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  1. It’s useless. You’re talking to people who think the run is the magical thing that opens up the passing game for teams
  2. I don't understand what you are getting at. I believe that there are many societal reasons; ranging from generational equity, employers bias, bias from law enforcement, education in poverty stricken areas and I am sure many more. Not sure if you are misunderstanding what I am getting at, I just am not educated enough on the matter to have a conversation of those reasons. Enlighten me why certain races have a much more difficult time overcoming poverty, I would like to be more educated on the matter. Nothing I have said remotely relates to anything negative about any race because as
  3. OPs statement was that the Raiders would fire Gruden later that day. Clearly he had no clue what was going on either. His statement was obviously not at all related to the leaks that eventually came out. If I prophesize that Urban Meyer was going to get fired today, people call me out for being wrong and then Urban Meyer eventually gets fired down the line. I was not remotely correct and more "on target" than people who criticized me.
  4. You really think Gruden was stepping down with just his comments on the NFLPA exec if nothing else was leaked? Oh yeah, they lost that week so obviously Mark Davis was going to fire him 🙄
  5. Oh please. That's like someone saying "he's going to make this" as the kicking team lines up, that kicking team then gets knocked 5 yards back after a penalty and then the kicker eventually misses but the situation has changed completely from when the statement was made. Sure, the prediction was wrong but the comment was not at all related to what actually happened.
  6. That's literally what I have been saying all along. Again, I don't know if you are just trying to troll or you actually just have trouble comprehending what people are saying. Based on your posts here, I just assume you play dumb and troll people
  7. @unauthorizedcinnamon I honestly can't tell if you are just dumb and misinterpret most things people say or you just try to say stupid stuff
  8. What ignorant stuff did I say? That poverty is the bigger indicator of crime than race? How is that ignorant? All I said is that I am not educated enough on the matter to have a significant conversation on why blacks are in poverty at such an incomparable rate to whites.
  9. It is correct according to the FBI as of 2019 when they have their numbers on the website which I assume he is referring to. again. Still completely ignores the larger variable in the equation completely which is poverty
  10. Haven’t looked into it enough to actually have a meaningful conversation about it. I was just responding to a naive comment about who commits the most homicides. (I’ll give you a hint, the correct non-racially driven answer is poor people of all races)
  11. Which is a completely different conversation to be had. Of course every demographic can be in poverty, but if you are even remotely implying that motivation is the definitive cause (compared to some cause for some people) then that's on you and there's honestly not even a place to start having a real discussion.
  12. Haven't actually looked at prices but if you aren't buying any special components but still need everything besides the hard drive, I would honestly just recommend buying a very run of the mill desktop with a shitty hard drive and just adding your own SSD. As long as the CPU is fine and you have enough RAM for whatever you will be doing I can't imagine you will run into issues.... unless you want to build it for the sake of building one
  13. Is it racist to point out a fact? Obviously not. Is it racist to say that black people are more violent because said fact? Potentially, depends on the intent and how clear it is that the person cherry-picked the stat or is just uneducated. It's clearly being in denial about other factors as to why those numbers are the way they are. If you are curious and actually want to look into the cause, the more logical thing would be to start with socio economical ratios and see if the murders per race differs between all those factors. I don't think it takes even a smart person to understan
  14. It's hilarious how clear you've been about this stating what you are saying and even implying yet he has to follow up with "Secondly, this characterization pretty much is saying that all racism is by white males." 🙄
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