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  1. The Art of the Deal, Jack!
  2. The realistic solution would be a difficult mental competency test being mandatory to even run for a position and allow your name on a ballot (paid for by campaign dollars) and only if some trauma occurs like a stroke would some trigger happen to determine competence.
  3. I agree, but the notion that a publicly triggered and voted upon recall based on mental acuity which I originally responded to as an answer is as dumb as it gets.
  4. Some franchises like Packers and Colts get lucky on hitting on generational QB after generational QB, Titans have that Midas touch with punters so we got that going for us.
  5. Most places have a recall mechanism, but def not as simple as we just need to be able to get some voters to trigger it because at the end of the day the voters are who matter.
  6. And lets not even begin with how a recall mechanism being implemented would be abused to all hell. We have people shouting for impeachment literally because they disagree with their party's negotiations. Putting a vote to recall solely due to perceived mental acuity would get so overdone.
  7. How would voters engage in this recall mechanism and who would implement the vote to even take place. It's ridiculous to think that there is any system like that in place to put in voters hands when they are not the ones who interact with the elected official, most likely literally never have a conversation once with said individual. Let alone enough to be aware if they are cognizant enough to run their territory properly. Politicians aren't going to be the ones ousting their colleagues either because they know damn well the same could happen to them and you know damn well majority of these people care much more about themselves and their circles than they do the actual masses. Just this past election there was a dead person that won their election, you really think that voters are intelligent enough to determine the mental capacity of people they've never met?
  8. Tanny will start, Levis will backup and if Willis can show he is competent enough to run a basic handoff or wildcat plays then he will possibly make the 53 man roster. If not, he will be put on the practice squad possibly or cut outright like he should be.
  9. It’s tough to actually come up with a reasonable answer because the stats obviously show it doesn’t really matter where you get the guy, you just gotta have a real competition
  10. Along with there’s no sport in American professional sports where owners can make the types of changes that baseball allows. NBA is the closest thing I can come up with but even then, the NBA is trying to figure out ways to not have ways to just throw money at roster management
  11. Don’t you know. That kid can just get another stick if he wants to so there’s no point in doing anything about it
  12. I just remember one he basically threw the ball backwards trying to make some play when there was no need. the fumbles are him trying to run with it from what i remember
  13. He's had 8 fumbles in those games, which obviously aren't turnovers so my guess is that Pat just saw 8 fumbles and 4 Int's
  14. He only has less than a handful of posts and I think I remember the first one being a sane introductory message about being a luker that certainly seems stable (maybe that was Fire in the Hole) but holy shit. This guy is a moron
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