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    Virus in US

    I think everything the administration does is to make it harder for Biden to succeed. Now that some acceptance seems to be at play, it's moving to making it harder for Biden to succeed. It's not unusual, this was the GOP's MO at the beginning of Obama's first term. They openly stated they wanted to make Obama a one term president. The people wasn't an issue. Why should that be different now? What I do think is interesting is the Trump base has shifted from Wall Street to Main Street, a more liberal ideology, but they don't seem to be able to process things actually happening. In fact, they are now completely onboard with the Dems being corporate owned, while the GOP is not...unless they are against Trump. A few FB memes has been circulated of the "did you know Trump did this". Some conservative things, and many that would be considered liberal. Yet they applaud it all. I checked several of them and they are fact. I'm not entirely sure what this says. They are on the one hand applauding liberal ideals, but raging against those same ideals.
  2. I agree, somewhat. I suspect the Presidential Pardon power was a sticky point in the deliberations way back when, and likely a concession. It just seems odd the Founders gave King status to the executive branch over the judicial branch. Perhaps there was something that makes a little more sense at the time, but it seems to me some tether to a Monarchy that needed to prevail in order to make it work.
  3. This probably does have enough support among the people, but would never get through Congress. Not a chance nationally, but some states have made the decision to cast their state's votes to the popular vote. I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, it gives a states votes to the popular national victor. On the other I don't much like my state being overturned by a national vote. I mean, the concept is all fine and dandy if the national popular vote is your party. Not so much if it is not. ESPECIALLY if such an event turns an election away from your favor. By the constitution, a simple majority is all it takes to pass laws. Filibuster is a Congressional rule, not anything in the Constitution. I get the idea of the filibuster, but I'm not opposed to going back to the original intent.
  4. Rogue

    Virus in US

    Truthiness, a term made up in 2005, has effectively described 2020 politics with precision.
  5. But they don't have any leadership on their side. Nothing significant anyways. Republicans with brains (they're perfectly fine to be honest here, to the best of their ability) does not want a civil war......devastating to the economy. Republicans without brains, while significant, are greatly on the side of let someone else do it. Does anyone really think these people with $50k trucks, $200k houses, 72 inch TV screens, and a massive pleasure back yard are going to abandon that? Fuck no, they'll just bitch and whine about how bad their life is now....with their $50k trucks, $200k houses, 72 inch TV screens, and a massive pleasure back yard. And the more rural workers with less means but less expense cost of living? No, they're not giving it up either. They'll just bitch and whine. The economy and COVID will suddenly be terrible. Not to mention the majority are too unhealthy to walk to their mailbox without having issues. I'll even say most of those idiots on social media are just keeping up with appearances. Media warriors. The one thing that overrules the dumbass bullshit of this country, is complacency. That said, yes, there are enough hardened and misguided dumbasses to make an issue. I see the worst case as a terror campaign of isolated incidents, and yeah they'll be the of the most hate of terrorists, but not a civil war. Could be sustained for a while, at least. But I think such a thing will largely play negative, even among the base. The base likes their $50k trucks, $200k houses, 72 inch TV screens, and a massive pleasure back yard. I'm not saying a terror war is good, just saying the vast majority are more aligned to just bitching and complaining about how bad their great lives are. A terror war plays against that.
  6. I envision it like this.... Aide, "Mr President, sir, uh, tremendous one, the whole GSA thing is looking bad on you" Trump, "I'm no conceding" Aide, "But sir, you won't be conceding, you'll just be allowing a process to go forward that will look good for you" Trump, "But that doesn't mean I'm conceding, right?" Aide, "No sir. It'll make you look good that you're willing to allow this kind of thing to happen for the sake of the country" Trump, "But I'll still be president on Jan 20th?" Aide, "Yes sir, tremendous one. All this voter fraud will be proven by then and things will be back to normal. You can then throw all the Democrats in jail for their crimes" Trump, "Hey, that doesn't sound too bad. Go ahead" Aide to himself, "Jesus H Christ"
  7. YouTube says there was fraud. So speaks YouTube, so speaks the cosmic truth.
  8. If he's fine with being payed a #2 salary, I'm okay with that. In a heartbeat. If he feels he should be payed more? Well, that's an issue. I might go with a slightly higher #2 pay, as he knows the system and is making plays, but it can't be much higher than the average.
  9. I'm kind of surprised no thread yet. The Colts are legit. More legit than I think we are, at least from a defensive perspective. It's totally on the coaches to figure a win out. Sure, big plays help, but the coaches have to figure out how to best them if we are to win the division. Thoughts on how we beat Indy?
  10. It's a shame it took CD this long to show any real potential, but a lot is a shame. I certainly don't think he's lived up to his draft position. I wouldn't mind keeping him, but it's gotta be a good deal. I'd say a 50/50 shot of replacing him in the draft. If he wants to stay and at a reasonable price, then I say keep him. A lot more to worry about than a WR. If he's willing to go with a reasonable contract, then I'm all for it. If not, well, bye.

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