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  1. Too early. He's better than Mariota, that's for sure.
  2. It was 2017 when I started seeing sacks and started asking myself tough questions: When does Mariota avoid a sack? When does he make big plays? When does he throw 50/50 balls to wideouts? When does he bail out his oline or receivers? The more I watched, the more I realized he wasn't carrying us. And the doubts started to set in.
  3. The starter already failed. That's why people wanted him on the bench. People want the team to succeed, so they rooted for the backup to get in the game and help. If Tannehill is even worse, then Mariota deserves to play. Then we'll look to draft someone who plays better. That's how life works. People don't keep rooting for you when you suck, they look for hope elsewhere. You don't just keep clapping your hands and say, "oh please jesus help him play better ..." No, you say, "he's not playing well, time for someone else to step up." That's life. Rooting for a guy to do well doesn't do SHIT for a team. Him playing well does something.
  4. Also, rooting for Mariota to play over Tannehill would be rooting for the team to fail.
  5. You seem to be just doing it to do it. There's no rhyme or reason.
  6. I don't understand what this has to do with Mariota being a flop though. Which is what @cenj is saying. Tannehill is not really supposed to be the answer. Anything he does is a bonus. For all intents we're drafting one regardless unless Tannehill really shows us something.
  7. Are you saying we should've been like you and just say nothing but positive things about Mariota? It's obvious people who wanted Mariota on the bench wanted what was best for the team. It's obvious they don't want Mariota back in the game because they want what's best for the team. What do you want for the team? It seems like most of your energy is about rooting for Mariota.
  8. Anything is possible. Johnny Manziel could get good again. The odds, considering his strengths and weaknesses ... are slim.
  9. He looked bad versus Cleveland and Buffalo too. And pedestrian at best versus a bad Atlanta defense. He's won us games. But Ryan Fitspatrick has won games too. In the future, when looking at QBs, stop looking at the moments and start looking at the whole. "Moments" are great at first, but you have to look at what they do overall. Mariota overall has had horrible numbers. It should've clued you in to what we had ... overall.
  10. It's always more about the QB than the OC. That's the whole point.
  11. The hard part with Mariota versus say a Jay Cutler, or even RGll is what does Mariota do exceptionally well? You used to be able to say quick release and scrambling ability. But those are college traits that haven't translated.
  12. It's not about being the "same player" though. He IS this player. Just like RGlll was the player he was before defenses figured him out after year one. Defenses figured Mariota out. A QB that wouldn't test you outside and was skittish in the pocket. Defend the middle and penetrate the middle ... watch him fold.