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  1. Lol. went through random pages of this thread from 1 to 12.... That got interesting
  2. Biggest thing that comes to mind when asking that, it's not like MLK was actually associated with non-violence
  3. I'm not specifically talking about this trial, I'm just also not naïve enough to think that outcomes of a trial are all on the exact same playing field. Do you think the OJ simpson trial would have gone the same way if it was some average schmoe killing his wife? Individual anecdotes don't prove shit but they sure as hell tell a story about if everything is viewed at in the exact same way.
  4. That's where we disagree I guess. I get that there are charges actually brought on like everyone else in the country but not for a second do I believe that all jury decisions and sentences are equal. Of course, but same question to you then because I really don't have the knowledge.... When and what was the last truly society changing actions that took place because a peaceful, nonconfrontational protest. PS - this is not me justifying riots, just curious when major laws were passed in favor of minorities because peaceful protesting.
  5. Real question that I sure as hell don't have any real answer to: When was the last time there was truly major society changing laws passed due to peaceful protest and making sure those protests don't inconvenience anyone else? I even included the latter part because it seems you always get people whining about "I have a job to go to, these guys should be working and not in my way". What truly major changes have happened from protests to help non-whites in the past generation or two that's not based on anything "sickening"? I don't agree with especially the looting aspect of riots but you're
  6. Football players also have their Player's Association negotiate the absolute worst deals in all of sports compared to how much money these guys should be making and especially guaranteed. Color me shocked that they made yet another dumb decision.
  7. Yeah, I'm sure there will probably be shit weekly to still poke fun of besides the ridiculous "HE'S SENILE!!!!" comments consume the right's entire vocabulary. He just doesn't go to twitter hourly to project to the world things that he has no clue about
  8. Lol.... Of course my dumbass doge owning coworker talked to me this morning about fears of inflation ruining the entire economic system globally and it's imminent collapse that "worries" him. Keep in mind, this is the same dumbass who is worried about the government taking all his guns, lives out in the woods and would mention to me dumb Q things that were going on. But yeah, let's try to convince everyone that cyrpto is the way to go because the way governments are handling their business. There are ways to sell something and there are ways to convince others not to li
  9. Never heard that but OMG, that shit's funny!
  10. But she was unarmed and had no prior warrants!
  11. When was the last time this idiot argued about having guns to protect his house? Not sure if he’s a gun nut but I’m certain as fuck this retard wouldn’t pour a cup of tea for someone breaking through his windows and say there was no danger. Dudes a racist retard. The quicker he gets put on ignore the better
  12. I keep trying to see if this idiot is actually just that dumb or just a political hack. I’m honestly starting to come around to the fact that he’s just truly a dumber piece of shit than we ever imagined. he keeps bragging about his money to prove he’s not simply that moronic but I know plenty of people who are dumb as shit with more money than anyone would ever need, along with pretty brilliant people who should be making much much more.
  13. Your barber is probably infinitely more intelligent and that much less power hungry
  14. None of that means there’s going to be some ridiculous collapse to the extent you try to imply again, curious about these actual historical examples besides wheelbarrows of cash for a loaf of bread
  15. There's no way that you actually believe that? The great collapses in World history started off by countries being ran like America? Which examples and why, and don't give me Germany pre WWII and people using wheelbarrows to buy a loaf of bread. Show me one example of current day necessities that have been so blown out of reality because of inflation. Rent, Utilities? Those prices aren't raising to amounts that cause lifestyle changes because government inflation but much more because corporate greed.
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