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  1. Rand Paul put it best. If you only take one doctors opinion on everything, you are a fool. There are docs treating patients and claim it has worked for their patients. If the patient wants to take it and his doctor says it is fine, then they should be able to. Like I said, you guys bash it all you want.
  2. Fauci has reversed many of his positions and you know it. Look, you guys can post as much negative things as you would like about the drug as you want.
  3. Who has been killed by hydroxychloroquine? And why is Europe having so many studies when they have nothing to do with Trump? Actually, the fact that Trump said something positive about it in the beginning is why so many people like you will find anything negative about it and tell it from the rooftop. Really shows that you have no objectivity about a drug. You hate Trump, therefore hydroxychloroquine is bad.
  4. If one candidate is assassinated, dont you think that would help the other candidate? It would certainly 'interfere' with the assassinated person.
  5. Liberal take. What if the foreign assistance was that there was a planned assassination of Biden?
  6. https://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/comment/europe-clinical-trials-covid-19/ https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/yale-epidemiologist-says-hydroxychloroquine-key-defeating-covid-19
  7. Why bother posting links that you will ignore? Google it yourself. There are studies on both sides. Why not mention the study that said hydroxychloroquine was a detriment that all the liberal media touted, that ended up being a bunch of shit? Didnt fit your narrative?
  8. @titanruss Here's my comment. Any drug that could prevent or lessen the effects of COVID should be studied. There are studies that promote and some that say this drug has no benefits. It's sad that this drug has become a political point in the US. In Europe, this is the most widely tested drug for use against COVID. And COVID cases have gone down there. Hmmmm. Why would anyone not want a less expensive alternative that has been around for 60 yrs with over a billion doses to help fight this virus, but rather want some expensive drug developed in 4 months that could have even more dire long term effects? It's like the right to try that Trump enacted for cancer treatments. If the person and doctor agree the drug will not adversely effect the person, why would you legislate and tell people they cant use it?
  9. If anyone watched the Barr hearing yesterday it was painfully obvious that the Dems lack any decorum. They would berate him and when asking him a question they wouldn't let him answer. Then after their time ran out Nadler wouldn't let Barr respond which is normally the etiquette. Interesting that Barr revealed a separate investigation into the unmasking of General Flynn. Also, when a Dem asked if Barr would commit to NOT revealing any investigation findings before the election, he said flat out No. I believe Jordan mentioned that if he did not have a conclusion of the investigations before the election and the Dems won, the investigation findings would never be known. Barr basically said, I know. After the way the Dems treated Barr yesterday, you can damn well bet he is going to release his findings before the election.
  10. Hey da Pussy Fart. Am I on your mind that much?
  11. I go out to my workshop out back and work on old cars. No computer necessary. 🙂
  12. Former Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner compares voting for Biden to eating 'bowl of sh--' https://www.foxnews.com/politics/nina-turner-biden-voting-eating-bowl-sh
  13. Why is he 'almost certainly a little twerp'? Because he has different views than yours? He goes to a Christian school?
  14. You and @patsplatagree on this?
  15. I said I did not agree with it in big bold letters, dumb ass.

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