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  1. If a toe injury could derail a QB’s career, Air McNair would have only lasted a couple years. Man played with every injury possible and Levis is as tough as they come.
  2. He put up the stats, but it was clear to me he was slowing down and going down easier. As an earlier poster said, Father Time catches up to us all, running backs faster than others.
  3. Stroud scored extremely low on the cognitive test and there has never been a successful QB with a low score. There is definitely a big concern with Stroud and we would have traded future firsts to get him. Give me Levis all day. This draft worked out perfect for the Titans. Got one of the Top QB’s and a top o-linemen to go with him.
  4. Because I don’t think it was Ran who picked him. Vrabel has final say. That’s obvious. And yes, I would expect the GM to keep a close track on what side of the ball he was picking players. A common fan can do that.
  5. I don’t ever recall a GM not keeping track of the picks he’s made. It’s obvious Vrabel is in charge because no way this guy could be a true GM of an NFL franchise.
  6. How are you the GM and not realize you’ve only picked on offense?
  7. Hoping for CJ Johnson WR ECU
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