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  1. No disrespect, but I don't see this as a lucky win. Yes there were plays that don't happen every week (blocked fg, defensive TD), but players still have to create those plays and those are game changing plays. How many games have the Pats won due to a block or defensive TD? Several. The fake Tannehill fumble was more about luck than the fg block. The botched fg can be argued as luck, but I saw it as the football gods evening things out after that "fumble". I don't think we should've lost, we went out and took that W. Our defense looked bad partially due to the skewed TOP (and missing a few players to injury), but they weren't as bad as some seem to think, considering the opponent.
  2. They lined him up out wide I think last week or the week before. Not sure what route he ran though.
  3. The 2 man rush was done to make Mahomes hold the ball and waste clock waiting for someone to get open. It didn't work very well, but I can see the reason for it
  4. I still wanna know what was up with the whistle being blown right before the Hump TD. I thought that play was about to be a disaster because I felt like half the players thought play was being stopped due to the whistle. Not to mention that the clock kept running even after that whistle costing us time. Just glad we won, but that bothered me.
  5. Crazy thing is, I'm sure the gameplan was to control the clock and limit KCs TOP, but due to the way the game played out, we couldn't do that.
  6. I think the downfield passing is limited due to the ineptitude of the OL. He has to have time for the deep routes to develop, but our OL gets beat too quickly too often.
  7. Kelly was supposed to get his man on the ground with a cut block, he failed...
  8. Don't wanna cut him yet but I don't wanna hear that he's not healthy shit either. If he's that unhealthy he shouldn't be playing. Especially being such a game altering piece such as a kicker.