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  1. Hrm, nah. The fascists are the ones who tried to violently overturn a democratic election. If they don't want to be labelled as such, then they just need to stop being fascists and racists etc. What you describe are some things that a fascist power may utilize, and are entirely shared by both sides - just change a few words, not even many of them. It's just only one side has actually employed them for fascist ends. Pro tip: it's the one that tried to violently overturn a democratic election.
  2. Assuming it was nudity, it's a crime regardless of who posted it - even someone under the age of 18 can't post naked pictures of themselves without it being a crime.
  3. By his own offense's playcalling and scheming. I get playoff football requires some new wrinkles but the last two playoffs has seen an offense completely unrecognizable from its regular season self from the top down.
  4. It's honestly like a 'bad football takes' vacuum opens up around here from time to time, and there's always a fresh name that rushes to fill it.
  5. If Daboll goes it will be interesting to see what happens to their offense, although it seems like they may have dodged that bullet by staying alive just long enough in the playoffs.
  6. I can't stomach the 2020/21 defense again any time soon. It was obvious the team was not going to do the same damage in the playoffs as the season before.
  7. If the Panthers are interested they have a pretty early pick as well. They can even send Teddy as an interim QB for the Texans. Much will be learned when the new season officially starts. There is not much point in Watson demanding a trade yet as he can't be traded yet.
  8. They'd have needed a 4th and goal TD (that was not right on the goalline) plus a 2pt conversion - two very low probability plays in a row. It was a decision between a rock and a hard place. Even if they did that, they tie, and they'd have to stop Brady and get the ball back to win (or stop Brady from getting in FG position, which is pretty much the same thing as stopping him and getting the ball back).
  9. I know it's going to sound crazy, but I wonder if they had an equally ranked RB and WR on the board in the 2nd or 3rd round, would they take the RB over the WR? After all, if that is the team's identity, then wouldn't it be a good time to plan for Henry's replacement? I'm thinking someone like Javonte Williams, or maybe even Harris if started to fall enough. Probably a year too early but how much they like a player and predictions on future classes can influence that.
  10. Rodgers seems the type who probably thinks he should just have a Dungy hanging around and riding his coat tails. He's a great QB but I think he relies too much on plays breaking down and moving around to find someone open. Against a good defense he isn't likely going to frustrate them by getting rid of the ball really quickly all day long like some elite QBs do, he will give them chances to make big plays and sometimes they will make enough for the wheels to come off his offense. It just seems like his style of play is not conducive to winning 3-4 games in a row when you really have to (i.e. p
  11. Allen had over 350 total yards! he had 6.8 yards per play! some guy who said he's the best in the league got retweeted over 1000 times! it was an elite performance and anyone who matters says so. In all seriousness he did well not to fumble.
  12. He was getting way overrated recently, but he's improved a hell of a lot - his rookie and 2nd years were atrocious from a passing perspective, so he's come a looooong way. I just think a lot of QBs put up ridiculous numbers in that 2020 Bills offense (I'm sure they had to be up there in the most space their receivers had from defenders on catches in all time) and I don't think he was stressed much at all during the season. Things always change in the playoffs.
  13. he looks like Cricket from Always Sunny.
  14. Rough game for Allen. A bit like Lamar he has a ways to go to be trustworthy over a span of multiple playoff games against good playoff teams.
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