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  1. I mean, we all watch, but he's def not wrong. I mean look at this ...
  2. The guy has a podcast where he rants about whatever's at the tip of his tongue. Don't be so sensitive.
  3. He's actually bigger than ever lol. One of the funniest comedians out right now.
  4. That sucks. Did a great job overall. Especially at halftime adjustments.
  5. The Chiefs signed Alex Smith long-term. It doesn't mean we want to throw it more. It means he fits what we want to do.
  6. Like I've said about Mariota, if Tannehill has the skills he's going to have to force the coaches to change philosophy with the little plays he has. Obviously he's better than Mariota, but he does have a past and I think he's going to have to prove that going 50/50 is the future of this franchise. Or our coaches will play the percentages.
  7. We also had instances where in the two-minute drill we ran it with Henry to success. We're not going to go away from him unless we have to. Most of the time our plan will start with him.
  8. Couldn't Tannehill's 1st down number be attributed the sampling and situations? We run it a lot, so when we throw it, it's effective. This is a chicken and the egg thing. I'm not saying I have the answers, but we've been through this complaint before with Mariota. And you just brought up Garoppolo. Could it be that our team sees Tannehill largely as a game manager who needs a heavy run-first philosophy to maximize his skills? While you guys see more balance.
  9. I know you're not thinking in a extreme sense. But this successful team is philosophically similar to another successful team and it takes a certain commitment to make happen. Again, to set up those PA bombs they are going to run on 1st down A LOT.
  10. It seems like this is a trust Tannehill thing. You guys trust him more than maybe the staff does. Me, as I've always said, don't know what his ceiling is. But I'm always wary when a staff doesn't go pass-first with a QB that's it's for a reason, and not just a philosophical thing.
  11. Running on first down is running on first down. It seems like "the wrong time" is when it doesn't work.
  12. Regardless the end results are the same. The fact we are aspiring to this isn't unique and brought us one win from the Super Bowl. Us playing this way isn't just a Vrabel philosophy. It's playing to your team's strengths.
  13. Honestly though: @oldschool and @OILERMAN we've had this first down run discussion before and didn't we find out the Niners and Ravens did it as much or more than us? It seems like this practice is more something we as knowledgeable fans can't unsee than something that's unique to our team. All run-first/PA teams are doing this as much as us.

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