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  1. Paying off loans will keep colleges increasing outrageous tuitions because it will be paid. Just like guaranteeing mortgages allowed for loans to unqualified buyers. The real outrage should be the schools themselves.
  2. Like I said... I guess you are a fucking genius. The country is going great so lets blow it up and elect someone to change everything. You must think Biden who shows his stupidity every time he opens his mouth or Bernie a fucking socialist are better.
  3. The Left always says someone that disagrees with them is stupid, retarded, etc. I remember the same stuff about Goldwater, Reagan, Ford, Bush etc. And members of the forum. Out Mccarthy Mccarthy. Smug and obnoxious. But Carter, Clinton, Obama were geniuses. Whatever. Trump is clearly smarter than most on this board. Except perhaps Cliff Clavin...
  4. I guess this charade is important to the democrats since they have nothing going for them this next election.
  5. None of this is disrespect. For one to play in an NFL game and more so, the playoffs, one better have cojones. This is not even remotely bulletin board material.
  6. El Guapo

    But Her Emails

    Moderation is a component of where you are in a political spectrum. Obama was pretty liberal. Bill Clinton was a moderate. Trump and Sanders are anti-politicians from different sides of the aisle. I dislike Sanders but I believe he is passionate and sincere in his opinions. Don’t like them and will never vote for him but do like he says what he means. Just my opinion.
  7. El Guapo

    But Her Emails

    Yeah, it can happen and the same thing from the left. Hard to keep an open mind and frankly, being somewhat in the middle is dangerous. What's funny is that I did not vote for Trump. And I remember all the shit about save spaces, crying millennials, and other bullshit when the only intolerance has been from the left. Incivility sucks. But, I guess that is the standard in any forum where one's identity is hidden and there is no governor.
  8. El Guapo

    But Her Emails

    You are an uncivil douchebag and I will continue to enjoy your apoplectic displeasure when Trump wins again. Oh, and I have no doubt that I am smarter and much more educated than you, the true fucking retard in the forum.
  9. El Guapo

    But Her Emails

    As opposed to such middle of the road reporting as the Washington post? You guys are a riot. But, the Clinton Foundation being a corrupt influence peddling scheme that has lost dramatic funding when that she-bitch lost the election is indisputable, unless you are a member of the left wing echo chamber. Have a nice day.
  10. El Guapo

    But Her Emails

  11. And we sent troops into another country without their consent. Nobody questioned that but the left does when Trump does it. The rhetoric from the left is hysterically stupid and wrong. Basically, Trump will never get any credit. So, the hell with them.
  12. So Iran orchestrates attacking our embassy, saudi oil fields, ships in Hormuz, funds and organizes Hezbollah, kills Americans, threatens Israel, and continues to create a nuke with the billions that Obama gave them and we take out the murdering shit that does all this and Trump is the threat?

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