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  1. For anyone saying they're in the middle ground of this poll... That means you're not done with him. The question for this specifically doesn't fall in some arbitrary middle ground, it's a yes or a no. Yes you're done with him or no you're still holding out hope. End thought process there because the rest is just excessive.
  2. At least we can hang our hat on how much him being team captain means!!
  3. I know statistics have never been favorable to Mariota but it's just embarrassing now that he actually ayed worse than he looked
  4. Any team who can get pressure on the guy for a game in the playoffs, I get that he's amazing come January but there's been countless examples of majority of games where he's been completely neutralized. BB works his magic over the course of 60 minutes but getting pressure while not blitzing the kitchen sink isn't as mythical as people portray if the team has the horses. Who has that front 4 this year that will meet them in January, idk
  5. Yes he did, just not as many with his arm... Focusing on the extremes is dumb anyway when the norm is still pretty bad Mariota's Norm was a helluva lot better than VY but it still was never anything to be a perennial contender, which is the only purpose of a franchise QB VYs ROY year and then like 3 years later he had a couple game stretch around the Arizona game got people hyped because there were enough moments to forget the shit play that actually stained his career
  6. I'm just asking what's your opinion gonna be of his talent if he retires?
  7. Again, doesn't answer anything about what I said about him retiring because he's not an NFL caliber player... For some reason you are so proud of the fact that all these other guys couldn't do anything but what's your view of Mariota gonna be if he doesn't land on a roster after this season? No, of course you'll just try to blame it on the Titans and everyone has been out to get him.... even all the players who are the same level of talent as mariota that can't make a roster.
  8. Who here is completely diminishing what he did in the past? Oman, abc, Bud... guys who even minutes after the game ended said that it wasn't some heroic effort? If you're going to bitch and moan and paint some picture at least use the general consensus people saying "Mariota is not clutch" literally has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with anything prior or trying to rewrite history.... Just as I said, people saying Vinitieri is a shit kicker who should be cut has absolutely nothing to do with trying to make him seem like he's been a practice squad bust his whole career. Honestly, who here was saying that Mariota has "NEVER" been clutch that is getting you so whiney?
  9. That's a long-winded explaination of you saying you just wouldn't give a damn that Mariota isn't an NFL caliber QB and you've just accepted it
  10. So your argument is that Rivers is just an average QB yet he threw for 333, 3 TDs and 121 passer rating against this "stout" indy D? Or are you trying to imply that the Lions have the best defense in the history of the NFL?
  11. This was so much worse and it's not even close, Mariota caused some of the sacks against Baltimore but it's sickening how many options Mariota had all game and simply just refused to do anything with it yesterday. At least Baltimore played exponentially better D against us (not 10 sacks good, but much better D than the Colts)
  12. No, I'm defending people saying mariota is not clutch and a really shitty QB are 100% correct...... it doesn't matter what he used to be Sure, there are people who say that his 4th quarter "heroics" are a joke and completely overblown, that's also true but a few people saying that doesn't mean people are acting like he's NEVER done it... you just seem to pretend like he constantly did for some reason
  13. Same thing still happens for me on my old iPhone. It's usually only the case when stuff like a gif or twitter get put into a post but it happens with every notification of mine.... "xxxxxxx has responded" and i can't actually use the banner that pops up to refresh the screen and see a response
  14. Vinatieri is the best kicker in the history of the NFL but if you were to ask Colts fans what they think of him they would think he's shit and needs to be replaced because he can't make a simple kick and should have made his team start the season 0-2. But hey, those Colts fans acknowledging he's a shitty kicker must take away from everything he's ever done. Get over yourself, Mariota is shitty as fuck for whatever reason you want to acknowledge. Who fucking cares what 4th Qtr comebacks he had a couple years ago.
  15. It's hilarious seeing people trying to say he played within the guidelines of the designed plays as if that's a subtle compliment.... The coaches tried as hard as possible to not make Mariota do anything that requires skill! Of course he stayed in those guidelines
  16. The PI wasn't even close to being overturned if they reviewed it.:: Coaching had a lot worse decisions than not throwing a challenge flag on something he wouldn't have won
  17. What about when Mariota retires and is out of the NFL because he finds out there's not actually a starting QB market for him? You gonna acknowledge that the Titans have been dealt a shit sandwich at QB?
  18. These drops are ridiculous... It's almost like every QB in the history of the NFL has to deal with drops
  19. Besides the ridiculous throw to triple coverage when needing a drive, what was Mariota's longest attempt in terms of air yards today? Coaching wanted nothing to do with pushing the ball even past the sticks
  20. You think he'd even attempt that throw? I'd take Bortles over Mariota 10x over after that game I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the most useless professional QBing in a game I've ever seen. I said earlier and meant it, he did nothing a scared pee wee QB couldn't do
  21. I honestly just think he's a retard, but hey... I guess I'm the dumbass for feeding him
  22. Why do you keep starting threads trying to give an opinion without ever watching the game, seeing very minimal highlights and using your mariota-homer friend as a reference? No one said everyone else played perfect, the consistent problem all 4 qtrs from the first throw to the last was Mariota
  23. If he plays again like he has for the majority of the past 2 games then you have no choice but to start him by game 4... It's not worth tearing the locker room apart for someone who clearly has no future with this team
  24. This was so much worse, maybe not statistically but I honestly can't remember a professional QB just looking this useless as he did today
  25. After rewatching some of those sacks along with having zero good plays this game... I honestly can't remember any game I've ever seen of such horrible QB play from someone who didn't throw like 5 picks in a game