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  1. big2033


    Fair enough. Can't blame you for wanting to give him another shot. We're doing it anyway.
  2. big2033


    So then what if he's injured again? You give him more time? Another season? How long do you wait for things to line up?
  3. big2033


    You ever think that the reason he has injury issues is because of his play? - Doesn't see the rush well. - Doesn't have escapability. - Doesn't move well in the pocket. - Doesn't move well outside the pocket.
  4. big2033


    The Patriots have Tom Brady. Solved their problems.
  5. And yet ... their QBs have done just fine. One of which, Rivers, plays under Whisenhunt ... our former head coach and play caller. Odd how that happens.
  6. big2033


    We only talk about footwork with Mariota because he doesn't make plays and he lacks pop in his arm. I think all this minutiae is looking for some recipe for him to suddenly become a star. I just don't think star QBs need this much detail on every throw. Especially the athletic ones. They can throw darts from any angle. I doubt Houston fans are breaking down film of DeShaun Watson's shoddy footwork. It's because they don't care ... he ultimately makes plays. Bad footwork or not, our athletic QB should be making star QB plays.
  7. So we're hoping for another Mularkey season ... fingers crossed everyone!
  8. And what if that QB sucks? He will likely have different OCs ... different coaches, his WRs won't get YAC and you'll blame everyone but him. You think the Browns had consistency at the top? The Colts had a coke head ... A lot is invested in QB so when an org chooses one ... everyone's job is on the line. If that player doesn't work out, people get fired before the QB is sent packing. So if you want consistency ... hope that consistent organization chooses the RIGHT QB.
  9. Ok ... well i want the best consistently. Consistency is what sets players and teams apart I dont want another Kerry Collins ... gets u knowhere in my opinion... its a mirage.
  10. Thats where we differ ... Mariota has not been the best player on offense or defense the last three years so i dont know how he has led them go 9-7. I cant give him that full credit. Kerry Collins had us at 13-3 but he was a below average QB. The stats that make Mariota look bad have been the stats that make every QB look bad. The stats that make Mariota look good are mostly new and have too many variable to draw a proper conclusion.
  11. I do ... these variables decide "HOW MUCH" he has it and "HOW MUCH" he doesn't. There's degrees to this. For instance, how great would Andrew Luck be if he had better coaching before Frank Reich? Luck is still good regardless ... but the question remains how good could he be. Mariota hasn't shown much guys ... but you continue to tell me with coaching and players he could be good to great. I'd believe you if he at least put up numbers that show a sign of this ... he doesn't have it. So at this point I have to conclude we're basing it on hope. We made a changes to unlock "greatness" he flopped. So at some point you have to accept his ceiling is low.
  12. So now it's Vrabel's fault? You can't quantify it so leave it alone. Go with the answer that's staring you in the face. The one mainstay in all of this. A QB drafted No. 2 overall is drafted to be good-to-great. His surroundings help determine how good-to-great he is. It doesn't decide whether he's good or bad. If he's bad or below average, odds are its on him.
  13. Different staff and players doesn't automatically dictate how good or bad he plays. These aren't facts. You can't prove definitively that affected his play to a degree that makes him a sub-par player. Just like you couldn't prove it with previous highly drafted QBs that flop. The FACTS are his statistics and play on the field. Which are sub-par overall. What you have is speculation.
  14. Then stop giving us hypotheticals regarding Mariota's failures. He's in his fifth year. He's just failing. Accept that.
  15. I've also never seen him dominate for four quarters. Where he was the best player on the field for both teams.
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