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  1. Why are we still dying on this hill? I mean everyone can keep saying what they want ... but when people in charge, including Henry, say otherwise ... you really can't say shit. And I'm a big fan of the what Henry has become. Always has been a hard worker. But for a time he was in a Alabama mentality which allowed him to dodge and run past defenders much easier ... it became a bad habit IMO. When he started running at defenders things changed for him. And the difference was instant and the staff knew in the way he played after the BYE week. They gave him just 6 carries but those six showed a huge improvement and amounted to 4.5 yards per carry. From there his attempts increased and his YPC stayed steady. You can see it in his box score. It's as plain as day. Not sure why we're questioning otherwise. Henry's ascent was not when he got 40 carries in a game ... it was when he showed what he could do with SIX. He earned it. Previously he wasn't doing enough with the little he got. When he did ... he got more. And while he did that, Dion Lewis proved he could not carry the load long term. He also proved with his play that the oline didn't change ... HENRY DID.
  2. Oh I understand the bigger picture and how things happen .... like the ability to vote in Selma, Alabama for instance.
  3. What a childish answer lol. "Derr I read millions of books a day so there!" LMAO
  4. Might have to I don't see what he brings to the table here.
  5. You don't even know about the positive history of protests in America. You have a lot of balls calling someone a moron. You're just not an uneducated person. So your opinion on these matters is honestly useless. Hopefully you're a troll, or 15. That'd be an improvement at this point. Read a book.
  6. Protests don't work? What country are you living in? How uneducated is this assessment. In a country with MLK day no doubt. Jesus.
  7. Admit it exists. Admit it's a problem. That's the first thing. Admit that the fact people look proudly upon confederate imagery is a deep rooted issue to other things. Admit that some of the richest black people in America are rappers and athletes that had to survive ghettos and death while the president got a grant from daddy. Rebuild your system and your thinking from the ground up. Or it'll be burned to the ground, which is happening. Also understand the shit you're saying is history repeating itself. Over and over and over again. Black leaders; black protests: people not listening, people saying "I have black friends who think otherwise ...", people saying "why violence?" people saying "well statistically." People saying, "it's in your head." People saying, "just work hard ..." And all those "people" are left in the dust of history as the people YOU are complaining about actually forced change that at the time many said didn't need to happen. Educate yourself. And understand it starts from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s and the people who helped cause this are still alive RUNNING THE COUNTRY. Same. Shit.
  8. Oh bullshit. The fact you think black people are just manipulated whiners tells me how delusional you are. We're not as dumb as you think we are. We're saying there's a problem because there is one. Nobody told us, we live it. And we seek help along with working on ourselves. We work with who works with us. Waiting on cons would keep us on segregated schools at this point. You can't even acknowledge it's a problem and you want us to work with you?
  9. Cops won't solve the problem either way. The system that KEEPS them there is the issue. Ask yourself why black-only "ghettos" exist in the first place. You think they chose this life? These areas?
  10. I'm a black man and I live in Canada. And I live just fine. What does four kids, black or not, have to do with your stories? It should instil fear in criminals ... not in black people. I'll give you a couple of stories. I have a friend who's from Canada, background is Guatamala. Decided to go to Chiropractic school in San Jose. He told me after school was done that he could've made 5x the money living in America but he chose to come back. Why? 1. For some reason he couldn't understand, he had been stopped 12x in 3 years for no reason by cops. This never happened to him in Canada. They were constantly checking on him because someone who looked like him in that area was ... suspicious. 2. He was once asked while going to school where he was from ... he said "Canada" the guy asked ... "where are you really from?" He said "my background is Guatamala..." The guy said "oh, wow, you're too smart to be from Guatamala ..." That was one of the SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS. He said while all these riots etc. were popping off that THAT is the reason he came back. We wouldn't work in your country. Too racist. And it's non-chalant racism. It's baked in. Second story. Me my brother and his white wife were in Pennsylvania. We went to a local McDonalds and she suddenly pleaded with us to leave ... why? Because she said she was scared of the people with the amount of DIRTY LOOKS she was getting from the people in the restaurant. They were disgusted with her for associating. We met a mixed couple who confirmed this is the way things were around there ... that because she married a black man her parents hadn't talked to her for 6 years. One of their friends preceded to tell me how he went to a guy's house stumbled in his garage and saw "Grand Wizard" robes in a glass case. You think this is normal but it's not. I'm almost positive I'd grow up quite differently if I was born in America. I'd be held back and judged and persecuted, then you'd come on this fucking forum telling me "Derrr welll why did Big2033 act this way ... it's statistics." I count my blessings every day to be born in Canada and not have to drive by monuments to slavery while I sip my morning latte. It's a fucking JOKE. And then people wonder why I'm rioting? While waving a flag from a shitty five-year war that you lost, over some bullshit reason that included the freedom to own slaves? You've created your own problem. Racism makes you fear, fear makes you racist.
  11. Cops are held to higher standard. One has the power in these situations one does not. The job of being a cop is difficult. But it's the job they chose. And I'll be dammed if I'm going to allow them to act just like untrained civilians. They're supposed to protect and serve. Not fear and react. You don't understand ... crimes are everywhere ... it's the result of those crimes that are different. The crimes being found are different. Right now one of the biggest epidemics in America is opioids and it's not in "black" ghettos. But I guarantee it's being handled differently. The ignorance of living in a country that didn't allow some states to vote until the 1960s then telling a race of people they're not seeing things straight. You don't realize you keep repeating history. How many protests and riots is it going to take? From the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 2010s and now 2020s. How many? You're throwing out the same BS as the people left behind in history.
  12. It was a joke to draw a reaction but sure. Making fun of some state's image is not the same as making fun of a race. To truly unlock the block you've got in your head regarding racism is not to paint everything with the same brush. I know it makes you feel better and not as persecuted when you find equivalents to racial slurs and situations against blacks. But unfortunately your history will NEVER allow your examples to hold the same weight. Accept that. Accept the negative and understand that you can't find similarities to make your racist thoughts feel better. Life sucks. Want to change it? Get a time machine.
  13. The stereotype that he chucks pineapples? Hawaiians don't chuck pineapples lol. Pineapples exist in large numbers in Hawaii ... that's it. Are you saying it's a stereotype that he was around pineapples? Racism ... is "race." His race is not Hawaiin. Its Samoan. Do you have any Samoan examples?
  14. Yeah I just chimed in and I was like ... that's not even remotely close LMAO. If he was from Seattle they'd call him "Starbucks Boy."

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