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  1. Yeah he's on IR and many were saying that was the reason why he wasn't playing. But I saw a Titans fan tell them he would be worse if he came into the game and he was laughed off of Twitter ... lol. Man ... drafting a first-round QB is really that dangerous, people will just keep blindly believing in them.
  2. The power of being a high draft picks reigns again. Mariota was trending on Twitter where a lot of people couldn't wait to see Mariota in the game. It's insane. People still believe he's some underused gem.
  3. He's def the best Titans QB since McNair ... lets just watch him rise.
  4. It's the kicker. Props. A whole thread though?
  5. If we expected things to start easy for Henry after what he did in the playoffs we got another thing coming. This is Tannehill's time to shine.
  6. We'll never know. But you don't have a crystal ball going in. You have the fact that you made the AFC Championship with a certain group of playres and have the space to bring back that group of players.
  7. He isn't. If you think we trusted him to carry this franchise I disagree. He'd have been paid even more than he got. Tannehill got a lot of money in a QB market where solid gets paid.
  8. Lol regardless. We have a great GM making picks and our 1st-rounder is doing dumb shit. You never know.
  9. If Tannehill is great. Henry will become expendable and we'll be able to do that. Henry is still here because Tannehill is not completely trusted to be the "Franchise."
  10. I remember a time when we wanted to be a "modern" passing team so we drafted Biship Sankey in the second round and tried to be more pass first ... how'd that work out?
  11. OK ... would you rather we have spent a 1st-round pick on a 3-down back instead and take the risk of him working out and not being a flop? After making the AFC Championship with Henry carrying us in the playoffs? You have to be logical here. The Chiefs can take these chances because they have the luxuries we do not have at this time.
  12. Apparently hard enough where Super Bowl winners are still spending high draft picks on them. There's something we're missing here or something they're completely blind to.
  13. That's what you say but talent at the position matters ... period. The Super Bowl Chiefs just spent a first round pick on one. So it's not just throws some UFAs out there and run at brick walls then use PA. Obviously talent is a factor here in getting big chunks from the run game and causing defenses to bite more effectively.

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