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  1. To be fair, if you are coming here to mess with us, it's kind of like going to the special Olympics, and making fun of the participants. We all know we are are special needs, most of us just wanna get to the off season. That said, Titans by 50, JK.
  2. That dude should be punted to the moon (ha) he may ruined stonehouse career. Who knows if he will ever be the same again. We just cant have nice things.
  3. I'm at work, and I heard it on the pat macafee show, my bad, I figured if espn started talking about it, it was legit.
  4. How bad does he want out. Is it worth 10 mill to be realease lol.
  5. They were stupid for not trading him, now they get nothing for him.
  6. They were saying if released he would hit the waiver wire.
  7. Makes the most sense, they just need a game manager with that defense they have.
  8. just got announced on the pat macafee show.
  9. Currently, Cornerback is are weak spot on this team, not QB. You guys really hate tannehiill for no reason. lol. If I see #26 give up another 50+ PI penalty on Sunday morning I might lose it.
  10. Word on the street is that they are going to rotate LT every other series. Kidding....
  11. I mean at least they are trying. I'll take this as progress as far as Vrabel is concerned. Who knows may NPF actually does well at LT. Won't know till they try.
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