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Found 19 results

  1. Would you do the following trade? Dak Prescott and Saquon Barkley (currently on my roster) for Patrick Mahomes, Nick Chubb, and one of either Rob Gronkowski/Emmanuel Sanders/Christian Kirk? Just worried about Chubb losing touches. what do you all think?
  2. Who's getting the better end of this trade? Kyler Murray, Amari Cooper, and a 1st round pick For Russell Wilson and Tyler Boyd
  3. Alright I know the answer to this question but I need some motivation. I’ve been having a rough year in this league so I’m questioning almost every move I make. .5 PPR Trade Boyd and Lindsay for Godwin??? @abenjami @NashvilleNinja @Bink i can’t remember who else usually jumps on the fantasy board.
  4. Need some advice on who to start this week in my dynasty league. RB: Sony Michel vs. Nyheim Hines Flex/OW: Jamison Crowder vs. Paris Campbell vs. Allen Lazard vs. Jonnu Smith vs. Scotty Miller We have a huge league thus why the depth is thin at some spots.
  5. I'm currently rostering Engram and Schultz. Both Cook (bye this week) and Goedert (comes off IR next week) are available. Which 2 would you roll with for the rest of this season and how do you rank these 4 guys? It's a no-PPR league. It's an interesting situation IMO... Engram: He's on the field almost 90% of the time. He gets lots of targets. But no real production thus far this season. He's puzzling. Schultz: Also on the field almost 90% of the time. He looked pretty good for a couple weeks before Dak got hurt but there's no history of production here, especially with Dalton. Cook: He's the highest ranked fantasy TE of this group by every website I've seen, despite being on the field only 45% of the time. He also gets the least amount of targets but is productive when he gets them. Goedert: Another guy who is on the field almost 90% of the time and gets a good amount of targets.
  6. I've been offered Mark Andrews for Kareem Hunt and one of my TE's. We start 2 RB's. I have Zeke, Sanders, Mostert and Hunt. So Hunt is pretty expendable. My current TE's are Goedert, Engram and Schultz. Obviously Andrews is an upgrade at TE but is losing Hunt as depth worth it this early in the season?
  7. Welcome to the 2019 season! This year will be our 9th season! Congrats to last years winner @9 Nines enjoy your time on the throne.... it won’t last long. Go ahead follow this thread so you get notified when someone posts that way you can stay up to date. Please log in on the NFL.com site in advance of the draft date to make sure you don't have any problems getting into the league. If anyone wants out of the league now is the time to let me know so we can get the team taken over. last season we had a few owners that weren't as active as we need to keep things competitive! If you would would like to propose any rule changes(IE....keepers or switching to ppr) now is the time to do so.  2019 Draft Date/Format Just like every year, the Draft is the Friday after the last preseason game. This year that day is Friday August 30th at 9pm est. (open for time change if there are a lot of people who can't make that time) Just like every year we will be doing a Live Online draft with the Snake format (1-12, 12-1). Unlike in the past where we have done the draft just like the NFL does (worst team from previous season gets first pick). This year we will do a random order. A lot of people expressed their desire for this change since it’s not a keeper league so we are trying it out this year.   2018 Final standings Since the order will be randomized I’ll post the 2018 standings instead of the draft order so we can all se how bad we did last year and I can tag everyone in the league. 1. @9 Nines 2. @NashvilleNinja 3. @heyitsmeallen 4. @notsolegato 5. @Dmeade- 6. @CaliTitan3518 7. @PuckDaddy 8. @CMJ 9. @titanruss 10. @Vintagerobots 11. @TitansGuru 12. @VanCityTitan I’m looking forward to a fun year full of shit talk! 
  8. @heyitsmeallen, you're up. Also, you've been up on Flea for 16 hours.
  9. 2020 Season Per Jamal, we'll be playing on a different platform from Yahoo this year and potentially from now on. The two options I saw that would be the best fit would be either Fleaflicker, which not everyone likes for whatever reason, or the Sleeper.app platform. I went with Sleeper.app. It's got a nice modern streamlined design with more features and provides pretty decent granular control over league settings for the league commissioners, far more than ESPN/Yahoo/etc. And once it's set up I think it's a lot less hands-on. An overview of the platform can be watched below in the video. Downloadable App You can manage your team on their website, but I assume most will probably want to use their app. Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sleeperbot Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sleeper-play-together/id987367543 You can create your account with either email or ph #. TR Dynasty League URL: https://sleeper.app/leagues/594449651709566976 EDIT: Go to THIS link: https://sleeper.app/i/0zDq0GqezKnQ Rosters & draft I have the rosters set up from how they were left last year on Yahoo. I just need everyone to create an account and join the league so their team can be assigned to them and so that the draft order and any other settings regarding the draft can be set. Trades Draft picks that were included in trades last year have been added to the appropriate teams so you should have them once you've been assigned to your team. If not we will fix it before the draft. FYI - Players, draft picks, and FAAB can all be traded between two or more teams. League rules & scoring I've set everything up the same as it is in Yahoo. If you notice anything different or have questions about anything else league-related speak up. Why is this retard the one in charge of setting things up? Is this Ninja's league now? @Jamalisms asked me in the other thread to set this up for this year so that's what I'm doing. As far as I know I am not taking over the league. The league's been going for a while now so it'd be good if we can keep it going because even if it winds up being in 2021 football will eventually get going again. And there are a pile of 2020 rookies to sort out. I brought up using Sleeper last year (and Fleaflicker a year or two before that) because it seemed to me to be a trip to the dentist getting this league up and running through Yahoo's platform every year. And this year has been an extra pain in the ass due to... whatever. I'll keep commish powers to help out for as long as they need/want me to, but as far as I'm concerned and until I'm told otherwise this is still @Cyrus's league with Jamal as commish. ============== ============== ============== ============== ============== ============== @abenjami @wiscotitansfan @Bink @TitansGuru @oldschool @notsolegato @Cornrow Wallace @TitanJoe @9 Nines
  10. Here's one I got today. Guy offered me Edelman or Fuller for Jonathan Taylor. If that wasn't laughable enough on its own, my WR's are Woods, Allen Robinson, and Chark.
  11. PPR QB - Mahomes WR - Adams WR - Diggs RB - Bell RB - Akers TE - Hooper SUPER FLEX - Wentz K - Bailey DST - TITAN THE FUCK UP Bench: QB - Tannehill WR - Preston Williams RB - Fournette, Gibson, Zach Moss TE - Fant
  12. 12 team, ppr, 6 keepers QB - Brees, Tannehill, Mayfield RB - Hunt, Montgomery, Singletary, Penny WR - Golladay, McLaurin, Davis, Hardman TE - Waller I'm thinking of keeping one of the QBs, Hunt, Golladay, McLaurin, Waller, and either Montgomery or Singletary. @Bink
  13. 10 team keeper league with 16 players per team (18 if you include IR - covid rules) I've got a solid team... weak at fulltime RB starters with Henry being my only one. That said, D Evans is the only RB I can get from FA as a handcuff for any of my RBs. Should I wait? If not, who should I dump to get him?
  14. This is strictly a bench/taxi squad stash as I'm set at starter and backup. League is moving to dynasty format and is almost completely there. I'm just at a loss for who to take here. Love supposedly had his issues this year but he had a new coaching staff and he may not have had the best talent. Hurts is seen as a running option QB, but supposedly he improved at Oklahoma as a passer. With the Packers they may hope Love starts soon and the Eagles may hope Hurts doesn't have to for a while. Idk... I really have no dog in the fight, but I'd like to take one or the other as a prospect. Just don't know which one.
  15. 2019 Draft (Updated 5/2/2018) Standard order Exceptions: Oldschool owns 9's 1st and 3rd round picks Oldschool owns Jamal's 2nd round pick Round 1: notsolegato - RB Josh Jacobs Bink - WR AJ Brown Cornrow - RB Miles Sanders Cyrus - TE TJ Hockenson Guru - RB David Montgomery Nashville Ninja - QB Kyler Murray Oldschool - RB Darrell Henderson TitanJoe - TE Noah Fant Guru (from Abenjami) - WR N'Keal Harry Jamal - WR Parris Campbell Wiscotitansfan - WR DK Metcalf Oldschool (from Nine 9s) - TE Irv Smith Round 2: notsolegato - WR Hakeem Butler Bink - RB Devin Singletary Cornrow Wallace - WR Andy Isabella Cyrus - WR Mecole Hardman Abenjami (from Guru) - RB Justice Hill NashvilleNinja - WR Diontae Johnson Oldschool - QB Dwayne Haskins TitanJoe - RB Darwin Thompson Guru (from Abenjami) - WR Deebo Samuel Jamal (from Oldschool from Jamal) - WR Marquise Brown Wiscotitansfan - RB Benny Snell Jr Bink (from Nine 9s) - RB Damian Harris Round 3: notsolegato - RB Bryce Love Bink - WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside Cornrow Wallace - TE Josh Oliver Cyrus - RB Alex Mattison Guru - QB Drew Lock Nashville Ninja - TE Jace Sternberger Oldschool - TE Caleb Wilson TitanJoe - WR Riley Ridley Nashville Nina (from Abenjami) - WR Terry McLaurin Jamal - QB Daniel Jones Wiscotitansfan - RB Ryquell Armstead Oldschool (from Nine 9s) 2019 trades: 1. @abenjami sends Guru: 2019 1st (current selection) 2019 2nd Guru send Abenjami: 2020 1st 2019 2nd $100 waiver dollars 2. Bink sends 9nines: Tevin Coleman and OJ Howard 9nines sends Bink: 2020 1st round pick 2019 (this year) 2nd round pick 2020 3rd round pick and Trey Burton 3. NN sends 9's his 2020 1st round pick 9's sends NN Kareem Hunt 4. Jamal sends Oldschool his 2020 2nd rd pick Old-school sends Jamal his own original 2nd round pick back. 5. Bink sends Oldschool Kirk Cousins Oldschool sends Book his 2020 3rd round pick
  16. If you had to drop one which one would it be?
  17. Interested to hear some opinions on a trade I am considering proposing in one of my leagues. We start 2 RB, 3 WR and a Flex (RB/WR/TE). So you can start 3 RB or 4 WR. I've got Zeke, Mixon and Carson at RB. Obviously very solid. But I'm weak at WR. I've got Cooper, Allison, and Tate (when he returns). I don't like having RB and WR on the same offense (Zeke/Cooper). Should I offer Zeke and Tate for Gurley and Ridley?
  18. One spot is open to join this free Fantasy League, which I am the commish of, and it has been running for 12 years. I am looking for someone who has GOOD attitude, not a shit attitude. @9 Nines joined last season, and he did a great job managing his team. (I can't understand why I can't tag you 9 Nines) Anyways. Anyone interested, PM me and join the fun. It's a highly competitive League, just for your information. I am looking for a dedicated manager also.
  19. When posting your thread, please include the following information: # of teams ppr status scoring irregularities (for example, QB tds are worth 6) I'm in a 12 team, half ppr league with regular scoring QB: Mahomes WR: Julio Jones/Jamison Crowder/Keke Coutee/Golden Tate WR: Michael Thomas RB: Derrick Henry/Derrius Guice/Jordan Howard/LeSean McCoy RB: Miles Sanders TE: Jared Cook/Delanie Walker Flex: DeDe Westbrook K: Michael Badgely Defense: Seatle I feel pretty good about my team. I need one of Guice and Sanders to hit and Henry to be solid and consistent. I feel like Walker is actually going to be my better TE option, but I really like Cook's upside--this is the best offense he's been in.

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