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  1. Just finished rewatching Tannehill highlights from yesterday. Very impressive accuracy and velocity. TD throw to Corey Davis between two defenders was perfectly thrown low to avoid being picked off, while the second TD to Tajae was a high bullet over the hands of two defenders impossible for them to reach. Also more than a few bullets in-stride to maximize YAC and that amazing throw on the move to CD in the second quarter. Not so sure about his pocket awareness although it’s miles ahead of what we had
  2. LOL yeah. Too much alcohol + autocorrect on phone
  3. Absolutely. W vs Denver + one of the division games. Strike that. Come to think about it, with a little good fortune we’d be undefeated!
  4. Clear fucking fumble motherfucking ref sons of bitches!!!
  5. TD! This is what playing with a normal qb looks like. Been so long I had almost forgotten
  6. This pass just now. Mary has never done it. edit: slightly shifted to avoid an almost unabated rusher and hit the wr in stride with a bullet for a 1st down