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  1. LongTimeFan

    Virus in US

    I told you to get out of the city. Cities are hell holes.
  2. Of course it irrelevant if it doesn't fit your narrative. You fucking lemming.
  3. This video shows there are probably 8 to 10 cops right there with the 15-20 idiot protestors.
  4. Never mentioned anyone's skin color. But as a liberal, that's all you see. So should all the mob that took over the police station over the George Floyd death have been shot and killed? It fits your description of a valid killing.
  5. A violent act and an immediate danger? She was unarmed going through the broken glass of a door. There were 5 or 6 Capital Police officers right behind her. You are a fucking lemming.
  6. So anyone entering a government building with a mob deserves to die?
  7. Read your history about why he did not get a vote you fucking idiot.
  8. Nobody bitched about anything. But leave it to an idiot to twist words. I am glad Nadler pulled this stupid stunt. Like I posted, it probably just handed the house and Senate to the GOP on 2022.
  9. Dems probably just made certain they lose the House and Senate in 2022.
  10. So answer the question I posed. Or keep deflecting to insults.
  11. How many warrants did Ashley Babbitt have outstanding? Both unarmed, both killed by cops. Also, if you watch videos of Ashley, there were 5 or 6 Capitol police officers right behind her. But she was a real threat.
  12. Hey Ashley Babbit's killer got off scott free. Cop kills unarmed woman. No worries.
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