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  1. Let's all welcome our newest TitansReport member, @Please Soon to be followed by his dear personal friend, @20bucksifyoureinstateme
  2. It sure looks like Raoult is a fraud. But the reasons for studying chloroquine remain. We need more data and less gut feelings. @9 Nines I feel really bad for people with lupus right now.
  3. The flu is a really bad comparison. It's a completely different puzzle. We understand flu's threat and limitations quite well. Most have some sort of partial immunity already. Flu vaccines are a lot of annual guesswork because flu viruses are really bad at copying themselves and mutate rapidly. This coronavirus is novel. We have zero immunity. It's twice as contagious and likely ten times as lethal. It's not limited in its growth the way flu viruses are and won't be until everyone is exposed. So comparing today's death count to the flu is not a helpful way to wrap your mind around it. On the plus side, preliminary studies appear to show it's much better at copying itself. That means it's genetically stable and an effective vaccine might work for years. https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/25/new-coronavirus-research-suggests-vaccines-developed-to-treat-it-could-be-long-lasting/
  4. It's always tough for Trump when Democrats tie him to the words that come out of his mouth. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/list/?speaker=donald-trump&ruling=false
  5. You'd have to be Rush Limbaugh to root for something like this just to take down a politician.
  6. This simple calculation will get you a lower than actual figure. The cases are generally still living when first added. Though it's not too far off. The total case fatality rate in the US was ~1.43% a couple days ago.
  7. Mention? That's not the problem. Fauci 'mentions' it. Says there's anecdotal evidence it might work but it might also do more harm than good. What does Trump do? Touts it as a game changer. Frames it as some kind of MSM conspiracy to suggest it's not. Of course Trump fans will eat that up, literally and figuratively. The surviving lady expressly said they ate the aquarium cleaner because of what Trump said. (What a surreal sentence to write!)
  8. Between climbing Kilimanjaro, dating Scarlett Johannson and painting with Banksy, it's a minor miracle you still find a spare 8 hours a day for shitposting on a football message board.
  9. Good to see Trump apologists like @Rolltide already moving from denial to acceptance. May as well get used to coming up with pithy President Biden insults for the next 4 years.
  10. It will be a tough sell if the GOP angle for attacking Biden is, ‘he’s losing it mentally” https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-slurring-stumble-white-house-anonymous-official-warning-book-a9194481.html Then again the other plan was, ‘his kid profited from his position in politics.’ https://www.gq.com/story/trump-kids-profit-presidency So, yeah, I can see why the GOP was hoping for Bernie...

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