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  1. Every time I think Thor is getting as bad as Rolltide, Rolltide swoops in and takes his crown back.
  2. Rogue

    Virus in US

    The kids on the beaches for Spring Break wasn't watching Fox News. "If I get Corona, I get Corona". We could argue the numbers would be different, but there was no way we wasn't going to be #1.
  3. Rogue

    Virus in US

    At least 30% does, but a larger number is equally, or in the ball park as stupid. We argued before about how this country is equipped to deal with this.....it is not. Imagine whatever leader you like, this country as a whole is not equipped to deal with this. Financially, economically, spiritually, intellectually, or honestly. No leadership could negate this. Yes, Trump is shit, but this country, especially with its current political environment, is not capable of dealing with this. Do you think if Obama ordered the CDC guidelines it would have been better? Think about it. This was going to happen, no matter who leadership was.
  4. Amash seems as disconnected from the political environment as republicans and "libertarians" are from reality.
  5. Holy shit, the irony here is 10 miles deep.
  6. It took what, 3 months and MEDIA ATTENTION to get them arrested? You know, the media attention you are whining about. So, why don't you tell us how you feel about it. Should they have been arrested long ago without media attention?
  7. Dude, the results ARE from an investigation. This is what you've got...notes on a page. No doubt you want something more, but this is what you have from your investigation. Do you think more investigation is in your favor? The DOJ has went through this and notes on a page is all you've got. Do you really think they haven't covered all the bases? Really?
  8. Rogue

    Virus in US

    I said before, while Trump's response has been dismal, this country's mental and financial capacity can not deal with this. If Trump had been full on stay at home, it would not have made much difference. Sure, there might have been a small percentage of difference in numbers, but you see how reopening has shown many people are perfectly willing to subject themselves with little effort to negate the virus. My wife and I are eager to hit some of our favorite restaurants, but we don't really know when we are comfortable with that and I'm sure we'll be bringing our own supplies to mitigate when we do. Mitigation is not hard. Perhaps inconvenient, but the same principles would reduce any number of common diseases. It seems to me going the extra distance would go a long way towards mitigating not only this virus, but others as well. I'll simply not forget the lack of mitigation efforts in north Texas. Is it really such an offense to wear a mask and not disinfect surfaces? Granted, these were low population centers, but just a little effort? To be fair, many gas stations had employees wearing masks and plexiglass installed. Ultimately we've become the epicenter not because of the government's response, but because our system isn't equipped to deal. Another virus, even worse, is inevitable. And we won't be equipped to deal with it either. All that said, Russia is second in a really short period of time. They aren't equipped to deal with it either. What does that say? I don't know.
  9. No. All of them know the narrative will prevail for them. They DO NOT want resolution.
  10. I'd say 95-99% of Americans would find that impressive, regardless of age.
  11. The amazing thing to me is from all the investigation, they could only come up with notes on a page. No actions, just notes on a page that actually showed shying away from approaches suggested. This is the BEST the could do. But they know their base and how to spin it to them and they all jumped as they knew would happen. Forget finding something serious after an investigation, notes on a page. They have no choice but to ignore a lack of deep state malfeasance and have to settle for notes on a page. This is the right. And yes Thor, you are an idiot.
  12. So, this guy killed two people, the police went to arrest him, and the guy ended up dead. Certainly justice was being carried out and some would even say served. Once again, Rolltard doesn't understand the issue. White people kill an unarmed black guy for jogging. No one arrested. Rolltide, "I see no problem here" Black man kills elderly couple, police go after him and he ends up dead. Rolltide, "Arrrghhh!!!! Where's media? Rolltide angry!!!!! Rolltide SMASH!!!!" Seriously dude, if you don't want people to think you're a garbage human being, stop acting like one.
  13. My mother in law died in 2018. We settled everything then, but my wife received a check. Here's the thing, my MIL's name is on it with "decd" before her last name, and below it is my wife's name, who is the executor. It's not like they accidentally sent my deceased MIL a check. It literally has deceased in the name and the executor's below it. I'm guessing it was a computerized system that had a glitch.
  14. Rogue

    More Corruption

    Unknown, but considering it happens 1000s of times a year, probably a few. Well, they didn't ask to unmask Flynn. The intelligence report had "redacted" made a call to the Russian ambassador. They went through the channels, of which was approved, to find out how the redacted individual was.

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