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  1. Lol, not sure if this has been posted but.......... /facepalm
  2. Imo, Mariota has a chance to do enough with the talent around him to draw the franchise tag in 2020, but he will never be a top 10 QB.
  3. tgo

    Jonnu Smith

    Jonnu Smith is literally the fastest TE in the NFL. He's shown enough flashes to believe that if he can stay healthy (big if), that he can replace Delanie eventually. He's also steadily improved at blocking. My biggest issue with him was the drops. You can't bank everything on him, but he's on an upward trajectory of development. You have to remember that he played at Florida International and coming from there - the NFL is a big leap. Additional development is required.
  4. He's probably the best skill player on the team, and will soon surpass Delanie for sure in that regard. Completely underrated - it's actually pretty amazing how well he's done given the circumstances he's been in.
  5. Why? It actually seems like it would be more likely that Barnes would make the roster since you don't have to carry an extra TE or a FB. Henry and Lewis could easily both be gone next year, they need a young guy in the stable to develop. Fluellen isn't a guy you want carrying the rock consistently - he's a reserve and ST guy. Barnes has the size to be good on special teams too if he works at it, which could give him even more utility.
  6. 16 is Cody Hollister And someone else mentioned that Fluellen has gotten a lot bigger - which is interesting coinciding with him playing fullback. Maybe they want him playing fullback instead of having a TE do it with Pruitt/Wick/Towbridge playing inline.
  7. First episode of Lewan and Compton’s new podcast Bussin with the Boys debuts tonight with Delanie Walker.
  8. Yeah - traditional balanced TE. Per Cosell, best on the formation.
  9. It's a political message to the middle class, and it's a very effective one. He doesn't actually think they'll be able to get much done (although will do more than some firebrand like some these extreme leftists running otherwise). There are some things they may be amiable to though - like a compromise immigration bill that adds a lot to enforcement and barriers but helps refugees and dreamers and provides a viable path to citizenship. But moreoever, the idea is to win the senate. And you need a candidate that won't drag down Senate candidates in red states - and Biden will actually aid in that effort rather than hinder it like some candidates would.
  10. McCoy's release has now officially hit the transaction wire btw.
  11. "corporate" is misleading - but he'll be the "big money private donor guy" for sure. That's no surprise. What is surprising though, even to the Biden camp, is the success they've had with grassroots and digital fundraising.
  12. Biden delivered an amazing speech on Saturday btw, looked energized. The campaign said they raised over 1,000 dollars a minute during the rally just from digital fundraising. He was in Nashville at a fundraiser downtown on Monday and then spent yesterday fundraising in Miami and Orlando, where he raised 1.7M on Tuesday. They'll be hosting a big time fundraiser in New York City next month with all the big wig donors and Cuomo hosting. I think they'll easily blow Sanders out of the water in Q2 fundraising, both in grassroots fundraising and donor fundraising. Additionally, Biden declined help from any Super PACs and said he doesn't accept any Super PAC affiliation.
  13. The "low IQ" thing is straight from Trump's mouth. So they're repeating his line. Looks like the axis of evil is in lock step.
  14. Go back and watch Davis eat Gilmore’s lunch the entire Pats game. They thought they could cover Davis one on one. They were wrong.
  15. He hasn’t had an opportunity to hit 1K. Our starting QB has put up replacement level numbers since he was drafted (throwing for 13 and 11 TDs respectively and pedestrian yardage and attempts).
  16. There is no doubt in my mind that Davis would be a top flight WR with a better QB/more expansive pass game. As many have said (Reese and Brooks for starters), he’s a lot better than being given credit for.
  17. So Rob Riederer has also been promoted to Scouting Coordinator, along with Woo. Additionally, two scouting assistants have been hired - Blaise Taylor and Matt Miller. Surely this isn't *the* Matt Miller? Probably not - but that could explain his spot-on accurate reporting this offseason on the Titans interest in Simmons if somehow it were the same guy. A note on Blaise Taylor - he worked last year as a defensive assistant coach for Duke. The year before he was a draft prospect from Arkansas St. that flamed out. He graduated with a degree in business administration and his master's degree - graduating faster than anyone in FBS history "In 2017, Taylor was a National Football Foundation National Scholar-Athlete as well as a Wuerffel Trophy semifinalist. He also received the inaugural “Blaise Taylor MBA Graduate Award of Distinction” named in his honor. Future awards will go to students who have distinguished themselves by successfully equalizing academics and other areas of interest and hard work while working toward degree completion. In March of 2018, Taylor received the prestigious 2018 Arthur Ashe Jr. Male Sports Scholar of the Year award."
  18. McCoy still has not been officially released per the NFL transaction wire. Maybe holding out hope for a last second trade?
  19. Roberson does play special teams.
  20. As I said previously, it'll be more of a surprise if he *doesn't* make the 53 to me.
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