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  1. He's one to keep an eye on. Was a great catch by him on the Tannehill mic'd up vid.
  2. Is Bud out there yet? So much hype over JJ, but I haven't seen anything on our big money free agent...
  3. I was just making a joke bro. I definitely want JJ to be a titan! Hopefully we throw a bit more to preserve Henry if we sign him...
  4. You don't remember the Randy Moss era huh? Lol
  5. Just a drill, but not too shabby...
  6. I'm thinking Kevin Johnson will start, but Molden will get some playing time early on. Maybe he takes the LB slot in sub packages like vaccaro did. This staff really makes rookies earn playing time rather than just giving it to them due to draft slot. He may take the nickel role by week 5 though if he develops well.
  7. Thank you for mentioning how guys read and react on the defense. This is why Rashaan Evans moving to edge made ZERO sense. Our ends read even on passing downs before rushing. It's kinda stupid and it was part of the reason for the defensive regression. Evans couldn't just rush blindly based on how the defense was run last year. He would've had the same issues. With that said, I'm hoping that changes this year and we allow them to just all out rush, at least on 3rd and long. I need to see some changes from a schematic standpoint, not just personnel.
  8. Pick made me think of this lol. How funny would it be if he actually replaces Lewan next year...
  9. Picked this up from reddit after I heard about it. Apparently the tweet was deleted but, too late! Both teams win 11 games btw...
  10. Lol thanks for setting this up, it was fun! It was nice to have March Madness back. I just felt like the Zags would eventually have an off day and it happened at the worst possible time. Baylor played a big part in creating that off day and played great last night.
  11. I honestly want Gonzaga to win as well. I've always been a fan and even had done Zags gear about 15 years ago lol. The only reason I bet against them is because of how hard it is to go undefeated. I felt like Baylor was the second best team, so that's who I took...
  12. Taylor better shut the fuck up. He's gets dinged up often as well and Robinson ain't playing that shit no more. His ass will be next lol
  13. Anyone know what the Pats were asking for Gilmore? I'd be optimistic that the defense would be solid if we got him and it would eliminate a draft need.
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