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  1. A trade back to the end of the first gaining additional picks this year and the next. And /or Any front 7 player who can get to the QB, or a monster TE in the mold of Gronk (if there truly is one). Hopefully no IOL.
  2. Venezuela has been a mess for a while now. Maduro illegally dissolved the previous National Assembly (congress) that had an opposition majority and installed a puppet one. Elections have been rife with accusations of fraud and a very low turnout. All of which puts into serious question the legitimacy of his government. On the other side, the self-proclaimed president Guaidó is doing so on very shaky (if not illegal) constitutional grounds. Quite a connundrum. Meanwhile, China and Russia are moving to protect their “investment” ie Chavismo/ Maduro by any covert or overt means necessary. One would hope that this disastrous regime would recognize their time is up and would move to find a negotiated way out, but after what happened to Khaddafi, dictators around the world seem less included to take a peaceful step aside. Maduro and the military leaders who have undoubtedly benefitted immmensly during this corrupt dictatorship might be willing to die fighting in power before stepping down and finding themselves beaten to death by an angry mob shortly after
  3. Fine example of the boasting vulgarity that defines him
  4. If they try to score here vs taking a knee, I seriously want to see someone taking a shot at Luck’s knees
  5. Get the fucker out of the game. He will most likely suck from now on tonight
  6. Man, if only someone would have knocked the shit out of Luck there! Perfect!
  7. Oh no! Comrade Venya, I’m devastated. Your disapproval and that of the morning shift over at the the St Petersburg bot farm mean so much to me...
  8. Ok, Entire life savings then. What? Still only $12 bucks???
  9. This is awesome. I hope Jake and Rolltide have the balls to put their money where their mouth is. Donate a full months wages to this gofundme and post the proof here
  10. So, the orange, adderall-sniffing, functional-illiterate, Putin-whore of a president is gifting strategic Syria to Russia and Iran? Guessing it was now or never to allienate ally Israel and push them towards Moscow.
  11. Does not compute. Those two terms are mutually exclusive.
  12. Do we know how much they’ve adjusted the o-line blocking scheme/assignments? That may be playing a big part
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