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  1. Very weird. Work all your life to make it to the league just to say fuck it when you get there. Bizarre . That money he got will be gone in 5 years
  2. It was probably because what the coaching staff was telling him made no sense. And didn’t the defense still suck while he was injured
  3. But even if they went for it on fourth and didn’t get it they still could have employed the same strategy
  4. It’s gonna be tough to ever win a super bowl without a top qb
  5. Yeah Henry is well on his way to being one of the greatest running backs to ever play the game. Hopefully he doesn’t break down due to his workload
  6. Going for two would have been stupid. The defense would have had a good chance to keep them out of the endzone had they lost the flip
  7. Y’all most have forgotten there was no preseason? The isn’t clicking yet and they’re still 3-0. Shut up
  8. You can say that about every position except quarterback
  9. Of course there are outliers but throughout the history of football the teams with the stud QBs are the ones winning Super Bowls. In order to win a Super bowl with a quarterback like Tannehill the entire supporting cast has to be otherworldly great. It’s ok to continue looking for a stud
  10. He had a solid year. He isn’t the Long term answer. You need a top 10 qb to win the super bowl
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