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  1. I think JRob will be active on the waiver wire (or trade) looking for a 3rd RB. Flu battling injuries again and rest of the depth is inexperienced/not legit options for the 53
  2. Surprised that more haven’t provided reports after last nights scrimmage, pretty decent crowd so assumed more on here attended. I’ll give my two cents though hoping not to incite yet another Mariota pick your side battle. Lightning in the area followed by a monsoon delayed the start for 90 min or so...was actually surprised at how well the field drained and held up. Format was kind of different in that teams were mixed up, so a lot of guys not used to playing together. This may have contributed to the general sloppiness of the scrimmage. They also can’t tackle so the run game is kind of a joke- two hand touch; also a lot of QB pressures could have been sacks Mariota’s squad started off the festivities - he had Humphries and Sharpe, Firkser and Dawkins, along with a bunch of guys that won’t make the roster. First drive was pretty strong, though one of the completions would have been a sack or throw away in the regular game. Touchdown to Sharpe. Tannehill came out with Taylor Jennings Walker, Pruitt Lewis and Flu. Kind of a sloppy first drive, several bootlegs for short completions, then a FG. Second drive for MM didn’t result in much, I think they punted, but he was 7 of 8 at this point. Again, very QB friendly, a lot of time to throw so this is what you would expect. Tannehill has another lousy drive if I recall correctly, they fumble the punt for a safety and then Woodside took over for a few dives playing for each team. Then things got interesting. After a session of punts aimed inside the 10- Kern was ridiculous here- they brought MM back to do some 3rd and long stuff. Plainly put, he stunk up the joint. Guys apparently weren’t getting open, but he reverted to the guy that couldn’t pull the trigger and letting the pocket collapse on him. On 2nd down, he pumps, pumps, puts his head down and lets the DE ( Finch?) bull into him and they blow it dead while he fumbles. Goes 0-4, with a Firkser drop; they give him a mercy down in which he completes a back foot 20 yarder to Sharpe. Tanne then gets it going and looks sharp, hitting Delanie a couple times. Delanie looked like the old Delanie, which was a welcome sight. MM comes out for a red zone drill and basically same story. A lot of pressure, a lot of hesitation and another Firkser drop. 0-4 to finish the night 8-16 and leaving a lot of folks shaking their heads. Tanne makes a great play flushed from the pocket to find Jennings in the end zone to cap the red zone session. I get the fact that these are makeshift lineups and not close to the real thing, but given the time the the QB’s have, they should be lighting it up. Neither did and MM’s hesitation, dropping his head and back foot throws that have plagued his tenure here showed up once again. Sorry, didn’t focus too much on the D but both sides were active and started getting more pressure as the night wore on. Finch seemed to stand out, and Ryan and Hooker made a couple plays. This offense is is going to be interesting. At full strength and with a good running game, it should be a productive unit. If weapons get hurt or the OL doesn’t hold up, watch out...
  3. I do have his cell # but I’ll wait until he is on the Titans staff. 😉 Great dude btw, glad to see he did well in SEA after his hiring wasn’t received well initially.
  4. He was in SEA for one year, not sure the contract details. (He was my neighbor in Indy when he was the QB coach)
  5. I do know that Brian Schottenheimer’s family is in Nashville this week looking for houses. With that said, they lived in Nashville when he was the OC for NYJ. Seattle may be a bit far from their families (NC and FL). And I can’t imagine he wants to leave his situation with SEA. Also, I’m not sure if the lateral move rules apply here. But thought the timing of it was interesting nonetheless.
  6. ....as Dee Ford gets a strip sack. Oh, and a 3rd down sack on the last possession. Sure.
  7. 4 for 4 - poll. Should have bet some money lines
  8. Curious- how many Dominant OL’s have sustained that play year over year? Recently, TN had one good year, then fell off. Dallas fell off after a dominant year. Injuries, FA, film all reasons things change quickly. This Colts line is playing at a record level right now. Outside of Nelson and maybe Kelly, though, i’m not sure the others are anything special. I mean Castonzo was the whipping boy there for years. Hopefully, water finds it’s level next year and this is just a team that found its hot streak.
  9. Getting hands up in the DL is the best way to disrupt Luck as their OL is too good. Jags did it. Watt just did it. Maybe we can find a couple of 6’7 guys in the off-season??
  10. Beddingfield was on Midday 180 yesterday and mentioned a couple of times how TN doesn’t have any difference makers/play makers to threaten a defense. I know, I know...Beddingfield. But he makes a point. Teams loaded up and weren’t afraid of any WR/TE to really hurt them. Conversely, think about the pressure Hilton and Ebron put on TN defense. If if they think Delanie can be a difference maker, then you can wait at TE. But they need some dudes at WR. Guys that can catch a screen and at least threaten a home run. Or a guy that can truly take the top off. Sorry, Taylor or Davis aint that guy and this group isn’t good enough. Draft or trade is most likely the options as the FA group seems thin.
  11. True regarding bad fields helping O’s but the Colts D is fairly small and fast, especially at LB. Would think a slower field would help Henry and TN offense perhaps more than the Colts O. IND has played two games on grass since early October. Come from behind win at Oak and a pitiful 6-0 loss at Jax. Pretty much ideal conditions for 2 months. Seems like the worse the elements, the more advantage for the home team.
  12. Keeps us in the Division race. Colts don’t matter - we have to beat them in Week 17 and get to 10-6 for either Division or Wildcard. 9-7 is a near impossibility.
  13. Doesn’t matter who the Texans lose to, just need to lose 2 of 3 IF we win next 3. Third tiebreaker is record be common opponents and we would be 10-4, Hou 8-6 in this scenario. To Break A Tie Within A Division If, at the end of the regular season, two or more clubs in the same division finish with identical won-lost-tied percentages, the following steps will be taken until a champion is determined. Two Clubs Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs). Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games.
  14. Glad to see there was a little more to it than the quote which set Twitter on fire. Don’t think Decker was out of bounds. I also think Vrabel recognizes it and is working to get him to display more if these traits. I appreciate the way MM carries himself but just once I’d love to see him F Bomb after an interception or climb into Corey’s ass when he runs the wrong route. Kind of like when the guy that doesn’t say anything finally speaks up... it has more impact.
  15. Commented Sunday during the game that I thought RM looked fat and out of shape. That would seem injury related. Plus the big drop. He seems to lack self awareness.
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