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  1. Just something to laugh at during the offseason (Clowney thread is getting boring). 53 is one of my favorite titans all time. I got his autograph and chatted with him when I went to the code blue game vs the 9ers years ago. We should retire his number after hearing about this one! I always wonder why it takes so long for stuff like this to come out...
  2. Curtis Jackson should wear number 50 for obvious reasons...
  3. Yeah, I'm positive they'll get him on an nfl regimen and have him drop a bit of weight.
  4. You guys seem to be pros at this, any advice you could give to a novice? I've been doing stock trading for about 8 months and I've had some stocks double in price one quintuple, but I know I still have a ton to learn. Any general advice or good buys for when this is over?
  5. Saw this on the reddit. Vic wasn't expecting that lol...
  6. Casey with Von Miller is the shit QB nightmares are made of. Definitely feels like a gut punch, but I wish him the best.
  7. If we just zero blitz Mariota all game, we win easily....
  8. I'll always remember that kick in the freezing cold to beat KC in the playoffs, but hard to justify keeping him.
  9. I would do it depending on who is on the board. A late 1st is essentially a 2nd round pick to me anyway...
  10. Did anyone see where AJ tweeted out "bullshit" in response to Kyler winning it. He later apologized, he seems like a bit of a diva to me sometimes, but if he can produce like TO, but be not quite as crazy as him, I'm cool...
  11. He says it at around the 1 minute mark. Another vid of the ravens win, but I didn't hear that part in other vids.

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