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  1. ironnnnn KNEEEEEEE Not you of all people talking about an agenda, lol. You were soyraging in gamethreads about Derrick Henry getting fourth quarter carries and proclaiming his stats were being padded. Has RT had one good game since he's gone down? That's three games in a row he's dropped stinkers. Causation doesn't equate to correlation, but the longer this keeps up the more damning the evidence is going to look. RT has a legacy defining run until the end of the season to display he isn't a one dimensional system QB. And for our sake we'd better
  2. Right, the PA has been non-existent since Henry has gone down. And, in conjunction so has Tannehill's mealticket play. Most of anything positive Tannehill has done the past two years has been because of playaction or the RPO. Not only is it extremely evident to see, but the coaches know it as well. They know Tannehill isn't a true dropback thrower of the football. He's limited and can't process multiple reads fast enough. He's a playaction / slants guy, and his pocket awareness is horrendous. The Titans were trying to force rhythm out of scrubs like D'onta
  3. Well then why are Tannehill stans primitive raging when concerns about his game are brought up? It's time to adjust expectation and be realistic about his play and ability. Or, is that only allowed when it suits your agenda.
  4. Could see us getting stomped out. Unless we get multiple sacks and interceptions from this defense.
  5. Wait, he isn't "elite" anymore? He's simply just good? 😹 Is he still better than Kyler?
  6. It's not even that Tannehill simply looks average. He flatout looks awful out there without Henry's gravity. Tannehill plays the more important position, but he's an easier caliber of player to find than a Derrick Henry.
  7. Kirk Cousins tier QB and it shouldn't be taken as disrespect by Titans fans.
  8. He's just immobile man. You can't have a QB that stonefooted in the pocket anymore in 2021. He isn't doing his lineman any favors.
  9. Boooooooo Tannemickey boooooooo caucasian Mariota boooooo!
  10. They'd be in game threads complaining about Henry statpadding carries. Mf... the coaches do NOT trust Tannehill to make a play lmfaoooo. Such an ill group of fans.
  11. Downing and Vrabel would rather lose handing the ball off to 71 year old Adrian Peterson than to trust their "elite" QB to make a play. When will we as a fanbase be free from this.
  12. This. Like it was inevitable. The offense has been fucking garbage for weeks now. Elite QB Tannehill struggling to even consistently gain first downs. He's a mediocre QB and this team has zero shot at winning a championship this season if Derrick Henry doesn't make it back in time, and at close to 100%.
  13. AP hasn't had one encouraging run in two games after being forcefed the ball. Can't see Bell being worse than that. Bring him in.
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