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  1. Without concern for cap space, but with concern for signing bonus and guarantees up front. That's the real cap space that varies from team to team.
  2. The Titans needed a coach like this to start the franchise, and it was at the tail end of an era suited to his style anyway. He just stuck around too long and was given a pass for too long.
  3. In fairness to Watson, that 4 point target only has about a tenth of the target space Hopkins has.
  4. Sure he could have success. But such a short term rental surely means its SB or bust otherwise I'm not sure why you'd bother.
  5. 2nd stint on team but yeah I assume it was a different enough team by then to effectively be the same thing.
  6. Maybe for the "who has done it on two teams" question but the 1st season one makes more sense to look at historical records IMO because it speaks to how hard it may be to get into a SB winning gel as a team with a new QB in year 1. And to me you've got to be expecting stuff to happen year 1 to get Brady now.
  7. How many times does a QB go to a new team and win a Superbowl their 1st season? I can't imagine it happens much. And I don't think Brady has the time to build the rapport with an entirely new offense before he becomes a shell of himself if he hasn't already. Any team doing this is surely doing it for the marketing. He may not make it to a genuine contender which is why I think he stays.
  8. He'll get in. Longevity and rings are why, not because he was a great QB. The last name doesn't hurt either. There is no way a Manning on the borderline doesn't get it.
  9. If Brady could reverse trend and go back to being an elite pocket passer, he'd make the OL look great.
  10. Q is easy unfettered exploitation of the same people who believed all manner of conspiracies before hand.
  11. Do you really think people believe guns fly around shooting people on their own? I mean a drone can do that, but you know what I mean. It's never been about guns corrupting innocent people. It's about guns enabling and amplifying easily accessible mass destruction of innocent people. My point was you also need targets for them to want to shoot at.
  12. Of course they vote along party lines on matters such as that. While Clinton was acquitted, as a Trump supporter I'd be cautious to try and draw parallels to Clinton's senate trial - surely you don't believe Clinton was innocent of the charges?
  13. Of course he's not being removed. Who here honestly thinks that will happen?

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