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  1. That would be all the tourists that love to come visit Nashville and dance topless on our bars after riding around on pedal taverns. We don't claim them, but it's nice for the economy. You guys have wings. That's it, and they're really not all that. I'd tell you to come visit, but we don't like you.
  2. I find they are typically this way because they are bitter after years of almost celebrating a championship, but just never quite getting there. Shirtless pasty white guys jump off of conversion vans onto folding tables in 20 degree weather to call attention to themselves and show the world they are die hard, but then they come to internet message boards and totally disprove that notion.
  3. Oman hoping for ravens deaths that is laughed at by HollyHeap is the perfect summation of this board. Don't ever change.
  4. Ravens trying to Florida State their way out of a Thanksgiving day beatdown
  5. I'm hoping Arthur stays with the play action passes to Brown, Firkser and Davis when the Colts stack the box to stop Henry. They effectively used the run to set up the pass after falling behind yesterday instead of running Henry into a wall. Tannehill got into a rhythm and then the whole offense clicked.
  6. Mahomes is so far above his QB peers it's not even funny. Jackson winning MVP last season was a joke. Like Jonboy said, Easy.
  7. His "kill kill" audible snap count makes that stare even more cold blooded.
  8. I can't decide who I want to win this game. I hope it's a tie
  9. Lol. Just wait until the Lamar Jackson and Vince Young comparisons start within their fanbase.
  10. And Douglas is far too awful to be a guard. This is going to be a shit show
  11. Douglas is so fucking bad that unless Wilson is just a totally useless piece of shit he needs to slide in at LG. Douglas is the Deron Jenkins of OL's.
  12. I'm wondering how many pages it will be by the end of the day. Over/Under at 4.
  13. It sure does look like David Long was the weak link in the punt protect unit. He looked lost. Now that he's on the covid list I wonder if Jayon will take his spot.
  14. Maybe he's just filling the Rooney Rule requirement. Who knows. I can see the logic behind keeping him to tank and rebuild though.

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