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  1. Do you know something I don't? I hope I just guessed what it might be.
  2. Don't forget Comrade Ben. I'm sure he'll be back, fresh from his latest "vacation" in Siberia. And with all the facts the Qremlin can manufacture!
  3. He started the conversation with "what do you think of this whole virus thing?". My response was that I'm staying away from everyone. So I guess I set the tone. He didn't try to get close.
  4. His sheep are still downplaying it. I had to go to the grocery store yesterday and was approached by an old friend who tried to tell me, and I kid you not, that none of the local Covid-19 diagnosis' were legitimate. They were merely the flu - but we're being intentionally lied to.
  5. I'm almost to the point of ignoring people who don't ignore rolltard.
  6. MadMax

    Virus in US

    2 seconds was about the limit I could watch that.
  7. MadMax

    Virus in US

    Is it wrong to hope most Trump supporters are coronavirus deaths?
  8. MadMax

    Virus in US

    Beat me to the punch....
  9. I had to show the doofling's post to see what you were making fun of.
  10. Queue the brainwashed to tell us how corporations should have all the advantages and we should be on our knees thanking them for the crumbs from their table.
  11. I'm fortunate that I work in tech support for the healthcare industry. My wife does medical equipment purchasing. My son, who recently graduated college, was just hired by the same company that I work for and is in his room all day doing online training so we've not missed a beat. In fact, since we don't have to purchase fuel for the cars, we're financially doing better.
  12. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the very reason he'll get my vote.
  13. Retards,. Retards! Where are you? Surely the Qremlin has come up with something by now! Spin, damn you!
  14. Yeah, no communique has been issued from the Qremlin yet. I was trolling them.
  15. Did we expect any different?
  16. MadMax

    Virus in US

    I can imagine he's really good with the score card though.
  17. MadMax

    Virus in US

    as usual, she's right.
  18. He basically begged to be banned. After Jamal posted the warning about racism, Jake went into some psycho racist rant that I think may have even caused Rolltard to say "WTF???"
  19. No. How about block the IP Better yet, just block anything from Pennsylvania. No way after his constant sock accounts do you let him win. No way.
  20. Speaking of chicken shit. You're the chief chicken shit.
  21. Shitty candidate. He won because he's the safe, won't rock the boat candidate and people are chicken shit. Warren, or Bernie, or Yang should have been our nominee, but no. We're chicken shits.
  22. Oh, a yeehaw boy. "I drive a truck!" kind of guy? "My dog'll whoop yourn!" kind of guy? A shit head whose kids are starving but he's got an impressive gun collection, and an even more impressive stock of ammunition? One of those assholes? Figures.
  23. WVTITAN has turned into our trolltard. Keep talking to yourself, find the ignore list.

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