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  1. The reason didn't have success as an offense was because the running game wasn't working. Period. You can call it antiquated all you want but no one in like 15 years here has run an offense that highlights the receivers Scratch that, wisenbunt gave no fucks about the running game
  2. "This is Oman's wife and the asshole left no one else in the family any money when he died"
  3. There's no way you actually think moving the ball in today's NFL through the air isnt easier simply because the defense still takes the field? Of course defenders will still be on a receiver None of what I said has anything to do with Mariota whatsoever, saying there's less patience in the NFL these days isn't a jab at Mariota.
  4. There's also a lot less patience though because passing is the easiest it's ever been in the history of the game
  5. Well shit, guess I'll give him 148 for his next 2 drafts!
  6. It truly amazes me how the racists on this board always double down on the stupid shit they say, it really is astonishing how so many people can actually be so idiotic and not just try to make an edgy comment to ruffle some feathers
  7. I’ll give you 1 dollar, you’ll be guaranteed to be able to outbid anyone once FA starts
  8. Of course he is... and there are still 30-ish teams that would be willing to take on his contract
  9. Neither are turning their game around, it’s going to be a game of talent around them and scheme putting them in position to succeed (not the opposite that great QBs are known for)... you can win with that talent level but you’ll never have some sort of dynasty or be a perennial threat
  10. Even for TR standards, you are some other type of special... you do you but so the world a favor and just shut the fuck up from here on out. Thanks!
  11. 2 of 7 fyi.... Either way, the great QBs fail their team and "waste" a season every year they aren't available come January
  12. Of course theyre not getting better, no one thinks either is any long term answer for stability (people believing Mariota is better than Tanne or the opposite isn't any ringing endorsement)
  13. Lol. Complain some more why don’t you.... most people would rather their QB miss an entire season and play many more full seasons than not finish the season out majority of his career, ask any Patriot, Packer or Saint or any other team with a good QB if they would rather throw away 1 full season or not have their QB available 3 of 4 years come January (Tannehill has missed week seventeen 2 of 7 years while Mariota has missed 3 of 4 years) .... if a guy is so talented that his production is irreplaceable it doesn’t matter if you miss 2 games or 15 games, not being available at the end of the season if you are a playoff contender is a wasted season anyway. The only thing both these guys have going for them in the injury topic is that they both are replaceable but tell yourself that you were only joking some more and you might convince yourself
  14. It makes no sense to cut someone and still pay them 20M, may as well trot him out there until he gets injured or completely puts an exclamation in his stint here in hopes that he somehow stays healthy and able to utilize the opportunities of a defense focusing on a hopefully tenacious D. Henry.
  15. No one would do that, even for someone like Favre who wanted to play in Minnesota had to go through ridiculous hoops of ending up in NYJ for a year to follow up with Minnesota. Jaguars would just let him hold out if need be before trading him away to a division rival for cheap (no bidding competition so Titans wouldn't offer much)
  16. And still has less injured seasons
  17. Oh I know it was a joke, just pointing out the sad reality of Tanne missing 16 games one year and still being about the same starts per year
  18. That's still a better chance than any other team being interested in Mariota and his contract
  19. He literally already answered what you're confused about.... Which inconsistent backup is making $20M?
  20. You do realize that Mariota averages only 1 more start a year than Tannehill a season throughout each of their careers? Yet Tannehill missed an entire season one year
  21. I know. That's what I meant, figured that was a given though
  22. We’re still a run first team
  23. He said "was"... His grandma was actually Charley's friend with the Mariota stuffed animal
  24. I agree with you, but you're mistaken if you think it doesn't happen
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