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  1. All this only matters if he sucks. If he turns out to be decent, he will be considered colorful. I hope we kill him.
  2. You dont think the left wants to control behavior? You are truly a dummy.
  3. I voted for Gary, too. I have always been more Libertarian. Carry the mail and protect the borders, except I no longer care if they carry the mail. I just cannot vote with anyone wanting more government involvement which is the essence of Socialism. Libertarians seem much further removed from todays Democrats than Republicans. I just do not see a politician anywhere that I can get excited about. So we will see. Biden is a former academic cheat and his son is the recipient of money in exchange for favors. So morality among all politicians is relative and lacking and Democrats are as hypocritical and immoral as anyone else.
  4. Wallet , whatever... and there is a hell of alot of range from me to Bill Gates so the hell with the 1% shit.
  5. The single most important factor when I vote is my pocketbook. No way on earth I am voting for any Democrat.
  6. Agree with this. What makes me sad is that I would still vote for him over Hillary or the various Socialist Democrats. Fortunately, I live in a state that no matter what I do, it will not make a difference.
  7. I have tons of doubts about Marcus. And I hope I am totally wrong. I want him to ball out. I am not rooting against him to prove a point. But, if he is not the One, lets try again.
  8. I am a conservative and disliked Franken but I thought what he did was a nothing burger and he should not have resigned. The toxic environment is such that anything one does will be blown up and used by others to discredit or bring one down. Being asked to resign for dumb acts or words, particularly years prior, is totally stupid and frankly, a standard that probably none of us could live up to.
  9. I still wished we had drafted Mecole Hardman.
  10. I hope it doesn’t because we need time for Marcus to learn the new offense.
  11. Do elite liberals even know how to hunt?
  12. OK... I think I will stick to topics that everyone should agree with such as MM is a shitty QB...
  13. Oh, such anger. I don't even know why we have this forum since no one will ever change anyone else's mind.
  14. The other side always characterizes why people voted against their candidate wrongly. So, as far as I go, I voted for Trump because I was sick of Hillary's potential coronation as hailed by lefties and the media as her right. She is a totally unlikable, lying, and crooked bitch. And I believe every country has the right to control its borders and immigration. Period. There is no right of anyone to live anywhere on earth they want. And as a high tax payer, I appreciate a tax cut. And I hate Hillary. The debt was not an issue in the least for me. And I still hate Hillary.
  15. I dislike Cummings and agree with Trump on this...However, I am shocked he is only worth that much after years in Congress. Should be 20 times more to keep up with the thieves of both parties. Look at Jim Cooper's worth and how quickly it skyrocketed when he entered Congress. Legal bribery for all of them.
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