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  1. Not at all, but I’d at least consider it to be coaching under someone though. I imagine being in those coaching rooms can’t be truly passed along just by conversation
  2. This is the problem and has been the problem the past 4 years. You've seen it all, sadly enough just worsen over time too. ANYTHING that Trump says, the morons will believe and fight rabidly. It's wild how damning it is that Trump will, and he will, claim mass voter fraud in areas that he is worried about and his cult will just gobble it up blindly.
  3. I think you're underestimating it quite a bit... The whole concept of us running playaction off of plays that look identical to one of their few running counterparts isn't because we have the personnel to mirror everything they do on every single play identically. Play design, timing of the call has to make sense and the defense has to believe and I am sure a handful of other things that the OC is directly responsible for plays a huge factor in all of that.
  4. If we’re getting into comparisons he reminds me of a much smaller Derrick Henry but has hands to make the deep catches
  5. Yes, you keep on repeating how you don't understand how vast space and time is
  6. It's Florida, gotta put fans in the stands! #2020
  7. Yeah, WTF... Didn't Tua come in solely because Fitz won the game already?
  8. The league average takes into account every single team, hence the league average. I think it's safe to say that we should be better than average on gaining 2 yards. Not gonna bother on digging up 3/4th and short in the RZ along with 2PC attempts just to prove to myself that we are better than average at those situations.
  9. Huh? Why do you need a multiverse to hit the jackpot on astronomical odds when you basically have forever and infinite stars for the most part for it to happen Dude, After enough years and generations, the "oddities" that prove to be beneficial will weed it's way into normalcy
  10. I updated the numbers so they're not that astronomical but still a 77% conversion rate beats winning the toss or having our D get a stop
  11. Titans are 17/22 on 3rd or 4th and short. (updated the numbers to include total plays, not just runs like I did on accident)
  12. I get that, and obviously air yards makes a huge difference too. Just pointing out the targets and catches between them. It's the internet, I'll skew whatever I please! lol
  13. Drinking problem, often injured and currently useless to the team? I can barely tell them apart now that you pointed it out
  14. Would it have mattered though? Obviously the yardage would've been 10 yards more but the results would've been the desired outcome.

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