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  1. Kelly on the other hand...if only we had drafted a solid right tackle in the first round....oh wait. Kid needs to get it together, Kelly was bad today.
  2. Stupid thread but was that bastard wearing a sock today?
  3. Having Calvin Johnson Jr (Claypool) going against Joseph tomorrow scares this shit out of me.
  4. Great, byard gets to babysit old man Joseph some more.
  5. What’s crazy about sambrilio is that he’s a force in the running game. He is a former 2nd round pick, and the light seems to have come on, if this guy turns out to be a stud this season he will for sure earn a big contract. Good OL are hard to find. I think we luck out if he does do well this season. Pittsburgh will be the biggest test for him. He was mowing people over in the Texans game.
  6. Something else. FML. If we have a tackle go down against pit we are screwed.
  7. If we hurt Big Ben, I don’t think the Steelers fans will ever forgive us. Most of them think it’s “their year”. Big Ben goes down their season is a wrap. The surgically repaired elbow they seem to be worried about not his knee.
  8. The rumors about big bens elbow maybe?
  9. Apparently, there are rumors that Big Ben is having elbow issues again. Something to keep an eye on going forward.
  10. I’m surprised we haven’t had any Steelers fans here yet. Lol

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