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  1. MadMax

    Can Sanders Win?

    Hell boy, it's all the same down here in the south. Yehaw.
  2. Yeah, no shit there. Serious question, is it still televised? All the races? Select few?
  3. I don't want Bloomberg but..... I do like that he's driving the donald crazy.
  4. Why have none of the evangelicals stormed this thread with good, strong refutal to this obviously incorrect post?
  5. Oh yeah, and this guy obviously wants to chase down all pregnant women and force abortions on 'em.
  6. Obviously the hollow words of a never trumper, traitorous, lying, baby killing, queer bait, America hater, who wants to give everyone's money to illegals. What did I miss?
  7. Mayor Stop and Frisk will have no problem reeling in all the black votes!

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