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  1. The Titans are a soft target for this sort of attention-grabbing Internet speculation. Also, the exact same article could be written for a lot of teams.
  2. Well they are genuinely seeming like they may want to tank this season so this adds up.
  3. "ABT" tried really hard to exist but reality came down.
  4. Might be still planning for a trade given their #1 and #2 WRs are both rumored to be on the block. Jeudy in particular will need a new deal soon.
  5. He was in a scrub league for 5 years before the NFL and didn't develop. He is not a worthwhile NFL QB prospect.
  6. Cam Newton is throwing at Auburn's pro day, I'm sort of surprised this hasn't been picked up by some people here as an option.
  7. Later round rookie? Reserving the right to tank but not forcing it.
  8. It's fine to think like this as a fan I guess but you can't seriously expect the team to operate like this, it just isn't done. They'll try to build competitive teams in the constraints they have (cap, actual cash money available to spend on new contracts, FA market, draft class actual outcomes and not prospects) and you just hope QB can be spectacularly addressed in the myriad of ways it actually realistically can be in the league. It probably won't be odds wise.
  9. The Titans should hack into the NFL's systems on draft eve and change their pick to #1. That's a more realistic plan than a team deciding to lose in March 2023 for no reason other than 2024 draft placement.
  10. Then come up with a better fucking plan than just "duurr they should tank the whole season durrr".
  11. How many of these top teams got their top QBs by tanking? which is being suggested here as the only sensible course for the Titans? the NFL just doesn't work like that. You've pivoted to arguing about QB importance which noone is disputing, just the idea that an extreme tank job is how it is done. If they could get a good return for Henry right now then I think they should do it and probably would. Tannehill's would have to be exceptional I think, given the implications, especially now the QB market is barren. I get the fan frustration but tanking like that just isn't going to happen. Maybe you'll get your wish and Tannehill will go down early and they trot out Willis for the remainder of the season.
  12. Because GMs and front offices believe they can field competitive long term teams without deliberately losing for draft placement for a draft over 12 months away. Just think through what you're really suggesting for a moment. What if the 2024 class actually ends up with poor QB prospects? it is entirely possible they all have let down college seasons this year or some stay back a year etc. What if they tank but still only get the 4th or 5th pick or something? now you're committing to a QB prospect you may not really like, or are forced to trade up while tipping your hand for 18 months. It's just dumb and it doesn't happen in real life for that reason.
  13. They're not tanking because there is no real world reason to. Teams don't generally just decide to tank without the salary cap or some other reason forcing their hand. If Tannehill requested a trade and said he was done in Nashville, well then maybe, although they probably would have tried for another vet in that case.
  14. Maybe, or maybe it just starts the run of really bad years earlier than it needed to.
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