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  1. Sorry to hear that Stan. Good luck to you and never give up. You got this!
  2. Daniel Day-Lewis is an awesome actor. Gangs of New York, The Last of the Mohicans (great movie).
  3. The best bike path I’ve ridden is in Southwest Virginia. The Creeper Trail. When I lived out there, I loved riding that trail.
  4. I also don’t consider Thunderheart a Western…
  5. No Country for Old Men is there with There Will be Blood. Great movies, but not a Western so to speak.
  6. Hell on Wheels and Dead Wood are good Western TV series. Lonesome Dove was probably one of the best Western mini-series IMO. No Country for old Men… I don’t really consider that a Western. It plays out in the west, but just because characters wear cowboy hats, doesn’t make it a Western. It dealt with the cartel and a hit man. Hell, you could try to put SOA under that category. Silverado, and Young Guns we’re entertaining, but not what I would consider great Western movies.
  7. Welp… I’m going outside and enjoying the rest of this Sunday. Hopefully the Titans can somewhat fix their issues before next week.
  8. Was there really a need for you to run your mouth?
  9. I hope JRob gets roundhouse kicked in the throat for not signing a good kicker…
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