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  1. I didn't get to watch the game, but I was able to periodically check the forum with an array of people saying to bench MM. I got to my car just after RT came in. I had to listen to Denver radio and announcers (no bias) and they talked about how much more comfortable RT looked than MM and commented several times on some good throws. They have the stats on all three QBs. I think they said MM had a 9.5 passer rating, or maybe QBR? Either or, it was really bad stats. Whether Vrabel sticks with MM, I don't know. I just know MM is done.
  2. Not going to get to see or hear the game. So Marcus is sucking it up?
  3. Hero of Christians Soxcat, Little Earl, Tux, and countless others.
  4. Understood, but this is Donald Trump. There is nothing Godly about Trump yet these people are bought in that he is. I remember the turning point for Sox was when Trump recognized Jerusalem the capital of Israel. He went from iffy to full on homer. I guess they all have their reasons for contorting their minds to believe Trump is a godly man. It's baffling, really.
  6. You have not read the Constitution. You’ve only been told what to say. It makes no mention of how impeachment takes place.
  7. You were suggesting Ukraine didn't have all of RG's evidence trying to argue why they have said they found no wrong doing. Why would RG withhold evidence from them?
  8. What does that have to do with him giving the Ukraine the evidence he has?
  9. He won't get removed. The Senate will never vote for that, because of idiots like you that have no perception of right or wrong, or don't care because of votes. I know you're new to all this, but your guy is as corrupt as they come. You can't see it because he's your guy. And it's a shame. The bar for modern politics has been set to a new low. And you're all for it.
  10. So Guiliani asked for an investigation into Biden without providing them with the evidence he has, even though they are all claiming no wrong doing was found? Seriously? This is the argument you are making?
  11. Roughly 13 years ago under the Patriot Act Republicans mantra was "if they've got nothing to hide...." The GOP has no values. Oppose liberals is all they have. No core governing principles. It's whatever is dictated to them.