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  1. We’ve done it in years past. There’s not enough players worth keeping to get rid of the last TE, esp if Bates gets suspended for his arrest.
  2. I have 5 TEs and 4 RBs making the roster at present. 26 offense, 24 defense with a defense heavy PS.
  3. I bet a few true bottom tier candidates like Bullock, Gillibrand, Tim Ryan, Bennett, etc. will hang around trying to make the Oct debate.
  4. One thing to note: Biden’s campaign apparatus/data analytics team is hell bent on turning out and targeting “unlikely” voters. One of their main focuses is on turning out new or infrequent voters.
  5. This is the 2nd poll in as many months showing the opposite. Maybe reality is closer to 50/50.
  6. It’s not totally useless, it does give you an overall pulse of the race, but yeah you can’t put much stock in anything except the early state polls in terms of strategy and prediction.
  7. “A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll is just the latest survey showing the former VP with the biggest lead over Trump. It has Biden up 7 point over the president in a hypothetical general election matchup, 42 percent to 35 percent. Other than Bernie Sanders, who led Trump by 5 points, every other Democrat is either tied with the incumbent or trails him.”
  8. Better be careful endorsing mass shootings and hate crimes on the internet.
  9. Totally asinine and self defeating to be anti birth control and also anti abortion.
  10. When you’re so pro life that you want to slaughter and murder some people!
  11. First Biden campaign tv ad buy, airing in Iowa this week.
  12. “Joe Biden was lying on the operating table and about to get surgery for his second brain aneurysm when the doctor told him he might not recover. “What's the most likely thing that will happen if I live?” Biden asked him. “Well,” the doctor replied, “the side of the brain that the first aneurysm is on controls your ability to speak.” “That’s when the gaffe-prone Biden thought to himself: “Why in the hell didn’t they tell me this before the '88 campaign?’ It could’ve saved us all a lot of trouble, you know what I mean?” That joke, which Biden told in a speech in 2013, has taken on new relevance now that he’s on the campaign trail for president again and facing questions about his gaffes. Though Biden has had a longstanding reputation for verbal flubs, they’re now inextricably linked to the 76-year-old’s age.” But concerns about Biden’s age and mental fitness are likely overblown, according to experts on aging and the brain, as well as actuarial tables used by the insurance industry to estimate the health and longevity of customers. The two brain aneurysms that Biden suffered in 1988 were fully treated and he showed no signs of mental trouble as a result, said Dr. Neal Kassell, who performed the surgery on Biden three decades ago. Nor did Biden suffer any brain damage that would might come back to haunt him in old age, Kassell said. Biden’s former brain surgeon, Kassell, went a step further: “I am going to vote for the candidate who I am absolutely certain has a brain that is functioning. And that narrows it down exactly to one.”
  13. The receivers are like set at 6 with Humphries, Davis, Brown, Sharpe, Jennings, Taylor.
  14. Oh I’m admittedly biased on behalf of Biden vs the competition, but I support him due to my views and political understanding rather than the other way around like Trump sycophants. He’s just the candidate that aligns with my expectations of a president and political belief system that also happens to be a genuine and good natured person. I also think he’s uniquely skilled at speaking to rust belt voters and independent blue collar retirees that vote. But yes, agree to disagree. I’ve never liked Warren or Sanders’ brand of liberalism, long before Biden’s candidacy, but I’d take either one over Trump. And I believe both have the best interest of the country at heart and are decent people.
  15. It’s the widespread assumption, without proof, that a multitude of executives are guilty of fraud vs executives taking advantage of deregulation and weak laws and acting unethically but probably not unlawfully in most cases. Let’s see the proof before talking about throwing people in jail. I think that’s a problem on both sides at this point with the reactionary and vitriolic calls for enforcement actions against people one side considers unscrupulous or predatory. It’s a pervasively dangerous level of discourse.
  16. Maybe somewhat true, but I think it’s really more just the normal progressive vs moderate lines being drawn. Regardless, luckily football season is starting soon so the Biden news/talk will soon decrease for a time! (bc I’ll be posting more in the football forum instead, to the relief of many I’m sure!). Gotta argue about something amirite?
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