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  1. No but I remember he immediately kinda changed that Broncos game. Like the offense was flowing for the first time in a while and his throws were looking night and day from Marcus. I think AJB got that dumb offensive penalty to negate a huge gain or something.
  2. Why is every page shitty Colts discourse... They aren't good, and we have bigger fish to fry (Chiefs, Browns, Bills). Even the Ravens...
  3. Colts seem pretty conservatively average. Or slightly above. 9-8, possibly 10-7. The Titans have a much more talented roster. I think after ~ week 6 they'll be steamrolling teams.
  4. Looking at their offense loaded with star players, the replenished defense and the additions on the d-line. Are we in our championship window. If not, what are they missing.
  5. So have potentially the best WR and RB in the league. Another budding superstar #1 WR and a top 5 o-line with a star LT. Marquee coordinators across the country should be begging to join us.
  6. Loving the Radunz pick more and more. Line should be stacked with him and Lamm there as depth.
  7. A 2nd is chump change. Not sure I necessarily believe we have the most complete team in the league, especially with some secondary question marks and new coaches being introduced. But fuck it. It's fun, a 2 isn't anything otherworldly and we have the talent to make a run against anyone.
  8. JRob will get this across the line on June 1st. I couldn't be more sure of it
  9. If we're a serious team this year literally go and get him
  10. Last years rookies should all attend this year
  11. schedule looks tough besides the jags and texans games. can see us hovering around .500 this year
  12. We saw us play more attacking style just the year prior, with opportune downfield strikes to clinch playoff games. It's pretty hypocritical to win with Smith, but lose with Vrabel. They both called piss poor games. Art wasn't a rookie coordinator so the excuses aren't there for me. And not only did we go extremely passive, there was no creativity in the run game either. Everything Henry got was on the back of his own ability. No misdirections or trick plays devised to fool defenses. Just power running all game long.
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