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  1. They can't be that dumb. Oh, wait..it's jags.
  2. Trump to translator: "Hurry up and burn/erase/shred any notes of that meeting." Translator to Trump: "Fuck that - I'm not going to jail for you!"
  3. The farmers don't read the NY Times.
  4. Opus74

    Our unis

    Deck chairs
  5. Opus74

    2018-2019 Wildcard Weekend Thread

    Asshole just had to bring that up!
  6. Opus74

    2018-2019 Wildcard Weekend Thread

    Clearly they didn't expect this from Jackson
  7. Opus74

    Pees back

    All I am saying is give Pees a chance.
  8. Opus74

    My thoughts that no one cares about

    You're right..........no one cares.
  9. Opus74

    Good games Sunday

    There was a young fellow named Sidney Who drank till he ruined his kidney It shriveled and shrank As he sat there and drank But he had a good time doing it didn't he?
  10. How on the world will we fight off the zombie apocalypse without these? Not to mention the Russian/Chinese/North Korean invasion.
  11. Opus74

    Stuff you cant make up...

    Poor Jake
  12. Opus74

    Giants Week

    Dumbass kicker!
  13. Opus74

    Giants Week

    I haven't seen anything to make me think the jets can do squat against the Texans so I'm not even going to get my hopes up for winning the division.