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  1. Look up Rappaport’s tweet. Season ending surgery.
  2. 3. We still might see contributions from Darrynton Evans, Caleb Farley, Radunz, and Weaver. I think Evans and Farley can be the most impactful if they ever get off the injured list. McNichols is good but some of those 15 yard dump offs could go long with D Evans's speed. This will also, hopefully, make Henry fresher and more efficient if he's able to avoid 35 carries a game. I'm also very high on what Farley can do if he stays healthy. Radunz and Weaver are long shots to contribute this season, sadly. Weaver is out for the season.
  3. Titans first 3 possessions they had a 1&10 at the 19, 20 and 14 of the Jets. First possession: Reynolds drops a tough catch in EZ Wildcat to Henry for a couple Sack FG Second possession Henry for 7 Henry for 3, terrible spot, should have been a 1st at 10yd line 3rd and an inch, line up shotgun with McNichols in backfield and a new center- snapped over head FG 3rd possession Henry for 4 yds Endzone back shoulder throw to our smallest receiver - no chance Sack FG A lot of headscratchers in t
  4. One noticeable difference once the defensive changes were made is more speed on the field. Cruikshank, Jackson, Long, Adeniyi all bring more speed. This team looked slow against AZ.
  5. This past summer, my kid was caddying in a group that Manziel was supposed to play in. He was coming in town for a charity event and was going to play 36 the day before at two area courses, one of which my kid was a caddy. His Taylor Made rep calls him from the course at 7am and he answers- in Vegas, going strong (4am there) and says he missed the flight. Needless to say my kid was bummed but not surprised. Anyway, he arrived later and played at the charity event and I heard he was a solid stick. But his level is so far from a Tour player, he would have a better chance of tryin
  6. NWIF Davis comes back for $7MM. He’ll likely get double that elsewhere.
  7. Ha. Kind of odd situation though. SEA fans were always bitching that he ran it too much and didn’t “let Russ cook”. So he deviated that way and then Carroll says he didn’t run it enough. It’s in his DNA to run the ball ie Marty Ball. I would guess he will be a legit candidate here.
  8. His wife and kids have lived in Brentwood since he left Indy for Seattle. I would guess he would be lobbying to work here if/when Art leaves.
  9. Shit, hope Bowen won’t be too distracted
  10. And to add to how impressive our scoring avg is this year- we rank 29th in the league in opponents time of possession. Imagine if our D could get teams off the field and provide more offensive opportunities?
  11. X1000 The stats don’t lie and anyone that thinks this is only related to talent is out of their mind. Mahomes or Wilson aren’t behind center last I checked. We haven’t seen a Titans offense remotely close to this since McNair MVP year in 03 and that team avg 27/g for 5th in the league. In fact, since that year, the highest scoring/g was 23.8 in 2016. Go look at the drive chart of the IND 1st Half. Insanely efficient and productive football. But yeah, let’s hyper focus on some 2nd and long runs or trickery that doesn’t work and scurry the guy to a new job.
  12. Imagine if this offense wasn’t the 3rd highest scoring in the league. The complaining would be unbearable. From my seat, saw a lot of safety help on AJ’s side yesterday. Davis is the beneficiary of that and has settled in as a very solid #2. Unfortunately, someone will overpay him with the promise of being the #1 guy. And good for him in that case. Wish him the best and hope we can find a solid, reliable replacement.
  13. In the most affluent county of Indiana (suburb of Indy), the two largest cities in the county voted Democrat for the first time in many presidential elections. Deeply red state where it didn’t matter but...was quite telling. No more clown show. It’s a good day
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