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  1. Gotta have one hidden from the wife when you’re on timeout? (If only I knew how to do the CMJ emoji on my phone)
  2. Eh that’s a stretch for the term “Star”.... there are a lot more stars in the league than guys who can take their team to the finals guys like Westbrook, PG, Kyrie and possibly Anthony Davis even are stars but those guys aren’t taking over game after game to get their team to the finals I don’t think those guys previously talked about are in that tier, but someone just being a star (basically a cornerstone of a team) doesn’t mean they can elevate their team through multiple playoff series
  3. I was just pointing out that your example wasn't "slightly". It was noticeably worse As I said, for all intents andb purposes you want to take the position of need as long as they are graded pretty similarly aka a tie-breaker generally speaking (.2 is the difference between Myles Garrett and Rueben Foster as a prospect FYI.... One was too good to pass up and take a QB, and the other wasnt)
  4. So as a tie breaker... you clearly defined them as being different and to take the one literally graded lowe. 2 totally different things, if you meant to say 2 guys that are graded the the same for all intents and purposes you would take the guy at a position of need of course. But don't become whiny when people call you out for following your train of thought as it was written out and saying it'd poor GM'ing (which everyone would unanimously agree)
  5. And yet you still wanted to lay blame on the line for at least the first 6 games of the season... I never said QB was the issue, but it wasnt remotely pass blocking either
  6. You don't need 50 TDs to be a top rated offense, Mahommes stepping back is still more than most teams hope for They'll be fine, just not historically good
  7. So you think one bad game = the 6 that "refused to block for him" Saying that the OL was hurting Mariota is not a winning argument for you. Give it a rest.
  8. @8MM You must not believe in PFF because here are the rankings... We are #4 OL the first half of the season https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-2018-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-teams-units-after-week-9 We were consistently in the top 10 from what I could tell and by all accounts, it sure wasn't based on the run-blocking
  9. You do realize that our pass blocking was rated as some of the best in the NFL the first half of the season?
  10. It doesn't have to be a bad player, but"lesser" matters, especially if you build a roster of "lesser" players year in and year out aka follow your draft strategy. The example you used was passing on a 9.4 and taking the 9.2 (an impossible scenario unless you're picking top 3) that's a pretty big difference..... Once you extrapolate that out for the first two picks over a couple years, you have enough guys for an entire side of the ball graded much lower than going BPA. Good GMs care about the franchise's future, not how much year 1 playing time they can squeeze out of their drafts. If you have a tie breaker, of course you take the position of need, but to have the mindset of actively selecting the player you have graded worse is poor roster management
  11. I can send texts to some hot girl all I want, but until she actually gives a real response it's not a conversation.... It's just a one-sided annoyance. As I have said which for some reason is too complicated for you, "negotiations" will not take place because the agent and player want and are expecting more than anyone would ever offer at this point. Just give it a rest.
  12. Not when a guy has about 6 games of what he believes he is worth and majority of those coming at the very end of this previous season.... No team is going to pay him because of a 4 game stretch So no, negotions are not realistic at this point
  13. There are no negotions at this point that's conceivable for the player/agent. It's not a difficult concept
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