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  1. I know this probably isn't allowed, but what if MM builds up some confidence now that he has a real OC? If he can just be consistently adequate this season this team might go somewhere.
  2. This has happened to me occasionally. I've already pocketed my receipt after checking out and I am not going to stop and get it back out. I am always very polite and simply say no thank you and smile. The way I understand the law, clubs like BJ's, Costco, and Sam's where you pay a membership fee can require the checking of receipts when exiting the store. General retail cannot unless they suspect you are shoplifting. They can ask. but that's it. This seems to have been validated by the fact that I have simply walked past the person asking me to check my receipt without having been run down by security.
  3. I'm convinced JRob wants one of those Iowa TE's. He's got his Welker, now I think he's going to get his Gronk. Just makes sense. At least in my head.
  4. It looked like he was playing with an injured thumb most of the season. I never heard anything about it, but it was heavily wrapped every time I saw it. That might account for the drop in his play. That being said, I have no problem upgrading his position.
  5. Bradbury is from Charlotte. He would make a good hometown feel good story for the Panthers.
  6. Cody Ford is a mean mother fucker and fits the wolf profile that's been talked about. I watched most of Bradbury's games and was just blown away by his athleticism and game intelligence. I would be ok with either one at 19, but if I had to choose I'd take Bradbury because he looks like more of a sure thing, even if he's not a tackle. Ideally I'd like to trade down a few slots and pick up an additional pick while still getting one of the two. All that being said if there's an elite edge or pass rushing DT at 19 I run to the podium to take him. Those guys are just too hard to find to pass up when available.
  7. Because in the grand scheme of things, newly elected Reps who want to be really good at it are prevented from being so by the long term leadership. I agree that term limits are not the single answer, but it is a big part of the problem.
  8. That would be what the Senate is for. In the House I think it is far more preferable to have actual constituent representation instead of "hey new guy do what the Party leadership tells you to or you're outta here" which is exactly what 15 term Congressman have the power to do.
  9. I'm not advocating, but am interested in what the consensus is on Cody Ford. Before the Shrine/Sr Bowls he was being mocked somewhere around the Titans pick. Now he is being mocked in the top 15 about everywhere I've seen. He's big, mean, and projects as a Guard in the NFL, but may be able to play RT like he did at OU. I think he would fix the IOL, but then when you look at the $ that would be invested in the OL it would be hard to picture. Does anybody think JRob would take him if he's available at 19?
  10. This is very true, but Dave Mac was just on 104.5 a few minutes ago. He said they haven't received an update since they got on the airplane yesterday, and that they were only told Pees was being kept overnight. That doesn't sound like something that's done if there's only precautionary measures in place. You're right though. It is pure conjecture until proven otherwise.
  11. Wonder if DLB is busy? Pull Dave McGinness from radio? I'd be shocked if Dean Pees had a stroke and is back this season. Who is out there that can come in midseason that has any degree of familiarity with the defense? I guess Vrabel probably keeps calling the D.
  12. No pressure and no protection = a very long day and season.
  13. Maybe Deontay Burnett? He's on the Jets practice squad. He should have a pretty good grasp of the offense and didn't drop a single pass in the preseason.