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  1. Something tells me he was referring to Obama as the half cast well before Trump came along to validate the hate.
  2. This change in language suggesting violence and executions for the infidels IMO was always the end game for some of these people. It was always about their hate being represented at the highest level so they have a catalyst for their madness once it is finally rejected. Hopefully for the US it will be isolated and sputtering.
  3. It's funny how the true reasons for the vehemence manages to break through time and time again despite the efforts to conceal.
  4. It would be ignorant if he kept saying it. I think a once off could be considered a slip. Seems downright weird to keep harping on it. There are so many Trump is dumb threads because there is so much material.
  5. It seems what he has done is likely impeachable by the standards on what has led to impeachment before. But there may be something to trying to let it ride into momentum against him heading into the election and beating him, as I don't think his fans will accept it well. Especially with their propaganda recently using language suggesting they want to see their opponents executed - they're gearing up for bloodshed. I mean they'll claim a rigged election too for sure, but they'll only claim that half heartedly. Impeachment would be a fittingly embarrassing end for a President his own people can't trust to make sane decisions, but it could light a fire.
  6. Could Mueller have recommended charges for obstruction? If so why didn't he?
  7. Like I said, I think it depends on why it's a weakness in the first place, on whether it can be improved. It may not happen a lot, and I think it's hard for a laymen to really notice it, but over the years I've seen analysts claim Brady and Brees as two guys who've successfully worked on their power. I don't see the sense in claiming it can't be improved, like it's some innate quality down to mystical forces. It's just a combination of physical strength and technique, both of which can be worked on. It may not happen much and when it does it may not be night and day, but in a game of inches like the NFL even subtle improvements that are hard to fully capture may make all the difference at one point. Maybe something the advanced stats future will be able to better capture over the career of a QB.
  8. Accuracy and power can be improved and worked on. They're too generic a quality to say otherwise. Improving mechanics, footwork and timing can have a positive effect on both, depending on why a prospect may currently be weak in either. About the only thing a QB can't work on is height.
  9. OzTitan

    Why US?

    Lots of anger around, as seen here with the daily nonsensical rants and replies to their own threads before anyone else has even read it yet.
  10. It's just weird. Like it's a signal to people that "hey, Tiger's a friend, so you supporting Trump is okay too!". Bizarre.
  11. It's pretty sick how both sides are using desperate people's lives for political point scoring.
  12. Why do they have to point out he is Trump's friend? Can't they just congratulate someone regardless?
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