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  1. The only person on that list you alter your draft strategy is Byard, everyone else on that list warrants just being fluid and making sure you get a damn good player (I am not arguing against taking a guy at 19 if the talent is there, I'm arguing against the Titans already knowing they are taking a guard round 1)
  2. Having the 1st overall pick, or whatever we had, and holes at damn near every position makes a massive difference... I'll be pissed if JRob leaves roster spots empty (like he did with Conklin and Davis) every year when we pick in the late teens just because he will force the position every draft
  3. I get that, which is literally the only thing that I responded to in the first place.... drafting a guy with pick #19 for the reason of you can't find a guy high in next years draft is as idiotic as it gets The talent at 19 being worth it is a completely different story and why I am fine with the pick if that's their logic, not worrying about the depth of next years draft when the position can be fixed much easier than a lot of other positions We're in agreeance though, I was just commenting on what I perceived we had our differences. Nothing really worth debating tbh
  4. @ctm, as I have said in a different post.... drafting solely for an "immediate starter" is as dumb as you can get and with us being at 19 with limited trade resources, I'd be embarrassed if JRob is going into this draft with another Jack Conklin situation where he has to get a linemen no matter what (I liked the pick but he also had the resources the ensure he got his guy no matter what)
  5. For sure, I just took your message as we need a young guy on the IOL no matter what by referencing next years draft too. I'm just used to too many people talking in black and white on this site.... There are many ways to acquire an adequate C/G without having to use a 1st round pick. It'd be dumb as shit to lock yourself into taking with one of our top picks this year (or next) for the sake of simply taking a guy.
  6. While I agree that IOL or DL will be the pick but IOL is a pretty damn easy position to find players in free agency (i get not wanting to spend that much cap on the line though)... I'd be pissed if we use #19 for the sole reason of saving money and feeling you need a guy on his rookie contract This part that I quoted is my disagreement but just because the messaging/vibes I get from your wording
  7. BUT LAST YEAR WE DECIDED THAT WE ARE STILL UNSURE ENOUGH ABOUT MARIOTA to "see what he has".... the 2019 draft has already been decided Don't you know anything!!!!
  8. @bizzyeddieI really don't know what to tell you if you think that extending Mariota long-term or releasing him were reasonable options.... NO SHIT, you're going to give the guy a 5th year option (even though you decide that after 3 years) I really don't know what to tell you if you just discount the past 365 days that this staff has seen from Mariota and are still all-in on Mariota and will just bend over and sacrifice a potential franchise QB (especially if they REALLY like the guy).... to continuing the notion of the only thing that matters is to "see what he's got"
  9. You’re right. Nothing has changed in Mariota in the past 365 days 5th year option is a no brainer, picking a guy you think is a cornerstone of the franchise a year “early” is also a no-brainer stop being obtuse
  10. If they like Lock enough it doesn’t matter, any owner would gladly eat a contract to get a franchise QB they likely don’t like him THAT much or else they’d trade up for the guy but them having enough optimism in Mariota to be interested in him for only 1 extra year about 365 days ago means nothing.
  11. No one gives a fuck about Mariotas 5th year option they decided to take last year (and didn’t really have any reasonable option not to do it) LOL at using a contract decision we made April 24, 2018 as the reason this team is dead set on Mariota currently believing he’s our future and can’t pursue another guy
  12. Anything but CB or OT.... everything else is on the table
  13. If they like him that much I’m all for anything, the notion that we can’t take a QB until next year is as retarded as you can get.... Rodgers was never an option for us because we went the route of only looking at QBs until we really are that desperate waiting until a strong QB class is a bullshit excuse, we won’t be picking high enough for a bonafide prospect anyway and if the prospects are so good, people won’t be trading out or trading too far back where we will likely be picking.... they’d sill get a haul to drop 2-3 spots
  14. Oh I know. I wasn’t saying it was a bad call in terms of rule book, just that it was a massive obviously game changing obnoxiously severe penalty for what actually happened
  15. I’d be sooooooo pissed, that was a hefty call for what actually happened
  16. Gotta have one hidden from the wife when you’re on timeout? (If only I knew how to do the CMJ emoji on my phone)
  17. Eh that’s a stretch for the term “Star”.... there are a lot more stars in the league than guys who can take their team to the finals guys like Westbrook, PG, Kyrie and possibly Anthony Davis even are stars but those guys aren’t taking over game after game to get their team to the finals I don’t think those guys previously talked about are in that tier, but someone just being a star (basically a cornerstone of a team) doesn’t mean they can elevate their team through multiple playoff series
  18. I was just pointing out that your example wasn't "slightly". It was noticeably worse As I said, for all intents andb purposes you want to take the position of need as long as they are graded pretty similarly aka a tie-breaker generally speaking (.2 is the difference between Myles Garrett and Rueben Foster as a prospect FYI.... One was too good to pass up and take a QB, and the other wasnt)
  19. So as a tie breaker... you clearly defined them as being different and to take the one literally graded lowe. 2 totally different things, if you meant to say 2 guys that are graded the the same for all intents and purposes you would take the guy at a position of need of course. But don't become whiny when people call you out for following your train of thought as it was written out and saying it'd poor GM'ing (which everyone would unanimously agree)
  20. And yet you still wanted to lay blame on the line for at least the first 6 games of the season... I never said QB was the issue, but it wasnt remotely pass blocking either
  21. You don't need 50 TDs to be a top rated offense, Mahommes stepping back is still more than most teams hope for They'll be fine, just not historically good
  22. So you think one bad game = the 6 that "refused to block for him" Saying that the OL was hurting Mariota is not a winning argument for you. Give it a rest.
  23. @8MM You must not believe in PFF because here are the rankings... We are #4 OL the first half of the season https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-2018-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-teams-units-after-week-9 We were consistently in the top 10 from what I could tell and by all accounts, it sure wasn't based on the run-blocking
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