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  1. Holy fuck. Why are these coaches still looking at his college tape thinking he is even adequate at the job..... Not only does it potentially get him hurt, he's just straight up bad at it
  2. You should quit with that over the top fawning over the guy, he is easily worth the pick and has gotten much better as he gets more experience but LOL at that praise
  3. I'm sure you will hear the "it's because he couldn't get open to be thrown to more" or some nonsense
  4. Exactly, you're creating your own bias and freely admitting it even though stats say that there were only 3 drops for him.
  5. You're delusional if you think that Taywan is worse than 27 other teams worst receiver who sees meaningful snaps, and that's not even counting Delanie, who you purposely ignored as a receiving option.
  6. And who here has been opposed to signing those caliber guys? Your entire post I responded to was questioning the notion why people wouldn't want to give Mariota more weapons, when the only time people have said we should not add talent is when referencing the cost of the elite playmakers.... Not that we should sit on our hands in free agency and only draft defense This part is just a blatant exaggeration
  7. Hate to break it to ya but that's how the stats are written up and it's the same league-wide... Can't use the argument of you remember more drops than he's credited for while using only the box score on drops league wide. Keep in mind, Taywan has a very similar (within roughly .5%) catch rate to Davante Adams, Julio Jones, Juju Smith Schuster, Demarius Thomas and Golden Tate
  8. The argument is that no matter how excessive we go into the amount of resources we pour into the offense, you can still for the most part only go as far as your QB can take you. Adding a guy like Antonio Brown would my guess make us one of the more expensive offenses in the league in terms of what resources we have used and yet adding a guy like Antonio Brown would make us above average most likely, certainly not elite. Mariota elevating his game to simply more than serviceable he's at now is the only thing that matters, we already have good enough resources that most teams in the league would be able to get by on a lot more than we have the past 2 years. I don't know of a single person who is against adding a guy like Golden Tate to the squad or another veteran WR but that isn't even close to the argument of "shouldn't give Mariota better weapons". There are dozens of other positions that you could shore up and make the team better for the price of Antonio Brown or another truly elite weapon people are thinking Mariota needs.
  9. No, I've also pointed out how are aren't even a good 4th qtr team (19th in the NFL the previous 2 years)... We are just a mediocre team while being very very very poor the first majority of the game. The style of play we have keep the scores down and the defense does their part, that's really the only thing that had led to an extremely high number of comebacks
  10. And here we come full circle.... AB would never want to be a Titan because this team doesn’t throw enough Anyone who thinks the piece were missing from some prolific offense that would make AB happy is simply him being added to the roster is kidding themselves
  11. There were 11 teams with the RB the 1st or 2nd most targeted player and my guess would be about 18-20 if you were to include all the way to 3rd most targeted player it still makes no sense why you are trying to prove the Titans schemed around the pass catchers when in reality the only thing we schemed against was the quantity of throws
  12. LOL at your threshold being 80% catch rate when there were only 4 non-RBs in the entire league who had a reasonable amount of targets and hit that mark Tell me more how RB catch percentages mean anything... Those are league totals of 2018 https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/player-stat/receiving-catch-rate * All Games qualifier is on pace for at least 30 receptions or 60 pass targets
  13. Fuck PK... One of the more obnoxious NHL players in the league
  14. When did I say it's all the QBs fault? My problem is your dumbass thinking that all the problems with Mariota is everything around him
  15. Show me stats that prove the notion that majority of downfield WRs on other teams have a similar or better catch percentage to those of the RBs on their squads. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/reports/targets-distribution/?year=2018&start=1&end=16&show=totals
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