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  1. You didn’t say anything about Republicans in that post. Its okay, we know you’re okay with the sham trial
  2. Paying those loans is a detriment to the economy and this the country at large. You think the people that didn't make that choice that will be paying for it won't hurt the economy? Or are you suggesting taxing the ultra rich to pay for the decisions made by students?
  3. I honestly don't think this trial will make a bit of difference in those swing states.
  4. Because it was a choice they made.
  5. You've come back so far to complain about no first-hand witnesses, yet support the Senate trial not bringing any witnesses. Somewhat dishonest, wouldn't you think? The GOP knows their base well. Very well.
  6. But Tux and Co said there would be tons of witnesses????? How can they be wrong?
  7. Won't happen. The Senate only has a few seats in significant play. Outside of that, constituents are fine with everything.
  8. I am not for student loan forgiveness. The choice was made. I'm not necessarily against free post education. Some states have already adopted free associate degree programs. I am very supportive of reducing post education costs, and I believe the federal loan guarantee is partly if not mostly the problem. I would be more supportive of reducing costs over free post education. Yes, I believe young people leaving college with debt levels greater than many people's mortgages is rediculous. If free post education comes to play, it better be at reduced costs.
  9. Well, I’d say to a degree this is true. The party has largely forgotten its support for the worker.
  10. Seems like you should be calling Republican Senators and demanding they call witnesses to testify then, right? Somehow I’m guessing your demands aren’t real important to you.
  11. This is the modern GOP. It's not your father's GOP. They stand for nothing outside of abortion, gays, and illegals.
  12. https://apnews.com/b048901b635f423db49a10046daaf8a8

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