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  1. I agree. I hope it’s Mariota. For the sake of MM himself and the team. He deserves every chance even going into year five and he is everything you want out of a franchise QB off the field and even on it in terms of winning and leadership. He needs to stay healthy and make a positive step forward after negative steps backwards the last two years. However I think last year wasn’t as bad as many think. He improved and had a few TD’s dropped and they ran for a lot of TDS at end of year where he could’ve piled on a couple extra TD passes and looked better. He did it while not being able to grip the ball or feel half of his hand. In the event we have to move on it needs to be the right guy and we need to take our time doing it to get it right. They will have everything surrounding them to succeed in terms of OL, WR’s, defense and run game. I would still prefer Marcus
  2. Davis improves yearly he will be extended. You dont let the fifth overall pick who does not bust, improves yearly, and is “top 5-10” at his position walk after his rookie deal entering the prime of his career. Ridiculous
  3. It really is we have a championship caliber roster and will start to compensatory picks for first time since Fisher regime
  4. I’m going to go with a Rookie, 2nd year guy and a contract year guy. For the the sake of the entire team I would like to not discuss the QBs for at least 4 pages. Here is my list. Rookie. I want to say AJ Brown in the worst way, but we are so loaded at WR and clearly are a run first team that I’m going to go a different direction while also acknowledging that behind Davis, Humphries, Walker, Lewis and Smith... that he likely puts up around 30-40 catches for around 400-500 yards and 4 TD’s Instead I will go with Amani Hooker. This kid can ball. I start to think of Vincent Fuller as comparison then I forget that the kid also can play Safety and LB. Amani Hooker is physical, instinctive, extremely quick, and aggressive. I think this kid comes in and plays a lot of snaps from day one on defense. If Ryan gets hurt he will step in as our NB, or his Butler/Jackson get hurt then Ryan likely shifts outside and Hooker takes NB duties. Also I think we see a timeshare of him and Vaccaro rotating in known passing situations where he provides better coverage ability than Kenny V. I also see us (depending on the opposition for the week) running a lot of three S looks to defend TE’s and pass catching RB’s. I particularly look for this in week one against the Browns who will trot out a lethal combination of Chubb, Beckham, Landry, Callaway and NJoku. We will spend the majority of our time on defense in the nickel with Brown and Evans at LB with Evans taking on Mayfield, Brown taking Chubb, Vacarro/Hooker taking on Njoku, and Ryan matches up on Landry, Jackson on Odell and Butler on Callaway. Our defense and their offense will be extremely well matched and it will be an awesome game to watch. Out of the second year players it’s a no brained for me. I am going with Landry. He takes over full time starter reps after adding new moves to his pass rush arsenal and will have more to offer than the speed rush which he is amazing at. When he comes out and throws down a sick spin move or display violent hands to beat the opposing OT he will be a damn nightmare for the QB trying to avoid him. I honestly don’t see a scenario where he doesn’t get more than eleven sacks unless injured. Evans is also going to have a huge year too. He had a slow start last year after missing TC and not being in condition but when he got caught up and his conditioning was on par he found his rhythm and was a monster. He will keep Woodyard fresh and a healthy combo of Evans, Woodyard and Brown could make for a top 3 ILB duo in the entire league for 3-4 teams. I’m talking 100+ tackles, 4-5 sacks and 3 FF and an interception. If I had to predict Landry’s stats I would say somewhere around 60 tackles, 27 pressures, 12 sacks and 5 FF. I really think he can have an All Pro year especially if we are able to put Simmons out there sometime before the bye week next to Casey. Even without Simmons I think Landry is just going to wreck teams and have multiple 2 sack games. I can see it beginning week 1 against the Browns who are going to want to pass 40+ times and are not quite synched after adding a bunch of new players and film on Mayfield out there. As for contract year guys breaking out. I’m not going Byard. He will have a new deal in a week or so and he broke out his second year. I’m not going Henry who broke out the last 6 weeks last season. I’m also not going with my yearly prediction of Austin Johnson. I almost want to sat Leshaun Sims but he is behind 3 pro bowl caliber corners. The only way he is on the field is ST’s, injuries and to give breathers. Im picking Jack Conklin. After an all pro rookie year and a really damn good second year that ended with an ACL year in January he came back after missing all OTA’s, Camp, and learning a new playbook all the meanwhile having lost his partner in crime next to him in Fasano and Walker. He struggled and never looked healthy. Honestly he looked maybe 70% when he came back and he grinded as hard as he could. While he is still hurt after re-injuring the same knee and missing OTAs again... I do not see him missing much camp and he knows the blocking scheme. We also get Walker back. I expect Conklin to return to form especially after not getting his fifth year exercised and if he performs at a high level he could be looking at breaking the bank and being the highest paid RT in FA if we don’t franchise him. Who do you have?
  5. https://titansized.com/2019/06/18/tajae-sharpe-titans-surprise-standout/amp/ Notes his route running has gotten even more precise. States he is lining up in multiple spots. This makes me happy because I always felt like he would make for a great slot WR based on size and route running. He isn’t necessarily quick like you want from slot guys ideally but he won’t have to beat press coverage and he will be able to run crisp routes with free releases. I would love for a package of Davis and Brown outside and Sharpe and Humphries in the slot with Lewis in the backfield. That would be a great trips formation with Davis wide left, Sharpe next to him and Humphries to the right of Sharpe. Throw A.J. on far right side of the field and let him work the opposing #2 or #3 CB in this scenario since the defense has to load the left side of the offense up with their best players and let Brown work the #2 or 3 CB with no Safety help and have Lewis run a delay swing route to the right side if he doesn’t have to block anyone. Could be a lethal lineup. Also if we are rolling into week 1 with a healthy WR Corp I would not be opposed to letting Taylor or Sharpe catch on with a new team in need of a starter. They work their ass off and are great team guys and it looks and appears we are loaded at WR. A team like the Pats who have a bevy if picks could call us and offer a 4th or 5th for one of them and I would take it. That would still leave Davis who is a clear #1, Brown, Humphries, Sharpe/Taylor, Jennings and a guy such as Ratliff or Batson I could see NE inquiring for one of them (probably Taylor. He fits their scheme) I could also see Miami since they need help at WR or even an NFC team like Washington or NYG
  6. I hear it’s amazing. But i I don’t like paying for stuff I already know or things that’ll come out days later
  7. Earl Thomas ball skills Weddle leadership throw in Harrison Smith for physicality against run and not giving a fuck whose in front of him
  8. I always had said Sharpe would make a really good slot WR. He is precise with routes and won’t need to beat press or a safety as well. Just the nickel back which he could do better than a #2 CB
  9. Why does he remind me of a real life Mark Wahlberg from a movie
  10. I was upset about Indy until I saw his injuries and the severity. You can not blame him for that. I am on the fence as well. I’m a huge MM fan, but a titan fan first. In both regards I want him to do well for himself and also the franchise but I also know we can’t keep saying he will turn it completely around and stay part of the teams long term plan without playing all 16 healthy and playing good all year. He will be afforded some difficult games and a few difficult stretches but for the majority he needs to really step it up and show consistency on a positive note. I absolutely hope it happens and I’ll be cheering him, but I’m not holding my breath. If they do decide to move on after this season it would be the perfect draft with the talent coming in. If MM fizzles for a third straight year then give me Fromm no matter how much the cost.
  11. Landing Fromm and Swift or Vaughn at RB would be amazing. I dig Vaughn. He’s a deadly threat out of the backfield. Think Kamara but faster
  12. I would absolutely do everything possible to draft Jake Fromm next year. Even if MM has a great year I would tag and trade and use the pick to help move up for Fromm. He is a can’t miss QB prospect in a class with Tua, Herbert, Costello as the other top guys. I like Fromm best followed by Tua then Costello then Herbert
  13. Dude is a cross between Earl Thomas and Eric Weddle
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/nfl/tennessee-titans/Article/Kevin-Byard-Titans-talking-extension-132788687/Amp/ Should be done before TC I would venture he gets 13 a year with around 42 guaranteed
  15. Reminds me of when I made a gimmick thread about us trading for Amari Cooper and then a week later or so the Raiders traded him out of nowhere for a first lol Flipside I prefer Jeffrey Simmons over him
  16. We need to resign him now. Said it after last year. Waiting hurt us
  17. We really should trade for Duke Johnson. Henry the feature back, Lewis and Johnson the 3rd down and change of pace back and Lewis help with returns. It would he be a big time upgrade for what? A 6th maybe 7th rounder? Plus if Lewis gets hurt then we wouldn’t miss a beat with Johnson. I don’t get why we wouldn’t give up a conditional pick for him. He is arguably a top 5 receiving back
  18. I was talking about their offense and their QB. So not sure where you’re going with this.
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