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  1. I watched the game on my phone from the side of a pool on vacation so wasn’t paying as much attention but I just don’t see how that’s possible with how many touches Henry got in the first half
  2. Imagine getting some inheritance that’s technically worth enough for the government to go after while not being a very liquid asset that would have been looked at previously but literally nothing else from the deceased that helps you out financially.
  3. Okay. Well when he doesn’t get in there will be exponentially more people who will have absolutely no reaction to what they have known for years will come to fruition
  4. Exactly. Without the 2nd 2K season Henry is a great RB who will eventually get lost in the noise. At this point his greatest asset is that he is a workhorse in an era where teams have realized it’s useless to pay a single player that much. Not a single person recently has referenced his actual claim to fame, which is the stiff arm. Nor have we seen his dominance in the 4th qtr which is his other actual aspect he wins a popularity contest in. Theres no way 10 years from now people around the nation will adore Henry with nostalgia about how great he was
  5. Of course it is. Just like the Jags the previous week… Some friends wanted to go out to a bar for the Packer game last week but they had to be stuck coming to my place because I told them no bar in their right mind would put on the Titans game for me. (I just put the Packers on TV for everyone while I watched the Titans game on my computer). We are a bottom tier team who play plenty of other bottom tier teams. No sane business owner will utilize valuable real estate on a Sunday wasting it with this garbage.
  6. @IrishTitansFan I assume this is what you are referring to? Do you think this statement is incorrect and a shift in a whole agenda? Or do you think it is just pointing out that Oman thinks Levis actually was finally put in a position to succeed? PS - I don't think anyone would have done a great job - but our line clearly looked the best they have all season and it still sucked, but at least should have let a QB still perform to their baseline expectations
  7. Again, what are you talking about? The discussions that are still being had are with complete knowledge of the offensive line being dogshit. Just because the other players look worse than we expected doesn't mean that sentiment is lost in translation. People can have a conversation of a player looking worse than we give credit for or worse than we expect, even behind this atrocious OLine without completely changing the narrative from ""No QB can succeed in this offense" to the raw 2nd round rookie QB is just bad at football"
  8. What are you talking about? Do you think the offense was successful yesterday? The narrative still hasn’t changed on expecting players to fail behind this inept OL (which looked by far the best last week against that garbage of a team)
  9. So your argument to Henry being elite is that he is more useful than Tannehill… I think that is more indicting to your actual thoughts on our RB situation than anything if you had actual reasons to believe Henry is currently elite you would say them, instead of just chiming in with potshots
  10. Then why pay a RB elite talent money when you are arguing that his individual skill can’t even be utilized?
  11. So was this one of those games that proves that Henry is still elite? Just curious what I need to be looking out for now that he’s back (or I guess according to some hasn’t diminished in the first place)
  12. Thankfully they picked up that flag… there’s literally nothing a defender could do besides just let everything be caught if that straight on hit not to the head was called
  13. Unless you are saying that stats shown during the game are only impressive and notable? And sometimes not just stats to add even the most basic of context
  14. Again, what was notable about that stat? How much better is Henry than anyone else in the league, or what rank does that put him in. I don’t think 6 YPC on only Carrie’s where you don’t get touched until a full head of steam is that impressive and think it’s likely pretty normal, or at least not notably exceptional
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