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  1. Any week now. I remember his post regarding the OG report. He really thought it was going to be the thing. He was guidy. Qultists are an interesting group. They deal with disappointment differently than most.
  2. If so it will be democrat's moronicness. Even the most dumb can figure it out.....
  3. Rogue

    The importance of the Free and independent Press

    Well, I'm reading you referencing a tyrannical government in response to an independent special counsel's comments to an article that you feel the need to defend. Yeah, free press blah blah blah that a good 30% of you dismiss without even reading. What part do I have wrong?
  4. Rogue

    The importance of the Free and independent Press

    Sure he does. But it's fool's gold. You, being the champion of the free press while disparaging it at the same time. It's clearly an emotional argument to me. You need for the Buzzfeed article to be right. That is the most obvious explanation for your response. Can we agree on one thing? That Mueller's team isn't halfassing it? That what public comments made are to be taken seriously?
  5. Oh please. You dismiss I'd guess 30% of the free press. This seems feigned outrage. No one is saying buzzfeed be in the same class as Brietbart, but non-Breitbart can be wrong too. I'm fine they reported it and standing by it. That at least says they have confidence in what they believe. Yet still, there is something not right about it, unless you distrust Mueller? Do you? The report may or may not be accurate, to some degree or another. That's fine. What we do know is that Meuller's team felt the need to comment on it. Conspiracies are made up to explain it. Personal beliefs. That's how conspiracies are born. There is no doubt in my mind the people holding the grudge are liberals unhappy with the special counsel's reponse. Why not just take it like it is? A report came out and the special counsel takes objection to some portion of it? That alone should lead some belief something isn't right somewhere? Right? Unless you distrust the special counsel? What I do know is that there is a very partisan response here. There is very clear a need to support the Buzzfeed article, dispute Mueller's objection to it. This is as clear as day.
  6. I don't think he's claiming it's true or false. He's saying what we know, that the special counsel has said the report wasn't accurate. What parts aren't accurate we don't know. Without further information we can't know what parts, if any are accurate. What it sounds like is there are people that want too believe the parts are still true that they want to be true. THAT is the partisan part. Believing the special counsel that something of the report isn't accurate and concluding we can't take anything away from the report is not partisan.
  7. This is a bad look for you. Just imagine if it was reversed and a news report made Obama look bad and a special counsel said the report wasn't accurate. You'd very quickly give the special counsel's comments more weight.
  8. Even the dumbest of people can figure it out.
  9. I wished I could say I was amazed at the people willing to dismiss what came from Mueller's office on the matter. Sadly, I'm not amazed.
  10. Rogue

    The buzz feed article was obviously inaccurate

    Ben, Tux, and Longtime all came out of the backwoods today. Pure coincidence, they'd wish us to believe. Pure coincidence. It really just makes their silence lately more profound.
  11. Qultists. It's a distinction. Tux and Ben have been absent lately. I assume Ben's mom has kicked him out of the basement again. Tux? He may be having a crisis. Sox and Little Earl are waiting for talking points. Rolltide is looking for a way to make it about race.
  12. He didn't say anything about majority, moron. Read the post again, and again, until you read majority was never mentioned. What he does say is it is shocking how many Americans now find Putin an okay dude. Like Tux, for example, who thinks we're actually working with Putin to take down the deep state. Or Ben who thinks we should be working with Putin. Or even Soxcat, who doesn't seem to have a problem with someone in the Trump camp sharing polling information with the Russians. They are your buds. Ask them about it, dumb fuck.
  13. Fuck her. She was told to go after the middle class and she decided to take time off candidating and courting high dollar doners. She never really spoke to the middle class. Even a halfassed attempt to the middle class would have had it. But no.