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  1. Not going there again until you excoriate Cuomo and De Blasio too
  2. We the people fight over who should be elected. It really doesn’t matter for most. Only those who give millions get what they want. And it is not as simple as conservative or liberal policies. The reality is that Washington collects money and much of it goes to increase the worth of the scum that make policy of both parties. And we fight in this forum over $1000 tax rebate while Jim Cooper, Lamar, Pelosi, Menendez, Blackburn, etc. become multi multi millionaires while collecting a fairly modest salary. AND we Accept that and keep voting them in. Trump is correct about the swamp. As was Perot. No matter. Wont change. 9 is right.
  3. Its fairly interesting to me, having started HS in 1969, how things have changed. Lefties used to have a scathing distrust of the CIA, FBI, Government, Police, censorship, being told how to live. Now, they seem to completely trust every one of these entities...except for Police if they shoot a minority. And so called conservatives have also switched 180. Libertarians remain fairly true to their principles.
  4. I love golf but these hokey matches suck. Maybe if they put up their own money I would watch it.
  5. Maybe you guys are right. Like I said, its not my money and i would rather have him than not. If I was the one paying him, I would be a little fearful. However, the savings and the use for other free agents down the line will not help us this year where there is a window. So.. appreciate the feedback. Hope I am wrong and we get him and he balls out and we make the Super Bowl.
  6. Clowney is Haynesworth with less talent. Once he gets paid, stats disappear. Its not my money so Amy and Jr can do what they want but I would not pay him anywhere near what he is supposedly wanting.
  7. Ok. Same things were said in 2016. Will see. Too early. Maybe if you allow mail in votes, no id, and other ridiculous tactics. But I could be wrong...
  8. Only if they keep Joe hidden. Trump will win this going away.
  9. And they get hotter as I get older.
  10. Star, I am not blaming anybody. I am pointing out human nature. I don't blame them for doing what most would do. I am pointing out that money for nothing has a limit. Where that is in relation to the virus is unclear. I know it cannot be complete eradication/cure/0 cases- there will be no economy or country left.
  11. I get that. But when their job is waiting for them and they decide to stay at home because they are making as much or more by not working... that is a problem. Big time. There is no way a reasonable person can rationalize that.
  12. So the workers I mentioned have health insurance. The ones that want to work make more working. The ones that dont make as much or more not working. So how is this responsible? Remember that the main reason for stay at home was to avoid overwhelming the hospitals. That never happened, at least here. So if the criteria is complete cure or vaccine, which may never happen, what do you do? This policy is totally unsustainable and the end point is fuzzy at best.
  13. I saw a patient today. She has been at home during the lockdown. She is happy because she has been getting more money than before while staying at home. She said she “wants to milk this”. Coming up with a plan that doesn’t reward this behavior will be tough. Having an employee say they are uncomfortable working when others are is going to be a moral and legal problem. Getting paid while not working is unsustainable. Saw another patient who is a bartender downtown and she is pissed off at Cooper and wants to work. I have hired unemployed roadies to do some landscaping. They are eager to work and earn money. Try to take politics out of this and we will see the variety of ethical and moral behavior. But if you continuously reward not working, you will get exactly that...

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