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  1. Outstanding work Guru. Font selection on this new theme is perfect. Super readable, modern and line spacing is excellent. Dark mode looks really cool at first but after a while it’s more difficult to read. Prefer the light. Thanks for all the work you put into this, without which I would have little choice but to use one of the other mentally challenged forums to get my Titans fix. My (remaining) neurons thank you, as well as all the other guys that help run TR.
  2. Sad for his family. RIPip Dmeade. He will be present in spirit when we celebrate the win tomorrow.
  3. Interesting read, touches on many different aspects too. You can tell how the culture of the entire team has turned around. Work ethic, responsibility, camaraderie and team first attitude headed by a coach they love and respect. This bodes well for the future. About defending vs the Chiefs, I didn’t come away thinking they will blitz all that much. Seems a lot more emphasis will be on being aggressive going after the ball in order to get picks. May mean more man coverage too. ps. What the hell is “fueling up with NAD”? Surely it’s not regarded as doping by the league... for now
  4. WTF is wrong with people in Ratbird stadium? ”... a person died after being engulfed in flames while running out of another portable toilet last February”
  5. It’s hilarious that the only awkward interaction is with... Mariota! The guy is just so socially inept
  6. Guess what? Your rat birds didn’t look like they did all season... because Dean Pees and the Titans figured your high school QB out; Also because your coach and players did not respect the Titans. Going for it constantly on 4th down? Not on this D motherfuckers. Oh and your d coordinator should have understood that up against Henry and the Titans play action, all those blitzes would eventually backfire big time. Also: Fuck the Ravens. Enjoy your offseason as of today
  7. Lamar Jackson is shit when he has to stand in the pocket and throw

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