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  1. pat


    There's no way to expect restraint from the cops under these situations. Say there's a shooter with an AR-15 who just killed two people and wounded a third. Cops can't just let that clear and present danger walk away. Oh wait, that's exactly what happened with Kyle Rittenhouse. That's not to say that this girl wasn't playing with fire... just that there still is something wrong.
  2. pat


    What these cops obviously need are more bats to deal with the scourge of knives on the streets.
  3. After a couple of minutes, the House was back to work and things quieted down.
  4. I've wondered why protesters don't caravan cars and disrupt traffic with even fewer participants.
  5. Of course AOC is a communist. She isn't a genocidal authoritarian dictator. Those two aren't the same thing no matter how much Fox News you watch. And don't go screaming about Cuba either, there's plenty of right wing genocidal paramilitaries in South America too but I'm not screaming about capitalism either.
  6. The people who distrust the police the most are those who needed the police, but were let down.
  7. What's going to happen with the variants is that vaccinated people will be fine, and the unvaccinated people will get sick faster.
  8. How many lives have been lost because of the 40 hour work week or child labor laws? I know you love to wallow in the mud, but that's not all that people achieve.
  9. JRob's free agency moves are great. Often they pay off. And when they don't, often the team is in a position to move on. It is a legit criticism that JRob sometimes gets too cute in the draft. But he gets credit for the hits as well as when he strikes out swinging. I think he can improve his drafting. Titans have turned into a consistent playoff team. Now it's time to go from good to great.
  10. Alex Smith was the definition of good not great.
  11. WHAAAAAAT? Hell yes Nazism -- a suicidal, failed state declaring war on the world and genociding their own people -- is worse then Communism. Even if one narrowly defines Communism as being strictly limited to Leninism with all their dictatorial abuses and persecution of political rivals -- bad, but still not as bad as Germany declaring war on the world and it's own population. And to take it a bit broader -- Communism includes labor unions. How do you like a 40 hour work week? Weekends? Paid holidays? Civil rights? All of these are the result of "Communists" i.e. organized labor.
  12. I don't find this article convincing, but do agree that 9 times out of 10 these last few years most of Trump's accusations are projection.
  13. Agreed the best justice is this guy losing his appeals and serving his time
  14. I am glad that a just verdict was returned. But this is an ongoing problem. There's little point in celebrating after the first mile of a marathon.
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