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  1. Wonder if any of the resident Trumpers have donated to his campaigns? How do they feel about the money being spent Like this?
  2. I think this sort of thing might have an effect this time. Suburban women who disliked Hillary are breaking for Biden now, even if some of them are being quiet about it. Anything that helps this key demographic reinforce the switch helps
  3. If Rudy could be set-up like this by a comedian, imagine what Putin has already done to compromise this moron. Explains a lot
  4. Incredible win! Romeo Crennel fucked it up for them but Titans had to be perfect to take advantage of it, and they did!
  5. I really hope he does pull this stunt soon and half of them get sick
  6. Great win! Had to overcome a lot of shit to get this one. Lots of it self inflicted
  7. Joseph should do everyone a favor and retire after this game. Humiliation after humiliation
  8. I don’t know how but one can only hope its possible to regulate it somewhat. To think otherwise leads to a very dark path.
  9. They needed to conserve ppe for medical staff. Everyone in the world was googling where to buy n95 masks
  10. Yeah, I was just commenting that the way they exemplify how the algos work across the board is deeper than what I imagined. You sort of have a feeling how these media are constantly manipulating and steering you towards certain content, but the rate at which they are getting better and better at it is exponential. What they mention about Myanmar is eye opening for anyone who hasn’t paid attention to the problem posed by FB being used as pretty much the only source for “news”. I personally know people who pretty much only use FB on their phones to know what’s going on in the world. They have little to no references in just a browser based news experience from multiple sources to contrast opposing sources and form a critical viewpoint of their own. I’ve been of the opinion for some time that regulation is desperately needed, but I don’t believe it will come from politicians. Both sides have benefitted from this model and cycles have them in constant election mode. It would take a sizable proportion of the population to wake the fuck up, regulate themselves how much they consume this stuff and demand their representatives to make these platforms responsible for their content and enact meaningful changes to margninalize the more insidious contents
  11. Very interesting. Not politically biased in my opinion. Everyone should watch it
  12. Considered 12-4 but having doubts about how Vrabel will handle the DC, I went with 10-6

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