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  1. Lebron and the NBA didn’t kowtow to China because they’re liberals. They did it because they’re capitalists.
  2. I don’t eat at either but nutrition-wise they are about the same and arguably Chik-Fil-a is worse. A Chik-Fil-A sandwich has 1400mg of sodium and, because it’s fried, a lot of trans fats. Lots of people in a hurry to meet their maker I guess.
  3. This is exactly how I feel about religion. It's destructive to society. Causes people to justify atrocities, human rights violations and wars. Also, destructive to the self in that it makes people eat at Chik-fil-a.
  4. This is why people assume you're trolling or stupid. Your evidence actually supports the counter point to your argument. The autistic kid getting shot was a tragedy. The cops were at least criminally negligent. All that was reported and lamented at the time. The cop went to jail. Justice served and the story came and went. An unarmed black gets shot and killed by police. The cop gets acquitted and there is no justice. The story isn't over and keeps getting brought up. Then it happens again and again and again. Now it's not just a story about an unarmed man shot without repercussions, it's a story about a pattern of unarmed blacks shot by police without repercussions. Of course that's a bigger story and it will continue being talked about until it ceases to be a problem.
  5. Revoke their citizenship! Will Guatemala take them?
  6. I've noticed a trend that every single observation made by these creation 'scientists' seems to confirm their interpretation of things written in their own religious texts. They're batting 1000! They must be super great at their jobs. How is it that creationists, flat earthers and bigfootologists keep snatching up all the best scientists?
  7. If the Clintons are Teflon and have an army of untraceable assassins at their disposal, how did Trump and his private eyes survive? Or Obama for that matter. And Monica Lewinski. With all the scandals the right has pinned on them with air tight evidence, the Clintons must be terrible at choosing victims.
  8. Cops get acquitted. People see it as part of a pattern and suspect racism. You get so triggered you do a google search for a years old story where a black cop shoots an unarmed white person and hold it up as evidence of a double standard. You feel much better about your world view and go about your day.
  9. Clearly this was intentionally buried by the media. A quick google news search only turned up stories from NBC CBS ABC CNN Fox The Independent The Atlantic and some local news channels. Not a peep from the CW or Spike TV. FWIW the cop that shot the white autistic kid was sentenced to jail time. If only that kid had been black amirite?
  10. All in addition to being a racist piece of shit.