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  1. AJ gone get his ass benched for revealing company secrets that we all are aware of...
  2. Brady throws an elbow to a man's face and doesn't get ejected. Ok...
  3. I see your points gentlemen but the Bills could be frauds as well. The only good team they've played is KC, and KC may be fool's gold as well this year. Still too early to separate the good and great teams imo. I think we can win, but I think it'll be close.
  4. Forget about the Seahawks already buddy? I think that was our one that we win where no one thinks it's possible.
  5. Now let's get some garbage sacks/ints!
  6. Simmons is having a more visible impact in defense compared to the past couple of games. Also good to see the LBs minus Rashaan Evans. Long has missed on a few plays, but he's made some great plays too. Fulton still playing well and was nice to see Molden get on the field (did he play more than one snap?) Tannehill not holding the ball as much which is probably helping the protection which seems improved. Hopefully they close this out easily...
  7. That or he didn't like the call against that 5 man front of the Jags
  8. Lol, shocked he got a contact showing up out of shape...
  9. I know we're not technically at the quarter mark of the season but it's close enough. Who ya got for these spots so far? Offensive MVP: DH2K. Not going into detail here, we all know why... Defensive MVP: Honor Landry. He's making a leap from good to great. He needs to finish with sacks more often, but his versatility and athleticism have been exciting to watch. Hoping for at least 10 sacks this year for him. Most Improved Player: Kristian Fulton. Finally showing the talent we saw from him at LSU. Could be developing into a lockdown corner. His technique ha
  10. Are we limited to the time remaining even though it's our 1st possession?
  11. Fake injures to slow the momentum...
  12. Fulton hurt? Seeing Borders in at CB
  13. Good to see Rashaan Evans pulled off the field on 3rd down. No way his option is picked up.
  14. Quick passes. I don't wanna Tannehill having to hold the ball against that front with the way our OL has been performing. Would be a recipe for more turnovers...
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