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  1. Call me crazy but I don't mind this sort of performance too much. The 1st INT was horrifying but he actually made a lot of good throws in this game, and obviously should have had the 2nd TD pass. One INT was pretty unlucky, potentially a bit of defensive PI but if not, unlucky at least. Three bad INTs but a decent amount of quality throws and net positive pass plays, with a high YPA and decent completion %. I feel this is a game a quality vet can have, maybe with one more TD or so and even if it is 4 INTS, maybe not quite as poorly timed INTs and in such bad spots for a good INT return by the defender, and still have the game within reach late. If his bad games were like this (high yardage game where he doesn't look lost on most plays, and the plays he did look lost are very costly) I feel that is workable and over time can be ironed out so the few bad plays are not so costly, but lately his bad games just make him look inept, and it's not the direction you want to go in your QB career.
  2. Lions looks like they lost their starting C too.
  3. You've seen it in this very thread - "look at him playing all the leftists!". That's all they care about.
  4. Mario had some good years at his second stop (Bills).
  5. What do you think the tariffs have done to "global economic conditions"? Helped them?
  6. Of course Brees busted in SD, they drafted his replacement. And if I recall his free agency was also hampered by shoulder injury concerns and how he'd manage it long term. It's extremely unusual for a quality QB to hit FA before 30 let alone an eventual HOF. SD were done with him.
  7. What's the significance? I don't think anyone is saying those who founded the USA invented slavery. Slavery was there in the early days of the British colonies in America, but it was already well established by this point in the British Empire, so it seems unlikely any colony would not be involved in the practice. Or, at least, it's not surprising it would be involved at that point in time and, if it wasn't, it probably wouldn't have been for noble reasons. I'm not sure that makes it "founded on", given it was the accepted practice by those in power at the time, but it would have contributed to the sustainability of the American colonies, and helped build the eventual USA.
  8. OzTitan


    Marcus was probably getting sacked that play regardless. He wasn't even close to throwing it. It's not like he was starting the motion. He may have been able to escape outside but it didn't seem like he was about to fire it out.
  9. I can't imagine any Titans fan not wanting to see what he can do with the 1st team offense. To me the 2nd team OL, at least from the right side, is giving him about the same time against 2nd string DL that the 1st string OL is giving MM against 1st string DL, so that's mostly a wash. The quality of coverage is likely a significant downgrade from what he'd see against 1st string Ds but he is delivering the ball accurately with a lot of zip, so I don't see how that doesn't translate well. It could fall apart if Tannehill struggles to read defenses compared to Marcus, but I don't see why that would be the case given his time as a starter wouldn't suggest a big difference there.
  10. One thing you'll notice too is the choice of Hillary picture is very deliberate. Where they want to write a "rub it in, haha @ Hillary" piece, they go for the tired/enraged/goofy picture. When they want to anger the reader, they go for the smiley "haha I'm Hillary!" picture.
  11. Creationism is as scientific as any other "but what if" theory, like the spaghetti monster theory. You can come up with theories about anything - some being backed by religious institutions no matter how powerful does not make them scientifically superior to any other wild "what ifs". It just makes them better resourced.
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