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  1. Downing does always look like a deer in the headlights on the sideline.
  2. What the Titans and JRob need is for Lauren Tannehill's supermodel career to take off.
  3. Tom Brady is a trophy husband, and now he's about to get dumped for disrespecting the bread winner in the family.
  4. There is a 0% chance that Tannehill is getting cut next year. I skipped the rest of the thread, no way forget about it.
  5. It gives great pleasure to watch the Colts implode
  6. Poker people in this thread... How big of a bitch is this dude who lost?
  7. Drive 1 running game got positive yardage, but the pass protection failed right after. Drive 2 running game got stuffed, yes i think 3rd and long killed the drive Drive 3 running game got tacked for a loss, yes I think it killed the drive Drive 4 running game got a 1st down, then got stuffed leading to another sack and a killed drive Drive 5 running game got positive yards twice, titans converted 3rd down to win the game In terms of "blame" I'd put it on the OL and/or predictable playcalling to answer for why Henry and Tannehill are facing free defenders in the backfield so quickly and so often in the second half.
  8. The bad runs came on each of the series that resulted in a punt. This is a slow start, and it isn't the way we want the Titans to close out games.
  9. There's two different types of no gains on first down -- an incomplete deep shot, and a stuffed run for no gain. At least the stuffed run eats 45s of clock. But even better would be some kind of minimal positive gain. Henry isn't eating these days, while Tannehill was playing massively efficient last game. Who's cherry picking stats?
  10. I have 3/4 drives killed by stuffed runs. Yes Tannehill got sacked a couple series after Henry got stuffed, but the point is those passing situations come up when the running game can't do the basics. drive #1 - KILLED Run for No Gain (6:38) D.Henry left end to TEN 28 for no gain (G.Stewart; Z.Franklin). drive #2 - KILLED -3 Yard Run (14:53) D.Henry right end to TEN 17 for -3 yards (I.Rodgers). drive #3 - KILLED -2 Yard Run (6:24) D.Henry up the middle to TEN 44 for -2 yards (E.Speed; D.Odeyingbo). 2nd & 6 at TEN 46 drive #4 - WON
  11. The no gain / losses were drive killers. That's how teams are able to come back on us -- they gamble situationally, and we can't beat it.
  12. I mean I did, and what I saw was a defense that was able to kill drives by stuffing the run game at or behind the line of scrimmage. Titans need to be able to hand the ball off and get 2-4 yards consistently. Tackles for a loss are drive killers, whether it's the QB or the RB. 2nd & 7 at TEN 28 (6:38 - 3rd) D.Henry left end to TEN 28 for no gain (G.Stewart; Z.Franklin). 1st & 10 at TEN 20 (14:53 - 4th) D.Henry right end to TEN 17 for -3 yards (I.Rodgers). 2nd & 6 at TEN 46 (6:24 - 4th) D.Henry up the middle to TEN 44 for -2 yards (E.Speed; D.Odeyingbo).
  13. Not so much in the second half, when it was time for the OL and Henry to win the game. At his best, running with Henry would put games out of reach exploding for long scores while the team is eating clock. But now, the Titans are barely eating clock going 3 and out in the second half. I think it's the right strategy to run first downs in these situations, but the team has to be better at executing.
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