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  1. The strangest thing with Qultists is being wrong constantly doesn't make them reconsider their sources.
  2. I was watching the Qultists until they got banned from reddit. I have looked into it more recently and yeah, some kind of red castle shit. It's a bizarre home for all conspiracy theorists. They don't even agree on their conspiracies, but flock around Trump....for some reason. The Sox's, Little Earl's, and Trolltard's , they have no idea what they are in the middle of. They can only see libtard, so they follow. Bottom line, they are onboard with Trump superseding Congress and declaring a national emergency at the border. It's entirely symbolic, yet they feel it is important enough to implement. They are truly willing to give Trump the ability to override Congress for a wall. They are willing to give Trump the ability to do whatever it takes. The legislature be damned, they just want a king.
  3. Trump has saved America? A partial wall? WTF is the matter with these people?
  4. Yet, we've been here all this time. Perhaps the rationalization needs to be done by yourself.
  5. It basically said you and those like you are dumbasses.
  6. But if the next president was a democrat, and used national emergency to address climate change, you'd both lose your minds. Be careful what you wish for.
  7. You said a wall could be beaten by a ladder. And this idiot has figured out the other side...
  8. Hey shithead, is Mueller still working for Trump to take down the deep state satanists?
  9. I'm not really sure why this would be contestable. If we rely on receipts for our taxes, shouldn't we also rely on them for contested votes?
  10. I can't disagree with this. If it's online, it's vulnerable. I'm not sure paper is the way to go, but a paper trail should be the backup.
  11. I disagree. Fishing boats (and no, not a canoe) are not normally women bought. The convertible Corvette is normally not women bought. The 30k Jeep with 20k worth of add-ons are normally not women bought. Any large ass vehicle, particularly with a 4wd designation, is not normally women bought. The 5k man cave entertainment setup is not normally bought by the women. I mean, it's called a man cave. Etc? As a former guitar gear addictee, 1000s are spent....and I wasn't too bad. You wouldn't believe the amount of money spent on guitar gear. Or any music gear I imagine. That's normally not women bought. The 30k fishing boat is actually worse than 1k worth of shoes. And hell, I'm getting roughly 20 years worth of shoes to get to 1k. I'm more frugile than my wife, outside of good eats, but I can't honestly look at the landscape and not see the unnecessary $$$$$$$ spent by men. Perhaps you live in a place that this doesn't exist or isn't obvious, but I have. I've known many to justify their purchases, while complaining of the other half's spending. From my perspective, it's incorrect to say women are the bigger problem, and I'm fairly frugile and my wife is financially free spirited. This is a people problem, not owned by any one group.
  12. Well, voter ID laws are important to our elections. Foreign influence? Not so much. Can you imagine the head exploding outrage from the right if foreign influence had made efforts to get Hillary elected and her DHS did this? Holy shit, it'd make their Behngazi obsession like an apple addiction. I mean really, they would be exploding.
  13. Whitaker said it was near completion. Trump's ex lawyer said the investigation was a fraud and never see the light of day and will clear Trump. It seems the right is running with that as the final facts. Tux....who knows what Q bullshit he's parroting, but he's struggling with whether Mueller is working for Trump or not. I'm guessing he's still in the both at the same time camp. At least until one is confirmed.
  14. In the Qultist world, Nike went bankrupt and is gone.
  15. I guess the Qultists have some trouble with Fox News being deep state.
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