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  1. I thought this was going to be about his disappearance since the season ended. Not 1 word about a supposed career threatening injury. Nothing about any rehab. Is he in Nashville?
  2. Even though he is smaller, I would rather have Mecole Hardman than Goodwin. Faster and much more dynamic. Can return punts and kickoffs as well.
  3. I would be shocked if a significant number of people give up their net worth for health care in others. The point of saving is to have money when one is no longer working. To think I or anybody else would give that up is nuts. And the only reason to give up any for any reason is if your chunk is puny and you want someone else's money.
  4. I believe Nauta out of UGA will put on a show at the combine and may be available 3rd or 4th rd. He would fit what we need and still have the first 2 rounds to take what we need...OLB and DL...
  5. I dont know if MM would be doing better...they look eerily similar to me
  6. Suspect it will as defenses get smaller and quicker to deal with spread type offenses.
  7. Agree with above. No WR ,TE, or OL with first 2 picks. DL and LB only...
  8. I agree. Hell, he should be awesome since he has been exposed to just about anything out there except run and shoot. Invaluable experience. He should have complete command of anything thrown his way. Should be GOAT...
  9. So it now has been weeks since Marcus last played. I have heard nothing on the injury or rehab. Not a word. Nothing from radio or print. One would think someone could dig something up. Until we know something, how can we discuss MM in 2019? Is this a recurrent injury? Bothersome for his career? Or a big overrated nothingburger...
  10. MM now has the benefit of numerous offensive systems under different OC. He should be as knowledgeable as any pro QB that has ever played. Plus he is playing for a massive contract. No excuses. Enough already. Sink or swim. I am tired of excuses. He has 1 year to prove it. All of these threads are reeuntant.,I dont think he makes it but I hope I am wrong.
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