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  1. This guy is a total idiot - totally driven by bias, his shit isn’t worth reading - I stopped following him a long time ago.
  2. Won’t be rebuilding per se- will have a stacked roster with a QB on a rookie deal.
  3. Lol, same. So frustrating. It’s like people trying to assuage themselves and give themselves hope hah.
  4. Did not realize that he was PS eligible.
  5. Exactly. The fallout over his record player comment is nothing compared to what the general election fallout would be of supporting such an extremely unpopular policy as reparations.
  6. He really does need to run a lot more. More designed runs please. That's the aspect that adds value to him that we are hardly utilizing.
  7. Haha what else was he gonna say? “Laser rocket arm, great passer, pocket presence, excellent throwing down field and outside the numbers, good footwork, big strong guy.”
  8. Who is now the backup for the New York Jets! Let's give ole JRob his due now. Jk.
  9. Unfortunately probably true. We can always dream though!
  10. "Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a 12-point lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), his closest contender, in the Democratic presidential primary, according to a new poll released Monday. Biden received 32 percent of the vote among Democratic primary voters surveyed, leading the shrinking Democratic field, according to a Morning Consult poll. Sanders finished second in the poll with 20 percent. Warren is a close third at 18 percent. The poll falls in line with most others released in the last few weeks showing those three as the clear front-runners in the bid to take on President Trump. The three top candidates are the only Democrats in the field that polled in double digits." "Biden’s lead over Sanders widens to 13 points, with Biden at 34 percent and Sanders at 21 percent, among voters in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. "
  11. No, they're not overrated. One of the best units in the league.
  12. Well I'm not one of the guys that bitches about running on first down or 2nd and 10 - I'm all about running the football on early downs. But point being - I just think in such a crucial situation in a 4 minute type drive with a worn down defense, right after a drive where Henry had success early in the drive, that they should have put the ball in his hands instead of Mariota's hands. Ultimately the issue is the QB - not coaching.
  13. What a great year this would be to take advantage of Andrew Luck and Roethlisberger being out in the AFC.
  14. So this is the drive I'm thinking of: 2nd to last drive, sorry - Then - the drive before this - they pulled Henry for Lewis after he was running successfully, which was not smart imo.
  15. It may have been the last drive that I'm thinking of, but regardless - they should have been running Henry over Lewis in the 4th quarter imo.