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  1. AtoZ and Reising are a bunch of amateurs masquerading as journalists.
  2. I’m sure the Ravens front 7 thought similarly last year. And since when doesn’t it count when it’s late in the game?
  3. He’s got the wrong friends. He’s going to either have to choose to ditch them or he’s done.
  4. What are the odds that Wilson ends up back on the covid list?
  5. I do remember this. I think I found it funny that big railed for so long against Mariota and for a change at QB and then when it happened he shit on the replacement.
  6. 7th round picks get routinely cut...
  7. Teams figured the screen game out after last year.
  8. Texans certainly would be a good job if Smith was looking to try head coaching. QB is in place and LT in place.
  9. I think you're going a little over board there. It was a great call with Tannehill the WR drawing extra attention.
  10. Vrabel said they would have gone for it on 4th.
  11. Is that true. Why did Romo and Nantz do so many of our games last year?
  12. Miami being proactive in front of the coming Fitz meltdown. May be smart move.
  13. I think they only closed that loophole a few years ago. 49ers did something similar to Saints at end of the half where they tackled all of the Saints receivers forcing the Saints to have only one play instead of 2. Now the refs are instructed to call an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and put time back on the clock.
  14. I don't think it was the league. It was other teams GMs and owners (Jones) that pushed the historic punishment angle out to the media.

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