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  1. Yours maybe but not the sentiment of the board and reactionary posts.... Every WR thread would be how Mariota is elevating their game and they're not as good as the stats say, or the RB is excelling because it's such a low spot on the totem pole Conversations being "derailed" by talking about the QB isn't some new thing that's Mariota specific or Titans specific... Every single team focuses their conversation on the guy I'm not calling you out on the frustrations per say, I'm just saying that the convos lean even further in derailment because it evolves into going back and forth how everyone is wrong compared to just acknowledging he's great.... As I've said before, these antagonistic comments have always been on this site when a QB is trying to stay afloat for dear life, it's the optimists pushing back harder than ever that make this QB lifecycle on this site different than other times
  2. Cut him.... It's insane how much we hear about no look throws for like 3 years now as if they are a stat anyone has ever cared about in the history of the sport
  3. Exactly. Because Nashville is a fun city... Every out of town fan would do the same thing because they care more about having the best damn weekend possible and not have home field advantage be the only priority It's not a knock on the Titans that Nashville is a party city people want to go to... You think other away games draw as much interest in fans? My friends and I go to an away packer game every year and we do it for the whole weekend, not travel cross country for the 3 hours the game is.... Even the away games for Bears and Vikings don't draw as many packer fans btw. PS - I just meant how there was a sea of green and gold like I've never seen besides at Lambeau, not the literal minority in my 6 person group
  4. That's honestly the biggest problem. Everyone is sick of the Mariota posts because it's the exact same negatives for the past 3 years.... If there were more positives to talk about him, you'd be damn sure that 90% of this board would be jizzing about how much of a better team we are than most of the league. Instead it's just pointing out how he hasn't gotten any better and people are upset about it (whether it be upset that he's not good or upset that people rub it in their face, but you know damn well those would be opposite "I told ya so's" if he was lighting it up)
  5. Add that to Nashville is a good party city that's a fun vacation for people to attend sports to, Nashville away crowds are most likely some of the worst in every major US sport. The Packer game I went to (and brought 5 GB fans with) was ridiculous how I was in the minority.
  6. And yet some want to act like Mariota is the only guy that gets criticized for preseason terribleness? How fucking thin skinned are these homers on this site As I've said, the biggest thing that's different here is that the people who get offended just get so damn riled up after every comment it actually derails shit like it never has before... The snark and "hate" has always been here but people would just move past it
  7. The reason didn't have success as an offense was because the running game wasn't working. Period. You can call it antiquated all you want but no one in like 15 years here has run an offense that highlights the receivers Scratch that, wisenbunt gave no fucks about the running game
  8. "This is Oman's wife and the asshole left no one else in the family any money when he died"
  9. There's no way you actually think moving the ball in today's NFL through the air isnt easier simply because the defense still takes the field? Of course defenders will still be on a receiver None of what I said has anything to do with Mariota whatsoever, saying there's less patience in the NFL these days isn't a jab at Mariota.
  10. There's also a lot less patience though because passing is the easiest it's ever been in the history of the game
  11. Well shit, guess I'll give him 148 for his next 2 drafts!
  12. It truly amazes me how the racists on this board always double down on the stupid shit they say, it really is astonishing how so many people can actually be so idiotic and not just try to make an edgy comment to ruffle some feathers
  13. I’ll give you 1 dollar, you’ll be guaranteed to be able to outbid anyone once FA starts
  14. Of course he is... and there are still 30-ish teams that would be willing to take on his contract
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