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  1. It's not that smart people aren't born in Mississippi or Alabama. It's just that, when they're old enough, they move.
  2. Unless Alabama is hiding white Wakanda in there somewhere that is pretty much what it means. Alabama is one of the poorest, fattest, unhappiest, least educated and most piece of shit states. Bottom 10 easily, bottom 5 likely. Change my mind.
  3. The poorest states are mostly red. The poorest counties in those states are mostly red. The poorest and richest big cities are mostly blue because most big cities are blue.
  4. After building a career peddling fake conspiracies, would be pretty funny if Jones got jailed by a real one.
  5. Pretty sure he was saying the Accord and the Camry are chick cars.
  6. Which one did you get? I have a dual motor m3 ordered. Sounds like you have no regrets.
  7. https://cleantechnica.com/2018/10/28/toyota-camry-honda-accord-buyers-dont-assume-tesla-model-3-is-beyond-your-budget/
  8. Those are all examples of things 99% of us agree are wrong so it's not really a useful comparison. Again, I think we all agree those schoolchildren are sentient people with rights so it's not a useful comparison. A better one is, should we ban eating meat since some people believe animals are sentient beings that deserve rights too?
  9. This is all about people wanting to use force to impose their beliefs on others. That's why 'pro-life' is inconsistent with a liberal or libertarian POV. You can 'believe' sentience or personhood begins at conception because God or whatever. That's your right. No one will force you to have an abortion. Most people don't believe that. Stop trying to impose your beliefs on others with the threat of force. We can make a bigger impact in reducing abortions (and already have) by increasing access to birth control as opposed to legal bans. Then if we REALLY cared about stopping abortions we would work to lift people out of poverty...
  10. Honda all day over Toyota. But I would consider a Tesla 3 base model over either of those. You can't get the base model on the website but you can call a dealership and get one with a 2-3 week wait. The total cost of ownership in the Tesla is cheaper over 5 years if you're looking at higher trim levels of the Accord or the Camry. And way more fun to drive.
  11. You’re thinking of Vince Young and Jeff Fisher.
  12. Thank goodness we finally executed the last real white supremacist left in America. This will be a huge sigh of relief for the victims, namely President Trump and @Rolltide, who sometimes have to listen to depressing stories about shit like this.
  13. They should sign Jeff Fisher to a 1-day coaching contract so he can retire a Titan too.
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