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  1. It was stupid though... If the rest of our team wasn't so good besides QB play we likely would not have been able to climb out of the hole that MM got us into by starting for 6 games. If you think it's a smart gamble to keep the man on the field simply because he was the 2nd overall pick you are the problem and that's why you keep getting berated for your dumb QB thoughts. Imagine never getting to where we were last season, you really think we would go out and try to sign Tannehill AND Henry long term? He damn near fucked the whole season up and possibly even much longer ramifications simply because he was a nice guy, making 21M and the 2nd overall pick..... literally NONE of that had to do with his play on the field which everyone could see was clearly awful by that point, it was that clear.
  2. It truly is astonishing how sometimes those real life endings of "you truly couldn't write a better script" are actually real life
  3. Honestly haven't even poked around besides to figure out which team was mine before it was assigned. It seems to be head and shoulders above anything Yahoo can imagine to put together which is all that matters to me.
  4. Exactly. It’s obviously a joke so no need to be 3 pages of back and forth explaining it but as someone said, it’s ironic that a Titans fan is mocking one of the more undeservingly loyal fan bases out there when Titans GMs and players have called out their own fans pretty recently because bachelorette parties seem to fill the stands more than two-tone blue (yes, obviously another bad joke to not be taken seriously)
  5. Am I missing something? The league URL just leads to a completely blank page, I've cleared my cache and all that jazz too,
  6. Exactly, it'd be like the silver medalist at the special olympics making fun of the winner for being a try-hard retard.
  7. The only reason I know those technicalities about all that is because a coworker of mine started using the word anti-semite in a sentence where we had to ask him what the word meant..... his response was “he is against semites” (as if we were confused about the word “anti”, wtf)
  8. I’m not sure how many people played NFL Blitz but they were the Tennessee Oilers in that game. I have a #1 Oilers Jersey where I got the name customized that has the Inaugural Season Patch in thes shape of Tennessee. The custome name I got on it was JAPPLE because that guy has all the records on NFL blitz programmed in.
  9. Im as agnostic as they come but when it’s all said and done, it’s almost not worth the hassle of getting questioned why you wouldn’t still consider Judaism when it comes to conversing with any family members. After enough of those interactions I still consider myself Jewish because you deal with the family events. at least that’s the case for me but I feel That’s probably the case with every agnostic no matter their family religion.
  10. Exactly. Only real way an individual waiver would mean anything is if the entire league quarantined NBA style
  11. Yup, from what I remember... He saw the -730 on a Friday at market close or something without realizing that it would have shown on Monday what his true balance was
  12. Anyone see the story about the 20 year old who killed himself because he thought he went into so much debt? He got into stocks (day trading I assume) because he had too much time and money during quarantine and clearly had no clue what he was doing because he off'd himself after seeing a -730k balance without realizing that he wasn't actually in debt that much at all. Edit: I see it's already been discussed
  13. I've been telling everyone this for years, the only thing Trump will be known for in a positive light is how the market has fared. The problem with that logic is that no matter who was in office, the feds would be making sure that everything was on the rise no matter what. Has been the case for my entire lifetime, and will be the case my entire lifetime.

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