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  1. There will always be a market for decentralized currency but the real money is with banks, companies and governments Just because companies accept BTC, doesn't mean they have a real horse in the race... They know legislation is on their side and if governments find crypto too intimidating the companies will do whatever they're told
  2. LOL at this moron pounding his chest about bragging about BTC
  3. Titan Up is the most embarrassing slogan in all of sports
  4. I don’t know how drills are run if coaches are forcing throws to certain reads but I’m sure there is at least a guy wide open by NFL standards at damn near all times when running around in shorts. Mariota is not to the point to purposefully throw really contested throws to make receivers fight for the ball if that’s not how the drill is designed
  5. Fisher’s whole schtick was that he had a job for how many undeserved years? Stable doesn’t mean better
  6. Has Mariota been blowing everyone away with his precision and accuracy to wide open guys playing in shorts? If the answer is no, there are very obvious reasons to be disappointed. Honestly I couldn't give a damn and don't know if he has been lighting it up but the only thing to takeaway from OTA's is to be realistic about expectations, if a guy is disappointing in drills, what high hopes is there to suppress? It's not like he's going to be more accurate when a defense is actually playing against him. As compared to the opposite with Sharpe, there are very obvious reasons to temper your excitement.
  7. It is what it is was my entire point. All I heard from GS fans was injuries aren't an excuse. I better not hear you whining like OF has been last year
  8. Hey, at least you guys didn't even to take it to game 7 like Houston did against you guys so we won't have to hear about GS fans whine about if you were healthy
  9. So if he plays at his best while doing something we haven't really seen from him? Wow, who woulda thought that
  10. Sorry... Too hard on the guy (relative to any other teams) But as I said, my entire conversation has been relative to other fans and this site falls right in line with 31 other fanbase and is actually quite soft.... Vulgar but soft
  11. I get that... And I said it was the norm (as you seem to clearly agree with) People being analytical of every throw of the guy isn't a Titan thing, it's a league wide thing for disappointing QBs (as you agree with)
  12. It's insane how some here think this site is too hard on the guy... Any teams message board in the off-season would eviscerate their guy... Hell most national media's would If Cutler were here imagine how easy he'd get it, instead he's a punching bag
  13. Honestly, the crazy thing to me is that some of the homers are adamant they want Mariota to go to a different team where the fanbase would appreciate him more and not be critical! I honestly can't think of any scenario or team where someone acquires Mariota in Free Agency and he performs how he has the last two seasons, which fanbase would accept that and not raise all the pitchforks? Injury or not, he played in enough games to not have the excuses some give him.
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