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  1. THAT is where the production dropoff comes from. We were a team that ran until we were in the redzone and then used Mariota's quick passing ability when the field condensed. It played to his strengths. His TD production rests on getting on the 20 or less. Rarely will he kill you on long TDs.
  2. So was/is the QB market. The NFL lost it's argument that this was just a, PR issue as the season wore on. Reid and all the domestic violence issues began to paint a picture that it was more about imposing their own (or, ahem a certain President's) personal beliefs than actually doing something for whatever percentage of its fanbase. That's why they had to settle.
  3. Again agreed. But when you're down to Nate Peterman ... his talent is elevated. Desperation should've made him an option. It's supply and demand. Your arguments made sense in the preaseason. As the season wore on and the supply of talent was embarrassing, it became obvious teams would rather tank than be competitive. Which, is a requirement to be part of the NFL. Teams would rather risk their fanbase on being REALLY, REALLY bad than on a political issue. Which, unfortunately has consequences. You can't keep someone from working based on their political stance unless you can 100% prove it'd cause problem. Meanwhile Eric Reid signed with the Panthers and nobody gave a shit which made the NFL look even worse. Who are they really doing it for?
  4. I believed that at first, but I think it was ultimately overstated. They made it big by NOT signing him. If a team signed him in preseason the outrage would last for a week. It became stupid when teams would rather sign Peterman or Matt Hasselbeck. There were thousands upon thousands of fans just asking their team to bite the bullet. NFL teams held the grudge for too long and got burned for it.
  5. Colin K is better than VY. And deserves to be a backup in the NFL. We have Blaine Gabbert. Don't try to tell me Colin K doesn't deserve on a roster. He helped a team to the Super Bowl and was huge in those playoffs. Sorry, Colin's good enough. Take a knee and swallow it.
  6. Compare RGlll before and after too and you'll see a big difference. The answer is pretty clear. In the NFL it's not how you start, it's how you adjust.
  7. This is really becoming a serious discussion? 😂 Maybe it's not really Mariota ...
  8. That's the funny apart of all this. Despite all the perceived rumors that Colin K was offered contracts, not one owner, GM or agent stated this to be a fact.
  9. Even if you were right. The NFL played right into it. They could've offered him a contract and stated it publicly. They obviously did not. I know the money offered to Antonio Brown you telling me NFL teams kept their offers to Colin K confidential? LMAO get outta here. They got played on their own stupidity over someone taking a knee. They deserve to take this "L".
  10. That's a starter-level QB you're talking about. I don't think that exists in FA.
  11. So you're saying he used the owners and fans own stupidity against them? Good for him lol. I agree he wasn't very good or worth the trouble in terms of making him a starter. But the NFL played the wrong hand not at least signing him as backup. If they were smart a team would sign him and let him sink or swim in preseason.
  12. In terms of Vrabel going in that direction, you could be right. In terms of fucking the team over with turnovers ... who cares. If one side of our coin is overly cautions it might help to have someone on the team that's on the other side of the spectrum.
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