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  1. Alvin Kamara is sooo good and such a perfect fit on that offense
  2. Goff looks so calm and in control so far. My first time watching them live this year.
  3. Cyprien is horrific. LOL at Collinsworth saying he's our Polomalu in this defense.
  4. Lattimore was clearly the best defensive back in this draft minus the hammy issues. I think a real interesting question is who we would've taken at 18 had we taken Lattimore at 5, because I don't think we would've double dipped at corner and taken Adoree.
  5. Bongo is also now of the opinion that we should've drafted Lattimore (we should have btw), even though pre-draft he said he wasn't worth the #5 pick because he played too many video games.
  6. He has a touchdown on each of our top 3 corners.
  7. This was one I really enjoyed going back and watching a 2nd time, with someone that had never watched it before. I was caught off guard by a lot of the reveals in my first watch through, but re-watching it, there are a ton of subtle hints, albeit nothing you would really pick up on without prior knowledge or straight up guessing, and it was a lot of fun to notice them. Pretty curious to see where they go from here.
  8. After the draft ended I left the TV on NFLN for a bit, total access came on and they were talking about the 3 receivers taken in the top 10 and what they liked and disliked about them. Heath Evans started with Corey Davis, said his film and route running were good, but that there was a certain size and stature he wants out of his WRs and Davis just didn't have it. So yeah. 6-3 210lbs and he just ain't big enough. It's really amazing how some of these former players get paid good money to analyze this stuff when it's clear so many of them are barely functioning retards.
  9. lol shit cracks me up every year. It's like a draft tradition now
  10. Really hope it's Robinson. Lamp is the superior player in my opinion
  11. nfldraftscout has him at 6026, so he pretty much is 6'3. Not sure how accurate they usually are, but if they're listing it to the 1/8th I'd assume that's what was recorded for him.
  12. His size doesn't concern me too much. There's been too many really good below average sized corners lately. Jason Verrett, Brent Grimes, Finnegan, Chris Harris, Malcolm Butler, Adam Jones, Janoris Jenkins. As long as you don't play small, which both Gruden and Louis Riddick agreed he doesn't, it shouldn't be a huge issue.
  13. Flipping back and forth but mostly NFLN. Just not until the draft actually starts. This red carpet shit is brutal, good god.
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