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  1. Of course they’re picking the colts to be really good. Anyone with half a brain knows they’re far and away the best team in the South if the line plays anything like it did the 2nd half of last year... and it’s not even close
  2. I hope so... Witcher 3 got me into the books but I fell in love with the series at Witcher 2 (easily up there with Zelda as my favorite franchises) theyve also had a lot of high production value duds so I’m trying to temper expectations
  3. Agree, What will return him to that form will be the running game if we see a consistent and forceful Henry.... 2016 Mariota was predicated on Murray being such a threat and having the receivers be a defensive afterthought 2016 Mariota wasn’t killing it because he had an awesome slot weapon in Delanie (obviously helped though) but because he hit the entire field.... I just don’t see us adding a slot weapon as the cog that will open up the rest of the field
  4. Are you referring to the netflix show as the movie?
  5. Yeah, his posts were something along the lines of Henry and the OL played like shit early, the OL played like shit while Henry improved soon after and finally Henry played well while the OL improved and we saw magic happen. Either way you cut it, (damn near) everyone acknowledges Henry turned it around and improved independently of the OL at some point this season. I know you know this, I am just re-iterating that even most Henry "homers" admit he played tougher compared to what we saw early from him.
  6. He was blind enough to not be disappointed by Henry and all the shortcomings were because the OL, coaching or Murray... He just wants everyone to know that he always knew that Henry was the dominant force we saw a few games last year his entire career while everyone was just hating on the guy because he was being held back by other circumstances
  7. There is a massive difference in saying that the guy can only do something in the 4th and will never improve compared to saying that is all he had shown at that point and has been a disappointment for someone his size up until 8 games ago
  8. You mean all those games his career he has proven otherwise? People will eat crow if he can do it for a whole season, not single digit games his entire career
  9. No one has forgotten that, how consistently did we lay the smack down on the QB throughout the game like that though? our pass rush was pretty darn good last year from a statistical standpoint and we never saw anything close to that type of pressure regularly
  10. I don’t like how some of the characters look but I LOVE how it will be a lot about Ciri and her story about Geralt and her finding each other and their relationship compared to Witcher 3 which just has her as a character that moves things along my guess is there will be a lot more human interactions/fights and wars than Geralt being a monster hunter that I’d like because the slogan of “the worst monsters are the ones we create” is about humans
  11. Except it’s based on the books and will be in that timeline, not the game’s.... the author despises the games and didn’t help and collaborate with them because he didn’t like the medium, he has with the show so it will be a lot more to what he envisioned and not the story that CD Projekt Red told
  12. Holy shit... That was a tough read I'd compare it to if a 6th grader did a 5000 word essay on the (exaggerated) war stories his uncle told him
  13. People are so fucking dumb and have no idea how to follow a conversation... I was responding to the joke of it'd be Ramsey deciding between bumfuck FL and Nashville if he hits free agency There's no me being a contrarian pointing out that Nashville isn't the hands down greatest city in the country.... If there is any factor besides his emotional fandom, Titans aren't the easy winners of the Ramsey taking a discount sweepstakes like dumbasses here are trying to believe (not calling you out on it, but to act like my take was being an "anti-homer" shows you have no sense of reality)
  14. If he hits free agency, it's not the Titans vs. Jags... It's Nashville vs. the likes of LA, NYC, Chicago, Vegas, Dallas (I purposely didn't mention cities like Boston who wouldn't be an option)
  15. Yeah, not sure why people always think the Titans ever wore a red jersey before... It was exactly like this, just something to sell and only that
  16. Draft etiquette went out the window when league etiquette did
  17. Nonsense. If he has an amazing year he's only getting franchised.... Because we've seen it's not his norm Sure, him being under contract would be due to 2019 but his whole resume matters a lot on what we do with him
  18. You do realize I was responding on how idiotic that Dalton comment was?
  19. They've gotten eviscerated and mocked for years for it too... There are just as many examples, if not more, of teams trying to find a new guy than just being complacent with a guy because he could be worse.... Chiefs, Cardinals and Dolphins immediately come to mind just in the past few years.
  20. Less than market value (for a young QB) that the team drafted going into his 2nd contract is a lot more indicting than the middle gray area you're trying to portray and you know it If both sides agree he deserves to be paid less than all the other guys that's usually how both sides feel about the talent... At that point, why commit even more time into him?
  21. Sorry, "mauled" He'd adapt and play tougher, if you think that he gets mauled enough to send him flying like he does then you are crazy... He plays into the refs plenty, not all the time obviously but he wants to make sure everyone knows that people defend him tougher than others because his size
  22. Lol at Lebron would get dominated, he’d adapt.... if soccer players weren’t allowed to flop then they just wouldn’t. It’s not like they’re less talented because they play into the refs game
  23. OF is gonna be hilarious this season in defending the guy he’s shat on the past few years
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