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  1. That's because you and OldJewHater have no good points to bring to the table. YOUR COMPARISON WAS THE DUMBEST FUCKING COMPARISON YOU COULD HAVE COME UP WITH.
  2. Notice you couldn't defend your stupid comparison. Twist away dumbass. Deflect. Attack the person, not the topic. Typical Dem.
  3. Dumbest comparison EVER. Obama said BEFORE that a red line was using nerve gas. THEN Bashir used nerve gas and Obama did NOTHING. Trump never drew a red line and told Iran if they shot down a drone BEFORE Iran shot down the drone, there would be hell to pay. Obama told them not to do it and they did and he did NOTHING. I would be quite certain that they told Trump initially that 150 civilians would die and he okayed it. Then after contemplating it, he asked again and thought better of it. Unless you are a war monger, you should be glad that somebody's kid isn't going to Iran to die over a drone. It's just sad that no matter what Trump does, the left twists it into a negative.
  4. The Shah made an advance payment of $400 million to buy some military planes, then he got over thrown and we held the money. Iran and USA started a tribunal in 1981 to settle claims. 1981. The Obama admin says the tribunal was about to make a decision on the $400 million, lo and behold, right around the time of their nuclear deal. So the Obama admin negotiated an extra $1.3 billion because they say that they felt the tribunal was going to award Iran $4 billion. Remember, 1981 is when this started, and now, right when Obama wants a deal, this tribunal was sure to make a decision. And they were going to award Iran a massive pay out. Pretty convenient, eh?
  5. Attack the person, avoid the topic. Usual dem response
  6. I didnt know there was a time limit to respond.
  7. How about a defense for similar acts that are attributed to your side of the political fence? Whatabout that? Whatabout it? Spin it retard.
  8. So if someone says you're a pedophile, the police have the right to search your house?
  9. Not the point. If anyone in the FBI is using non verified info to get a conviction or search warrant or whatever, dont you think that is a problem?
  10. So you dont care about the infractions? It obviously spreads to more people than Hillary. Do you not think this would be blasted across CNN or MSNBC 24 hrs a day for weeks if this was the Trump administration?
  11. If you refuse to read past his first line then you have admitted that his point of view is irrelevant. Which really shows that your view is so skewed you cant even accept someone else's viewpoint. The sign of a true liberal.
  12. True loser response. You have stamp licking and this board as your life.
  13. You mean like saying there's a red line and then not doing anything?
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