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    Voter Turnout

    Now that's impressive. Hopefully a lot of young people show up on election day as well.
  2. Yes. I’ve learned a lot about defense listening to Pees and Vrabel and reading about Belichick’s defensive philosophy. DLB’s defense was not viable anymore against good QBs, esp with our personnel. It looks pretty but doesn’t always help you win.
  3. It was an avoidable trap. Democrats have the wrong message on this stuff nationally imo. It should be that they’re not going to “ban” any industries, but rather make the green economy so strong that the jobs and efficiencies will manifest naturally and produce better profit margins to the point of fossil fuels being less profitable like we’re seeing happen with coal now, dying a natural and gradual capitalist death. This way there is an assurance of employment nationally and opportunity for blue collar energy workers. But his remark about oil slicks on the windshield growing up was an effective and poignant point.
  4. I am - he was out the next day with an “illness” and they’re doing team meetings virtually. Do we think he just still had a headache Thursday too?
  5. Well, I was psyched about the pick because he could literally be the best run blocking OT in the NFL if he would actually put his heart into it. But clearly he's not ready to do that and is an immature idiot, which I did not know in the pre draft process. I think he must have some major psychological issues. But yes, very disappointing and if he does not turn this around in short order, particularly going into next year, it will have been a wasted pick. At this point we're going to have to carry Kelly at an inflated salary next year because our idiot first rounder can't get his shit together and is going to be suspended multiple games next year regardless.
  6. Maybe it's been mentioned, but clearly Vrabel told Wilson on Wednesday after he came in late with a "headache" to leave and don't bother showing up the next day either (he was home two days in a row with the "illness"), and to come back from Friday ready to help the team.
  7. Me either. I read nothing about it in the scouting reports, etc. that I read through. Maybe the Titans just knew this and are hoping he grows up as he gets older, banking on his potential. But frankly, by the time the dummy gets it together, Henry's prime will be gone - and the reason he is here is to be a run blocker for Henry.
  8. Hah people don't love him in Omaha, it's gonna be a Biden district. Nebraska splits their electoral votes, so if Biden wins the Omaha district (which is looking likely), then Biden gets 1 of the state's electoral votes. Trump is trying to make a late play for that electoral vote he won last time and is currently losing.

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