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  1. Fuck you. You'd be applauding the deaths of 150 Iranians had they died in a a strike. Stop pretending you care, because you don't.
  2. So you are okay with him killing those that might arrest him? Let's be clear here.
  3. Okay, so Democrats blah, blah blah...and should we remind ourselves elected Democrats....you are defending the alleged sentiment of this Boquist guy because of your elected government?
  4. I suspect Trump was never going to retaliate. Just make it look like he was about to go all badass but the had a compassionate change of mind. He's a conman.
  5. I said nothing of the sort. I'm glad Trump stopped the strike. But thanks for being your usual dumbass self.
  6. Iran shooting down our drone is winning? And you call anyone else stupid?
  7. I don't know which documents, but more than year ago the DOJ gave Congress more documents in Fast and Furious. Trump's DOJ. What has anyone heard? Nothing. Yet the right keeps bringing it up, as if they don't understand they were hood winked or they don't care they were.
  8. No it isn't. In your mind it's either team Trump or not. Fortunately, we don't have kings here.
  9. One of the things I do like about Trump is that he isn't eager for a war, the opposite really. We're not going to war over an attack on a foreign ship.
  10. Lots of debate about Trump's getting involve or not with zero insight from you. I'd say interesting, but it isn't.
  11. He's bought in. Whatever his sources, he's all in on this conspiracy. I can only guess Hannity. He's one of them, willingly or unwillingly, which is kind of scary. Like all of their talking points, they follow. It's not like I think liberals are any better, but damn, something has to give. We've successfully been divided. To the point facts no longer have meaning. And what does that mean? When facts no longer matter to the individual? I don't know, but I don't see it as a positive.
  12. I would say it might be one of the most bingeable shows. Short and good. Knock yourself out. It's well done.
  13. I finally got to watch the last episode. A really well done show.
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