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  1. Some who worked for his campaign will be getting free dinners for life.
  2. DACA and Trump's 'national emergency' aren't even in the same ballpark. That congress has 'power of the purse' is long established. DACA was a temporary measure that pays for itself. The wall is a permanent structure that would cost us billions.
  3. 7 minute short with discussion and footage from a 1939 pro-Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden: You watch this footage and you half expect the crowd to break out into a 'build that wall' chant. No wonder Fox News axed the ad that was set to air during Sean Hannity. All the juxtaposition of racist fear mongering with uber-patriotism and appeal to the founding fathers- there's an uncanny resemblance.
  4. I'm still waiting for them to retract the part where they identify themselves as 'news'.
  5. The academic magnet in Nashville, Hume Fogg, makes their kids take personal finance in 12th grade. Not sure about the other public schools around here.
  6. So either A) She can't necessarily remember what year every band/artist came out 20+ years ago and when she first heard them or B) She said she liked Tupac in college because she thought she'd sound less square So this story is either completely nothing or mildly amusing... I guess these stories are going to happen when a political group really wants to villify someone but can't seem to dig up a history of pedophilia, treason or sexual assault.
  7. "charged with false imprisonment of a minor, corruption of minors, two counts of indecent assault, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and two counts of harassment for his alleged behavior with the minor, and simple assault, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, harassment, and public drunkenness for his alleged conduct later in the evening, charging documents say." That list of charges is longer than the vows from my wedding.
  8. Coincidentally, this photo is exactly what I would have pictured 9s looking like IRL.
  9. Maybe the CGI isn't finished. They should add a glow effect.
  10. Unless you have an allergy or leave the oils on your hands for hours afterward, there shouldn't be a problem holding chicken made with ghost peppers, reapers or whatever else. And come to think of it, ghost peppers in Nashville Hot chicken? That's not how Prince's made it last time I was there. Sounds like some haute cuisine bullshit.
  11. If you eating meat made from ground up buttholes and unpronounceable binding agents then your variety of mustard probably doesn't move the nasty needle much.
  12. The Confederacy would probably look a lot like North Korea by now, if it still existed.
  13. That's not stupid (As long as they wash their hands of course.) Do you eat hot wings with a knife and fork?
  14. Not sure if conservatives are more selfish on average, but there is some research out there that suggests they're more afraid. I remember a study a while back, where a computer was able to accurately predict whether someone was liberal or conservative by their brain response to images of someone that appeared to be getting hurt. Liberals felt more empathy while conservatives felt fear.
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