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Found 15 results

  1. Welcome to the 2019 season! This year will be our 9th season! Congrats to last years winner @9 Nines enjoy your time on the throne.... it won’t last long. Go ahead follow this thread so you get notified when someone posts that way you can stay up to date. Please log in on the NFL.com site in advance of the draft date to make sure you don't have any problems getting into the league. If anyone wants out of the league now is the time to let me know so we can get the team taken over. last season we had a few owners that weren't as active as we need to keep things competitive! If you would would like to propose any rule changes(IE....keepers or switching to ppr) now is the time to do so.  2019 Draft Date/Format Just like every year, the Draft is the Friday after the last preseason game. This year that day is Friday August 30th at 9pm est. (open for time change if there are a lot of people who can't make that time) Just like every year we will be doing a Live Online draft with the Snake format (1-12, 12-1). Unlike in the past where we have done the draft just like the NFL does (worst team from previous season gets first pick). This year we will do a random order. A lot of people expressed their desire for this change since it’s not a keeper league so we are trying it out this year.   2018 Final standings Since the order will be randomized I’ll post the 2018 standings instead of the draft order so we can all se how bad we did last year and I can tag everyone in the league. 1. @9 Nines 2. @NashvilleNinja 3. @heyitsmeallen 4. @notsolegato 5. @Dmeade- 6. @CaliTitan3518 7. @PuckDaddy 8. @CMJ 9. @titanruss 10. @Vintagerobots 11. @TitansGuru 12. @VanCityTitan I’m looking forward to a fun year full of shit talk! 
  2. Long time FF player. I’m in a 10 team redraft from another board, and I’m looking to get into another league. I’ve been doing FF since 2002. If anyone has an opening, please consider me. Thanks!
  3. 2019 Draft (Updated 5/2/2018) Standard order Exceptions: Oldschool owns 9's 1st and 3rd round picks Oldschool owns Jamal's 2nd round pick Round 1: notsolegato - RB Josh Jacobs Bink - WR AJ Brown Cornrow - RB Miles Sanders Cyrus - TE TJ Hockenson Guru - RB David Montgomery Nashville Ninja - QB Kyler Murray Oldschool - RB Darrell Henderson TitanJoe - TE Noah Fant Guru (from Abenjami) - WR N'Keal Harry Jamal - WR Parris Campbell Wiscotitansfan - WR DK Metcalf Oldschool (from Nine 9s) - TE Irv Smith Round 2: notsolegato - WR Hakeem Butler Bink - RB Devin Singletary Cornrow Wallace - WR Andy Isabella Cyrus - WR Mecole Hardman Abenjami (from Guru) - RB Justice Hill NashvilleNinja - WR Diontae Johnson Oldschool - QB Dwayne Haskins TitanJoe - RB Darwin Thompson Guru (from Abenjami) - WR Deebo Samuel Jamal (from Oldschool from Jamal) - WR Marquise Brown Wiscotitansfan - RB Benny Snell Jr Bink (from Nine 9s) - RB Damian Harris Round 3: notsolegato - RB Bryce Love Bink - WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside Cornrow Wallace - TE Josh Oliver Cyrus - RB Alex Mattison Guru - QB Drew Lock Nashville Ninja - TE Jace Sternberger Oldschool - TE Caleb Wilson TitanJoe - WR Riley Ridley Nashville Nina (from Abenjami) - WR Terry McLaurin Jamal - QB Daniel Jones Wiscotitansfan - RB Ryquell Armstead Oldschool (from Nine 9s) 2019 trades: 1. @abenjami sends Guru: 2019 1st (current selection) 2019 2nd Guru send Abenjami: 2020 1st 2019 2nd $100 waiver dollars 2. Bink sends 9nines: Tevin Coleman and OJ Howard 9nines sends Bink: 2020 1st round pick 2019 (this year) 2nd round pick 2020 3rd round pick and Trey Burton 3. NN sends 9's his 2020 1st round pick 9's sends NN Kareem Hunt 4. Jamal sends Oldschool his 2020 2nd rd pick Old-school sends Jamal his own original 2nd round pick back.
  4. I'm in a league where we start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex (QB/RB/WR/TE). So basically it's a 2 QB league. I drew the #4 pick. I think it's safe to assume Barkley and McCaffrey will be off the board top 3. I'm probably looking at Kamara, Zeke or perhaps I go Mahomes. What do you think?
  5. Is Williams worth giving up Freeman? Freeman had the 50 yard run last night, but his other two carries on the night went for a combined -1 yards. And he's also got Philip Lindsey to contend with for carries. On the other hand, other than at the end of the season last year, Damien Williams has never looked like he was worth half a cat turd. He never rushed for more than 181 yards in four years in Miami. On the other hand, he was somewhat active in the passing game. And he plays in a high volume offense, so... Am I right to go ahead and pull the trigger and accept the trade?
  6. One spot is open to join this free Fantasy League, which I am the commish of, and it has been running for 12 years. I am looking for someone who has GOOD attitude, not a shit attitude. @9 Nines joined last season, and he did a great job managing his team. (I can't understand why I can't tag you 9 Nines) Anyways. Anyone interested, PM me and join the fun. It's a highly competitive League, just for your information. I am looking for a dedicated manager also.
  7. That's what someone has offered me. Would you do this trade? It's a 12 team league that has been a keeper league but is in the process of converting to a dynasty league. We moved from 8 keepers to 12 before the draft. I'm already pretty much set at QB with Patrick Mahomes, but Trubisky is a nice stable backup. I also have Ben Roethlisberger, so right now I'm QB poor. But how long Big Ben stays playing at a high level remains to be seen. The guy is a walking medical cross, after all, and has been flirting with retirement recently. My RB, after the draft, are: Derrick Henry Marlon Mack Miles Sanders Rashaad Penny So, there's potential there, but it's largely unproven. And Derrius Guice is as unproven as any of them, maybe even more so given the ACL last year. So I'm straining to see how I'm improving my peace of mind with this trade, other than the 3rd round pick. Guice may wind up being a stud, but he may just as likely wind up a bust. Guice has supposedly looked pretty good in camp, but he looked good last year too before the injury so idk.
  8. In popularity one could argue fantasy football is real and real football is fake.
  9. Well since my first attempt at this was locked for some reason, can we pin this new thread in honor of all (past and future) league champions? 2014 - @CMJ 2015 - @wiscotitansfan 2016 - @abenjami 2017 - @TitansGuru 2018 - @9 Nines
  10. I'm in a 14 team keeper league. I'm trying to choose my keeper. I have narrowed it down to two players. If I keep Mahommes it will cost me my pick in the 4th round. If I keep James Connor it will cost me my pick in the 14th round. I also have the second pick in the draft. I keep going back and forth on this one.
  11. I thought I would share some tips: Pick players who will outperform the draft pick you made to get them.
  12. Since the top post is locked, you could use a new one to replace it. I can edit this post if you want to use it.
  13. Since @9 Nines is such a whiney impatient bitch, we may as well get the draft 3 years from now started
  14. As long as Ben is there and they find an adequate replacement when he is gone, Juju will be a perennial top 10 WR. Fantasy wise or/and just in general. Also think with Brown gone he now has the potential as a top 5 WR although I dont expect that with the current talent out there. The reason I say this is because I remember ppl arguing in defense of Davis that the only or main reason Juju is good is because he had Brown opposite him. I wanted to put this in the main football forum but figured ppl would cry about it so I put it here and made it about fantasy. That obviously will no longer be the case. Bell is no longer there. Conner is decent but no Bell. Their current next WRs in line are James Washington and Switzer. Juju is obviously the guy defenses are going to want to key on. He will still be great. He will still be better than Davis. Where would you guys rank Juju in terms of fantasy going into next year and who is your top 10? I have him as my 10th overall. 1. Hopkins 2. Hill 3. Thomas 4. Brown 5. Beckham 6. Adams 7. Thielen 8. Jones 9. Evans 10. Schuster If Hill becomes suspended, obviously this would impact my rankings and more than likely boost Schuster into 9th.
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