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  1. Yeah the Ravens will have trouble fielding a competitive team at this point. I really hate the idea of half the nfl teams making the playoffs, but seems like a possibility now...
  2. Really hoping it isn't the start of something more sinister considering we just played the ravens....
  3. I've always thought he was a good player who needed a shot to play. He looked really good in the 10 or so snaps he played against the bills and last year as well. I think he'll be better than Tulloch and Williamson, but maybe there's a reason the staff couldn't find a spot for him prior to the Jayon injury. Time will tell, but I'm excited to see him play!
  4. A week early, but still significant...
  5. Derrick Henry's best runs Didn't notice it live, but Titans put Dez King at DE in this game! Quessenberry
  6. Vrab vs Harbaugh Baldy breakdown of Henry wearing down Ravens I'll add more later and feel free to post anything you find.
  7. With some defensive coverages, you simply have to play off. Running a palm coverage for example, the CB can't make the proper reads in press coverage. With that said, they are not always running palms, but may be trying to give the illusion that they may. Some of it is due to the coverage call. If your responsibility is deep third, you can't get caught pressing and have another receiver run by you. Some of the problem is the coverage call in relation to down and distance. Bowen has to learn to balance risk vs reward in certain situations.
  8. Was anyone else shocked that the Colts had fans at field level and that the players were actually jumping into the stands and celebrating with them? That was insane to me. Shocked that the NFL hasn't made a statement about it.
  9. He's also called out his OC in previous weeks as well. Not what you want from your leader on offense. Keep complaints in-house, putting it in the media is childish...
  10. Why are they not showing any replays? Tougher to tell what happened on plays...
  11. Clowney has an unreal ability to get skinny and get penetration on run plays. He just needs to sure up his tackling...

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