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Found 5 results

  1. With a new calendar year leading many people to try fad diets or new exercise, I see many posts of people claiming to have lost 5 pounds, with mainly claiming 6...8+. I think they are being honest but I do not understand how it is possible. I do not understand how it is possible. Most research concludes that a pound of body fat is about 3500 calories. So while other caloric variables might be in play, that would mean someone who lost 5 pounds in a week, which is the low of the many claims I have seen, create a roughly 17,500 caloric deficit during the week. Absent direct exerc
  2. @TitansGuru We used to be able to post links to Instagram posts with videos that would show up in posts the way tweets and YouTube videos do, but they don't show up like that now. Is there a way to re-enable those?
  3. Does the ignore feature work for messages?
  4. Was this man wrong for putting this young lady on the Midnight train to Georgia?
  5. I can't fucking stand masks. They make it hard to breathe, and they really cause my beard hairs to bind up, which is very uncomfortable. Anyone have a beard going more than 4" past their chin (think Kirk Windstein in Down) that can recommend a face covering?
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