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  1. Redneck is a term originally given to a group of West Virginia coal miners that were fighting to become unionized. It was based on their wearing of red bandanas around their necks to show solidarity. It has since morphed into a generalized term to define poor white trash in the southeast. Hillbilly has connotations to the Ozarks and Appalachian mountain chains. The word civilized people use to describe people like Joel is dumbass. Now back on topic. Can you imagine the shit JRob would be taking right now if Weaver were a Dawg?
  2. This is the Pittsburgh definition of what Weaver was charged with: "simple assault involves attempting to cause or causing bodily injury to another person or negligently causing bodily injury with a deadly weapon. For instance, punching someone is simple assault. Attempting to physically hurt someone, even if the attempt is unsuccessful, is also classified as simple assault." "A simple assault conviction is a misdemeanor and the punishment typically means spending up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine." https://www.smalawgroup.com/pittsburgh-simple-ass
  3. Is this why he fell to the 4th round? You can't be going around punching baby mommas in the head. Nashville doesn't take kindly to that. It's a bad look for Jrob if he didn't know about it and an even worse look if he did.
  4. The comparisons of signing Clowney and trading for Julio Jones are apples and oranges. Clowney never had a history of being a great edge. He was all athleticism and potential without the actual numbers to back it up. To me the biggest comparisons to trading for Julio are Randy Moss and Carl Pickens. Moss was a waiver claim, a HOF'er, 33 years old, and washed up, but zero risk. Carl Pickens was a 2X Pro Bowler that signed as a free agent with a ton of fanfare. Probably more due to his Vols connections than anything else. He was 30 years old, injury prone and a bust as a Titan
  5. So with 10 picks now in this years draft we're pretty much guaranteed a kicker, developmental qb, and a future Ben Jones replacement on day 3 right?
  6. I think they almost have to take another CB late. There's zero depth on the roster right now.
  7. As an NC State fan it pains me to say this but I would love it if Dyami Brown were a Titan by the end of the day. He may be the best deep ball threat in the draft and would be a monster in this PA offense.
  8. I'm a huge Jenkins fan, but we have to take Paye if he's there. RT can be had later
  9. Jenkins fits the mauler profile. Just sayin. I hope Paye is there
  10. We're going to have a helluva defensive player or RT at 22.
  11. GB is reported to have turned down a package centered around Jimmy G and the #3 overall pick, but they may be in a different situation now that it has been reported Rodgers wants out. That same offer SF made may not even be on the table now. GB just lost some leverage.
  12. If JRob wants Alim McNeill it looks like he may need to use the 53rd pick to get him. I think he has a good NFL future. He reminds me a lot of Jurrell Casey. Still, I'm not sure the 2nd round is the right value pick for the Titans to take him. If he's there in the 3rd after CB & WR have been addressed I'm all for it. The kid can get to the QB from the O tech to 3 tech. https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina-state/Article/Alim-McNeill-NFL-Draft-NC-State-Football-164806233/ "The Vegas Refund named McNeill as one of the biggest movers days before the draft.
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