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  1. This was super awesome. Genuinely one of the more interesting, precise and informative breakdowns I've ever seen
  2. The "trade Lewan" sect of the fanbase are continually begging for attention
  3. You have got to be the dumbest poster on this site
  4. The UDFA class is seeming sort of exceptional also. Or Mike Herndon is just the best salesman in the business
  5. Three Titans on this list, including his #1 sleeper in the class
  6. We definitely need more physicality on this defense. What guys like Nyheim Hines were doing to us was embarrassing. Need more violence at the p.o.a, hopefully Autry and Weaver can help with that at the QB too.
  7. Hard for me to assign letter grades, but I'll do this categorically. Elite: Caleb Farley, Elijah Molden Great picks with upside: Dillon Radunz, Rashad Weaver Solid / intriguing: Dez Fitzpatrick, Brady Breeze Indifferent / meh / who?: Racey McMath, Monty Rice
  8. Don't see why NYG let Engram go. Hurst would be nice. Howard is cooked. Njoku would be pretty dynamic. What happened to Ertz this past season. I didn't keep up w the Eagles at all.
  9. I think the hysteria over pass catchers can be somewhat justified but also sensationalistic. Defensively we're night and day improved across all three levels. We still have our star top 5 QB, the best running back in the league and a bonafide elite wr. I love the Radunz pick and Lamm now becomes on of the best swing tackles in the league. Simmons will totally break out next year with Autry beside him wrecking havoc. We have some promising young guys poised to take that step in Fulton and Darrynton Evans. We should be a fun team to watch next season and the class of the
  10. Rice sounds like another guy in the David Long vein
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