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  1. In my world a node is a container of information that plugs into a larger system to produce a result. The information contained in that node is a variable. As that node changes, so does the outcome of the system. What's it mean in your world?
  2. I don't mind that Trump tried to do something. He just went so over the top praising Kim. Trump could've walked away with "I did try, no one else would", but now he just looks the fool....which I guess that's what he does best.
  3. I'd be perfectly happy if her assessment is correct. I don't even doubt it. I just don't want a single voter feeling they don't have to because it's in the bag. I've not read her address that in anything I've seen from her. So there's a "node" missing.
  4. Yeah, I was a little lit, but dismayed that we've got people with over a year left before the election confident in victory. They don't even know who the candidate is. There cannot be a single potential voter think their vote won't matter.
  5. Why test the odds again by over confidence in victory? Wouldn't the odds increase by making every voter know that Trump can win without their vote?
  6. He's stupid, but not even he is that stupid. Just red meat for his base.
  7. I don't agree with some of politics and comments, but I have no joy in his death.
  8. Probably a distraction for something. Tux and Co probably thinks they're arresting Obama.
  9. Yes, I asked specifically about 2012. But it's cool. You and Begoode are big on models but little on discussing them, and now are doubling down on it. Don't start the celebration before the election is over again.
  10. Yeah, you've got nothing. And you want to say you know the results in 2020. You can't even answer simple, direct questions. Quiet Conservative like. You are the ilk that isn't taking this seriously.....again. There is some good in that's it's only you and Praig trying to make the case the Dem nominee has it in the bag. It was all of you in 2016. Perhaps a good chunk are reluctant to make that same argument twice, and hopefully are taking it more seriously this time than you two.
  11. You didn't answer my question. Did she distinguish or not the difference in the 2012 election in which Obama still won even after a huge Republican surge prior nationwide at all levels? Not that I've read and not that you've read either, apparently. It's not a hard question. Tangents do not answer the question as much as you are hoping to believe. This is the mindset that lost in 2016. I'll give you one more chance to answer the very simple question I asked.
  12. That's not 2012. I think I asked specifically for 2012, as that reflects the GOP surge prior. Care to elaborate with more personal insight?
  13. I'm sorry, I'm not claiming any expertise. Just the opposite. I'm claiming the electorate is hard to determine and there is no better example than 2016. At least in our lifetimes. You are the one claiming some sort of expertise in this Bitcofer lady and that it guarantees Trump loses the election. Perhaps the one that needs to get over themselves is you? Worth considering. You haven't posted anything other than you believe what this Bitcofer lady has said when less than a week or two ago you believed Republicans turned away from Trump as to Democrates wins in the house (yet not the Senate). That was mainstream belief at the time, right? It also happens to align with your preference in a candidate choice, does it not? You brought it up earlier to me. Perhaps you are moved to have an extreme faith in her theory because it aligns with your preference? You seemed more versed in her model, so does she describe how it differs from 2012 when Obama still won when a swell of turnout for the GOP dominated elections at all levels prior? How exactly do you dismiss this? Can you go into deeper details other than you agree with her assertions? I'll admit, Bitcofer's theory is compelling, but is it a complete story?
  14. Politics is not science, mathematics, or logic. Data has some meaning, though. It's you that brought up models and nodes and how effective they are. You seem pretty high on them. And you seem to be using the one you are favoring to counter my stance. Let's just focus on 2012. I don't known what any models said about 2012, but I remember a real concern Obama would lose because of the huge number of wins for Republicans nationwide at all levels. Being a studying the models kind of guy, can you describe the difference in the models of 2012 and the one you are favoring now? Why is this one more correct?
  15. There was quiet a bit of talk about his age in the media, and some in this thread as well. I'm not even sure why this thread is still going. I liked Buttigieg, but he's not going to make it. He's a potential VP choice, but I have my doubts.
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