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  1. As @nine posted, the LOS is a big deal. Chiefs are without Ogbah and Jones, if he even plays, is not going to be worth crap. The way the OL is playing, Henry might not even get touched until he is 5 yds past the line of scrimmage.
  2. I have a hard time following the math in your scenario. 14-10 Chiefs at half. Who has 20-17 lead in 4th. Titans? Do we get 4 pts for a Henry TD? Or Titans 'come roaring back' but we are down 20-17? Then Henry gets a TD for 7 pts but the refs take 3 pts away from the Chiefs?
  3. Jamal needs some Clearasil above the eyebrows.
  4. Best part. "Vrabel needs to double down on cutting off his dick. Antonio Brown has a bag of replacements"
  5. Oh, ok. The agent tells the player what his contract will be and the player has no input. Got it.
  6. That would be nice but I dont think they get enough pressure with 3. Cant give Mahomes extra time. Correa has been playing well rushing lately so maybe they have those 3 plus Correa coming off the edge in a delayed blitz.
  7. I think they may line up Jones and Simmons in the middle and Landry and Casey at the ends in known passing situations. Or flip flop Casey and Simmons. Pees has done that a few times in the last weeks. That would give the Titans a pretty stout 4 man rush.
  8. As the game nears, it appears the KC defensive line is not going to be very good. Chris Jones is going to be out or ineffective. Couple that with the way the Titans OL is playing and I would be surprised if Henry did not get over 200 yds.
  9. I have said it before, Tannehill will make sure Henry gets paid and take less to make sure it happens. Maybe Conklin now too. You turds think money is the be all end all. Wrong. Being on a team that could have a 3-4 yr run by keeping key places intact is more important to some. Tannehill isn't some me first guy. Plus he has already made $70 million.
  10. What's really interesting is the take that the refs allow more contact during the playoffs. You damn well know Vrabel and Pees are going to exploit that if it is allowed in this game.
  11. The obvious score will be Titans 36-11. We beat Pats 20-13, then Ravens 28-12. So 8 more points on offense and give up one less on defense.
  12. I truly dont understand all this Conklin is easily replaceable with a draft pick. Plenty of OT in the draft crap. How bad was the OL early in the season before they had time to gel? Now you think putting a rookie Tackle next to one year Nate Davis and think the OL will be just as dominant? JFC, there are people who just dont understand basics.
  13. Getting pressure with one would be ideal.
  14. The OL and DL have picked the right time to peak. OL is really destroying the opposition. The DL is not allowing the opposing OL to get to second level blocks and the LBs are getting free shots. Big things that make the LBs look great, but it is truly based off of what Casey, Simmons, Jones and the other DL are doing.

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