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  1. ^ all of the eligible names in either tweet besides Alexander are in the hall
  2. Henry is more efficient and better than Beast Mode ever was pure rushing, and breaks new records every week that have him beside only the most elite company of rushers in the history of this game.
  3. We're witnessing hall of fame level / all time great caliber rushing from Derrick at the moment. Please do not take it for granted. He should be in MVP conversations.
  4. Yea I'm absolutely prioritizing Corey over someone like Jayon at this point if it came down to it. Possibly both if we get out of Hump or Malcolm's contract. It's insane that Byard has almost become our worst long term contract. I'd rather pay both Jayon and Corey (and Jonnu) and draft another safety in the first two rounds if it were possible.
  5. wish my bb corey could have pushed his way in. pause
  6. we're a game out of not being in the playoffs. that's significantly different than being 10-0 lols
  7. Last years defense and we'd be borderline Steelers tier in terms of record
  8. Death, taxes, Byard getting picked on by TE's
  9. Your brain is drowning in acid reflux you smooth brained neanderthal super cringe pfp too. blocked lolz
  10. Uh he absolutely is. His feet, and route running and breaks are how he can get open near instantaneously.
  11. And the backup only looked 'ok' because of the extra help and chip blocking he was getting every play. Aka less players free on the field to run routes. With our quickest (not fastest) receiver out already (Hump) and a primitive OC it's not hard to understand why this offense fell off a cliff

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