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  1. Why would players sacrifice a season along with $$$ for a potential better draft pick. If I’m a player, I don’t give a shift about some college players.
  2. Reading a lot of Raiders fans take on Mariota is hilarious. Many of them believe he’s really good and was simply misused in Tennessee. They keep referencing the Chiefs playoff game as evidence. I really hope he gets to start a few games for them.
  3. Some reactions to this tweet are just dumb. Saying that he probably wasn’t in the mood to call anyone due to the death of a person he’s close to. All it takes is a phone call or even a text. His agent could have delivered the message for him. There’s something else going on here.
  4. If teams can get what the Jets did, I doubt many will care. I would have made that trade had he been perfectly happy.
  5. I’m not sure what the thought process is here. I understand these guys are competitive and that includes contracts, but Dak isn’t in Mahomes league. He’s not even close.
  6. I agree. One of the ugliest in the league.
  7. So he’s going to pay 3.1 million for a house to come in and compete with Joseph for the job?
  8. I agree. If they are both into an open marriage then fuck who you want. Although, I don’t really get the point. Both children are grown, both are financially stable. Separate and go wild. Or don’t. 🤷‍♂️ Whatever...
  9. Rumors have been going around for years that they were swingers and in an open marriage. Some 27 year old singer said he and Jada had an affair with Will’s permission. Jada denied it at first but then admitted to it with Will there pretty much not giving a shit. A bunch of Hollywood nonsense. I’m not sure why they think anyone really gives a damn about their private life. Apparently, some people do though. Also, both of their kids are weird as fuck.
  10. I agree. Royce found that out when he fought Matt Hughes. Although, I don’t believe he should have fought at that point. That being said, I doubt there would have been a different outcome in his prime. The sport has evolved so much since its inception.
  11. I’d still take a prime Rickson in an MMA fight. Just my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. I do. I remember back when Royce was dominating and people kept saying he had an older brother (Rickson) much better than he was.

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