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  1. Besides the obvious ridiculousness that ensues when anyone tries to legitimize the idea of religion from a scientific stance, I can't get past the question of "which one?" when it comes to the merits of religion. As in, which one do you choose? the one you were born into and were forced to learn growing up? good ol' saving-your-soul lottery is it then?
  2. Passer rating is more useful IMO.
  3. I'm sure there was a thread just like this about Watson last season or the one before.
  4. Great news. You just never know with the NFL - when owners (and probably certain ones at that) start to push for something and start to use their media connections to push the same, they are liable to step in line. But the momentum from that died down pretty quickly.
  5. Wentz has looked plenty bad in recent times even when his OL isn't leaking defenders or his receivers aren't dropping TDs. He had more than a few bad moments in this game too, which two dropped TDs wouldn't have absolved. He also got pretty lucky on one of his TD throws where he basically just launched it up and his WR made a great play to high point it and come down with the TD. He's not playing well overall.
  6. What I don't really understand is, if this is some sort of operation or outright fake etc, then why go with such benign material? I can only assume they're going to "find" more stuff in the coming week or two.
  7. Doesn't have to, right? I'm pretty sure a shin counts as down. Or a knee for sure if that is the argument based on that pic.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/18/business/media/new-york-post-hunter-biden.html
  9. SNL humor is a bit like improv comedy to me - you gotta be into it to like it. And people who are into it are usually a bit weird. It's a bit like a comedy cult.
  10. I don't think the Titans have the cap to be adding another proven vet and their contract. 2021 cap is going down remember.
  11. Henry had a monster game but the Titans offense could have marched the field and scored with RT today on Henry's big TD run drive. Without him the score and outcome could have been the same.
  12. A bit of a byproduct of the poor defense as well. They've needed RT to pass to wins so far.
  13. How great is it to have a QB who can throw a bad INT and then come back with game winning drives.

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