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  1. Mariota sucks but Tannihill isn’t the answer either
  2. You would think the Browns were the team that made the playoffs last year. I got the Titans winning this 34- 17
  3. I would doubt that person is really an alpha if he says it. That would imply that they don’t believe it themselves and are trying to convince themselves
  4. Non alphas love living vicariously through people that they perceive as alphas And only non alphas use the term alpha
  5. Dumb ass coach yelling at him to finish while his ankle broke😂
  6. Russians going to use these pictures for deep fakes
  7. I knew because his name is Cody and his brother name is Jacob
  8. I’ve been trying to figure out who Brown reminds me of and it’s Rod Smith
  9. Kline is the biggest problem. I don’t understand why people are so hard on Spain but ignore how terrible Kline is. Jones is also horrible
  10. So he’s going to get paid and mail it in like Albert on the Redskins?
  11. The team with the best QBs will always be on top in this league. Need a top ten qb or you just can’t compete. Top 10 Qb and top 10 defense teams has you competing for championships
  12. I mean you guys joked about Todd Heaps daughter being run over by a truck. Seems like anything is fair game after that
  13. I haven’t been on here long enough to know but do we make jokes about his death on here like we do other people?