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  1. “I think there’s some guys in the draft, some guys that are still kind of floating around in free agency, that we have kind of kicked around, have some ideas about,” Robinson said. “I think with Delanie coming back, with Jonnu still coming back from injury, a couple of other guys had a couple of things ... “I think it is really more from a numbers standpoint, for practice and OTAs than needing ‘a guy.’ I like the guys that we have. But certainly if we can add somebody that can create some competition there, that’s not a bad thing.” Doesn't sound to me like they're going to target a TE (AKA Hockenson) early, but hard to read into it too much. “I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes,” Robinson said as he headed into a session on Monday morning. “There’s some tight ends that are certainly worthy of going up there in the first round. “Whether that’s the direction we go in or not, it’s to be determined.” Also said this though, which makes it seem more coy.
  2. This staff and likely Robinson definitely see Taylor as mostly an outside receiver despite what was said about him pre draft.
  3. Probably so, but people thought the same thing about Howard, who apparently most NFL teams graded higher than Hockenson is being graded. Heard Michael Kist on the radio this week saying he thought he’d go in the 20’s so never know.
  4. I think the pick will be Hockenson or Simmons, assuming Wilkins is gone.
  5. I’d like to see Cassius Marsh or Nick Perry added on the cheap.
  6. Over Harris probably, have read that a lot of black folks are skeptical of her. Abrams is much more real. But even outside of that, Biden has the support of a plurality of millenial black voters nationally on his own according to recent polling. He’ll get Clyburn’s endorsement and probably Hakeem Jeffries as well pretty early. His political machine in SC is built on the African American vote.
  7. The investigation has resulted in dozens of indictments and convictions by courts of law, including several close associates of Trump. You red hats must mentally impaired.
  8. He’s opposed to the second option per reports, despite advisors floating the idea. Naming Abrams as VP provides a partial answer to concerns about his age and being an old white man out of the gate. Abrams would seal the black vote in southern primary states. Also gives him an early campaign surrogate - someone whose day job would be campaigning for Biden. Biden has to pick either Harris or Abrams in the end if he wins the nomination anyway. May as well pick Abrams now.
  9. Hillary was already running. He wouldn't have beat Hillary. So dragging his grieving family through a grueling primary wouldn't have been worth it regardless. Doesn't seem cut from the proper cloth? Haha ok. No clue what that really means. He didn't serve in government for 46 years, serve as the chair of the Foreign Relations Committee and the Judiciary Committe, serve two terms as Vice President, and get awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, all after half his family was killed in a car accident in the 70’s because he wasn't "cut from the right cloth." Then one of his two surviving sons (who was an attorney general and a war veteran) dies from cancer, and you're giving him shit about not running in an unwinnable primary? Good luck with that argument.
  10. Haha, well. Normally I'd say the "inappropriate sexual stuff" could be a problem. But he'll be running against Trump so should be good on that front lol. One of the reasons that Biden actually has a good chance this time is because it's Trump who he'd be up against, so his "flaws" are guaranteed to be overshadowed by the sexually harassing draft dodging orange orangutan. Also Trump is also old so the age issue won't be as amplified in the general. So his two biggest weaknesses are overshadowed by Trump and don't seem like much of an issue compared with the competition. Yet all the "pros" for Biden get amplified against Trump. Experience, normalcy, foreign policy prowess, civility, all that. But anyway, they can go ahead and try to devour Biden in a primary and see what happens with all the more liberal candidates if he loses.
  11. He wasn't up for the job because his son had just died of cancer lol.
  12. I don't know about that - I just doubt Jason Michael knew as much about NFL QB mechanics as LaFleur/O'Hara. LaFleur has a very specific mechanics regime that he expects out of QBs in order to execute his specific offense. The Mularkey offense probably had different mechanical expectations from the position, from a technical standpoint. I doubt Mularkey/Robiskie just didn't care about mechanics at all, there's nothing to say that's the case. LaFleur harped on mechanics constantly and Mariota's production actually went down and his mechanics overall were even more of a problem than before. I think all QB coaches teach mechanics. It's just a matter of what mechanical expectations are for different offenses (there are obviously foundational things, but some nuanced differences from offense to offense), and I wouldn't think that would change much since we're keeping a lot of the passing concepts intact. And of course, it's also a matter of whether QB coaches are good teachers on mechanics or not. Given that O'Hara is still around, I would think he would hold considerable leeway over Mariota's mechanics, and I bet he'll be preaching similar things to what they were preaching to Mariota last year.
  13. I dunno, I'm not sure how any OC would look at his mechanics and just tell the QB Coach "Eh, don't worry about the mechanics, just ignore that and focus on other shit."
  14. I think that would mostly be the charge of Pat O'Hara rather than Smith. I doubt Smith is spending much time worrying about Mariota's mechanics.
  15. Yeah - could be trying to keep a low profile on certain guys.
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