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  1. Dreaming of Marvis Harrison Jr or Brock Bowers man. We were .500 with RT last year and I'm not sure the roster is any better. Schedule is fairly light and the division is atrocious though so I doubt we'll be able to suck our way into a much needed draft pick.
  2. Schedule looks tough man, this is considered easy as per SOS?
  3. Honestly I would love seeing Tannehill with Pitts (6'6), London (6'5), Jonnu, Hollins (6'4) and Bijan. They have a really nice OL and a talented defense. For how stacked it is out here, I think in that situation he could arguably be the best QB in the NFC and take the Falcons to the championship game.
  4. Not sure about the credibility of this, but Tannehill to ATL is a match made in heaven. I'm sure Arthur Smith would love to reignite that marriage.
  5. Better coaches than ours viewed him as a capable LT prospect. Of course he could work his way there over some time, but for a supposed outright declaration about this when the other options are Andre Dillard or whatever other misfits are in contention just seems wildly irrational.
  6. I mean we were 6-6 last season in games that #17 played and his numbers have been declining yearly since his bell curve peak in the 2019/2020 seasons. We also haven't given him any real weapons to work with maybe as an indirect towards our intentions for the immediate future. I doubt we'll be top 3 or even top 5 bad, but a top 8 pick would leave us in a great spot to hit a homerun on a foundational piece.
  7. This is an outrageously talented top 11 There aren't even any "maybe" guys, all 11 are objectively fantastic players Don't mind starting #17 but the keys should be in Levis' hands by midseason. Evaluating and assessing him as a long term asset is the most important task. He's 24 years old, not a 22 year old like Mahomes/Allen/Herbert were in their first seasons.
  8. I'm sure that's the case, but we just don't have the facilities to compete anymore and personally I'm not of the belief that just getting into the playoffs and allowing for the probability of 'anything can happen' is a long term conducive plan for success. The offensive line and the WR room is far too barren. The CB room is still a mixed bag. Linebacker core is a huge question mark. Also the fact that we didn't traditionally stock up on WR's in the past two drafts and have drafted QB's high in successive years along with following a general BPA drafting strategy leads me to believe that there isn't any real interest in competing for the immediate future. Neither Henry nor Tannehill are seen as core components of this rosters future beyond this upcoming season. For that reason I see no value in nobly winning 8 games instead of 2 or 3 and missing out on the truly elite talent at the top of this next draft weather that's Williams, Maye, Harrison Jr or Joe Alt.
  9. Which should be what we want. There is no benefit in the now or the future to trotting out Ryan Tannehill anymore.
  10. How so? Duncan runs laps around NPF athletically. I'm not sure if Duncan will hold up as a tackle but if he can get stronger, with that mobility he should be able to turn into a really good interior offensive lineman. Btw his athletic profile comp. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/rodger-saffold
  11. I do like that we're following the Cardinals model in a sense that they'll keep swinging on QB's until one hits. I think I felt this way after last years draft as well when we didn't prioritize acquiring weapons, I don't believe AAS or Vrabel believe they can win anymore in the Tannehill/Henry era. They're looking at the next iteration of the Tennessee Titans, which is why I would have preferred we went the Seahawks model the past few years of just stockpiling talent on both sides of the ball and letting fate lie in the hands of their bridge QB. Not a fan at all of wasting a 3rd on Willis or a 2nd and future picks on Levis considering the state of this roster. I assume Henry will have his most value closer to the TDL like CMC did. Teams are often more willing to spend to solidify a playoff push or find that piece that can put them over the edge. Next season will be fascinating, the worst case scenario is that we teeter around .500, but I'm most interested in watching Levis and the development of Chig and Burks.
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