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  1. Jags all day. Cowboys will be on him like stink on poop as well.
  2. Note to self... If they aren't healthy in college, they wont be healthy in the pros... JRobbed sorry ass GM!!!
  3. Waiting for Raven TE jokes... 3-2-1
  4. Glad to see he is getting the full TitansReport treatment upon the news of his death. TitansReport, a place where all are roasted upon news of their final mortality. On the real, a great lacrosse player. Changed the rules of the game he was so good.
  5. Get this off the football board. This stuff just brings out the Manson in people...
  6. There are reasons the Titans will have much better success as an offense this season. The OC will help, but there are other more important factors. OL (Improved) + QB health/availability (Depends on OL to a great degree) + WR talent (Ability to get open and YAC) Titans are still fuxed because the WR room is still that crappy right now. Camp and time will tell...
  7. Burks asthma diagnosis confirmed by the Dragon Warrior...
  8. RT17 was never the problem. Well, the Cincy playoff game... The Titans scared the shit out of the NFL in 2019 by almost smashing their way into the superbowl. The league was ready for Henry. The Titans were not ready to pivot themselves and the AJBrown trade was the shot from the grassy knoll that ended the Titans ability to run their particular brand of offense. They are better off on the Oline this year. The WR situation is criminal...
  9. I’ll take Bongo 10 out of 10 over JRobbed and his bullcrap…
  10. Titans WR are still shitty. That means they can’t get open, which means the OL must hold blocks longer, which means more penalties and hits on QB. So, here we go again…
  11. Beautiful. Parents, watch your kids…
  12. Best looking uni and logo of all time!!!!!! Glad fans who never watched the Oilers will get a chance to marvel at the Oilers magnificence!!!
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