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  1. I never allow these numbers to be worn in my madden franchise, so glad to see it officially happen lol.
  2. 5' 10". I REALLY miss seeing this guy play lol...
  3. He didn't play much, but seemed to make an impact play every now and then. I'm sure he'll find work soon enough....
  4. I get irritated watching the entire clock drain, just to see what we all kew would happen. I know they entertain trade calls for a bit, but damn...
  5. DH was hit in the backfield constantly the first half of the season. No RB can function like that. I think it was more about the OL improving the second half of the season than anything. Of course DH still has to hit the hole, make his read and run through contact and he did just that when he had some space. Look at the ridiculous holes Gurley got last season compared to Henry. Henry should have more running lanes this year and I hope he kills it and re-signs here. I like his unselfish attitude and I love the big power backs that this organization seems to have an affinity for and DH continues that legacy.
  6. This smells like Andre Johnson 2.0 to me. I'd pass....
  7. Rosen likely would've cost more capital though and he's less experienced. You're not sure of what you have in Rosen either, but we know what Tannehill is... personally, I'd prefer Tannehill
  8. I don't know the details, but why wait so long for surgery? Maybe trying to see if it healed on is own?
  9. It's like he's playing franchise mode on madden with the roster and I love it!
  10. Heard the Dolphins are eyeing Spain...
  11. I know another 1st round lineman isn't a sexy pick, but the cowboys used a similar strategy to build their line and that was what allowed Zeke to run wild, while taking pressure off of Dak. I think we have guys who can make plays on offense, but the line play last year made things difficult. The QB can't make reads if he's constantly under pressure and RBs can't run if they are constantly hit in the backfield. That's why I've always felt that the offensive line is the most important unit on offense.
  12. Im hoping the silence on Justin Houston's front means he's overvaluing himself and maybe we snag him at some point as well when he lowers his expectations...
  13. More than expected there. Not sure how much I like that deal...
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