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  1. I just got it too! Finger crossed that there will be a season!
  2. So Conklin’s deal was basically double Kelly’s deal on annual average and much more in guaranteed. Makes sense.
  3. Will his time on the Commisioner’s Exempt list count towards his suspension?
  4. I asked Harold Landry after the game if it was alright to call him “Honor”. He just laughed it off and said he didn’t mind.
  5. Bortles looked like an all pro last week and played like shit today. There were many times when Jags WRs we’re open down field, but Bortles either threw to underneath receivers or behind them. I think the defensive game plan and player’s buying in to the plan has to be taken into consideration. I don’t know how they’re doing it, but I like it!
  6. After the last 2 wins, I have faith that the head coach and coaching staff are capable and give the team a chance to win. They don’t owe us, as fans, or opposing teams the reasoning behind their decisions. This was a miserable game. It was hot as hell and there was no breeze all day. They were able to keep the game close, limit big plays, maintain field position and not turn the ball over. Derrick Henry was built for closing out the game with strong runs the last 10 minutes of the game. The Jags coach is an idiot for going for the fake punt on their first drive. That was a dumb, unnecessary risk and the Titans made them pay with a field goal. The Titans still have some voodoo over the Jags. By the way, Ben Jones was the man today and put it all out on the field today. He looked like a crippled ghost of himself waking to the team bus. He got beat up by their defensive line and will probably take a few days off to rest.
  7. You win! You were wrong. Congratulations! It was an ugly ass game, but that was the only way the Titans could win today. The fans in the stands were 100% deflated. It was glorious!
  8. I know I’m getting into semantics, but here is the NFL’s rule on Horsecollar tackles: The defender grabbed Delanie’s jerseys nameplate level, went completely horizontal and pulled him towards the ground with all of his weight. Watch the replay and you can see the defender’s left arm extend and release as he loses grip and falls. Was this one egregious? Probably not, but based on the rules it was a horsecollar tackle.
  9. The hit on Lewan was exactly the type of hit that the NFL put in the new targeting/lowering the helmet/hit to a defenseless player rules in for. It is ridiculous that Branch wasn’t ejected. The NFL ejected Shaun Williams for a much less egregious play earlier in the day. Additionally, it sure looked like Tajae Sharpe bumped legs with Reshard Jones on the interception, which should have been called down by contact at the Miami 45. Also, I went back and watched the Delanie Walker injury and it was a pretty clear horse collar tackle. The defender had his left hand around Walker’s nameplate/neck and used his entire body weight to tackle him. There is way too much inconsistency in the calls for a professional sport.
  10. Firkser, aka “white Delanie” looked really good in his series in the 2nd half.
  11. I just went from a 55” Panasonic plasma (55VT50), that I loved, to a 65” LG OLED. My warranty was set to expire in August and I had some clouding on the plasma screen. BestBuy came out and gave me a credit for my old plasma and I used it to purchase the OLED. I bought last year’s OLED65C7P on clearance. I’m pretty happy so far. The picture is definitely different than the plasma, but I’m getting used to it. 4K content looks incredible! It’ll be interesting to see what DirecTV offers, as far as 4K sports content, this fall.
  12. Rights to broadcast NFL games are purchased in advance. The effects of this will not be fully understood until the next round of negotiations occur. Could be a small blip and not impact the going rates or the networks may be willing to pay much less if they aren’t getting the same income from advertisers as they use to.
  13. Are the Titans offering any ticket only options for season ticket holders for the London game? I don’t really want to spend the $$ for the hospitality packages. The jags just released single tickets for their game today.

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