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  1. The point had absolutely nothing to do with how effective it is and was entirely pointing out how it’s not unique to Henry
  2. Anyone notice Packers running 6 defensive linemen this game? I thought Eagles traded for AJ Brown, not Derrick Henry. Why didn’t the defense realize that?
  3. Yeah. I just don’t get the original purpose of bringing punters into the conversation as some gotcha or something. Just like all kickers/punters, we bring in camp legs that are likely UDFAs and if they happen to be great then it becomes a real competition…. It’s not like how Jamal tried insinuating that they were preemptively taking care of the position this year because they were expecting some decline from Kern. We just happened to land a helluva UDFA that unseated an already great player
  4. Yeah. He’s been bad from the start. Even before any thumb issues he would have a few throws a game that he would have easily dropped a perfect dime
  5. I still don’t understand the whole punter part of this conversation… we’ve done more at the kicker position to attempt to alleviate the problem than the one that we just upgraded to one of the best in the league from our prior great punter I don’t think JRob got the memo that this upcoming offseason he needs to bring in someone he actually thinks is good compared to just a camp body
  6. If you want to say they didn’t think there was anyone available at all that could challenge Kern previous years then that’s fine but still a completely different point being made. They obviously try to bring in their highest rated guys scouted to be those camp bodies when it comes to bringing in an extra leg no matter the current or future situation
  7. Got it. No wonder you are so down on JRob and special teams. You truly for some reason think that he only goes out to get less than mediocre people and only when he sees an issue can arise is when he hopes some talented UDFAs choose him.
  8. Just binged it this weekend. Was pretty good. Rogue One is probably my favorite Star Wars movie and I'm like OP, didn't think I needed to know or care about Cassian. Can't wait for the 2nd season since it was planned to be 24 episodes total from the start. Will be fun to see how K2SO becomes a rebel.
  9. Huh? So you think that the one 2 years ago was just another camp body so they didn't try to bring in anyone who they thought was talented? They just made sure to ask the talented guy this time around because they were worried about Kern? You're acting like this year we made sure to find a talented punter compared to previous years we just knocked on doors on Broadway. As I said, we just got real fucking lucky that the UDFA this time around actually hit it out of the park
  10. After looking through the final cuts that teams make, it looks like 10-20 punters typically get waived a year based on just a quick ctrl-f. I am not sure if that is how many guys are cut on the final round or throughout the entire offseason. If it is throughout the entire offseason process, I would have expected it to be higher than around half the teams bring in an extra leg.
  11. We waived a punter just 2 years ago because it was a leg that we brought in camp. Wouldn't be surprised if there are more but I'm not going to go searching through tweet after tweet of the list of camp bodies we bring in that really aren't expected to do much. The point is that he was a UDFA and we got real fucking lucky that he could actually challenge at the position compared to just being a scrub like most teams probably get stuck with when signing camp bodies.
  12. What exactly did we do to work to replace our punter because we were preemtively worrying about our punting situation? I wouldn't necessarily say that bringing a UDFA into camp is much of anything since we've done much much more than that on the kicking position I'd actually be a little bit surprised if most teams don't have multiple kickers/punters every years in camp when there's not a extremely limited number of players the team needs to cut down on yet
  13. He was making fun of once Bongo comes into the conversation it will just go to shit.
  14. I moreso meant by after gauging how the first half went and general feel for the game. We should have won that and secured the 3 pts but getting a draw and giving Wales some hope getting outta this round isn't ideal.
  15. Yup. That's why the draw for the US the other day was such a failure
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