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  1. "There's been a trade! the New England Patriots have traded their 3rd round draft pick for the playbooks of their AFC East rivals."
  2. OzTitan

    Virus in US

    The people of, and society in, most wealthy countries is probably not prepared to accept or deal with any hardship at all, which is bad in a situation like this because there is no escaping some level of hardship for a lot of people, you just get to choose which type (which, if your choice is getting sick, you'll probably end up suffering the financial and other impacts anyway). The US may add a little bit of extra ignorant flair to the whole ordeal but it's going to be a global problem and will result in many more unnecessary outbreaks. Australia currently has a regional cluster outbreak mainly due to stupidity. I've been reading some of the stories of people in the UK who voted for Brexit and not realizing some of the ramifications and now having to suffer through them (like not being able to keep their summer house in Spain), and it's absolutely hilarious.
  3. OMG this moron never ceases to amaze. In all seriousness you can arguably predict the future using Trump's tweets on stuff he criticized Obama for. It's in there somewhere.
  4. OzTitan

    Virus in US

    If the death rate staying under control is going to rely on younger people social distancing then I don't like the odds this doesn't spread to more vulnerable people. Lost in the focus on death rate is raw numbers and specific regions being able to cope in their hospitals with those numbers.
  5. lol they love it. The crowd is full of background checkers who are going to "follow the money". They live for this shit. Were people singing along in the crowd, or not?
  6. OzTitan

    More Corruption

    These idiots wish Obama did anything close to what Trump has so far. Of course it's entirely predictable they would overreact to anything Obama did/said and then just ignore Trump's much worse transgressions. Trump literally defended Russia in the presence of Putin for all the world to see, claiming he couldn't see why they would target the US elections. Easily the weakest showing by a US leader in the presence of an adversarial leader in generations.
  7. OzTitan

    More Corruption

    Yes and now a US president of Reagan's same party is subservient to them and can't imagine why they would do anything wrong by the US. Times have changed indeed.
  8. OzTitan

    Virus in US

    Looks like he's still around as his profile says he's been online recently.
  9. OzTitan

    Virus in US

    I don't think refusing to wear masks is about freedom, otherwise why do they wear clothes? (side note: thank god they wear clothes). It's the same reason this cult refuses to respect any expert opinion that's not endorsed by their leader. If Trump said masks were great, they'd happily wear one.
  10. There is not a long list of reasons why someone feels the need to put their disdain for homosexuals out there, unprovoked. The most obvious reason is probably the right one.
  11. OzTitan

    Virus in US

    Is the questioning really a common thing? these Americans really are a confused bunch when it comes to accepting or even just not concerning themselves with the personal freedoms of other people.
  12. Hannity's question there to me is very telling. He and I imagine many of Trump's supporters desperately want him to be coherent and outline some sort of plan. They desperately want him to be something he simply isn't. He's better than the alternative for them, at least that was the case when the alternative was a women, but you can feel the desperation in that question seep through and around the words he used to express it. He must have known it would be answered like the moron Trump is, without anything even resembling a coherent thought related to the question asked. I wonder if the temptation of Biden will be too much for some Trump voters who secretly pine for some sanity. If anyone has watched Space Force on Netflix yet, it's like Hannity and his ilk are ground control and Trump is a space chimp who they desperately need to repair a satellite disabled by the Chinese. For a few moments it seems like maybe he's getting it, maybe he can do this, and then he spins off out of control into the void. I wonder if that was an intentional metaphor.
  13. At this point, asking him a direct question and expecting any sort of relevant answer even in the slightest is a mistake.
  14. Yeah so this remains really weird and extraordinary, by definition, based on it being the only 1 in a sample of nearly 2 thousand. Could just be a huge coincidence I suppose (channeling Seinfield). If the timing remains correct, in that it was like that for a long time, then maybe it was actually a joke/threat about suicide? I can't remember the reference, but people leaving nooses for sending "kill yourself" or similar threats is not new in popular culture, I'm sure it may have even been used in a movie or something before (although I could be remembering a racist threat as well). Although the extraordinary odds of this make me feel that maybe they got the timing thing wrong, especially given the person who made the noose, a clearly unusual thing to do in this context, would surely remember and be able to come forward by now?

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