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  1. This has to be a kid, or close to it. At least the ravens fans are going to go away. But not this idiot bills fan, who we didn’t even play in the playoffs. This guy is “special”. Tell me how are your Sundays looking now that your team is currently eliminated?
  2. That kid will be back as soon at Tannehill throws one incomplete pass.
  3. I rather you eat raven...hahah. I’ll see myself out. GL Saturday, win or lose it’s good to see the ravens and titans having meaningful football against each other in January. It’s a lot of nostalgia this week for sure.
  4. Just watched the 2008 playoff game with the ravens. (Painful I know). Got me wondering if the general consensus around here is that Is the current team is better? What are y’all thoughts?
  5. How bad was humphries ankle??? He’s been out for awhile.
  6. Ahhhh the Titans and Raven rivalry renewed. The good ole days.
  7. This potato is still posting. Well, I guess he has nothing else better to do. Since his QB went full retard against the Texans last night, everyone knows you don’t go full retard. Even the national media was amazed at the terrible qb play last night against the Texans, how you going to take a sack there. Lmao
  8. I think the pats had to call a timeout when he came out, that’s a win in my book. It’s clear vrabel knew what he was doing last night.
  9. You mean Tim Tebow Jr throwing ducks in the 4th qtr, and doing the stupidest things a Qb can do. Nah my guy, I’m happy as hell that when needed Tannehill threw a clutch pass to firkster to seal the game, and not getting eliminated. I understand being a bills fan has driven you to the point of coming to another teams board not in your division, to talk shit about a qb that use to be in your division. Which now that I type it is even sound more retarded then originally thought.
  10. How is this logical kid even still here, Allen looked like horse shit and lost them that game. Anyone with two eyes and brain can see that. Go back to your shitty bills forum, and start talking about potential draft picks. Haven’t won a playoff game since 1995, probably before you were born. Y’all need all the help you can get with monstrosity of a qb.
  11. That forum he’s on is weird, it has nfl talk mixed with political talk, so it’s a hot mess honestly. I believe it’s one of more obscure bills forums, make sense as being @Logical is from there.

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