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  1. This proves it. @kyle021 is going to haunt the message board forever.
  2. If she indeed intended to sell it to the Russians, she at least believed it could have sensitive or classified information on it. Isn't attempted treason still treason?
  3. Just got off a call with a bunch of academics discussing public health policy and then logged on to read this thread. It was like passing through the Willy Wonka acid trip tunnel.
  4. I thought Clay Travis was funny in his early days on 104.5. But then he really jumped the shark with his alt right conspiracy theories and delusions of grandeur so I promptly wrote him off. If PK is joining him, he can take a hike as well. It's really slim pickens in Nashville for sports journalism.
  5. Samoans can't be that tough. Marsellus Wallace managed to throw Tony Rocky Horror over a balcony and yet some scrawny YMCA biker still managed to take him down.
  6. Either that, or he drunk posted something positive that about the Titans that one time and immediately regretted it.
  7. @Oiler FANatic It's been longer than 10 years because I clearly remember ME making a pro-VY post right after the Arizona comeback, where he said he had been wrong about VY and VY was actually great. He deleted that post about 10 minutes later but I kind of assumed it was accidentally posted to the wrong account. I've been convinced ME was the alt account for some other regular poster ever since.
  8. or State.Gov hacked? Probably hacked.
  9. Every Deleted Parler Post, Many With Users' Location Data, Has Been Archived. https://gizmodo.com/every-deleted-parler-post-many-with-users-location-dat-1846032466
  10. I'll try to be nicer when ridiculing other people's posts. As long as they're Democrats.
  11. You're obviously gaslighting here. It's not a 'thought exercise', it's conspiratorial nonsense. You're waxing bullshit and couching it in 'It's possible, I'm on the fence, who knows?' That's the Alex Jones playbook.
  12. I think so. Let's see. Hypothetically, it would seem really paranoid and dumb were a person to posit a conspiracy where China intentionally unleashed a deadly virus into the wild like some kind of super villain. Hypothetically, even if China were a super villain, this plan requires incalculable risk for questionable gain. Am I doing it right?
  13. So let me get this straight. Y'all think either A) China rolled the dice on human civilization for an outside shot at slightly expediting the thing they were already successfully accomplishing or B) They have enough control over the spread of a global pandemic that they could fix it at will and control who the winners and losers were. Is it possible a side effect of COVID is delusional paranoia?
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