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  1. We don't even know if Pees will be back next year. Could be an entirely different scheme.
  2. I really wish these guys who give these "inside scoops" would show some loyalty to the team and not reveal this information. Especially before a game of this magnitude. The Colts didn't need to know he wasn't playing until kickoff. I hope they figure out who the asshole is and fire him...
  3. Yeah, I never knew of this information. Perhaps a big miss by the medical team. Hopefully this isn't a problem the rest of his career.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-gameday-prime/0ap3000001003960/L-T-Deion-and-Shannon-give-their-picks-for-Colts-Titans-in-Week-17 Kinda surprised Deion picked us to win, he even admitted that we don't like him (though he pretends to not know why) . He threw a jab at Byard for not making the probowl too, lol. Gotta love Prime...
  5. I think they are trying not to wear Henry out...
  6. Looks like they are rushing to contain him, hence little pressure.
  7. Morgan played great against the Giants, but Rak has looked done all year. His burst and quickness have evaporated.
  8. See if he has video, then send it to TMZ. Do it now! We need a victory Saturday!
  9. Dean Pees earning that paycheck. Can't wait to see the all 22 to see what he was doing. Check out the quotes below, we are actually outcoaching opponents! Barkley and some Giants offensive linemen said the Titans showed some different looks than they’d seen on tape from previous games. “They did a lot of different things, gave us some looks and different movements, trying to create movement up there to confuse us,” Barkley said. “They tried to disguise blitzes and bring blitzes in certain places. That was what I thought they did differently than other teams we’ve faced. Right guard Jamon Brown, who’s been a key to the recent running success, said that Titans “had a good plan.” “They did show a couple things they hadn’t shown [on film],” Brown said. “We just didn’t make the plays that we needed to. We had a slow start and couldn’t put anything together.” Full article: https://nypost.com/2018/12/16/even-giants-were-in-awe-of-titans-saquon-barkley-plan/
  10. Hopefully he keeps it up and get to 1k. Too late for probowl?
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