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  1. Depends on how high of the top secret totem pole the documents are.... Top Secret is SUPER broad even though it's rated that way
  2. He is nowhere close to being viewed in the same breaths as the actual elite backs. Hence why the Browns won't sniff a deal that's too good to turn down aka "Of course the Browns don't want to deal him".
  3. Of course the Browns don't want to deal him.... He's a RB and not even an elite one, no team is going to give up any resource worth anything whatsoever
  4. Again, which line did they cross specifically? The only thing that you have pointed out is that he is an ex president and inferring that not cooperating with the Feds doesn't warrant a search like which is the case for 100% of other citizens in the history of the country.
  5. Old senile Joe is such a mastermind, he's able to con all these Trump guys into his every demand against their will
  6. Especially since that article points out how "Ultimately, this is the main reason I expect digital twins to catch on. Quite simply, the main place young people go to show off is online" He is using being able to post the shoe on Instagram as the main reason it will be utilized, talked about minimal actual utility.
  7. What specific line was crossed? They clearly believed there were documents or something that Trump left at his Mar A Lago residence, the FBI wanted that information and they obviously believe he didn't cooperate with them on the matter.... This same thing would have happened to 100% of US citizens around the entire country.
  8. I thought he was being sarcastic. I truly amazes me how the religious idiots like that are actually a real thing and have such a nonsensical, generally rude and especially narrow minded view of the world.
  9. Some game I have been playing on Xbox (besides Rocket League still) is A Plague Tale. It plays very similar to Tomb Raider in it's action adventure style. The story is pretty interesting and the biggest reason I am following through with it. I am not sure if it opens up to a more open world experience because I just got to a part that seems like it will be a home base that exapnds as the plot progresses.
  10. Never played any of the RDR games, I assume for similar reasons to fallout.... The genre just doesn't excite me. I have watched my roommates play back in college when I would just play something else and he would have RDR2 on the other TV. It looks like a truly amazing game in terms of story, technical aspects and graphics but it's just not for me because how slow it is.
  11. It's astonishing how people conveniently ignore that and generally look past typical what I would consider working class ages unemployment rate
  12. I'm sure there are because you can find anyone on the internet. I guess I am just dumbfounded that those people actually exist in huge numbers (enough for these types of stories to be a thing even a decade later) compared to corners of the internet or telltale stories of a friend of an uncles friend.
  13. So your issue is the name? Have you seen the actual numbers that economists say this will affect inflation? It's projections are beyond minimal in either direction. They clearly are trying to pull at hot topics being discussed and act like they are going to change inflation specifically (in a bill full of many other benefits), which is affecting everyone though out the entire world independent of their leader's party. It's deceiving; similar to Patriot act sounding great or Marketplace Fairness act simply being about tax, but if the bill was named something different you would still say that it's not enough. Never took you as someone who cared so much about the integrity of their politicians.
  14. I get all that stuff but deed to your house (good luck with that being the norm) and photographers getting properly credited (even though if someone is going to use an image for something and not credit the photographer they could still do that just as easily as now) are IMO the only useful thing you mentioned that don't have answers currently. Everything else is already being done in ways that are much easier and widely adopted. Medical Records, and other secure documents certainly could have their use but at the end of the day how much would it help with privacy/security issues? How many people run into issues because counterfeit medical records? It's not like adding medical records to the blockchain would enhance the privacy aspect of the medical records because there still will be paper records and access from pharmacies/hospitals. NFTs would essentially just verify them I assume but I'm legitly curious what issues are currently happening where it's an issue that needs "solving". Even though you did acknowledge that a lot of the projects are just based on hype and more of a emerging thing so don't have much use, which is my point... I haven't seen anything yet to convince me NFTs are something that should even be remotely adopted by the masses.
  15. I've never met anyone in real life who has ever referenced Alex Jones or Infowars relating to anything real or important whatsoever, and a good portion of my friends and my entire family are right wing so it's not like I barricade myself into an echo chamber. I am just surprised that anyone's actually dumb enough to get caught up in that type of shit. No one with half a brain sees the joke newspapers at the grocery check out and relays that information in real conversation.
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