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  1. 2 minutes ago, h4t said:


    This Cheevers deal doesn't pass the smell test.  If he was put on IR, they would be on the hook for his full salary(what ever the minimal NFL salary is).  Why would they do this for an UDFA who has never even practised to show what he can do.  Why would they do that when they can just waive him with maybe a small injury settlement? 

    Because they like him and want to let him develop on IR and stash him there for next year. 

  2. 32 minutes ago, Starkiller said:

    He played less than half the defensive snaps for Miami last year, so don’t count on it. Basically he played about 55% of their snaps week to week before missing the last 2 games. I expect something similar this year.


    He isn’t much of a run stopper anyway. There is no point in wearing him out. Just let him do what he does best. Let the other guys play in the base defense.

    Yeah, Wake will only be playing about 50% of the snaps and mostly on pass downs I would think. 

  3. Signed: 

    WR Cody Hollister - Patriots

    TE/FB Parker Hesse - Iowa

    DB Ladarius Wiley - Vanderbilt

    DB Kareem Orr - Chattanooga

    WR Joe Parker - Chattanooga

    DB D’Andre Payne - Iowa State



    CB Taj-Amir Torres - Boston College

    S Jonathan Crawford - Indiana

    WR Isaac Zico - Purdue

    CB Hamp Cheevers - Boston College (Waived/Injured - will revert to IR)


    Kind of crazy that we now have 4 Chattanooga players rostered. 




  4. 3 hours ago, Number9 said:

    TURRON DAVENPORT‏Verified account @TDavenport_NFL

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    Mike Vrabel said the low stance that Nate Davis had was discussed and tweaked when working with them at his Pro Day. Now that they have him they’re working to make him comfortable with the stance. #Titans


      How involved will it be to get Davis into a proper stance and be effective?  




    I think it will take some time and reps, I really think Pamphile will be the starter in the end. I do really like Davis though, just think he needs a little development. 

  5. 1 hour ago, japan said:

    Who's left of that bunch?  I know Finch and Batson.

    All of them are still on the team except Kilgo. 


    I expect Stinnie and Dickerson have a good chance to stick again after being on the active roster all 16 games last year. 


    Actually sorry, Spillane is with the Steelers now.


    That 5th corner battle between Smith, Durden, and Kalu and maybe even Cheevers is going to be legit and competitive. And whoever wins will be the best 5th corner we’ve had since moving to TN probably. 

  6. 2 hours ago, japan said:

    We had 5 from our own UDFA class make the team last year?



    Aaron Stinnie, Sharif Finch, Cameron Batson, Matt Dickerson, Josh Kalu. 


    Then later in the year we added Dalyn Dawkins and Spillane, along with a bunch of Vrabel’s and Robinson’s UDFAs from Houston/Tampa (LaTroy Lewis, Nigel Harris, Darius Kilgo). 

  7. 6 minutes ago, Titans279 said:

    Republicans are not going to treat Biden better than any other Democrat just because “they like him”



    Again, I was talking about governance and mostly conservative independent types and even Never Trumpers. Obviously the Trump cultists are going to try and take Biden out by any means necessary to save their Mad King. 


    The flip side is that Collins and Graham both came to Biden’s defense about that invasion of personal space “scandal.”

  8. 12 hours ago, TennesseeTuxedo said:

    Many of those running for President in 2020 are running because they know that their are indictments coming for them and plan on crying foul & claim any move made against them would be politically motivated.

    Wow lol, said without a hint of irony.


    You’re doing that thing that Trump does regularly where he accuses others of doing the exact thing that he’s guilty of. 


    What flavor is the Kool Aid over there? Grape? 

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