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  1. What’s wrong with jones, he’s been decent this year?
  2. That’s some Kearse stuff right there.
  3. Who keeps letting this potato make new threads. This guy knows nothing about football.
  4. Maker84: Simmons is a scrub and we should cut him. im just waiting for this idiot to post something like this.
  5. Yeah, this scrub will be here next year regardless of who is QB.
  6. You mean will staffold give up sacks today or will he be the all pro guard we though we were getting when we signed him.
  7. Greco was terrible toward the end. I just thought it was funny they gave him that number.
  8. Lol they gave Parkey #3. The great Al Del Greco should be proud. Has any kicker wore the number since him?
  9. Who knows. But hey we have to second best center in the league so far this season. To bad the rest of the scrubs suck.
  10. If saffold sucks it up this Sunday, I’ll be pissed. Also, Jones is the second ranked center according to PFF. Maybe that extension was not a bad idea