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  1. I follow Trump on Twitter. I wonder what percentage follow him because they're a fan vs those who follow because they heckle him or because he's a president that on any given day has a non-zero chance to announce WW3 over Twitter?
  2. Well, they've called the whole NY Post story a fabrication and Russian disinformation. I suppose it would be on Hunter Biden to specifically disavow the email in question. It's not a deflection. It's pointing out Trumpian tactics of throwing as much crap at the wall as possible and putting the burden on the opponent to scrub it all down. It's the mass media version of the gish gallop.
  3. Issues? Sure. But he has to read up on all the crazy conspiracy shit Trump is likely to bring up.
  4. T-RAC

    ACB Hearing

    You're giving her the benefit of the doubt, but in her own legal writings, she argues for scrutinizing the fourteenth amendment under the so-called 'rational basis test'. Meaning, if a discriminatory statute has the effect of violating equal protection, it's still fine as long as the legislators had a 'rational basis' for implementing said statute that did not violate equal protection. This was the exact tact legal defenders of segregation used in Brown v Education.
  5. Deadpool and The Boys aren't trying to do the same thing. Deadpool is a parody. It's spoofing the conventions of a movie genre to poke fun at it. The Boys is social/political satire, wrapped in a super hero story. There are jokes, but supes aren't the real punchline, we are. That said, it certainly isn't for everybody.
  6. Not sure what you're getting at. Butcher is not driven by approval, he's driven by revenge. However, Homelander is. Mauve threatened Homelander with footage from the plane debacle and that's why he backed off. One might question why he didn't cut Mauve down on the spot but Homelander knows she isn't dumb: she probably has a plan for that. I wouldn't say *nothing* is changing. Vought has so far managed to spin what's gotten to the public but perception is still their one weakness.
  7. Disagree. I think, above all, he is driven by the adoration of the public and that’s what he stood to lose in the scene.
  8. 8/10 enjoyed season 2. So questions for those who’ve seen the finale (SPOILERS natch): 1. Is the congresswoman working with/for Vought? It seems likely to me she wants to frame Vought or has some other selfish endgame. 2. Stormfront will be fine, right? She’ll regrow those limbs by season 3 and be out for revenge on Homelander Jr 3. So does the kid get trained to take Homelander down now? Only to become even worse than Dad?
  9. Seems as though "Tightening protocols' would be unnecessary and unwarranted if the NFL believed the Titans were in flagrant violation. This is about optics and liability, much like the CTE issue. TBH there is no protocol for playing or practicing a full contact sport that doesn't risk an outbreak.
  10. T-RAC

    First Debate

    If that were true, (and to be clear, I think it’s horseshit) then it will be Kamala calling the shots so you should definitely tune in to the VP debates.
  11. MIAMI — Republicans have closed the traditional voter registration gap with Democrats to an historically small margin in Florida, triggering a wave of Democratic apprehension in the nation’s biggest swing state. I don't think Florida is going to happen.
  12. I believe Trump when he says he'll try to get ballots thrown out until he's ahead. I have a harder time believing a Supreme Court (even a conservative one) would be complicit in this. That said, a cornerstone of GOP election strategy is suppressing the vote and has been, at least since Nixon. Trump is just slightly worse at hiding his intent

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