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Found 7 results

  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7O3VhFyMjn/?igsh=Y3BvamVpbnczZHo3
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2uHEa-MAcg/?igsh=MTVoNTl4eXR4eWFwYQ==
  3. Yes, this is a little bit of trolling but it's also true.
  4. You guys ever hear of that expression--"old man strength" from people back in the day? Well, my schedule and kids getting older has afforded me the ability to spend an hour at the gym from Monday to Friday, for the past 3 months--and I should have this schedule moving forward. Anyway, I got back in the gym a few months ago, and as always--the first couple of weeks was filled with self doubt and absolute frustration. I pushed past it and then noticed some pretty good gains. Kept pushing myself and saw some more gains! I got to a point where I reached new personal bests on a few exercises--including the bench press--a substantial increase from my previous best when I was last serious about working out--when I was 19--before I met my wife. So everything is going great until a little over a month ago--the entire fam gets sick--I get sick last. The good thing was that I was able to nurse everyone back to health. Kiddos got better within a few days. Wife was sick for about 10 days. The bad thing: I was sick for a whopping 14 days--and had to use quite a bit of sick leave. Fast forward to the present--I've been back at work and in the gym the past two weeks. It's like I started the whole damn thing all over again. I lost a bunch of muscle mass, energy levels lower, and I can't lift as much. But the driving force has been the whole "old man strength" motto--been lifting the past two weeks and slowly but surely the strength is coming back. Is there really something to that whole "old man strength" thing in your experience? Before I got sick I was making gains every single week and lifting heavier and heavier every couple of weeks on almost every weighted movement at a rate much faster than when I was a kid. Having said that--after getting sick and getting better--I gained a different perspective on things: I think I'd prefer to stop the heavy lifting and move to calisthenics and also building a better cardio base--work on heart and lung health moving forward. I enjoy being lighter--thanks to the sickness that made me drop 20 pounds. Secondly, I reached and surpassed a lot of lifting goals I had when I was a kid already before I got sick. And 3rd, it might make it more fun to keep setting goals in different areas. Next goal: Muscle Ups! Seen a lot of videos of kids doing crazy pull up bar exercises--and I feel like that's the next thing I want to pursue. There's this dude named Chris Heria who just absolutely kills it. Anyways--please share your experience--would be cool to hear everyone else's thoughts/ideas.
  5. I buy coffee from a local coffee shop where they import, blend and roast their own beans. These guys are artists at what they do. Unfortunately I have a drip coffee maker that doesn't do justice to their work. I'd like to replace it eventually and am interested in what process other members here use to make the perfect brew. How do you make your coffee?
  6. I got a quote today that is much higher than I expected. After various power provider and Trane rebates, the prices were $17.5 and $18.5K for two different Trane 5 ton heat pump systems. While I knew a Trane system would command a high price, I was only expecting $10 to $12K based on a 5 ton installation 11 years ago. Anyone here in the HVAC field or have knowledge about current pricing: How much should a 5 ton heat pump installation cost?
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