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  1. Who said it was just him? Don't be sensitive. I was agreeing with the fact that our offense is generally based on using Henry as a runner or a decoy aka PA.
  2. What constitutes as a "God" GM anyway? I honestly just want a GM to be solid, which JRob is. The rest is about having a superstar QB fall into your lap.
  3. Oh god this is really an excitement thread?
  4. I saw those preseason highlights. He's no McNair lol And please don't quote yards per attempt. His big yards come from the fact teams are legit shocked when he actually throws it so of course he gets chunks.
  5. 1. This is a thread about the offense. 2. The offensive stats you are quoting are great overall stats but do not speak to the recent issues. 3. The defense's struggles I believe are more viewed as "fixable" whether through future free agency or the return of injured players. Also, most defenses are historically bad this year. Basically, the benefit is being given for the defense to "click" within the next year or so. 4. If our struggles on offense are due to the QB's regression that's a bigger deal than anything else on this roster. If that goes bad nothing else will ultimately matter.
  6. It's obvious our offense is a "team" offense more than perhaps any top team in the NFL. You're not going to get Russell Wilson improvisation and adaptation to cover up the issues. We use/need a lot of moving parts where the one "wildcard" is Derrick Henry big plays. So when a link in the chain (Lewan, Humphries) is missing the holes start to show in the overall performance. It may be a situation where we may need some more breakout AJ Brown performances to reverse our fortunes. He needs to become a star equal to D. Henry's attention.
  7. All I'll say regarding our offense is I bristle with "Deja Vu" when most of the blame goes to the OC. It's not just the play-calling.
  8. I've been arguing for years that GM wise the Pats have been terrible and Brady has been covering up a lot of those issues. They've had an enormous amount of misses at RB and WR.
  9. Damn now we're screwed. Should've just watched that tape. Could solve our problems.
  10. We're going to struggle against defenses that can stop the run (obviously) without overcommitting. Or defenses that can overcommit versus the run and still stop the pass in one-on-one situations (they have a great secondary etc.) It's because of the way we're built.
  11. I don't know. You posted in here like yesterday was some triumph. It was a solid game where Tannehill made them pay for focusing attention on AJ Brown. The WR they're scared of.
  12. Let me put it this way. I constitute big plays as making big catches ... like toss up catches. Like catches where there's one-on-one coverage and the QB makes the throw based on that information - and the receiver comes down with it. OR, make the catch then make a play. CONSISTENTLY. DeAndre Hopkins in his prime would give you wow plays per game. He still does. He could take over. That's a WR 1. Davis almost routinely catches and that's where the play ends. Will he have a good catch in one-on-one coverage. Yes. You'd expect that from a starter. But other than that I don't see something I wouldn't expect from a No. 2 receiver with size.
  13. So he's a starter. You know what he is I just don't think you like the label.

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