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  1. Too soon to say is only for young shitty guys who you still want to have faith in. I agree though that it should be utilized differently
  2. Houston has had the exact same success as the rest of the league in 7 game series... A loss is a loss
  3. Mettenberger's teammates were disappointed we drafted a QB... It doesn't matter one bit how good these players think their coworkers are There's not a better QB on the roster and Mariota doesn't give up on his team when he's medically allowed to play, that's all that matters in the locker room
  4. The worst free throws I have ever seen in my life... If anyone on the team but especially Giannis hit even a respectable number the series is likely over yesterday Shit play in other areas but you can attribute that to good defense by the Raptors at least
  5. It’s so frustrating that the board doesn’t know that 9s only makes threads because fantasy football
  6. For sure. But when people use them as examples of what a player is compared to what they can be is a Stretch
  7. Or I'm not an idiot and realize that we shouldn't use him as a typical TE and use him how Jimmy Graham was... A big WR who lines up more in the slot than being a complete player
  8. I've seen Mariota throw the occasional absolutely perfect throw, does that mean he's a truly incredible QB? Anytime someone uses one specific play as an argument for a players overall body of work just shows that they are reaching
  9. At that point as in during "negotiations" because he had an army or at that point of when he was in control of Jon compared to handing him over to a prison or wherever he was awaiting the council. If the show were to follow what he would actually do he would have just killed Jon or held him for ransom instead of strictly as a prisoner... Likely just kill him though.
  10. I laugh at anyone who thinks Greyworm actually had any importance in this matter, the second that Jon was imprisoned and not immediately killed by him he lost all his power. Majority of the council all held more power than a dead queen's master of war or whatever his title was. Of course you can just assume that some nonsensical "punishment" was because they had to basically bargain for his life but Greyworm had zero leverage in the situation.... For story telling sake, sure you can believe that but it was as "realistic" as the dragon knowing to burn the iron throne, it was just empty nonsense for people.
  11. IMO it's still too early to adopt something like this and get the sense of feeling the product is all that great. I bought a PS4 literally just for PSVR (was gonna wait until Last of Us 2 came out originally) so I am not saying the technology is shit. But it's still very early and can tell. It's an absolute blast but at this point it's still just a gimmick. That being said... I agree 1000% that it's an experience you have to witness first hand because it truly is mind blowing how out of touch from reality it takes you when you are in even a minimal headset (that's not those ridiculous ones for your phone or dumb shit like that)
  12. But on a different opposite note, I'd recommend motorcyclists not wear helmets.... One of my friends brother's got into a crash and the helmet saved his life but now he's pretty much a vegetable and brain dead. You can be damn sure he wishes he didn't have a helmet on and died
  13. My issue isn't the safety. My issue is people willingly breaking the law and whining about government overstepping.... If those motorcyclist break the law by not wearing a helmet and get injured fuck them... Don't give them a cent Honestly, I'd rather the fucks die but it's when they don't die and cost others that's my issue
  14. And it's their decision to break the law and get ticketed. It's "there" decision to break any law but to act like the laws are dumb simply because you don't like them or the government controlling you is dumb as shit. And as I said, people who get injured breaking the law should never receive a single cent of benefits.... Because you know, governments shouldn't intervene is the argument for seatbelt laws being dumb So because they are simply safer instead wrapping cars in nerf to prevent all injuries there shouldn't be laws enforced about them? There's no way you're this dumb?
  15. You didn't... That was my point, you were omitting the completely ridiculous part of the stat line people are talking about If Mariota gets enough attempts to get to 4000 yards, the picks will pile up
  16. Without the picks? What makes you believe Mariota can throw it that much and have single digits INTs? That's the crazy thing about some people's predictions As I said, I need to see a 3:1 ratio and a mostly full season to even consider starting contract talks with him but we have seen nothing from him ever at a professional level to believe he will eliminate bone headed plays
  17. Eh. It was what it was.... I am shocked at how many people have wanted to see more character development on Dany turning into a bloodthirsty tyrant, I thought that was the one thing they truly nailed to a T the past few seasons and especially episodes
  18. Since @9 Nines is such a whiney impatient bitch, we may as well get the draft 3 years from now started
  19. They need to be in an offense that likes passing first and foremost, then we can even start having a conversation of how good they can be
  20. I’m not naive enough to think that, but we can hope
  21. They were 13th in spending at the position last year (the one they actually won fyi)... They paid their QBs the same as Matt Ryan, Cam, pre-contract Rodgers and Alex Smith. Nothing too crazy but when you have the best QB in the history of the game for the price of Alex Smith, Matt Ryan or Cam you know you are getting a steal.
  22. The worst will be if this is Mariota's last year as a Titan, people will still go on for years about how it was everyone else that ruined him and Mariota never had a real chance to succeed
  23. So your "nope, just nope" comment literally had nothing to do with anything because that's what I was referring to. Which is why I said it's retarded to have in a set it and forget it retirement plan from the start like people can and should do with the stock markets. If you want to buy it low (back when it was at 3-4k) and sell it down the line of course that's a viable way to make money, but anyone being told to jump in on crypto when it was 10k+ were the fucking idiots that are the equivalent of day traders trying to flip stocks. That's not investing, it's gambling. I have never been in the camp that crypto is a fad and will be completely useless, I have always said that my problem with investing in crypto means buying BTC to 99.9% of people. I don't think that's a viable long term strategy because people are too dumb to read the tea leaves when it will get surpassed (and I think 15 year minimum is a stretch but that's not important) and for all intents and purposes, BTC will be dogshit compared to what people bought at when it's not the top dog because the big money will be in whatever currency eventually takes it's place.
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