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  1. Corey Davis and Delanie Walker are running out of patience with Marcus Mariota.
  2. Maybe he is pushing for a change from Mariota. Players know when they have a team to compete and to have a QB who you dont believe in kills the morale. Ask Jacksonville about Blake Bortles.
  3. Nah that shit is over with me fam. Mariota will not get paid. He is NOT consistent at all. I don't give a dam if we go to the playoffs. He is not the answer.
  4. Now we're turning into the Brown's fans in a matter of days lol. We lost fair and square.
  5. I've been pushing for Mariota to do better. I've pushed so much that I was tired of [email protected] talk so much shit lol, but I'm officially off Mariota's bandwagon. I'm ready to see some one who's not afraid to throw a fastball or deep ball down the field. Mariota is CLEARLY the weakest link, mostly because he is the head of the team and he is a vicious liability!
  6. I like Mariota, alot but he has no escape ability.
  7. Who is nervous about Mariota having to throw at this juncture of the game? Lol
  8. I dont care what anyone says... Mariota looked more promising under Ken Whisenhunt. Not saying that he was the right coach as far as protecting Marcus, but as far as making him stay in the pocket and just cutting the ball loose...The best version of Marcus was under Whiz... I stand by this.
  9. Do you ever hear Belichick talking about Brady? Or does he tend to keep it team oriented?
  10. I think he is doing a better job of just being a tad bit more patient and yes he is escaping pressure better