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  1. My longtime girlfriend was an huge mariota supporter until last night. Last night was the final straw for her. He was just missing easy throws. Like with swing route to hump, every thing is high with him. I honestly would not be surprised if he has a case of the yips to some degree.
  2. It seems like staffold is a bust, his “elite” run blocking does not make up for his shitty pass blocking, levitre 2.0. I’ll give Conklin the benefit of the doubt as he struggles playing next to the revolving door know as Douglas at RG. Like I don’t care how “far behind” Davis is, there is no way possible he can be worse then Douglas. Like blitz pickups and stuff, I get it. But at this point just having someone block the guy in front of you would be a upgrade. Davis better start in Atlanta or I’m rioting. Also mariota holding the ball longer then Oman doing his mail route didn’t help them, make the damn switch already. Mariota is clearly broken.
  3. You are the o line guy, how much was it on the o line last night. We all know that Mariota was holding on to the ball long enough for me go to the kitchen and make something to eat come back and he still has the ball. Douglas got a 12.4 PFF grade. (He should be cut). No way Davis could be worse? Right?
  4. I get it, getting the ball out quick makes offensive lineman better, but so far I have not been impressed with him, even the no name right guard is having a better pass blocking rating. I’m going to be paying more attention to him Thursday, if he’s getting impregnated every other play. I’ll be pissed. Having Lewan back soon will help but still.
  5. So far he has been a huge liability since the preseason. Him being average in the passing game would be an improvement.
  6. I’m so over signing big name guards for this franchise, they never work out. Staffold is ass at pass protection apparently. What should of been a strength going into this season has been a weakness. He’s good at run blocking because he’s “athletic” but gets blown up on. Pass protection.
  7. Some of the stuff he was right on, that play action play he did a stop route, if he keeps going he’s wide open. Not saying mariota is the answer, but not everything was on him.
  8. Yeah 21 unanswered points, totally a terrible offense.
  9. He cant step into that throw or he gets kneecapped and went back and looked.