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  1. Or all season, even when Rodgers was playing like shit it looked better than it did under McCarthy... Rodgers was just missing guys
  2. I agree but as I said, that's Saying a lot if a QB would try to telegraph his way into a roster where he was guaranteed to be a backup no matter what
  3. You mean a team that guaranteed the QB they already had a starting role and never had a competition to see which one was better was a no brainer? How fucking bad must Marcus be for that to be the go to team for a backup to try to earn a big contract
  4. What a goal line stand. 2 plays in a row... Guess they should have just had Carr fumble it again
  5. Of course I bench his ass today in Fantasy (for Wilson)
  6. It's hilarious how everyone but homers in TN knew that Mariota was the one holding the offense back.... QBs get by with bad coaching, WRs, Oline all the time but Mariota needs everything else on the team to be clicking perfectly to have things not his fault
  7. But some analyst who couldn't cut it in the NFL said that it was complicated!!!!
  8. I'm not talking about this game... I'm talking about all season, Rodgers played like shit early but still had more open receivera consistently than he did under McCarthy
  9. I say we keep emphasizing how MLF and this 18 month system fucked Mariota over I have not seen Rodgers throw to so many wide open guys in years and has finally started hitting those tight window perfect placement throws he's had to do for years too It's fucking "insane" how you just see a good QB throw with anticipation and these 6th round receivers just happen to be wide open while our backup had to have guys college open to even give them a 50/50
  10. I can't believe what I'm reading about people complaining about running the ball and it doesn't matter who the QB is.... That's pretty much the only thing that matters A good QB in a bad system for him will still shine but a bad QB in a pass happy system will sink you so fucking fast
  11. In an offense that has been built on huge plays from a QB that is amazing at seeing open guys down field extending the play?
  12. Ooof, that's a tough list of players to beat out for a starting role
  13. Indifference, no one gives a fuck about the Titans since they have been shit for so long... No one cares about a great year every decade As long as people still know I'm a Packer fan too, no one gives a damn about anyone associated with the Titans