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  1. Hence not feeling sorry for those people that develop ailments specifically because their own actions once people are addicted though the solution becomes a lot more complicated than just a 20 min walgreen trip where anti-vaxxers are throwing fits for something so simple and proven to help society
  2. How do you respond to my post of not sympathizing with people as a direct example of not wishing ill on someone and equate that to me saying I am wishing that on people? It’s fascinating how hard you try with something so simple to grasp
  3. People essentially going out of their way to potentially be burdens on society and then actually becoming one, then someone not sympathizing with you is hardly a "wishing ill on others". Next time try a little harder when you play the victim.... will that be later today or tomorrow?
  4. Btw are there “round-earthers”? Where’s your whining on that term? anti-vaxxer is a loaded term because it’s such a ridiculous concept. When the opposite of something is basically the unanimous global Concensus it doesn’t need a “pro-“ term
  5. Which one of us here sympathizes for the people who end up in the hospital because of their diet? Which one of us feels bad for those with ailments from smoking for years? If your issue is that we are not berating those people like those willingly putting their head in the sand on vaccines then keep on whining. Call it hypocritical, call it whatever you want... But getting a vaccine and doing your part to help the healthcare system, economy, you name it is so fucking simple to just go to a walgreens for 20 minutes. We're so adamant about vaccines because it's so easy to do and you
  6. No one is saying that it is one size fits all and it is adamantly the correct choice for everyone. It absolutely, without a doubt though, is the correct choice to get vaccinated if your logic is potential rare side effects or selfish reasons because propaganda tells you so. Math and science prove that the more people that get vaccinated, the much better off society will be. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Being an anti-vaxxer doesn't mean you have to act like it's cross-fit or veganism and tell the world. It just means you are against vaccines. Does an i
  7. I still don't get what the big deal is that the Astros got caught "cheating". There are so many stupid fucking rules and even dumber unwritten rules in baseball, it's too hard to actually give a damn when someone breaks them.
  8. They've "fixed" that, the problem with that logic is that pass catching actually is a stat that RBs use. There's no if's and's or but's that McCaffery blows Henry out of the water in anything catching related where it's easy to see why the OVR scores higher even without primary running stats being nearly has high.
  9. A reporter tweeted in surprise that Bakhtiari is back already after tearing his ACL in week 17 last year but it was actually Dennis Kelly wearing DBak's jersey to practice If people want to see what they both look like
  10. Not sure what any single person would be confused about? Overall rating is obviously an aggregate of stats and Henry simply has lower lows than McCaffery's. Ridiculously simple concept.
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