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  1. He says it at around the 1 minute mark. Another vid of the ravens win, but I didn't hear that part in other vids.
  2. I think he sought Earl out. In the turning point vid he told Earl "you ain't did shit, I put up 200 on y'all..." then called Earl by name. I'll post it in a topic because I don't think a lot of people have seen it. It has different footage than the other vids.
  3. Anyone else shocked that we didn't hear anything from Ray Lewis leading up to and after this game?
  4. Yes the Ravens put up yards, but they ran almost 100 plays. Of course they'll get some yards running that many plays. Not to mention most yards were against our prevent defense. We just have to find a way to score points.
  5. He actually picked us to beat the ravens. Ed Reed had a little spat with him on Twitter due to Pollard not supporting the ravens. I don't understand why he seems to follow us so closely when he wasn't here long AND quit on us Rishard Matthews style. When I think of number 31 I think Lance Schulters not him.
  6. How glorious would it be to end the patriot dynasty that Vrabel was a part of (and that we have had many memorable battles with), then take down the Ravens for Pees (and to exorcise our own demons), then take down the team Vrab was traded to with the hottest offense in football. You'd swear this was a movie script. It's gonna be epic boys!
  7. Bidens Press Secretary (a big titans fan) isn't a fan of that tweet:
  8. Always wear your shit. I wore mine with pride in Atlanta, NO, and Jax. At the end of the day, it's just a game.
  9. Titans part starts at 5:55. The boys were crunk!
  10. The Bills seemed to slow them down decently, but they didn't have the offense to capitalize.

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