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  1. Regardless I'm pretty confident that it'll be a long time before he's 100% "jobless" in the NFL.
  2. I'm gonna get shit on as usual for this. But regardless of how long or how little time he has I just see a player that doesn't feel the rush. He rarely sees the sack coming. Which is not good either way you want to slice it. He doesn't feel when the pocket is closing in. It's like he's still going through his footwork and HAS to complete his drop as instructed.
  3. These are moves you can make when your team is already among the elite. It's all about win now.
  4. Yeah but you're missing the point. For all we know something could've been talked about but regardless of whether it's on good faith or not an agent won't let it go any further until he's in a position of strength. You think agents don't know if/when their client has leverage to maximize their contract? If agents let their clients sign for a discount they wouldn't be agents very long. If I was Henry's agent, I wouldn't take anything besides a top-tier offer right now. You just said, "try and sign Henry now for cheaper so he won't cost more later." If you're thinking this, what do you think his agent is thinking? And I'll give you a hint that Henry's agent is likely a lot more confident in Henry's skills than any of us in this forum are. And Robinson would be dumb to pay Henry 100% what he thinks he's worth right now. And I guarantee it's more than Robinson thinks is a good number. So you wait.
  5. I'm starting to believe that us thinking that teams can just make an offer is not as simple as we think it is. What I mean by that is Robinson might kick the tires, but any agent worth a spit won't even let it get to the "offer" stage unless it's top tier money. Robinson: I want to re-sign Henry ... Agent: Will you pay him like a top 5 RB? Robison: No. Agent: Talk to me in six months after he lights up the league then. You'll owe him Top 3 RB money by then. I doubt any agent is going to even talk to his client about a low-ball offer. So we'll never no. Because it won't get far enough.
  6. No my friend. You're really bad at spelling. Junior-high level. Get that shit fixed. We can't avoid a train wreck. We all make mistakes but your shit is borderline E.S.L. (english as a second language).
  7. The Seahawks don't want to pay Russell Wilson ... That's my favorite.
  8. Absolutely. But keep in mind we may be in an Eddie George situation early. What I mean by that is Henry could potentially not have the start we're all expecting.
  9. It might be harder for him. He's no longer a player who has potential to dominate. Teams have seen it consistently. They are going to gear to stop him specifically in this offense.
  10. That's what he's capable of. That's what a star RB is supposed to do. He'd been building towards that since the bye-week though. With the way this offense is built and how opponents see our passing game, he's going to have to make chicken salad A LOT until the passing game makes them pay.
  11. Speaking of Eddie, do you know how hard it is to find Oilers/Titans highlights of Eddie George? Finally someone posted something:
  12. I doubt we get close to most of these guys. It'd be dumb to sellout the franchise for these picks right now. Someone we feel is an undeniable talent would have to fall into our lap.
  13. It's a shitty position to be in right now. To be honest if Mariota lasts 14 games and has another mediocre season ... we likely still resign him. We really could only move on if we have a high draft pick or the QBs in the next draft are so deep we can get one in the mid-first range. The best scenario for this team is if Mariota lights it up or it's more waiting for this franchise.
  14. I'll take a blowout where the coaching staff trusts the QB so much they'll let him dominate for four. We were up 24-10 on the Patriots at halftime. If you think we didn't let Mariota "do a thing" in the second half because being up two TDs was enough against the Patriots ... you haven't been paying attention.
  15. You better hope the defense holds an opponent to 10 points and controls field position then.
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