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  1. Interesting. Almost all major cities have curfews in effect.
  2. Historic St John’s Cathedral in DC across from the WH is burning. Episcopal church. 205 years old. Why?
  3. AFL-CIO HQ building in DC raided/looted and now on fire.
  4. Buchannon was bad too but at least he was the first gay president (even though not many know that!).
  5. They always have way harder hitting ads than Dems hah.
  6. NYPD is by far the most consistently aggressive and at times abusive from what I’ve seen.
  7. The reason is that they’re breaking curfew and in an unlawful assembly, but anyway.
  8. He’s right there with Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson as the worst imo. Harding, Hoover and Nixon were also bad.
  9. The National Guard has nothing to do with Trump. It has been Democratic mayors and Governors largely who have deployed the Guard. Just clearing up that point.
  10. Most respected historians agree that Obama is a top 10 president of all time and anyone would be hard pressed to challenge that.
  11. Yeah sorry, I just meant favored as in she likes her rather than *the* favorite.

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