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  1. Definitely worth a shot nabbing CJ, he could just be unmotivated being on the Jaguars.
  2. They really give these QB sneaks all day to improve forward progress.
  3. They were arguably worse than the Titans in good chunks of last season. They were more chaotic - created some turnovers and sacks and weren't as bad on 3rd down, but were worse in other metrics. I guess it wasn't a big priority for them this year. Seattle has been pushed down the list of contenders in the NFC for sure.
  4. I'm shocked noone has suggested we should have signed Josh Gordon now he is reinstated.
  5. They're largely the same people who would excuse bad QB play from actual scrubs, it's a bit perplexing but it adds up in a way.
  6. I think the Colts and Seahawks OLs represent most OLs in the NFL - most are battling injuries or have a gap or two and hence exploitable, but functional for productive offense.
  7. Fair enough. I chimed in when the late INT was thrown. I think my point remains though, it isn't a great start so far.
  8. How the hell was Adams allowed back on the field after the hit he took? he was knocked out cold.
  9. Man look at the play action an elite RB like *checks notes* Ameer Abdullah can bring upon a defense: https://imgur.com/dPrzvcP BTW, Cousins is playing well but it's a shame he didn't see #17 screaming down the left side as that's probably a home run.
  10. Packers have had 3 primetime games in a row?
  11. Raiders are in some intense games this season so far.
  12. Seahawks D looks every bit as bad as the worst parts of last season.
  13. Dear god it's like a buzzsaw that these people keep walking in to.
  14. No, they don't. This is exactly the type of thing stats could show, and they don't.
  15. Corey Davis could have had a huge play there. Seen that so many times before.
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