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  1. I have concerns Lewan is on the down slope and it could be rapid, but really only as a gut feel sort of thing. I don't think there is a specific reason to think he won't be a top end LT this season and I don't think the likely downgrade at the position a trade would produce is a good idea.
  2. I'm not a betting person but I imagine this is just risk management as if it did happen the previous betting line for the Broncos could be disastrous for them. It sounds obvious but I guess what I mean is they are saying the risk of it outweighs the loss in revenue from making them a less attractive betting option, rather than an indication of what they actually think will happen. Although arguably that should mean adjustments for every potential landing spot and not just the Broncos, which I'm not sure is happening or not. Or at least for those teams whose previous line was too ri
  3. Love is pretty much a rookie still, hard to say what they have with him at this point.
  4. I don't know if this incident changes anything. Maybe as a 1st rounder but not this late a pick. This close to the draft it's basically in the same bucket as if it happened just after the draft. Character checks are supposed to highlight patterns. There isn't much a team can do if a clean player suddenly starts the troublesome patterns really late or after being selected.
  5. My perception over the past 20 years is draft analysis has gotten a lot more friendly and positive. Immediate rankings like these are an artefact of that. I feel like, not long ago, draft analysts were much more opinionated and willing to project busts among 1st rounders and the likes. Not that the shift is necessarily a bad thing but noone goes out on much of a limb anymore.
  6. Giants WR room is pretty loaded now too. The odd man out is Shepard who is a decent contributor but not a game breaking potential by any means. He could probably be had for very cheap though.
  7. I just don't see the point in dwelling on it. We're talking about a 3rd round TE here, a position which is notoriously unlikely to contribute much before year 3 or so at the best of times. It's perfectly fine to grade a player as worthy of a particular pick but not worth the trade up cost, not to mention the impossibility of reading the intentions of 31 other GMs to know when to move up to.
  8. Why are people so obsessed with analyzing likely targets who were missed because some other team picked them first? this isn't a blind auction, if some other team picks him first then so be it, that's how the draft works.
  9. My guess is he was "cleared" by most teams, just penalized accordingly based on a level of risk. Like it isn't a situation where he is either perfectly fine or completely off their boards - it would have been somewhere between for most teams. Late 1st is probably where that landed him for most.
  10. Exactly. There are times in the 1st round where a "sure thing", elite talent combo is the best choice, but that's only ever early. This late in the 1st, why not pick a guy who shouldn't even still be on the board but for one potentially irrelevant factor? it's worth it.
  11. If he can stay healthy then he is an high impact defender in the making, the type who could be the team's best defender in 2-3 seasons.
  12. Dime a dozen implies in the same era, like the team has so many options right now he can easily be replaced. Of course in history RT isn't an all time great but right now he is a valuable QB to have.
  13. QBs like RT are not a dime a dozen, what a stupid statement. The NFL and its importance on QB is exactly why a guy like RT isn't a dime a dozen. You don't have to be league MVP to be a valuable QB. Dime a dozen lol jfc. Poorly thought out and thinly veiled agendas aside, taking a QB in the bottom 3rd of the 1st is not a new concept and can result in huge gains for the team down the line. I doubt the Titans do it but ultimately if the QB is a success then they probably should have.
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