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  1. It's easily understandable that many/most posters believe Marcus is a lost cause. I can easily see that argument. I also agree alot with @scine09. I dont think it's an arm strength thing or even throwing before the reciever makes his break. I tend to believe that Marcus hesitates when the reciever and he need to be on the same page as to what they read the defense doing. The long Sharpe throw last night where Marcus threw it to one side while Sharpe was looking over his other shoulder is a good example. And there are many others like that in my opinion. He is too cautious and doesn't want to throw an interception. Who is wrong in their read? I dont know and most posters dont either. If I were the coaches I would take some All 22 films from other teams. At presnap ask the recievers and Marcus to write down what the defense is showing. Then run the play right up to the point where the reciever has to make a decision which way to break. Then ask the recievers and Marcus to write down which way they should break based on the defense. See if their answers match. Do this 1000 times until they get on the same page. His high throws are about equal to other QBs if you ask me.
  2. I really feel Marcus is going to turn the corner next week. He looked so close tonight.
  3. Ok, here we go people. MM magic is about to be shown to the national audience. Well, those left watching...
  4. Ok, a quick turnover and let Mariota work his magic 4th qtr comeback. It's all about stats and talking points people
  5. We wore Calius Campbell out! Perfect plan Vrabel
  6. Mariota just waiting for the 4th qtr comeback stat
  7. I think Marcus is just about to put it together. Be patient people
  8. So Adoree is responsible for 14 points the last 2 games.