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  1. I dont care what anyone says... Mariota looked more promising under Ken Whisenhunt. Not saying that he was the right coach as far as protecting Marcus, but as far as making him stay in the pocket and just cutting the ball loose...The best version of Marcus was under Whiz... I stand by this.
  2. Do you ever hear Belichick talking about Brady? Or does he tend to keep it team oriented?
  3. I think he is doing a better job of just being a tad bit more patient and yes he is escaping pressure better
  4. I’ve been watching Byard for a while... he’s very selfish in some of his actions and some things he say... we’re down.. there’s no need for you to go stand on the star in the first quarter of the game
  5. How the fuck you wanr Corey to do something when he’s the only receiver on the field
  6. Fucking call Dez Bryant or someone... don’t outsmart yourself Jr
  7. This thread was hijacked to hell discussing Derrick Henry.... let it go fellas... you guys went through several pages of arguing while I’m trying to read about the buffalo bills
  8. TITAN THE FUCK UP!!!!! Where are all these negative nancys
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