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  1. Having been with many lawyers, yes they all take notes. Now, since none of us were in the room, we do not know the tone of his comments. If Trump said it in a serious tone, then yes it sounds stupid. If he said it in a sarcastic tone, then it is harmless. Anything Trump says or does will always be seen through a negative lens to the Dems. And that's ok. But it doesnt always mean that it is as bad as you want it to be. And 80% of Dem complaints about him are personality based. I voted for him and I think many things he says are dumb. But I base my decisions on policy, not personality. That's all for me for the next few months. I will see you turds when the IG report or Huber report comes out. Dont miss me too much.
  2. And what was the other part of the sentence?
  3. No, do you need some ass lube since you are about to be bent over by Barr?
  4. I'm triggered at no collusion or no obstruction. Me thinks thou needest to look in the mirror, snowflake.
  5. The second part he was talking about Hillary and the Steele dossier.
  6. It is absolutely hysterical that Mueller says no collusion whatsoever, yet someone writes an article that says, yes there is, and you just follow it like lemmings.
  7. Efforts that failed. But please, keep the collusion narrative going. It will ensure a 2020 win for Trump
  8. I agree, but Trumps base has always been fired up. And there is a simple reason why the Dems will keep this obstruction going, even if they dont go down the impeachment path. The IG and possibly Huber report will be coming out soon. And if the Dems dont have some shiny object to distract their viewers, the news will be all bad for the Dems.
  9. Holy shit, I agree with this post except highlighted part, however Trump has the economy on his side and might have immigration moving in his direction. Health care is a fuck up on both sides, slight edge to dems. It will be hard for Dems to win if they focus on bashing or impeaching Trump.
  10. Please, please, please go down the impeachment path. You and your 10 circle jerk friends here will eat it up and when you finally look up and wipe the spooge off your face, you will see the other 65% of the country is done with this investigation.
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