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  1. That's a lot of gibberish to say, "Correct, there will never be a day I won’t believe the election was stolen, no matter what.".
  2. Don't forget the audit mechanism has to remain secret. Nothing shady here at all.
  3. I don’t understand it either, but am betting it has something to do with conflating politics and religion. It’s destroyed the traditional GOP. As to how this affects religion? Unknown. Religions tend to survive, and by any means necessary.
  4. The "Mark of the Beast", microchips, no cash/just plastic, Marshall Law, Total Government dependency/control is during those terrible 7 years. The “Mark of the Beast” changes with time, I guess. Just whatever you can be made afraid of at the moment.
  5. It’s sad people can’t un-dupe themselves. Forever stuck in conspiracy because admitting they were this wrong is too much. They’ve created a house of cards as big as their existence.
  6. Oh boy. There will never be a day you won’t believe the election was stolen for you, no matter what, is there? We know, the question is do you? Have you ever noticed everything you want to be true gets presented to you as truth? A magical world.
  7. It’s obvious you have yet to prove voter fraud. Any day now. Right?
  8. I have posted several times that I said in 2016 the Trump apologists will make the Bush apologists seem like child's play. It was more than I ever imagined. It's not going to get better anytime soon. It doesn't matter who the next Republican president is, what they support, or how authoritarian they are. I'd even surmise the more authoritarian the better for them. I had to pick up a UHaul trailer from the boonies yesterday. Every Trump related flag was flown, even the single blue flag, which is by definition a desecration of the flag, which they don't seem to get
  9. Well, to be honest, they all want power. And they’ll play the game to get it. Republicans tend better for the long game, at least it seems as of now....even though their politics doesn’t really help their constituents. I will say, a bizarre amount of support from Trump supporters about a higher COVID relief bill. They’ll scream socialism, but wanted that COVID relief. As if they understand it none at all.
  10. Did you know the price of wood is high because of Biden's socialism? I didn't know that. Gas too. And Starbucks having two employees one night. Yep, all because of Biden's socialist agenda.
  11. 2016 Trump: The election is rigged. Trump wins. Base: *Crickets* 2020 Trump: The election is rigged. Trump loses. Base: THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED!!!!!!
  12. Rogue

    Virus in US

    It's not to suggest I haven't forget to grab my mask. Several times I've done that. I've just been in really cold ass, beard freezing conditions, in which I've taken notice that I liked wearing a mask in those conditions
  13. The SCOTUS won't be packed. I won't say it's fear mongering because many liberals suggest it. But it's not happening.
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