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  1. Mexican commentator John Suttcliff saying an inside source told him the Ravens are out to place a big hit on Henry to get him out of the game
  2. Titans could contend with this offense. Defense though... not even pretend to.
  3. We are not coming back from this one. They need to take Tannehill and aj out. Can’t risk an injury here
  4. Poor tackling technique by King on that blitz. A better player might have either gotten the sack or maybe even knocked the ball off the qbs hand
  5. I hate this defense. How in the fuck is that receiver open?
  6. The injury bug is really hitting us unfortunately. I would think they’d have to make it a priority to protect Tannehill at this point. Even if it means limiting the playbook somewhat and getting extra help for the tackles. Whoever they decide to go with
  8. How in the fuck do you call that play that puts extra pressure on your center with Jones out ?
  9. Special teams has to improve substantially. They will have the opportunity to work some of the major problems during this long week. I hope they do because if not it’ll be a red flag on Vrabel’s ability as a coach
  10. Your posts in the political forum have been refreshingly sensible and rational compared to other conservatives around here, so I’m curious to ask you something: Is there anything Trump could have done outside of the strictly related to your personal wallet that would have turned off your vote for him? Thinking about moral, ethical and / or institutions stuff here... also: Do you think the constant divisive rhetoric, the straining of international relations and the undermining of government agencies would create a situation where the economy will be better o
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