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  1. OzTitan

    Russia Narrative Has Been Debunked By Mueller Probe

    The better question is, does he even need to? anything of worth from his posts could have easily be captured in a single emoji anyway.
  2. OzTitan

    WTF Jags?

    That's from Google street view. More disturbing is he knew the spot to look up.
  3. OzTitan

    Russia Narrative Has Been Debunked By Mueller Probe

    Take your pick: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b&ei=OTMLXKGoFY6R9QO-hobQCQ&q="Trump+also+had+to+make+it+look+convincing.+So+minor+players"&oq="Trump+also+had+to+make+it+look+convincing.+So+minor+players" The propaganda has been disseminated - good job comrade Tux!
  4. OzTitan

    The 99-Yard Run

    Yeah Bouye didn't really get it that bad and even though he lost his footing a bit, if he got up and kept chasing at full speed he probably brings Henry down before a TD. You can see him dogging it a bit thinking someone else downfield will handle it.
  5. OzTitan

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    Aim for replacing both Lewis and Henry, but Lewis has got to go first he is done. Henry will have this big game potential for a few years yet and clearly he doesn't need a lot of carries to get it going, but if he's your #1 back I think you can expect a lot of bad games.
  6. OzTitan

    WTF Jags?

    They played with a lot of intensity last season almost every game, at least on D. This year their D looks chaotic most of the time, not in a good way. Strange thing is I recall rumblings of discontent and issues being reported as early as training camp this season. So something went sour after the AFC CG loss.
  7. OzTitan

    Where has Derrick Henry Been all year?

    I think it could have been called but objectively it doesn't seem like a 15yard grade facemask penalty, more like an old 5 yarder when those were around.
  8. What Soxcat is saying is it isn't about the man, it's about who the man is beholden to. And these days that's basically as simple as which side of politics he's on, because in their eyes a Democrat is beholden to the "fags in Hollywood" and the whoever else doesn't believe whatever part of their faith they want to cherry pick at the time. The Trump worshiping is something else, but I think it's part trolling (in a way), and part desperation and just a result of living a sad pathetic life and latching on to which ever snake oil salesman passes as a savior among their peers (i.e. someone they are told by other snake oil salesman is worthy of being worshiped). They're just following orders even if they're not direct and obvious.
  9. OzTitan

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    This season is fucking weird.
  10. At this stage I think thor just hopes he ever gets his balls back.
  11. OzTitan

    The best people

  12. OzTitan

    The best people

    You can't find people this brain dead in a lobotomy post OP recovery room. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/12/giuliani-cant-figure-out-how-urls-work-blames-twitter-for-liberal-bias/
  13. OzTitan

    Trump and the debt

    I think this is fine/realistic to expect, if as a country people can acknowledge when they need to vote in someone who can reign it in and accept that person will have some speed bumps to deal with in doing so. This of course will never happen as who gets voted in is based on emotions these days and those not emotionally satisfied by who won instantly becomes opposed to anything they do, so good luck with that.
  14. "Donald"... holy shit he looked like he had a flashback to a scolding from his father.