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  1. OzTitan

    Your Trip Has Been Cancelled

    Lol at the photoshop using Time. It was an obvious and deliberate photoshop on Time's cover that sent you guys into a fit.
  2. OzTitan

    have i been pwned?

    https://haveibeenpwned.com/Privacy Can't say I've had spam as a result. Is spam even a problem anymore? gmail handles it well for me *shrug*. Haven't thought about spam for years.
  3. OzTitan

    have i been pwned?

    If it comes back as being part of a breach then yes. It could be someone's real address, or it could have been used as a fake address to bypass a signin page or something - not every service requires you to verify your email. For example "[email protected]" is in 198 breaches.
  4. OzTitan

    have i been pwned?

    No, it means that address was found in a breach. If you search for "[email protected]" you'll see it says no breach, so it isn't just saying everything is found. Like I said, this is a well known resource and is based on valid data. It has become a bit more commercialized with links to 1password (which he earns commission on if sold) but Troy runs this on his own volition as a free service, and it has exploded in popularity in recent times so isn't cost-free to run.
  5. OzTitan

    Jim Acosta village idiot...

    If you have to keep pointing it out....
  6. OzTitan

    have i been pwned?

    This website is run by Troy Hunt - a very well known name in the tech security industry. It's trustworthy and highly regarded. If you put your email in, it should tell you the exact breaches it was detected in, and spell out if it involved passwords, sometimes as specific as clear text or poorly hashed passwords (meaning the password is known). Any breach that uses bcrypt or basically just not clear/MD5/SHA passwords means your password is probably only known if it is a simple password, but it's still worth considering it to be known and to change it. FWIW when you use the password search feature, you're not actually sending your password to them. What's happening is your clear text password is turned into a hash in your browser, and it sends the first 5 characters of this hash to their server, which returns a list of all known passwords that also have the same first 5 characters in their hash. Your browser then compares this list to your hashed password and reports if your full hashed password was found. So as far as the network and their server is concerned, it sees the first 5 characters of a 40 character password hash, which is useless to them and effectively keeps it private.
  7. You probably already knew but for those following along the convo...
  8. OzTitan

    Schefter: Packers to Hire LaFleur

    The last Titans OC is inexplicably now a head coach. I don't think the angle of noone wanting to OC at the Titans due to career limiting potential is a real concern.
  9. OzTitan

    Delanie Walker's replacement

    I really like his game. Is he a 1st rounder? I.e. in play at 19
  10. OzTitan

    Alabama T/G Jonah Williams

    I think I'm just suffering from Warmack flashbacks.
  11. OzTitan

    Alabama T/G Jonah Williams

    Just say no to Alabama offensive linemen.
  12. OzTitan

    Racism made rural white people do a 180 on Russia

    No it's not? the OP is clearly quoted as a comment to a news piece. It's just an opinion.