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  1. Damn, the NFL just took a huge dump on Mariota. Let's see how he responds.
  2. Stats? 27-28 as a starter and hurt all the time.
  3. Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled...
  4. I knew it! Calling in my bet to Vegas now! 10k on Smith losing his leg!
  5. He made alot of money as an average/below average player, go for him I guess.
  6. There is still only one football video game worth anyone's time!
  7. He needs to "emerge". Too much hype and not enough results with this dude...
  8. Damn 3-13? The whole front office and half the players will be gone lmao!!!!!
  9. Nope, when the government, through a vote, raises taxes to benefit owners of a sports franchise I am 100% against it. Lets owners, if we can still call them that, own it all...
  10. Even though I don't agree with them I am just excited that there is part of an NFL fanbase that gets excited and fights to keep a sub .500 QB!
  11. I have Ray Lewis on speed dial, we have the same criminal defense attorney. I will get you some deer antler power, HGH, and ground tiger balls in the mail ASAP. You will be better than ever in 8 weeks. Guaranteed!
  12. Yup, great choice. It will be a defensive player because it cant be Henry on the offense and the rest of the skill spots depend on the QB who has NOT been great. I wanted to say Davis, but not with MM as QB. The big step out on a limb here is Mariota himself. Hope he gets it!
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