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  1. I can't remember who it was that I read or heard this week that was very complimentary of their playoff run but said, look, they are on the 4th elimination game in a row on the road. They are facing a fresher KC team. They will likely run out of gas. Which is exactly what happened.
  2. Fireable offense? Good lord. How many times has Henry busted a long one to flip the script, whether it be 1st or 2nd Down. He drove it down the Patriots throat at the end of the half. Coming off the heels of a 15 play drive, it is not that crazy to see if they can do it again. How do you know what look they were in for those plays? Could RT have audibled? The line failed. They were out of gas. You know, the “Hogs” version of 2019. No issue with the drive before the half. They just failed to execute. And the defense failed to keep KC out of the end zone.
  3. Prior to the drive before the half, they went on a 15 play 9 minute drive where Henry carried it 6 times with good success. So the thought was to come out and have another 4 min drive to close out the half. Hard to blame them for that. The second down run failed, maybe RT should have audibled, who knows. But at that time, you can’t blame the play calling. In the 3Q, they had 1st and 5 and couldn’t get a first down. The line was done. They were getting whipped in pass pro and couldn’t move the line of scrimmage. Maybe they could have got creative, maybe RT audibles, but the bottom line is the line was toast at this point and moving the ball was going to be difficult either way. That remained the same when they tried to throw it early in the 4th.
  4. Henry had 6 carries in the final 34 minutes of the game. They got beat (badly) at the line of scrimmage on both sides and couldn’t keep KC off the field or out of the end zone during that stretch. They had nothing in the tank.
  5. I love Casey and he played at a high level for 2 of the 3 playoff games but.... he is 30 yo, with some mounting njury history and the release saves $10MM. It would be a Patriots type move for JRob
  6. The team doesn’t have “plenty of cap space” For FA additions IF - they pay RT $25-30MM -they pay DH $13-15MM -they resign/restructure/extend several of the young contributors and role players ie Adoree, Jayon, guys like Firkser -they hold back a manageable amount for future years, as they have done in the past they will claw some back with releases of Lewis, Wake, Succop and Delanie. Perhaps the most interesting decisions are whether they release Butler or Casey so they can be players in the FA market, going after younger/better replacements. A lot of cap space to claw back with those releases. *assuming Spotrac.com is accurate
  7. You sound like a poor loser. TN didn’t lose their will to win. The 4 game playoff stretch caught up with them. The tank was empty and it showed at the line of scrimmage. The SB should be a great game.
  8. It was a heck of a run but this team just ran out of gas. It can be difficult to win back to back roadies in the reg season, let alone this being their 4th road game in a row, all with the intensity of their season on the line. Have no doubt they were focused and ready and it showed early, but once they got up 17-7, I think the tank was emptied. On paper, they should have controlled the line of scrimmage, but it didn’t happen starting mid 2Q. KC was fresher and faster and just looked more aggressive/physical. The only way that happens is because of the grind TN went thru the previous 3 weeks. Add tough game weather and an obviously talented Offense they were facing and it was just too much to overcome. Fun season and hopefully they have set the tone as a team that can consistently compete for division titles and home playoff games.
  9. I know he spent his early years in Nashville- I think his mom was a coach at Vandy or MTSU. Then he moved to Indy area later in elementary school. Given that, I think it is great he isn’t a Colts fan. But Succop??
  10. Did he happen to mention Humphries timeline? High Ankle is usually 4-6 weeks. This is week #6
  11. 9-7 v 8-8 helps in the WC. Assumes Steelers lose both and TN beats NO but loses to HOU
  12. Bottom 3 on D - yikes. With Brees & Co coming to town

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