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  1. That they expect Mariota to go the way of that doll in his weird story.... down in flames?
  2. Huh? You think we're considering keeping him another year for the same production he's shown and gets injured again? Lol.
  3. I'm just about to sit down to some Xbox, I was just on here while my food was cooking I'm not going to bother rehashing the same shit anyway but upgrading our WR3 is a luxury that would only make sense of the value was too good in the draft
  4. Receiving option not WR The point is there's no point in spending decent resources on upgrading the WR3 or 5th pass catcher
  5. Sucks is a bit of an exaggeration but the 5th receiving option on a run first team doesn't have to be great by any means
  6. Im not saying he's a liability defensively... Oiler has been whining for years how Harden should be the unanimous annual MVP over Westbrook because the team's record but now that it's not the case the only thing that matters to him is individual statistics?
  7. You swap Harden and Giannis and bucks get much worse while the the Rockets likely get better.... Along with him being the catalyst for the best team in the NBA But tell me again how him scoring points is the only thing that matters to an MVP
  8. For sure. Obviously you and I are on the same page, I was just pointing out how people aren't going to shy away from gaming because the industry is going (gone) digital
  9. Exactly physical purchases are a complete non-factor to people
  10. And we had some Jonnu 61 yard TD that was just a ridiculous lapse on their defense.... Doesn't change the fact that it FELT over because they thoroughly had their way with us the majority of the game
  11. Texans, he had one incompletion the entire game to Derrick Henry late in the game... The thing felt over at halftime and we just dinked and dunked our way to put ourselves out of our misery. Very little about that 22-23 2TD day was impressive
  12. I believe the actual team that people referenced to letting Mariota have a field day was the Texans where we got stomped but Mariota had close to a "perfect" day!
  13. No, it would take much less than that to unseat Taylor... A mid-round rookie isn't unseating a guy who knows the offense and has shown enough the past year. If we target a receiver high it'll be one thing, but just taking a guy when the value presents itself is saying that they have enough confidence in Taywan
  14. That's where I just disagree, we have had enough play action success that for the type of safety help that completely changes the way any defense has ever played Mariota so far would require more than just past the secondary a few times with surprising speed
  15. I just find it funny that you want a super fast guy, who can consistently and reliably make contested catches, be able to run through traffic, be a good enough route runner to keep a CB from turning his hips and sprinting with him, demand safety help or double teams or at the very very least keep a safety honest every play, beat press coverage or simply just be soooooo fast that it's not even an option for a defense to guard him close.... and do all that all season as a rookie where he forces Taywan down the depth chart I'm sure guys like that really do fall to the middle rounds all the time (obviously I am exaggerating but you're rarely going to find a mid-round receiver you're claiming are there all the time be able to do those things consistently and reliably to have the impact that people are claiming).
  16. And when did I do such a thing? I have literally said dozens of times that I want a mid-round receiver (I would prefer we don't go 1st or 2nd but if the talent dictates it I have said I'm on board).... But I sure as fuck don't expect him to come into this season blowing any doors off. I want us to have realistic expectations with drafting and developing said receiver. What I don't want is for us to force our way onto the draft podium with a list of offensive choices and select the name we haven't checked off yet.... And yet, there are plenty of homers here who want exactly that because we still need to find a way to give Mariota more opportunities.
  17. No, I'm insinuating that sticking a mid-round FAST rookie on to stretch the field and tell him to GO, along with run other routes to keep the defense honest, won't have the impact you are claiming, it's as simple as that. (If speed kills so much, why did this really fast guy drop to the mid rounds?)
  18. Just because other guys are going to be on the field doesn't mean the receiver doesn't need to show the ability to physically beat the corner on the line or run multiple routes for when that corner is actually backed off respecting his speed.
  19. It's insane how people are attacking an idea that a mid-round WR won't have a drastic impact his rookie year and he should be drafted and developed with those expectations in mind. I want a goddamn deep threat WR, I just don't think he will unseat Taywan the way that this entire board is expecting any fast schmoe to be able to do.
  20. I get that and I said I want that player too, Until that player actually shows he can run more routes and be an effective receiver in the middle of the field though and/or consistently beat press coverage... I think you are greatly overestimating the impact that a guy who runs deep actually has
  21. @Mythos27Travis Benjamin and Taylor Gabriel are actually the caliber of guys we'd be expecting to get. A combined 3 TDs, a combined like 50 catches and around 17 YPC their rookie year. You're really trying to say that us bringing in a guy who's good for a couple hundred yards and maybe a couple TDs his rookie year is going to be that guy that ups all the stats across the board for Mariota this year simply because a defender has to look his way and make sure he's not running wide open deeper than any secondary? Tyler Lockett was good his rookie year, but I wouldn't bank on that.... It's not like he lit the world up his rookie year either. (he also didn't really contribute in a major way until week 11 either, which actually goes along with pretty much exactly what I said about not being too useful for the first 12 weeks)
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