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  1. Correct, but they talked about it after a tweet and Ryan thought PK agreed not to write about it. Miscommunication, PK wrote a post apologizing but Ryan apparently feels misled. Kinda sucks if he quit the show because he is one of the rare athletes that provides some thoughtful answers and decent insight.
  2. Every single post I have read the last couple of days from you is banging on Mariota in some form or fashion. It would be comical if it wasn't so creepy. They made the change, relax.
  3. First read wasn’t open, held on to the ball, didn’t throw it away!
  4. Smith signed to replace Flu on ST’s. Only intrigue is if Dawkins gets some of Lewis’ snaps
  5. Go back and watch it. You are nuts if you don't think there was a huge difference in time to throw.
  6. I read a lot of "eye test" on here and my eyes told me one QB had a lot of collapsing pockets and one QB had what seemed like forever to throw. Went back and looked at the condensed version replay of the first half. Taking out screens, quick boundary throws and RPO quick hitters, Allen had a clean pocket (at least 3 seconds to survey field) on 11 of his drop backs. One was for an absurd 5 seconds and a couple for just over 4 seconds. He was pressured 4 times and one was debatable whether it was actually a designed QB draw. MM was pressured 8 times and had a clean pocket on 5 of his drop backs. Buffalo scored 7 and TN 0 (with 2 missed FG's) even with that disparity. I am on record saying MM has football related PTSD and I've lost hope for the OL to magically block good DL's better but I would venture to bet if our QB had 11 clean pockets in the first half, the game would have been tied at the very least. The game was won, as most are, at the line of scrimmage. Anybody see the Colts dominate KC at the line of scrimmage? SF dominate Cle? Makes for a tough day for the QB.
  7. Seems like you all are focusing on the wrong part of the quote. Above was the most important thing he said. Bills, Ravens, Colts, Jags- they know the weakness is the interior of our line, and if Lewan gives up inside moves too (never knew that), then whoa, we are more in trouble. Said it last week, but have no idea why ATL wasn't bringing additional pressure up the middle. This line can't handle it. And the QB has PTSD from it. Same way last year. And the GM addressed it with an aging G that can't pass pro and a developmental rookie. But I'm sure PFF will have it graded out correctly...
  8. Yikes. Which means TN will probably go max protect, condensed formations and make it messy in the pocket. We've seen that shit show enough.
  9. Some observations - watched first half only since the second half game plan was burn clock mode. A lot of spread formations on passing downs for TN, very few condensed looks (thankfully). This took extra defenders out of the box (despite all the narrative that MM was completing passes against stacked boxes); I believe I counted only 3 out of 14 or so with more than 7 defenders in the box. MM was getting the ball out quickly to WR in space. The first TD to AJB was condensed though, TN had an extra OL plus TE at the line, plus a FB, so ATL countered with 9 in the box. AJB beat his man and the safety made a terrible play. 2Q was by far MM's best stretch of the year in terms of decisions, manipulating the pocket and accuracy. The play where Davis dropped it on 3rd and 3 was a beauty, and an unfortunate drop. As wide as ATL was playing their ends, no idea why they kept trying the boot or rollout action. Easy play for the defenders. Surprised ATL didnt try to send more pressure up the middle. Guess they thought they could get home with their front 4, and they did get some pressure, mainly because our interior OL sucks, but with all the success others have had sending guys up the middle... very surprising. Will be interesting to see if we can spread it out a bit against Buffalo and if our WR's can get open and the QB can make quick decisions with accuracy. That was the key in this game, is it sustainable?
  10. Probably too late now for a quality RB. Will never understand why they kept Fluellen, who was battling injuries and is pretty average regardless. Lewis has been awful but JRob wasn’t going to admit a mistake too early so he stays as the 3rd down guy at least. But to not have a capable early down back if Henry goes down could be a huge problem.
  11. Imagine being this obsessed. Every. Single. Post.
  12. Ever heard of Eli Manning or Joe Flacco? Most certainly can happen if QB strings a few good games in the playoffs while surrounded by a good defense and the right matchups.
  13. Yep, Barkley was picking on Cox and his guy dropped one in the end zone on 4th and goal. I think Cox got released a couple days later
  14. Remember when Barkley lit up Perrish Cox, Sims and MacCain in Chicago while nearly completing a big comeback in 2016? Fortunately our DB’s are a little better this go around