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  1. Gase seems like a jerk but I believe he can build a great offense. His biggest mistake was hitching his wagon to Tannehill thinking he could take him to the next level. Hence the reason teams jumped at him when he was fired. Told a good friend who's a Dolphins fan that Gase's faith in Tannehill was going to get him fired. Owners always blame the coach first for a failing QB.
  2. To you I guess. Which is good. Some keep grasping at straws trying to find some Da Vinci code that unlocks the missing piece (WRs, play calls, etc.). Which brings me back to my original point. I don't love this "throw it away" mentality J-Rob is hammering. It just sounds like we're giving in to what we've already seen - average QB play. It says to me, "we know you can't do anything besides the average play so just survive because our backups are worse." Which sucks.
  3. That's a very generic explanation. Every QB is the focal point of an offense. Mariota is the one holding it back right now. Is he keeping us in better shape than some of our past QBs? Absolutely. But no wideout or play call is going to elevate this offense to anything but average - especially since those are variables that will always change. We're below average right now. Plays break down, WRs get hurt, blocking assignments are missed ... the QBs that can achieve things when they don't go according to script (and many times they don't) are the ones that carry their team. It's on him.
  4. That only happens to you @titanruss. The guy that nobody wants on their side.
  5. To put a stamp on this thread and future threads. When you realize that Mariota is the main person that needs to play better on offense WAY above the other positions or coaches you'll realize there isn't much to talk about on offense besides him. It's on Mariota. Admit that and you can stop digging for data, quotes, put away the stop-watches for time in the pocket, throw out WR separation data, stop breaking down offensive film. Notice in the thousands of pages about this subject I have never said, "MARIOTA SUCKS." Or "MARIOTA IS DONE." Mariota just needs to play better. Then we're all happy. Admit that, then just focus on the growing defense instead. Or don't, and the threads will keep rolling.
  6. That should tell you what's going on here. You're going to see a pattern with teams who have bad QB play. They run more regardless of their run success. They HAVE to run more. When it comes to run vs. pass it's the lesser of two evils. Wilson can win any way you want him to, the team just decided they're built to win a certain way and know Wilson can adapt. As for Wilson being a generational talent, if my QB is drafted high or going to be signed for a "generation" I want his talent to be generational.
  7. LOL Stephen ... you don't even realize you do it ...
  8. Dan Marino of all people! That guy carried his franchise for years!
  9. 1. We won't get our answer. Most of the people who backed the other QBs still find excuses for them flopping. 2. Who ranked 32nd?
  10. And yet I keep sparring with you. Try to stay on topic or don't bother replying to me.
  11. Well when someone doesn't have a good rebuttal you end up teaching rather than discussing.
  12. I know @Huston, it's frustrating. You're hopeful all these pieces will unlock Mariota. You don't have the stats, situations, quotes or long-term data to prove it ... but you BELIEVE it. So you keep digging. So when you're up against so much negative information ... you end up frustrated and in the same place. "LOL" has become your "No Mas." Not the first time I've seen it from you. And I'm sure you're going to come back with, "actually you prick it means ..." but we know the truth. You're going to have to believe Mariota himself has something in him to take it to the next level and not count on everyone else to make it happen for him.
  13. QB will always be most important to our passing attack. If our passing game is in the dirt ... it's the QB's fault. Not amount of lineman, WRs or playcalling will dig us out. Now ... if the QB is carrying the offense already WITHOUT any great WRs ... then an upgrade should push things to elite levels. That's why - because you brought it up - we always come back to talking about QB regardless of what we think is required from our WRs.
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