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  1. https://www.wsmv.com/news/mayor-seeks-to-ban-scooters-in-nashville/article_c8e27bc6-7d9a-11e9-a4cd-8b2e11a80b09.html
  2. So... who do you consider the best on instruments? Neil Peart on the drums? Flea on the bass, Steve Vai, Steve Morris, Joe Satriani on Guitar. Buddy Rich is the GOAT on the drums. Nobody lately can approach them. Who do you think is the best?
  3. That movie inspired Raiden from Mortal Kombat. Another favorite of mine as a kid.
  4. I loved this movie as a kid. My cousin and I probably watched it a dozen times when it came out. Nowhere near as fast or realistic as the clips posted above, but it brings back memories. It’s cheesy and the acting is pretty bad, but I was 12 and thought it was really cool. LOL.
  5. I was browsing Guitar videos a while back and came across this; say’s she was 15 at the time in the description, so she’d be 20 now. She’s pretty good.
  6. I have this feeling tgo wants us to sign Lee Smith...
  7. I dated one like that. I hated going anywhere with her. Bitched about EVERYTHING.
  8. Do you want to live in Nashville or one of the bordering suburbs? I live in Sumner county and the housing here is cheaper than Davidson. Bout a 30 minute drive to downtown Nashville.
  9. The only reason a WR doesn’t get routes: Very talented in HS and College. Used his physical abilities. Never actually wanted to learn. The system they were in. That’s it. A talented individual with speed and or catch radius with hands? They're in the NFL and successful.
  10. He’s got speed. He doesn’t completely understand routes.
  11. Bet Metcalf wishes Al Davis was still alive
  12. If they let Rishard go... Sharpe is toast.
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