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  1. I wonder if someone killed by fire can be raised from the dead? Yeah, I'm hoping Tyrion has done something to have a plan work. He's not had a good run of success.
  2. I think killing the NK is the only way to defeat the army of the dead. If he can raise the dead of any length of time from death, then he's got an army just about anywhere. This is part of what makes the theory of the NK going to KL compelling. His army would exponentially grow before even getting close to the Red Keep. A half million + army of the dead.....tactically, why wouldn't he? But who knows what they plan to do. One thing we can be reasonably sure of is the plan to use Bran as bait isn't going to work. Or, well, it shouldn't, but the guys are out of book material....so I guess it's possible.
  3. I don't think so either, but it would've been cool to see an episode dedicated to the history of the NK that humanizes him, or at least identifies his motives that are relatable. It would actually be a total mind fuck for fans if that was ep3 instead of the battle, after a week of preparing for it. I don't think the show writers are that clever on their own, though.
  4. He still believes it, and somehow concludes the Mueller report backs that theory up, despite the fact the Mueller report has nothing to do with a child sex ring. But he believes it anyways. It is a look into the Trump presidency. Conspiracy theorists have the say.
  5. Or she's made into the Night Queen. I'm not sure what purpose that might serve but it would be an interesting twist. And give Jaime a final arc, assuming he survives Winterfell. I'm still on the boat the NK is heading to KL. It makes more sense to me that the Iron Throne isn't the final conflict, especially given only three episodes to figure it out. They can stretch out the NK conflict this way, and since the whole thing started with WW, it seems only fitting that's how it ends.
  6. I'm not sure how big the army is in Winterfell, but it's safe to conclude it will be a lot smaller next week.
  7. Clearly, that was a joke. I'm not sure the NK will be there.
  8. Right after Jon dies to resurrect him again. 😀
  9. They really captured the solemn mood towards the end of the episode. The section of Jenny's song was well done. I'm still curious about what the NK actually does.
  10. It brings me some joy that the right has for years attacked Obama and the Clintons only to have to defend Trump now. Such a grand irony. The lord works in mysterious ways.
  11. A lot of dead people. Maybe a lot of undead people. 😀
  12. I think the wights over power the ground forces without the dragons ablazing large swaths of them. Also if Viserion makes an appearance, which I can't imagine that not happening, they will have to be out there because an undead Dragon pretty much destroys Jon's army. I think we see at least one of them killed, if not both. Losing the battle to the NK at that point would be show over. The last episodes would just be people dying by ice fire. Whatever happens, some shit is going down next week.
  13. I enjoyed the episode, but it really feels like we are on a fast track to the end. There sure seemed an endless row of WWs there at the end. The only thing I remember about WWs and fire is that when they walk through it, it seems to extinguish around them. The dragons should be able to take care of a large number of wights, but if the WW are protected from fire, they are always vulnerable. I really like the theory of the Night King going to King's Landing, but if the motive is as Bran said might suggest otherwise. Not sure I like the idea of the Night King's most important purpose is to get to Bran. It seems if the goal is an endless night to erase mankind and all memory of it, there's plenty of time to get Bran. If you're going to erase the memory of mankind, you have to get rid of people with memories too. I don't know what's going to happen next week, except a lot of death.
  14. What does the Mueller report have to do with it. Answer, flake.
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