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  1. Tua is doing better than expected but I still wouldn't want him taking up $50M in cap space per season, not ideally.
  2. I'd say he is probably better deep but in general you play the young guy with more potential hoping that the play time develops him further.
  3. This is what you get for not protecting Vrabel's most important player.
  4. This game is wild, but most of the Colts games have been like this all season. They make fantasy goldmines, you just don't know where it is coming from.
  5. It's dumb as fuck having your WRs (especially the tiny Tank Dell) in the middle of a goalline run.
  6. Like they weren't just going to give up a 15 yard longer TD the next play anyway.
  7. Spears probably has his break out game if he was given those carries.
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