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    Biden VP Thread

    Just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
  2. tgo

    Biden VP Thread

    She's co-sponsoring Bernie's 2k a month bill and just co-sponsored an energy bill with AOC.
  3. Why? Biden just reiterated again this morning that if there's no legislative movement, he'll support ending the filibuster. And on the Voting Rights Act, they could maybe even get 9 Republicans anyway in a Trumpless government.
  4. I meant between being Obama's VP and then the first female VP being black, along with SCOTUS - in aggregate. But yeah, mostly referring to civil rights legislation and I think there will be some progress there for sure.
  5. Until the right opponent finally came along! If we can win back the Senate and esp if he picks a black woman VP, he'll be viewed as a historical bridge type figure in civil rights. He could be up there with LBJ on civil rights after the Trump fiasco and signing the John Lewis Voting Rights into law, and breaking the filibuster to do so. Along with picking a black female SCOTUS judge and police reform and hopefully a lot more progress on civil rights as well. He's been harping for decades on civil rights and desperately wants to be a transformational figure in that regard.
  6. Not if he had any recourse to negate the fines, even if it was through arbitration or some other mechanism. Half the cash the Titans have paid him so far along with his guarantees are forfeit if the Titans flip the switch (15% SB trigger, 550k in fines). They should void the guarantees, send the warning letter, and go after his SB and not pay him any more money and then release him. At most they will only be out 1.5M cash already paid along with anything he is awarded in arbitration which would be down the road.
  7. Presuming they are finished or soon to be finished waiting around for him and want to move on, here’s what they can lean on from the collective bargaining agreement with regard to the future of the free agent they signed to a guaranteed $9.5 million one-year deal in March. Article 30, section 3 (a) Ineligibility for Termination Pay. An otherwise qualified player will not be entitled to Termination Pay under this Article if the Club can demonstrate that, after receipt of a written warning from his Club in the form attached hereto as Appendix I, the player failed to exhibit the level of good faith effort which can be reasonably expected from NFL players on that Club. Appendix I is “written good faith effort” letter, the body of which reads as follows: The Club hereby provides you with written notice that you are failing to exhibit the level of good faith effort which can be reasonably expected from players on this Club. If you do not demonstrate the good faith effort which can be reasonably expected from players on this Club, you will not be entitled to Termination Pay under Article 30 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement if you are terminated before the end of this season. The Titans may have sent such a latter already, they may have waited to see if Beasley was going to opt-out before deciding if that would be their approach.
  8. tgo

    Biden VP Thread

    Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who was seen as a frontrunner in the spring but seemed to fade from the spotlight, is still very much in the race, said several sources. “Joe has always liked her,” one source close to Biden said of Whitmer. “They’re very similar. He can relate to her. It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that she’s still very much in the mix.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is also not out of the running and has taken part in the final stages of the process, sources say, and several Democrats say a surprise from Biden is possible. The source described the process as “being in a pitch-black room.” “You know where you are but you don’t know where everyone else is,” the source said. “You can only speculate like everyone else.” “I think the list has narrowed a bit but…it’s going to be a surprise to whoever gets it,” said one source who has spoken to one of the contenders. Harris has been making rounds of last-minute phone calls to make the case for herself privately, sources say. “She really, really wants it,” one source said. “And she wonders what the delay means for her.” "Rice has not run for office before, though if Biden decides his pick is the person he works best with and is most comfortable with, she could still get the nod. “She’s loyal as shit and he knows that,” the confidant said. “And that carries a lot of weight.” " "In the interview with the NABJ and NAHJ journalists, Biden said the process to select his running mate has been “very orderly.” “I’ve narrowed it down and I’ll be ready to make that announcement,” he said. “You’ll find out shortly.” "
  9. These Twitter activist morons aren't representative of the black community at large, I assure you. There are plenty of young black progressive activist types yes, but they never vote anyway, just like most young people of all races in America - they're just loud on social media. These comments will make zero real difference. He needs to start being extra careful on any comments related to race though, the comments were ill advised coming from an old white guy.
  10. If not Clowney, then I'd rather have Clay Matthews or an UDFA or bring Jevon Kearse out of retirement than suffer Beasley's presence on my football team.
  11. I'm really rooting for him to not opt out btw, I really want to see him terminated if at all possible.
  12. Another hour until the Titans can go after his money (and/or release him in the coming days).
  13. How could they be any harsher without being unprofessional? The statements they've made make their positions known. What good would being "harsher in tone" accomplish anyway? They've made their displeasure with him very clear.
  14. tgo

    Biden VP Thread

    Wow, I've always liked S.E. Cupp but wtf? How stupid can you be? She doesn't even give her reasoning. I just read another article saying "Kamala Harris is now like Bernie Sanders" due to how extremely progressive she has become. So I wonder what the deal is? I always find it odd when people cast Kamala as a moderate, she is uber-liberal on policy, just doesn't have any original ideas. I wonder what the major differences are between Harris and Warren for example, on policy. The only thing I can really think of is that Kamala is lax on the idea of breaking up big Tech (because she gets tons of donations from Silicon Valley).

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