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  1. The season might *start* on time but we'll be lucky if outbreaks don't cancel too many games for a meaningful post season.
  2. Thought this one was more effective....
  3. We probably could have had a trendline that looks more like Canada or Germany with better response and leadership. Even under a different Republican president with the typical skepticism of scientific consensus I don't think you'd see masks turned into a political issue the way Trump did.
  4. Until one day when the light comes on...
  5. And yet we just knew somehow posters like @reb9000tn and @LongTimeFanwould be here defending it.
  6. At the end of the day, race is just a social construct anyway.
  7. The could be the Washington Redhats. That would bring back all the people upset about the name change.
  8. Weird how @Jamalismsdoesn't tolerate racism on the board but also tolerates all the racism on the board.
  9. Maybe 40% Approval among black republicans. And they didn't call Colin Powell.
  10. Seemed like much ado about nothing but I dunno- if @Soxcatis defending him, maybe he really is a racist.
  11. Evading and deflecting. This is YOUR point. You’re the one always bringing these stats to the board so you get to answer the question. Blacks are disproportionately pegged for violent crimes and shirking fatherly duties. Why is that? You obviously a strong opinion about this so just put it out there or GTFO.
  12. Well, you bring it up a lot so what do you blame it on?
  13. Startling statistic. Now educate us on why this is true...
  14. I think Trump's gestures and expressions are mandatory for making any sense out of his speeches. Any Trump transcript longer than a tweet where he's speaking off the cuff is pretty much incoherent. Without that context at a minimum he just sounds drunk at the club Maybe we should all learn ASL and see if the translation makes sense
  15. T-RAC

    Virus in US

    In 2020, just as in 1992 and 2008, I’m really getting a sense the GOP knows it has fucked the country up and just wants wants to drop leadership on the Dems like a hot potato so they can commence to pinning their massive failures on someone else.

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