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  1. Some people still can't admit that his failures were inevitably and ultimately on him to correct.
  2. Aren't you the Russell Wilson guy? Can't keep track of all thee name changes ... Either way, don't pat yourself on the back because you hated a college player. Bias doesn't count as knowledge.
  3. It's so funny ... do you know how many different angles on "how to best utilize Mariota" - Make him run - Don't make him run - Make him stay in the pocket - Don't make him stay in the pocket - West Coast Offense - Spread offense - Play action offense LMAO the list goes on. The fact nobody can figure it out speaks VOLUMES.
  4. Outside looking in on this discussion ... seems like we're nitpicking right now ... We really arguing over whether Robinson is Good or Great?
  5. I say all this to say I'm not sure what this staff could've done differently. Maybe get Mariota in a game or two earlier ... but the smartest play for their franchise as a whole to move forward was let him burn. Mariota made it hard by playing it so safe, but it caught up to him.
  6. Unless upper management has already given up on the QB ... every coach, staff, and GM brought in to a team with a fresh top draft pick at QB get the job with the disclaimer that they'll give that player EVERY opportunity. You go down with the ship and try to win while doing it. That's the risk a staff takes. Luckily Vrabel was able to win WHILE Mariota struggled. If that wasn't the case I guarantee it would've been clean house at the end of Mariota's tenure. And, unless I'm wrong, I don't believe rookie contracts always had 5th year options ... so calling it revolutionary is a little much. That said, both players were tweeners in terms of success/failure. Winston would have huge highs and lows, Mariota would small flashes surrounded by conservative mediocrity. They both dangled carrots in front of their franchises.
  7. EVERY. TEAM. There's no other way. That's why drafting one is a risk. Period. Flynn was drafted in the 7th round by Green Bay ... why is this an example?
  8. The Bears are still starting Mitchell Trubisky and we're going into year four and they've finally brought in competition ... Nick Foles. Not exactly a big replacement. They're going to keep giving him every chance to hold on. And in terms of promising moments he's had a much worse career than Mariota.
  9. I'm going to give you a dose of reality here ... your logic does not matter. It's the way it is. Not just for our franchise but for every franchise. Unless the highly drafted QB pulls a Manziel ... they're going to give him a long rope till it breaks. Accept the reality. It'll happen again and again and again and again. This is why it's imperative you pick right. You're not drafting a position, you're drafting a face. And barring an absolute trainwreck they'll be given at least the entirety of their contract.
  10. He wasn't playing great or good by any means. But you had to wait until he was racking up turnovers and completely imploded. That's the only way to leave no doubt to the uninformed fans and owner. Or, you'd have a fanbase wondering if you would've won more games with wonderboy even if Tannehill went 13-3. This is how it works with QBs drafted high. You hold on for dear life until the rope snaps.
  11. It worked out for him when he was drafted. He's been a millionaire since.
  12. I mean ... he's a first round pick and no matter what some think he was projected by most as a first round pick. It's to be expected someone else was going to take a chance. Good for him. I'll be shocked if it works out for him.

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