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  1. Probably looking for a more reliable speed receiver. Raymond struggled last night and who knows how he's looked in practice.
  2. If you look at the replay, that was a running play all the way, hence no sack, but tfl...
  3. Xbox espn app. Just log in with a family members' info who actually pays for cable.
  4. I don't recall a single incident from this guy in college (GA is my college team), but he's come here and been a complete disappointment. Think about how much alcohol a guy his size has to ingest to have that BAC. I can't see us cutting a 1st round pick this early, but a suspension could be a good solution. The team has to get his attention somehow...
  5. They wanted to keep him away from an AFC south rival From CBS article... Apparently that dual strategy was also utilized by other teams that pursued Clowney in recent weeks, per Florio: The Seattle Seahawks, who acquired Clowney via trade prior to 2019 but reportedly had several contract offers rejected, did not want to face the defensive end as a member of the New Orleans Saints, who reportedly made a strong push for the free agent in the lead-up to the season; and the Baltimore Ravens, who reportedly tried to orchestrate a sign-and-trade agreement to land Clowney from the Jacksonville Jaguars, apparently didn't want to face Clowney as a member of the Titans.
  6. Should've went with the all white so we can go up in that bitch looking like storm troopers and burn it down. YUCK!!!
  7. Wow! Was interested in seeing him and Casey together. I don't wish injury on anyone and I wish him a full and speedy recovery, but considering our situation at tackle, I can breathe a bit easier.
  8. I also heard her mention that Vrab had planned to take a picture of Clowney eating with them in the Titans cafeteria to throw some shade at the Saints lol. Would've made for a good laugh...
  9. Yeah I'm in GA, so we operate on eastern time. Thought about taking Tuesday off work, but everyone knows I'm a titans fan so that may not look good since it's our busy time at work. Maybe I'll just start my work day at 9:30 rather than the usual 8...
  10. Teams couldn't really see players play, so I feel like that's why there were so few claims.
  11. Yeah whoever said he chose familiarity over money is full of shit.... Just glad we got it done!

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