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  1. That’s like LSU filming Austin Peay.
  2. They have one threat and we can’t stop him
  3. “Titans running back Derrick Henry showed no signs of physical limitations while running for 159 yards and two touchdowns in last weekend’s win over the Jaguars, but he was listed as a limited participant in Wednesday’s practice due to a hamstring issue.” https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/11/28/titans-walking-fine-line-of-limiting-derrick-henry-while-getting-him-ready-for-sunday/ Hopefully, it’s nothing.
  4. What’s he doing at 1:11, when Vrabel asked if he was good to go? Looked like he was looking for something on the ground. Lol.
  5. LMAO at Glennon asking a stupid question.
  6. SF is bitch-slapping the Packers right now.