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  1. Hmmmmmm - doubtful. The generic “ok” sign is the opposite direction.
  2. NY AG is investigating. This officer must be fired immediately.
  3. Pretty shitty that Historic Nashville City Hall / Courthouse got badly damaged though regardless.
  4. I didn’t believe it at first when MSNBC was talking about foreign actors being involved here but it cannot be ruled out there Russian operatives are involved in some of this. Maybe this guy is just an anarchist or White Supremacist. Or maybe not, but there is weird shit going on here.
  5. I’ve seen this all over too. Mostly middle aged or older black people trying to prevent this behavior (plenty of kids doing the right thing too though). But I’ve seen the other side too, its just mostly young people in general run amuck with older people and some good natured younger people trying to contain them in general.
  6. Finally a response from Biden, but it took way too long.
  7. There was a shooting at the protest in downtown Omaha. Dont think it was police, suspect in custody.
  8. Man wtf. That accomplishes nothing whatsoever. “Respect my AUTHORIT-AY”
  9. I think a lot of people like the idea of her more than they’ll like her once she gets more media scrutiny. But that’s just my opinion.
  10. Lol I saw that - what a douchebag. The poor confused old guy was trying to move away as fast as he could.
  11. This is my main issue with her - terrible political instincts. Almost always focusing on the wrong things with messaging too - I think its an out of touch coastal thing or something. Warren is disciplined, presidential, on point.
  12. Yep. Warren and Biden have been talking several times per week. I bet she sent a card and flowers and not an exploitative opportunistic tweet.

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