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  1. And then Urban Meyer tries to get in on the "reasons for the loss" bandwagon.
  2. Watching the Dolphins Jaguars it's also clear these QBs are not good.
  3. 2 months is not enough leave, there should be a full 12 months split between the two parents.
  4. Great point. You can see the trauma in the assertion that the Bills will face Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl. It's like their purpose is to lose to Tom Brady.
  5. Even with this evidence, who would demean themselves by going to a Bills forum and ask that they agree that the Oilers were wronged by The Comeback? Are any of us Titans fans so desperate as to perform such a pathetic act?
  6. See it's possible to complain about a call after a game, but generally everyone moves on. The real reason some fans are insufferable is their insecurities.
  7. I guarantee I would not be bitching about The Comeback on a Bills forum
  8. Eh I suppose not, but this forum is way less ban happy than others.
  9. Could the Bills fans please pick up their trash and un-ban this loser on their home forum?
  10. The worst cities have the best traveling fans because guess what... most of those fans aren't traveling, they moved out long ago.
  11. that’s what I was thinking, isn’t he usually on the guard?
  12. Should the RT should be blocking the 3-4 DE?
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