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  1. This is gonna be a tough one. Unless the Titans can prove they can cover Hopkins, its gonna be a long day.
  2. John Robinson is a genius! AJ Brown is the real deal!
  3. Arthur Smith is a genius! RT17 is playing at an unconscious level right now.
  4. Titans are a confident bunch right now and that's great. D played great, special teams has been special and Henry is going off. The interior OL pass protection better get worked out in a hurry RT17 is gonna get dinged.
  5. Ben Jones is an issue for this team. The communication of the OL sucks right now.
  6. Wake should be cut after the season so its whatever...
  7. Just got home from practice, so pumped to see this game!
  8. People were too invested in his nice guy demeanor and nfl combine measurable. Some of us knew from day 1 he was limited and talked about his 2nd and 3rd read completion percentage in college in a gimmick offense despite the 8MM fanboys on this board. Everyone that is a fan of the team wanted him to be beat the odds but it became clear he was never gonna be a real QB1 from the 20 game mark on. Oh well, Titans again in the market for the real deal at QB.
  9. LOL, just watched some of this "workout", his throws were shit! LMFAO!!!!
  10. Titans need to find some players soon across the OL and move away from this shit that 60 and 77 in particular are bringing right now.
  11. Firkser, nice. RT a couple of great throws.
  12. John Robinson is getting a full dose here. His draft picks and FAs suck donkey balls.
  13. Adore, worthless fucker #2 already only first drive