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  1. Even when I was down on him. I had this guy's Instagram as an inspiration. He's had this work ethic since he's been in the league and it's amazing/inspirational.
  2. Byard, Brown and Simmons seem like solid hits. The rest have been ok but not stars in comparison to their draft position. I hope for a Simmons breakout he has the most star potential by far. I'm not saying he's doing bad on defense, just if he doesn't start hitting with genuine "stars" the overall record could start to go in reverse. Solid is not enough.
  3. I will say though we need more defensive hits or Robinson's record is starting to erode.
  4. There's far more yes. But the QB thing is like 10th. You're just obsessed with it. NOBODY talks about this shit outside of you in this forum. In fact, he gets most of the credit for our QB situation lol.
  5. The organization had ties to him. And he probably wouldn't have gotten the job if he didn't say he'd build around him. No GM prob would. But who cares. The Wilson draft pick is a WAAAAY bigger gaff than anything to do with Mariota in his tenure. The Mariota shit was almost a forgone conclusion when Robinson became GM. Just let it go. This Wilson situation is a huge black eye on Robinson's tenure. Period. Nobody really cares about Mariota's 5th year option except you. Let it go. I guarantee Mariota's 5th year option or offseason won't tie into ho
  6. Oh god fuck Mariota. We're still going on about that shit? Let it go. Holy shit @BudsOilers you go on and on about this. Meanwhile Mariota is probably getting another chance because of his draft status. It's the way it goes. Jesus.
  7. Seems like the Longhorns are unabashed in their coddling of their athletes.
  8. But even the staff weren't believers in Tannehill as a marquee QB, you'd have to believe in AJ Brown by now wouldn't you? And get him the ball more often. So our passing game has to grow or we're wasting talent.
  9. I think we have to rely less on Henry - if we're capable. And that would affect first down runs. I think we run on 1st down because we think it's the most probable route to consistent success for us and Henry. I know it sounds like a randabout answer but Henry thrives on 1st and 2nd down runs. He needs them. And the way we're built now we NEED Henry to get going. So the more we rely on Henry, the more it becomes a requirement.
  10. Of course. Again, I'm not arguing this is the way it should be ... I'm arguing that's the way it is right now. The problem is trust in Tannehill and the passing game overall can move past living off Henry.
  11. Run-first teams run a lot on 1st down. And when you have a generational talent at RB ... you run even more. They just need to believe in Tannehill overall like they believe in Henry. Or Tannehill needs to make them believe.
  12. But also many tried to argue that this was a balanced offense. It never was.
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