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  1. Your initial argument about "personal businesses" would result in widespread harm. In your follow up you admit the potential for that harm. Still unanswered is how one might actually differentiate in the form of law that can be applied in a fair and consistent manner. If you want to debate court cases have some rigor. If too many people are going to abuse religion as a tool, isn't that an argument for why one should be careful?
  2. I wonder why you are afraid no one will work for you if they have the option to do something else.
  3. There is an irony in people fighting tooth and nail to block cheap public healthcare, only to then be hospitalized and financially ruined by a pandemic. Hate to see it.
  4. "personal business" isn't particularly meaningful. Nearly every business in rural areas is a "personal business". Nearly every worker in the gig economy is a "personal business". I wouldn't like such a ruling that "personal business" had a right to discriminate. How would you feel if your packages wouldn't get delivered because the UPS or FedEx contractor decided something about you conflicted with their religious beliefs? How would it feel if you couldn't get your car repaired, or your roof replaced? Not only is it law, but I remember the reason why the law was passed in
  5. Free public education has been a very successful policy in America for many years. I don't understand why that should halt at high school.
  6. When I got Covid it was a week of lying in bed, drinking water, and sleeping12 hours a day. Afterwards when I got the Pfizer jab it was two quick trips, hardly any side effects. It was no problem at all.
  7. The Reserve/COVID-19 list is officially the Reserve/BOZO list this season.
  8. First off, healthy adults are known to die from covid. And you miss the second part - there's plenty of effects besides dying. There's a surge of unvaccinated patients 30-40 years old in Missouri right now. Getting hospitalized for covid would cost him real money.
  9. It's idiotic of Tannehill to not only risk his life, but also long covid could cause him to miss out on millions of dollars of earnings. It would also be a dumb way to lose a game, but in many respects that's the least important consideration.
  10. In my opinion Tannehill is definitely tier one right there with Watson
  11. pat

    Virus in US

    For every page of this thread another 900 Americans die of covid.
  12. pat

    Virus in US

    And many of those people get covid then are transferred to Vandy, where a 70 year old vaccinated man reusing one n95 tries to save their life, often in vain. It's not easy.
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