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  1. Just stop engaging or at least quoting the fuckwit.
  2. BTC is in no feasible way equipped to be the new system for people wanting to leave banks.
  3. Solving the BG problem is really just about using I and A from the CIA triad in a decentralized manner - using cryptography for integrity for the maintenance of the system's state of truth, and cryptography to enable nodes to communicate and agree to achieve the high availability of a many-nodes system. Decentralized systems have been using cryptography for maintaining a central state of truth and for achieving high availability independent of bitcoin and blockchain, is my point. A few domain/application specific touches sprinkled on top is new, but only really in the sense saying "blockchain the word is new" or "this type of candybar is new", is.
  4. OzTitan

    Jan 6th Hearings

    If only he chose a VP who had courage! Only the best people!
  5. It was a comment on the merits of bitcoin as a technical innovation, not the person, who could very well have had much bigger innovations prior or since. I would personally rate something like git or bittorrent as more of technical innovations, in the similar sort of technology sphere as bitcoin and blockchain. Bitcoin's relevance to the Byzantine Generals Problem is as a money/currency system, which it is still yet to actually realize. Otherwise, it wasn't the first decentralized system to use cryptography for integrity and availability purposes.
  6. The pioneers of cryptography (i.e. the real "crypto") deserve the praise for the world they created (secure comms, i.e. critical infrastructure for the 21st century). Not so much someone fitting technologies they didn't create into an application that happens to take off. Without the aforementioned scams, the "innovation" is still effectively application-less.
  7. TitansReport is a classic example of a once well-kept garden that is dying/dead by pacifism: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/tscc3e5eujrsEeFN4/well-kept-gardens-die-by-pacifism
  8. I doubt anyone really thinks it will die, and I don't believe it has been declared dead "hundreds of times" with any seriousness. It's been declared a failure plenty of times, because in many ways it has been. But it won't die, even if some of the more foolish people who operate in its system will (either figuratively, or literally). There will always be more people to draw in because new people are born every day, and the fact it came about in the first place means it, or something closely resembling it, will always be operating.
  9. This whole thing was always based on the entire premise that some people just don't understand the basic fundamentals, but yet feel qualified to argue nonsensical points regardless.
  10. I don't think Republicans would know what to do if they had an actual real event to investigate and prosecute.
  11. Where does he get to the dogshit phase? I must be missing it.
  12. I don't get it, isn't he just saying he still thinks Brown is the best? I think he's creating a distinction between "greatest" and "best". Greatest being a career like overview, best being a skill/ability judgement.
  13. What would Trump have done specifically that would have solved or prevented whatever problems you think are happening now due to Biden? He would almost certainly have tried to block or had hissy fits about support for Ukraine. Less force from the US shown on that front could be impacting the China front. I think things would be considerably worse right now if Trump was in.
  14. You should try using the logout feature.
  15. This whole thread is honestly pathetic.
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