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  1. Mike, if not Isabella, keep an eye on Hardman from UGA. I think he will be better than Ridley and his speed and size are virtually the ssme as Isabella.
  2. The problem is that people want the best possible healthcare without the costs. It cannot happen. Holding down costs by reducing services and controlling everything is single payer...There is no magic or perfect system.
  3. Now one could say that insurance is too expensive and they would be correct. We should be getting more bang for the buck. No competition for those companies. In fact, in my next life, if I wanted to be rich, I would start an insurance company. Guaranteed money maker.
  4. Actually, that is not true. Most Americans are insured. Most insurance companies have a HMO system whereby you contract/dictate what the hospital and physician make for a procedure. So if Mick has insurance, the doc will get paid the same as if you were the one getting your valve replaced. People tout Cuba. Cuban health care sucks. It does what it can with little and the "doctors" are not as well trained as our nurse practitioners. That is why the recent doctors from Cuba who got asylum in the US fail their medical boards at a greater than 90% clip (compared to the 1960's group of MD's). Castro almost died from diverticulitis, a disease and surgery for which they would have done a better job in Tullahoma than Havana. I will say this, NY Hospitals and the Mayo Clinic are incredibly overrated. Until his recent retirement, arguably the best valve surgeon in the US resided in good ole Nashville.
  5. Yeah, too many times discussion here turns into namecalling etc. health care is a tough nut. Huge part of the economy. A lot of millionaires here in nashville extracting every dollar but docs and patients and nurses get the short end. Any plan or attempt to change or improve would be inundated with lobbying money from parties that would work to keep their profits. I am not optimistic.
  6. We really do not have free market health care. Patients and physicians are squeezed from all directions. Drug costs can be absurd. Insurance companies prevent competition by laws that keep one from crossing state lines. As a doctor, I take various insurances. I have no idea what I get paid from each for various procedures. Overhead is through the roof and climbing. Patients with insurance from work or medicare or medicaid have no idea what that costs and do not need to seek out cheaper care since they pay the same. Etc etc As for Obamacare or medicaid, my thoughts are this. Imagine if you owned a retail store and what you charged was irrelevant. Customers would have a voucher that would be considered payment in full. Some would have “good insurance” and maybe pay you 80% of your charge. Medicare would pay you 50%. Medicaid/obama might pay you 30%. You have to accept if you participated. No way this is remotely free market. my plan? 1. Cross state lines for insurance 2. Treat insurance as you would for cars. Not every ding needs to be fixed with insurance- save it for catastrophic costs. 3. High deductible plans to reduce cost and to allow insured to seek out least expensive treatment since they are paying. 4. Subsidize low income earners deductibles 5. HSA starting at birth 6. Allow drugs to come to market as other parts of the world- reduce costs of us laws 7. Tort reform- start loser pays system such as in england. 8. Get rid of Certificate of need which allows hospitals to prevent competition for services that can be provided cheaper in outpt facilities. anyways... this is a start
  7. Excellent. Agree with Spain and using draft to get potential difference makers. We have had a plethora of nice players but few if any in the elite category. We have depth but need stars. The thought of yet another OL in the first round makes me nauseous. We have done that 3 times recently and the jufy is still out. No mas...
  8. UGA. 5’10. 4.34 40. Returns punts and kickoffs. Very dynamic.
  9. Any thoughts on taking this guy in later rounds, if available? Speed, speed, speed and a good WR.
  10. I agree with the lack of elite in most positions and I am on board with trying to draft that potential type. I just do not think that IOL requires that type of talent. Out of the players you mentioned, I prefer Lawrence. I think if he is evaluated as an elite talent, it is hard to turn away from a 340 lb inside presence. Casey should be that much more productive, as would edge guys because it would be hard to double any of them. Of course, that assumes Lawrence is awesome and not just an overweight guy. I do not have the talent to personally evaluate players but I absolutely like the concept of a huge Tackle to solidify the line.
  11. I guess he was telling the truth when he said he was a soldier...a Russian soldier raping his way through the remains of the third reich
  12. As I have said before, would rather have DL and edge first 2 rounds and maybe Nauta in 3rd
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