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  1. 1. If your grille is worth a shit, there's no propane odor or taste. If it's old and/or dirty, well, that's on you. 2. If you'll re-read my post, I mentioned "outdoor entertaining ". No one wants to sit around on the patio while I cook steaks or burgers on the stove. Feel free to do it your way.
  2. I've got a Lodge cast iron griddle that was intended to go across two stove burners but works perfectly on the gas grille It takes about 20 minutes to get up to 550 - 575 and then cooks steaks or burgers to perfection. One side is flat and the other ribbed. Either works for steaks but burgers are a little better on the flat top Hard to beat for outdoor entertaining.
  3. That's pretty much right. Sirius offers a lot of variety in music but the quality is pretty poor. It uses compressed digital files that really are pretty lofi. The one thing that's nice is not having to search for stations when you travel. My 2017 Chrysler came with a 1 yrs subscription but I didn't renew. The novelty was over by then.
  4. You can learn to do anything with your off hand. I remember when I tore my right bicep tendon. The first time I tried to wipe my ass with my left hand I had to take a shower. It looked like a crime scene.
  5. Who started the thread? This sort of thing just gets the Trumpetts knickers in a twist.
  6. "Cheap" and "Tesla" don't belong in the same paragraph.
  7. Amazing............... Seven years and 473 pages of discussion, speculation, arguments and even insults over what amounts to a middle ages soap opera. I'm sure there's some really heavy significance to all this but I'll be damned if I can find it.
  8. What's your priority? A. Driving enjoyment or B. Reliability? A. Accord: good reliability and fun to drive. B. Camry: bulletproof reliability but dull as dry toast.
  9. A somewhat mentally challenged, emotionally unstable 13 yo girl.
  10. LMAO, "Resurrection Act" Only Jesus can help you immigrants.☠️☠️ Tux, you really are an illiterate moron
  11. Have to admit my ignorance. This was the first and only episode I've ever watched so it didn't make much sense. Lord of the Rings meets Revenge of the Sith with a side order of Walking Dead. Not exactly enthralled..even the gore was weak but I can see how you could get addicted.
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