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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/ron-desantis-is-right-about-ukraine/ar-AA18WYQ0 Debate
  2. I understand we need OL help. However, it seems one can get decent OL in later rounds but it is rare to get elite skill players in the later rounds. Or pass rushers. I don’t know but it seems contenders get by with ok OL but elite receivers, multi skill running backs, and a quality QB. We have none of those.
  3. Sure. How about all the insider trading? Menendez? Clinton rapes? John Edwards? The Fords from Memphis?
  4. Al Capone was a minor leaguer compared to the criminality of politicians of both parties.
  5. Yeah, but to not arrest murderers and thieves but go after a former President who is running in the next election for a misdemeanor is nuts. Only idiots here think this is not politically motivated. And you know he will still probably beat the sitting crook.
  6. So Police mobilized for possible protests against the politically motivated indictment on a BS civil matter by a leftist woke DA while at the same time, violence in NY skyrockets and police are quitting in record numbers after years of NY lefty politics. And the irony is lost on the deranged anti-Trumpers who are oblivious of how this is third world politics where you try to remove political opposition. You guys are a riot.
  7. If they had a save the planet fund, there would not be maximum growth. This is sheer idiocy. The purpose of any fund is to increase value and save, not to promote social causes. Agree with above. However, I suspect most would not invest significant amount within their criteria and I cannot imagine money managers being thrilled with this. Just when I thought this idiot could not get any dumber...
  8. As opposed to a woke city DA that wanted to charge a storekeeper for murder? Funny how everything that goes against your viewpoint is right wing propaganda. So after Trump gets off after this farce of a prosecution, I assume you will be all in on Biden family bribery indictments which are infinitely more worthy of prosecution than this petty bullshit.
  9. https://www.wsj.com/articles/alvin-braggs-political-charge-against-donald-trump-new-york-arrest-presidential-campaign-2024-election-da-charges-stormy-daniels-f5c1b6e1?mod=opinion_lead_pos1 Total bullshit case.
  10. Jones was an unranked and unrecruited center when he showed up at UGA and stiffed all the highly rated defensive tackles and earned a scholarship. He has had a career that exceeded all expectations. Good for him. He can either retire or give it another go. Either way, he has been stellar. Oman, eat it.
  11. And you are all too busy reading mother jones to claim any impartiality
  12. It did not take much to make LBJ and Carter look bad. The Iran deal was a total piece of shit. And our current asshole in chief doesnt need any assistance looking like an idiot. You have conveniently forgot all the times Carter unilaterally intervened in foreign affairs after leaving the WH. Or the Clinton’s starting their slush fund “foundation” collecting millions of upfront bribes until she lost the election, rendering them useless.
  13. So even CNN is now realizing Biden family China bribes are real.
  14. Other than millions of legal fees, time, hassle, etc. Not quite the American way but you morons insist on trying to torpedo your potential rivals. Litigious lefties. Man, but you defend a rapist sex addict like Clinton ad nauseam. The real issue is that Joe and the Dems know Trump would wipe Joe’s ass and in true third world fashion, they are using every trick to beat him before the election. Here is the reality. You idiots may be assuring that DeSantis cake walks to the nomination and the WH.
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11876415/Woke-DA-Alvin-Bragg-whos-set-indict-Trump-one-Americas-controversial.html This idiot is now carrying your water?
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