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  1. pat

    Virus in US

    It's unbelievable to me how willing people are to take these risks with covid. I mean I get someone saying "if I get it I'm going to be fine and I'm sick of the lockdown and I'm going to be selfish." But what I really don't get is "I could have no risk at all but I'm just going to skip on the vaccine". Lots of people are getting caught up in the "can't trust a vaccine". And they're going to get sick.
  2. pat

    Virus in US

    Nothing wrong with me Something's got to give
  3. The one highlight I could think of from last season was actually made by Beasley (forced fumble on jet sweep vs steelers) Clowney was forgettable
  4. Or promoted, depending on what their boss asked them to do.
  5. Oh come on @El Guapo the same government that funds the CIA also funds the elementary school around the block. There's a difference between the Boomer's "don't trust the government" and the Millennial "demand the best of your government".
  6. I'm glad we aren't going to war over this, but more because it's common sense that fighters opposing the US get paid. Our fighters get combat pay too.
  7. I think BTC is going up because it can play a similar function as gold with fewer costs. Trading gold means shipping heavy precious metals back and forth. And shipping things means every once and a while $1.6 million falls off the back of a truck. https://youtu.be/-d5Ue1H3QII
  8. I'm wondering what kind of proof people are expecting. A signed statement of work, an invoice, a check, and a 1099?
  9. There's a difference between proving and disproving. "Low to moderate confidence" sounds like a poor job of proving. It doesn't disprove anything. My point stands - you wanna get tough on Russia, it's not hard to find offenses with more evidence. Like the Solarwinds hack. Or the poisoning and arrest of Navalny.
  10. pat

    Virus in US

    How's Michigan doing without those Democrat lockdowns?
  11. This probably did happen, but if Biden is looking for something to raise a stink about with Russia he's got more obvious stuff like the Solarwinds hack. The difference is Trump would always look the other way no matter what.
  12. I bought into Coinbase! I used this thing called VTI to do the actual buy for me.
  13. I wasn't ever a DMX fan per se, just grew up through his career. He was solid though.
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