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  1. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    None of this is relevant to the point. International law is not a matter of my opinion, it’s part of the UN charter. Even if this is true, and we could prove it, it wouldn’t mean Trump isn’t a war criminal. It could mean Soleimani is too but He’s dead and won’t be prosecuted. Not disputed or relevant. You’re drifting. Not relevant. Also kind of a vague point. Why specifically do you label Biden a neocon? War criminal is not a meaningless insult like ‘dolt’ or ‘libtard’. It’s a term used to describe someone in violation of specific international law. Trump very likely is one and your feelings can’t change that.
  2. When I saw the Titans brought in Midget to coach the DBs I was like, "I thought Dowell Loggains worked with QBs."
  3. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    Is this message board your only connection to the world outside the GOP echo chamber? Right, wrong or indifferent, killing a dirt bag is not necessarily a war crime. Killing a military commander of a foreign state IS a war crime under international law UNLESS that killing is carried out in self defense to prevent an imminent attack. Now, Trump says that is the reason Soleimani was killed. That's why I said it MIGHT be a war crime. Of course, Trump also said the evidence for that imminent attack would be forthcoming. I'm sure he'll reveal it as soon as he's no longer under audit.
  4. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    That's pretty rich considering that our last several GOP presidents stuck us in the middle of open-ended ME wars and the current one sanctioned the assassination of a ME military leader that might be a war crime. Unless Trump has since declared none of that stuff ever happened. If so, I'm sure you believe it.
  5. 7 out of the last 8 on RealClearPolitics https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/National.html
  6. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    I would expect this approach from any of the democratic candidates. As far as Trump pulling out of Syria, the contrast it strikes with his other moves in the region make him look less like a dove and more like Putin's puppet.
  7. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    Pretty much any Democratic candidate will be more hands off in the ME. See Soleimani and other points above. Frankly, this is just is a dumb GOP talking point and a line of attack they'll use regardless of who wins the primary.
  8. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    The question on electability regarding Sanders and Biden is interesting. Sanders and Biden both seem to have their Achilles heel. Meanwhile Trump is like 99% heel and he still got elected so anything can happen.
  9. T-RAC

    Virus in China

    Go here for real time numbers updated by Johns Hopkins researchers: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 A lot of speculation in this thread. We don't really know the survival rate yet. Most of the infected are still in treatment. The reproduction number (# of people each infected person is estimated to infect) is somewhere between 2.6 and 3.8. That's insane and based on a contagious incubation period of 2 weeks. As a comparison, the Spanish Flu was a 1.8. Though it also had a mortality rate of 10-20% and Wuhan probably won't be as deadly.
  10. If they want to expand the list, just get the President himself to testify under oath. They wouldn't even need to ask any questions. Just tell him to speak for an hour on any topic and perjury is 100% guaranteed.
  11. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    Ok. Your [email protected] but I'll bite. Populism is not really an ideology, nor demagoguery. Furthermore, all the democrats appeal to populism. And all politicians' rhetoric has tinges of demagoguery, at least as you've defined it. Protectionism- broadly, Trump shares an an interest with Bernie and the rest of the far left. The implementation and ideological basis are very different. An ideological opposition to war is a stated similarity for both dudes. This is well known and... is this really your problem with Bernie? Not to mention Trump's actual belief in this is suspect at best. What do you mean by 'two sides of the same coin' if you agree with the notion they overlap ideologically? If you are suggesting they are polar opposites ideologically, then maybe you think they are similar in another way. What way is that?
  12. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    What ideological overlap are you referring to?
  13. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    If they honestly believe he's as bad as Trump, they are insane.
  14. T-RAC

    Can Sanders Win?

    Of course, you can’t do much in congress as an individual. A POTUS has nearly unlimited power via executive order if they successfully stack the courts that are meant to check them. This does require some help from the party but, after a win, it’s easier to get that support even if your ideas were very recently outside the mainstream. You think the moderate democrats in congress will defy Bernie if he wins the presidency and they regain Senate majority? Running the executive branch this way will prove to be djinni that’s very difficult to put back in the bottle. That will be the real legacy of Trump.

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