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  1. Kyle, where the hell are you? Mock drafts is all we have to look forward to.
  2. What a waste of a needed turnover. Are you fucking kidding? Mariota sucks. Bergerking was half right!
  3. Might as well draft Fromm since he is used to stupid plays and conservative play calls. Perfect for our shit system.
  4. Agree. Eason is tall and has a rocket arm...and he struggled with the intangibles (reading defenses, progression, etc.). That does not mean he cannot be good, I just refuse to fall in love with combine stuff. Tomachek is right on. Georgia runs and runs and he keeps things going but he can throw well. I am not a scout and I don't hold stock on draft gurus. I think Fromm will be a good QB.
  5. Tired of another midget rb. Mccluster the second