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  1. How far left have ALL of the Democrats gone? The extremes are one thing, but the whole group? I imagine you don't like (and probably get frustrated) when extreme Republicans (Nazis, other terrorist that bomb abortion clinics and gay clubs) paint all Republicans as whackjobs. As such, it is pretty common for those on the Left to see themselves as Center due to the Far Right being in control. I recall many here saying that H. Clinton was more Center than Left when compared to other Democrats from the past decades.
  2. So... someone help me here. Do we "Support Our Troops" on this one?
  3. You know how I can tell LongTimeFan is a Republican? He accepts all wrong-doing by anyone claiming to be a Republican. Dude, you know you can disagree and condemn their specific, individual actions and STILL consider yourself a Republican, right?
  4. I believe what you are sharing. I would venture the doubt that the leaders may not have gotten responses from everyone in their group, though. Either on purpose or innocence.
  5. And he was voted in just to "own the libs." The Cons still don't care about helping others. They just want to inflict as much damage on those they disagree with. Odd how the MegaChurches (that would rather buy private jets than help poor neighborhoods) flock to hate when they claim to be Christian.
  6. (I think the Title of the thread is misunderstood. I think Jamal intended for the post-colon message to be a summary of the article, not a demand to Trump.) But to your link, if you step away emotionally, do you understand his point of view? Kaepernick's stance is built on an anti-slavery quote - and slavery is a foundational piece of the racial problems.
  7. Didn't you read Bongo's infographic? Masks are only ineffective OUTSIDE of a healthcare setting. Once you step inside a healthcare facility, mask are magically imbued with effectiveness.
  8. To balance your anecdote, I personally knew a native american that worked to change the name of a college mascot for years. The college ultimately did so, but only because of a threat of losing funding from the NCAA. It's weird, it's like you can't paint a whole group of people with the same brush. It's like they are individuals or something.
  9. What does that have to do with it? You sound like you don’t believe in the value of public education. Hell, I bet you are one of those thinly-veiled far-rights that call themselves libertarian.
  10. So you are in favor of properly funding public education then?
  11. @tgo Why the "dislike" reaction? I see there are edits - did I miss something?
  12. Whoa there, SK. You probably just triggered some posters to pledge to never come back to TR again!
  13. I appreciate the effort. But sadly, I'm to the point that if it is a link to a Fox "personality" I won't waste the time. A Fox newscaster? Sure, I'll watch. I don't trust their "opinion" people at all. I apologize for this, but these videos aren't a conversation between people but an agenda spread by a corporation. If you want to have a personal discussion here, I'll take part.
  14. You guys must love propaganda because I only barely heard of this when it happened and then only little fits from the brainwashed on social media for a week or so after.
  15. If they go with Warriors, then it’d be the Wizards and Warriors. That’s a name of an old NES game. (And probably DND stuff)

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