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  1. If they make money from the team and can make decisions unilaterally then they are a owner.
  2. Why would a fantasy guy predict team records? Beyond pointless.
  3. You don't get into the Trump camp and then let yourself be affected by trivial things like humanity. You can't get this far with a con man without selling your soul. There is nothing that won't be reasoned away.
  4. Trump's response to accusations of this nature is to crowd source "evidence" of the Democrats being behind it. So someone will find a picture of her with some obscure Democrat, and then all the flock can agree that it's fake. Not that they care if it's real anyway. Sadly we know this would be the same response whether it's a false claim or not. This is why people say he divides - he thrives on causing division and hate.
  5. Sorry, should I have said 'uuuuge? Obviously even the top 13 cities by population isn't even close to a majority of the population in total, but when 3 of those 13 are the top 3, the point stands.
  6. That's like a huge % of the US population in those cities right there. And a huge % of the economy. I thought the US of A were doing great now?
  7. Holy shit is that real? My fucking god. What have you people done?
  8. Lol @ Trumpers. What won't you defend? I guess if you can defend lying about saying the wrong word to avoid standing up to a bully then anything goes.
  9. What are the recent similar attacks being referenced?
  10. Only way the Titans get him is if the trade partner is secretly doing a 3 way deal with JR. So, not going to happen.
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