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  1. Just for once, I would like a real deep threat at wr. You have that, add a TE, and the offense can be transformed. Having tough wr is fine but having to throw into tight windows and rely on an accurate pass and a wr to outfight for the ball is inherently tough to do day in and day out. But we have never placed an emphasis on speed since we rely on multiple TE sets , a bruising RB, and a below average QB. Hell, this is the redskins with Riggins…Is Billy Kilmer available? Unfortunately, that style is 30 years old…Worked for UGA but that was a generational defense which doesn’t occur in the pros because of salary cap issues.
  2. Touche… DeSantis, however…
  3. Keep dreaming. Anger and confusion are signs of dementia. This dummy has plummeting support. Except for the morons on this forum. He is constantly incoherent and babbling. Unfortunately, he can’t hide in the basement in diapers. Who in their right mind thinks this idiot has the mental capacity to deal with Russia, China, the border, the market, inflation, the border, crime, covid, or any other crisis? He cannot even deal with simple questions…
  4. But who means business? I dont see a lot of zeal for this around the country. And in the meantime, China is the real threat but they own the Biden’s, google, apple, etc and will be largely ignored while we engage in a war in the Ukraine, one that Nato itself and Germany in particular is largely ignoring. Now maybe if we provide Germany natural gas instead of them relying on Russia, it might be different. But, Noooooo
  5. Syria? You mean the sight of the red line? Give me a break…
  6. Oh bullshit. Obama was famously soft on Russia. Thats why they were in Syria and invaded the Ukraine. Remember the hot mic moment? Obama had no concept of foreign policy other than to apologize and show his vagina. Sanctions my ass… Maybe he sent Hans Blix to tell them he was very very angry…
  7. I think we screwed the pooch by our loss. We have a run based offense with a very average QB. Thats ok but we have invested a whole lot into this approach. Henry is great but Foreman was more than adequate and arguably better in the playoff. Is investing into an average QB and a great RB the way to win in today’s NFL? I don’t think so. Because that means you have paid a lot into a duo that is the opposite of what it probably takes to win the ultimate prize.
  8. El Guapo

    Virus in US

    I have no control over that. But I have been consistent from day 1 on vaccines, masks, and the pandemic itself. You accused me of being an anti-vaxxer which is an absolute false statement. But since all you do is insult and deflect, not surprised. Go ahead and consider yourself “science “ based but true science involves continued questioning and analysis of facts and data, neither of which you obviously are willing to do. Your mind is made up. So stay in your basement and wear a mask and continue raging. Self righteous indignation becomes you….
  9. El Guapo

    Virus in US

    I guess if you keep repeating a lie you start to believe it.
  10. El Guapo

    Virus in US

    I agree with your vaccine statement. But you should tour the icu of say, vandy, to see the amount of trauma is there. But regardless, withholding healthcare to people that don’t take care of themselves is a slippery slope. Also unethical and immoral
  11. El Guapo

    Virus in US

    Really? You dont think trauma and serious trauma patients are not taking up icu beds? For the record, since the initial lockdowns, no hospital here in Nashville had significantly limited surgery. Lack of staffing because of vaccine mandated has had much more of an impact. You are stating that people who refuse a therapeutic should be banned from the hospital. Not surprising from the typical “caring” left. But if you actually have s law banning health care from a segment of society that you seem uncooperative , you are opening up a pandora’s box of possible future similar actions. But your side are the true idiots who came up with defund the police and sanctuary cities so ramifications of policies that you endorse are clearly not considered…
  12. El Guapo

    Virus in US

    Ok . Lets do it. And while your at it, lets not treat lung cancer smokers, gunshot gangbangers, obesity complications, What about banning all abortions since birth control is available. Unbelted car accident victims. Drunk drivers. I can go on… really idiotic ….
  13. El Guapo

    Virus in US

    Go ahead and wear them if you want. You are vaxxed and you wear a mask everywhere outside your house. You should be fine. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does. But if you insist others do the same, it can only mean that being vaxxed and masked doesn’t protect you.
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