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  1. I always wonder how these guys don't just dominate college ball. How do these college OGs not give up 5+ losses per game against this guy? Offensive scheming?
  2. How RT does have nothing to do with how MM did, which ultimately was poorly outside a few games.
  3. No arguments there. I wonder if a real similar situation has been handled differently by a better org, but then perhaps they don't find themselves entering year 5 of a 1st round QB who doesn't have an extension, but who they still promote like he's a top 5 QB. No wonder the casuals are up in arms, they were sold a lemon after all. It was destined to fail like this. I want to believe the football people were hamstrung on this but it's hard to imagine they'd let it get as far as it did. Even Bud was convinced about VY, surely they could have done better than week 6, year 5 on MM.
  4. I think it's 100% safe to say now that the organization was caught up in promoting a franchise QB they didn't have. Cart before the horse and all that. They had interest in pushing the "Marcus for the next 15 years!" narrative above all, which is $ as long as it washes for long enough. Of course football decisions have to trump that but I wonder how many orgs really do make that call in those circumstances. The Titans may be a bit unique in that they really have built a good team around the failed franchise QB, where as most teams in this situation would probably suck too much for a change at QB to matter.
  5. If this is the case, then even if ownership dictated something like this for 6 weeks, going along with it for that long is almost as bad as forcing it. Complicit in the action etc. If JRob can't get his way on the most important position in all sports for 6 weeks, then he can't have been too against the idea.
  6. This all makes some sense as far as a possible scenario, but does JR really have the ability to dictate that? I would have assumed depth chart stops at Vrabel.
  7. This is why I can't fathom it being a football person's decision. It just doesn't make sense.
  8. Right, but did they or did they not play well? they almost had two turnovers early, but otherwise they played a strong game. The Titans WRs often seemed harassed as soon as the ball came in. Decent pressure on RT. Rivers was money late. Look at the actual game, not the expectations heading into it.
  9. His TD pass to Davis was pure arm strength and accuracy and perfectly displayed why it was always a no brainer he should be the starter. What was MM ever supposed to offer? Fewer INTs? They're not the end of the world. Not when the QB has the arm talent to just drive the field next time and put 7 on the board.
  10. I'm just happy to see better QB play at this point. The season was sacrificed for the sake of a QB's feelings apparently, so it's probably too late, but I'm interested again.
  11. RT wouldn't be the first QB to catch on in his 2nd stop. It's not common but hardly unheard of either. I hope they have a serious look at future QB prospects regardless, but having some semblance of capability at QB, the type which forces teams to worry about when they face you, would be amazing for the mean time.
  12. He's a ball of power. I knew he was big but it isn't until you see a player with other NFL starters that you get the full story.
  13. wow Davis was not "open". What a god damn throw.