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  1. It has everything to do with what you’re talking about. Over double the length of the teams history is pretty much all that matters when it comes to finding an all time historical player for the franchise. as he said, If the ravens go through “their” whole history, he is on neither list
  2. I injured my eye in high school from getting hit in the eye with a lacrosse ball, don't have any central vision in that eye and it was 15 years ago. When you started talking about the eye drops my immediate thought was that all over, I'm pretty sure my pupils were dilated for like 2-3 weeks and yeah, had to see a bunch of doctors for a couple months I remember touring colleges and had to wear sunglasses inside because the eye drops and I just felt like the biggest douche ever that some not even high school senior is walking around campus with douchy aviators on lol
  3. Back when WI was protesting, I saw a bunch of people talking about how WI was the laughing stock of the US because our stay at home orders were even past NYC's.... and it was just ironic as shit that people thought we were a joke that we pushed the date back so far, no we were a joke because the fucking morons with signs of "I want a haircut" being posted around the world
  4. There is absolutely no way 30% of people are as dumb as thor (but yeah, it’s sad how many dumb people there are that believe even dumber shit)
  5. Lol. Spends 4 pages arguing with you about shit when in reality all it would have taken is someone just moving along from some posts they didn’t like
  6. Lol. Just stop your whining and get your head out of your ass. 95% of the shit on this site is posts from retards like yourself and Makaveli and Bud. To act like your shit doesn’t clutter up this board is comical at best, there are very few people on this board who don’t say dumb shit just because they want to see their thoughts written out. Move along and stop completely detailing thread after thread because someone doesn’t like what they say
  7. Gotta love being young and just having stock “gambling” money specifically from my grandma’s will. The money I have put away for for retirement is in Vanguard and I don’t really ever check that besides to deposit more into it.
  8. I would have been up 40.4% compared to the 72% I currently am. Keep in mind, this coincides with pretty much right when the market bottomed out too so that 40.4% seems much higher than it is (I'm up about 20% from before any of this happened)
  9. I’ve been up 72% since I’ve been furloughed the past month in a half.. Not sure what I would be at though if I had just stayed up and not transferred majority of my portfolio into Covid related biotechs
  10. Wisconsin’s new cases went up by 40% from yesterday and that’s a week after the protests. Percentage of positives per new test is at the highest it’s been in the past couple weeks. Almost doubled from a couple days ago. I will be shocked if those numbers just happen to be some daily outlier
  11. What has lafluer ever done with a QB? Get Rodgers to have a great season record-wise?
  12. Hell yeah. I was the lambeau "fan of the game" for being one of those morons Got a game worn playoff helmet against the Giants about 5 years ago!
  13. Packers. Period.... It was a dumb trade, no one was taking a QB and if they didn't get their guy who the fuck cares Still have Rodgers
  14. Just got an update.... getting paid 100% until May 26. This is insane
  15. There was an article a month ago I read on March 18 about that happening, so it’s always been a thing that negative was on the horizon
  16. I finally got around to making some brioche.... before that has typically just been white bread or some sourdough
  17. Imagine if Trump just tweeted that everyone needs to RESIST their goverment, you really think that would be more widely accepted?!?!? At least with the word liberate you can somehow twist it into people believe theyre being held captive or whatever those dumbasses want to believe
  18. it truly is worrisome that MANY people cannot grasp this elementary concept
  19. For real @thor, how old are you? There's no way you're old enough and competent enough to make an educated path for you to at least drift towards
  20. Do you realize how dumb you sound? Any time you mimic that sentiment of "WRONG" or "fake news" you sound like a fucking childish retard
  21. Damn right it's the US virus at this point
  22. Good. In other countries everyone has been doing the exact same shit... you really think the US has a better grasp on this situation?
  23. My parents for the first time the past month admitted how ashamed they are that they voted for him.... none of his rhetoric “convinced” them anything. They just didn’t want to vote for Hilary but I was talking to my mom and she was truly embarrassed at listening to him speak about this i feel bad for the idiots who thought this moron was gonna turn their life around and actually believes in the man compared to those that just voted for him out of fiscal status quo
  24. They’re not though. They’re just retards, of all ages..... the only common denominator is IQ, not demographic
  25. I’ve never even voted for any democrat in a presidential election but this buffoon in office now is the worst thing that’s happened to our country in my lifetime (31 years) and it’s not even close.... any terrorist event, or war, or recession has had nowhere near the catastrophic impact this fucking terrorist as our president has had.... angriest I’ve been in years was today for the shit he’s been doing the past month

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