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  1. Wonder if Honor got hurt during that dumbass rainy scrimmage?
  2. I wish we had a real fullback. We signed Nudie, then released him, but I thought he'd come back for camp this year. Was kinda weird how that saga played out.
  3. Vrabel keeps downplaying the production of McNichols by saying things like "that's the minimum that run should've gotten based on how it was blocked" etc. Either he's it's coachspeak and he's hoping to stash him on the PS or he's genuinely unimpressed. Hard to tell...
  4. Would people be happier had he slid down at the 1? He's running full speed, so close to the goal line, instincts take over. He didn't intend to flip, the defender caused that to happen. He did leave his feet though, but otherwise he would've taken a big hit from the defender.
  5. I like Derick Roberson. He played well last week, but im unsure on whether he'll be suiting up tonight.
  6. There are a lot of Hall of Fame ass people on that team, so I think I'm missing the point....
  7. This alone makes the game worth watching. At least for a bit.
  8. I hope, but I've been hearing good things about Finch and he typically plays on the strong side of the formation. Finch has to be whooping somebody's ass, are we sure it's not Conk's?
  9. I see what you did there... because he misses receivers high. NOT FUNNY!!!
  10. Im interested in seeing Cam Wake play a few snaps. I wanna see what he has and if he's still as good as advertised. We really haven't heard much about him in practice. Also excited to see Finch is still performing. I think Derrick Roberson could be a nice surprise. When rewatching the preseason game, he had some high quality snaps. I think he could really surprise us as this year's Finch.
  11. True, but reporters have been saying that receivers are completely blanketed, so for now I'll say the defense is good. With that said, throw that shit up and see who can make the contested catches. He should always force it to Corey in practice when he's covered, just to see if Corey bails him out most of the time by catching it or preventing the int.
  12. Yeah, practice is for testing to see if you can make the throw into that opening or not, so not real concerning to see ints in practice.
  13. Honestly, part of me believes he does it on purpose. I remember the recievers saying that he threw a "very catchable ball" as they termed it, so I think he takes heat off of it to help the receivers. There are times where he needs to let it rip though, but he sometimes doesn't.
  14. If you can't be happy catching passes from Brees, it may be time to call it a career. Maybe he and Antonio Brown will open a cupcake shop.
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