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  1. He probably thinks the Pats will be irrelevant too when BB and Brady retire and then be curious why so many people like what will be a mediocre team
  2. This thread makes no sense and clearly OP doesn't know much about the h Sport besides since Nashville got a team
  3. Of course you are... You can easily structure contracts these days to get out eventually with minimal consequences Even if we franchise him that leaves us with him for 1 year and potentially more but you likely draft a QB very high this year if that's the case, that's simply not happening If you give him a contract and need to dump him eventually, we take a QB high next draft or let the one we draft in the mid rounds develop more. Either way, it's a long process that isn't resolved after one year no matter the contract we give RT It's a no brainer to give him a real contract based on 2/3 of a season of work, franchising him doesn't solve anything long term
  4. Lol at anyone saying Yannehill should be talked about as an MVP... All he is is a QB who is much better than Mariota on a talented team RT has earned his money and a few more years as the starter going into camp but he's nothing special and hasn't done anything amazing besides Quarterback Rating I think
  5. No one's tarnishing shit... If Florida or Alabama were to produce dud after dud it would tarnish something but some dumbass on the internet isn't ruining the hype that Chip Kelly brought years ago It's comical how serious people take college football on an NFL forum
  6. Huh? The point was he went to a shit school but clearly had what it takes to play in the NFL Any dumbass who tries to use school affiliation as anything more than just to show how much of a douche they are is retarded. Where a guy went to college doesn't determine shit in the NFL besides how many chances you get..... Too bad the great players shine and the shitty ones fail no matter most other circumstances
  7. And you think any school that Rodgers went to mattered in the trajectory of his career besides plummeting his draft value?
  8. Agree... Just ranting about dumbasses who think anything about college football matters and why those dumbasses who religiously follow the sport care to think their opinions matter when it comes to the NFL
  9. Who the fuck gives a shit about what college someone went to? No real pro sports fan cares about their college once they prove they can or cannot play at the NFL level Mariota can't play at an NFL level, most powerhouse QBs can't play at an NFL level, McNair could play at an NFL level, Kevin Byard can play at an NFL level.... who the fuck cares what school any of them went to? I'm sure you also think after the 2nd contract any of those guys' draft position matters too in terms of playing time.
  10. Dumbass thought Gabbert was a good QB... move along and don't bother engaging idiots
  11. It's not about Tannehill being a good QB, it's simply about how bad Marcus is that he can ruin the season for 52 other players just by getting a few starts.... He was THAT bad this year
  12. It really is a shame that this team felt the need to ruin a season by forcing MM on everyone from the day last season ended It also is really saying something that only 6 starts from a guy can damn near tank the entire season
  13. Of course they’re good... you do realize I posted this game 7 that they lost last year?
  14. I get that. So why did you whine about people “nitpicking?
  15. So it’s only nitpicking the evening of a game? Tomorrow it’s an educational and valid conversation?
  16. @IsntLifeFunnyyou do realize there was someone saying that he made the right play? Criticizing a guy for not being on top of his situational football and then elaborating to a dumb poster is hardly crossing any line or even remotely being a Debbie downer and not enjoying a victory
  17. Got it. So it’s only nitpicking for fans to talk objectively about Xs and Os and we just need to only view the positives because it was a W thats like saying that fans should only dwell on the negatives in a loss because the outcome is all that matters. Grow up.
  18. Saying someone made a dumb mistake is not nitpicking... Vrabel and the ST coach better teach the “young players” what to do and in circumstances like this BB is the greatest coach of all times because you can be damn sure every player of his knows situational football you really think the coach should just stop “nitpicking” because we got a W?
  19. No. You land on the ball or grab it and go down
  20. Jesus Chris why does anyone engage that dumbass?f
  21. I know. No one is calling Mularkey some good coach that’s anything to write home about the only people who who are inherently wrong are the ones that want to believe mularkey is a bad coach because he was trying to run an archaic offense
  22. I know but what would you have rather done? Your preference was throw a shitty QB out to dry and fuck the team over You are purposely being obtuse and ignoring talent.... If we had Jerome Bettis at RB but wanted a pass happy offense would you be mad we weren't using him like Ladanian Tomlinson? You're just trying to find a reason to still dislike the guy
  23. To you, I guess but my problem the past few years have been this site trying to make Mularkey seem like the bad guy because he held back Mariota and kept him from throwing the ball Now that we know that Mariota sucks, people still hate the dude for doing that for some reason? If you are going to look at Mariota retroactively knowing his talent, you have to do the same for the coaching staffs
  24. I get that, but the scheme was the reason the QB was able to function... The last thing anyone would have wanted who actually knew the talent he had was Mariota slinging the ball left and right. That's like getting mad at a chef for him not serving you steak at a vegan restaurant