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  1. Its interesting that people are bringing up that the Dems may just try to censure the President. Obviously, this would be due to the fact that the hearings did nothing to advance their position, and quite frankly, probably helped Trump. I think they have to vote on censure and not sure how it works. But if I am the GOP, I say nope. Take your impeachment vote and if it goes through, we will see you in the Senate. The Dems are screwed right now.
  2. Nancy Pelosi was not a witness, so her presumption of bribery is MEANINGLESS. Point me to the testimony of any witness that says that has any first hand knowledge that Trump committed any crime.
  3. An FBI official is under criminal investigation for altering a FISA document. Get the popcorn ready...
  4. Holy shit! Lock him up! Their opinions differ.
  5. Could you provide the witness and their testimony where they say Trump committed bribery? Please post the actual text.
  6. Dude, you are opening up a can of worms that no politician would want to go down. So does that mean I get to go back and keep my doctor and plan?
  7. Pompeo, no. Guiliani, probably.
  8. Hey, I am not disagreeing that all the left has is presumptions and inferences. And I believe they will draw up articles of impeachment. They are too far down the road. My opinion is that your 'evidence' is weak at best. Your opinion is that you believe 5 people's opinion is enough to impeach the president. Good luck selling that to the American people. It will be interesting to see if Nancy can get to 218.
  9. Which high level official tied the aid to the investigations? Can you point to it in their testimony? Please quote the actual testimony.
  10. I know. It's better to base your case on PRESUMPTION and OPINION and POLICY DIFFERENCES.
  11. To remove a sitting President, you better damn well have more than someone's PRESUMPTION or OPINION. OldJewHater gonna hate.
  12. If there are criminal referrals, Barr is going to make examples of those people.
  13. I agree! You are one dumb shit Scotty. Now go sort those boxes!!!
  14. Well, I guess it's stupid you ignore the FACT that later in his testimony he said he PRESUMED the White House meeting was a quid pro quo for the investigation announcement. It was his OPINION. He also said many times that aid was NOT linked to the investigations.