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  1. Usually elders gain wisdom over the years on this earth, what happened?
  2. Nobody is trading for a franchised RB who couldn't reach a long term deal because realistically he wanted more than the Titans (and most teams) would be willing to pay So no, it would not be worth selling him for what would be like a 5th round pick
  3. The obsession with the concept of 30M being something ridiculous and out of this world is fascinating. Every team with a good QB has to pay up the ass for a player but with how contracts are written up and how much money each team has, the cap is a non-issue There are already 3 QBs slated to make 35+ for the 2022 season, it's simple logic to see that the cost for even a shitty QB is still very expensive and "too much"
  4. You mock people for not being extreme in their views and standing their ground in said extreme stance. Are you really too stupid to even respond to what I actually told you and how fucking stupid you sound?
  5. You're a fucking retard. The world and the rest of reality lies in "the middle ground".... I swear you somehow get dumber every day
  6. Def better than any post 9 has ever had about this league
  7. So give me an alternative to not paying him, you think our team is worse because he is on our payroll? What's an actual alternative to us having a better team without Byard than with him
  8. You pay players good money to stay, he'd have gotten that money elsewhere. It's not complicated
  9. Well duh, he's paid well so all of that is the expected minimum
  10. You set a worse example! Everytime someone is a little too mean for you, you have to go onto some diatribe about how mean people are and that they can't talk football when in reality, it's your pansy ass that disallows any real conversation. If you were to just be a man about something and move on when someone called you (or others out) on their bullshit then it's just a single post commenting how the person is an idiot and clearly incorrect and BAM, that interaction is complete. Move on to the next post and live your life. It's pretty sad how caught up you get with people because your childhood (and adult life) was just too riddled with big ole' meanies.
  11. Personal attacks I see... Football isn't your forte so the best thing you got must be that?
  12. Dude's a fucking retard who's scared of telling people his opinion because he has been berated his entire life whenever he takks @Tomacheksound about right of your childhood? Everyone just happened to be a bully but you're actually too stupid to figure out you're the common denominator?
  13. You're using MIA as a franchise full of thought out, good decisions?!?
  14. Yup. He was just pissed on the money he lost because he didn't have faith that people would like video games like they do.. . It was for A LOT of money so I could see it either way My guess is that it will be all new content (or from Season of Storms) and not take anything from the games besides maybe some locations that weren't in the books

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