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  1. They don't want all of the colleges pissed off at them.
  2. Shula wasn't overrated as a coach. But his later teams were only good, not great, because he had assumed general manger powers by then. And he was rather mediocre at both drafting and choosing free agents.
  3. Are pre-coronavirus assumptions about the cap going way up in 2021 and 2022 still valid?
  4. They may prefer Herbert but be okay with Tua. Unless two teams try to jump ahead of them, maybe no reason to move up.
  5. He gets nicked a good bit but has missed few games. Three games last year but only five total in his seven-year career. (5/112)
  6. Yeah, Brady doesn't want them franchise tagging him in 2022. When he's 45.
  7. Or Zeke got the last big RB contract ever and Henry should take the franchise tag money. What am I saying? There's a sucker born every minute. Some owner with more money than brains will do it again.
  8. With his injuries from last season, no team is signing him until the pandemic subsides and their doctors can take a close look at him.
  9. Cousins just got a two-year extension worth $66 million. Tannehill already bumped down to ninth place in QB pay, between Matt Ryan and Jacoby Brissett.
  10. The Seahawks agreed not to franchise Clowney when they traded for him.
  11. Welker was hurt in 2010. Otherwise, Brady would have Moss, Welker, Edelman, Gronk, and Hernandez on that team. He had all but Moss in 2011.
  12. I heard that players making the league minimum are a majority of the voting members. And this offer raises the league minimum $100k immediately.
  13. Omar's a moron. Worst sports reporter in Miami and that's saying a lot.

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