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  1. Lame, regarding Lawrence. Was hoping it a career altering setback.
  2. Memento by Christopher Nolan as well since you liked The Game.
  3. The Game is fucking fantastic. Thrillers are FIncher's bread & butter. Gone Girl was another great one by him.
  4. Him and Fuaga are brickhouses man. Honestly not so stressed about the nuance of our draft position. Any of the top four tackles and we're fixing a huge hole on this line for the next 5-10 years.
  5. Getting to 6 feels critical to get one of the tackles. 8th is like that super ugly medium. ~LT3, ~WR3, ~QB3? Range. RT1?
  6. 15 was a steep fall, but I just think being in position to take any of Alt/Fashanu/Latham/Fuaga and maybe even Paul/Mims is a can't lose position (4 - ~15). Picking up another 1 for 2025 and other additional draft capital while still adding a pillar onto the line feels like a no lose scenario.
  7. Who's on the top of the list of guys you'd want to take his spot?
  8. Yeppp. Or even similar to how the Goff trade helped create the spine that took us to the AFCCG. The roster is just so dire and devoid of talent that falling into pick #2 and the chance for some other team to grab QB2 off the board or MHJ might set us up with a surplus of assets than we can put around Levis.
  9. Trade down if possible to acquire a future first +. That would be a dream scenario.
  10. I don't care, even if we can't get Olu or Alt, then get Fuaga or Latham or Paul or Mims. Jack Conklin was not a bad draft pick at all for us. 9 of the 10 starters of the two best OLs in football Lions/Eagles were acquired through the draft. It's not sexy, but it's where we need to be investing in heavily for the next few years to get the ecosystem up and running again.
  11. Simulating protection like this and still getting pounded is shocking. Need us to lose every game to fall into the top 5. I need me one of the big two.
  12. You don't think so? I mean if we get a Devonta Smith or a Ceedee Lamb, then well played. Could easily be Corey Davis 2,0. Or Jerry Jeudy / Henry Ruggs type of situation where those rosters were weak and they went for the sexy pick and they're still facing the impact today. But also forcing position over BPA is equally cringe.
  13. Drafting a WR at ~#7 with this roster... I hate drafting skill positions this high in the draft unless you're talking a Ja'Marr Chase type prospect. Atlanta Falcons made three straight mistakes with Pitts, London and then Bijan.
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