotel but very well kept and in the center of downtown. If you can, stay downtown. Nashville has so many fine restaurants and more will open by the time the game gets here. I have lived in Nashville 79 years, traveled and dinned most of US. If you are interested in my opinion, send me a private message and I will give you my honest opinion with no busting your chops. Have fun in Nashville and spend money.
  8. That is a play CBs have to make. Last season Cox turned it in and quit the team. He just did not tell anyone. In one of the later games, he was in the hole facing a half back sweep. Runner coming straight at him, Cox went into the Matador defense, stepped to the side and waved at the runner going by for a touchdown. He in my opinion did not like contact. Glad he is gone.
  9. Did not know I was debating. What did I post that was not true?
  10. 1. Whistle had not blown. 2. Ben Jones also left his feet and was diving [leading with his helmet] at the same time. 3. Hit his own team mate. 4. Was talking to official because he was being replaced due to concussion. He was insisting he was ok. Was out one play. If it was a penalty, could have been called on Jones as well.
  11. Can a player like Tanney with his years in league be placed on PS?
  12. Well written, the fact you are not the aveage internet poster, screams with each word.  I would enjoy reading one of your books.  If you would be willing to share the title with me, I believe there would be some enjoyment in store for me.  

    Thanks titanmc

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