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  1. Rogue

    RBG died

    The only question is do they vote before or after the election? Democrats shouldn't stall. They've lost and there's nothing they can do about it. Leaving the vote until after the election, where Trump will claim democrats are holding up the vote, will motivate the right to vote. If they vote before, having won the battle, some on the right might not even vote. They've lost. Don't give Trump any more ammunition.
  2. Rogue

    Virus in US

    I get that, but not willing to go there. At the same time I think blood is inevitable. Kudos foreign interference. You have done your job successfully.
  3. Rogue

    RBG died

    Honestly, I'm not sure how this is surprising. The only chance of opposition is if Trump nominates a moderate, which isn't going to happen. Hopefully this wakes up the "woke", as they'll have a long time to think about it. One other issue I think might change the dynamic is abortion no longer being Constitutional. So many single issue voters. If that issue is no longer an issue, it might tilt some to other issues that effect them directly. Not likely, but possible.
  4. I've been seeing a lot of posts about tyranny and rebelion. I don't think it turns into full on civil war, but I do think the spilling blood is coming. Our system has failed us. The irony here is that Trump was elected as displeasure to the system, but has completely taken advantage of said system to further worsen it for his own purposes. And this what the right wing is calling leadership
  5. Rogue

    Virus in US

    One part of me thinks it'll only be taken seriously when it affects them personally. Another part wonders if they suffer and still think some kind of conspiracy. It's sad the bizarre world we live would even allow me to think in those terms. But here we are.
  6. Boarding up federal and state buildings. Officers to work 12 hour shifts and days off cancelled. National Guard to be brought in if neccesary. Gee, I wonder what the decision will be? I took a dive into the case. Messed up. An innocent person is dead, no drugs found, even the guy that fired on police was let go. It really should concern everyone. It's sounding like their announcement will not go against the officers involved.
  7. I feel that's what they did today. The last two games were to stop the run, and our passing game prevailed. I don't think a game plan of stopping Henry is working out. And when teams decide the other way? Henry is likely to feast. I like where we're at offensivly. Defensively, not so much.
  8. Hard to know what the problem is with key players being out, but I do think an argument can be made that a lack of DC is problematic.
  9. I feel we did go with the passing game today. Only the stats can say. I feel that if a defense is predicated on stopping the run, you still have to run the ball to keep them on that plan. This allows the passing game to open up. Conversely, if a defense aligned to stop the pass, you still have to pass to keep them from aligning to the run. We're, for once, well balanced and can rely on pass or run depending on opposing defensive strategy. Whatever they are committing to, you have to balance it out in such a way they continue to commit and take advantage of that. The pitch to Henry would be a first down 9 out of 10 times. It was just a good defensive play. I've got no problems with offensive game planning overall Defense? I'm not so sure. I'm simply not sold on a DC-less system.
  10. I think the pitch to Henry should have gained a yard. Just a good defensive play. I mean, getting Henry with a head of steam is his bread and butter. I'm not too concerned with the game plan. If teams are selling out to stop the run, then go with it, but you have to maintain that the run is a threat. I don't know the numbers, but I feel this game had more passing than running. Teams are inevitably going to have to abandon stopping Henry as the game plan. Our passing game can get it done. This is a good thing.
  11. That's the way I feel about it. I'm not too worried about Henry. Yeah, he's looked soft at times, but he's pushed for hard yards too. The run game will only get better as we work out the bugs, in the mean time the passing game is working just fine. It's clear a defensive game plan can't mainly be to stop the run on us. The defense is more troublesome to me. Hopefully once we get some guys back, it'll improve, but I'm not sold on being DC-less. I guess a positive is several young players are getting starting experience quickly. Lots of tape to watch and learn from. Could prove beneficial as the season progresses. Good thing we've managed wins in their learning on the job.
  12. I wonder how many dumbasses will drive 2-3 hours just to eat there because of this? There's a good chance he increases business over lost business due to making people entering with masks leave. At least the short term anyways. It's astounding to me the amount of people angry about being asked to wear a mask during a pandemic that has killed 200k Americans. As if a single one of them complain about having to wear clothing.
  13. Rogue

    RBG died

    True, for now anyways. MFA, especially the measures it would take to pass it, if somehow passed would be pushed right up there. It could jeopardize Medicare. Unlikely, but possible.
  14. Rogue

    RBG died

    That doesn't matter much anymore. Any hralthcare bill written and passed that helps people will be run up to the 6-3 conservative SCOTUS as quickly as possible. Outside an amendment to the Constitution, which isn't happening, they will have a hard time getting any meaningful healthcare law passed.

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