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  1. He keeps on trotting out Rashaan Evans.
  2. In week 13? You want him in to sit out nine games with a hamstring?
  3. I'm pretty sure that was Rogers, not McNichols.
  4. OMG, is that JULIEN Davenport? 🤣 I recall him replacing Tunsil in Miami a couple of years ago. He was SO SO SO bad.
  5. And we didn't have any depth at all at safety. May have to consider moving Molden.
  6. Same as last year, just with Simmons replacing Naquan Jones.
  7. Could also be the Vikings or the Bills.
  8. Learn more about it? What's he planning on doing, going to medical school and study epidemiology?
  9. Not only are you more likely to get cut if you're unvaccinated, your chances are lower of getting picked up by a new team. I can't imagine a head coach wants to make his Covid situation even worse.
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