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  1. I been waiting on someone to say this. Feels like some of these guys are protected from on high. Jackson should be cut, he is not a football player yet the Titans trot his sorry ass out there every week dispute his lack of production. Its gotta be JRob with these fools. MV is about to lose his shot as an NFL head coach if he doesnt get productive players on the field asap.
  2. If Billy Volek is the 2019 Titans QB he is 3-0 with this team...
  3. Wrong pic bro, your horns are smaller.
  4. Titans should win this game. The Jags starting QB is out and an inexperienced back-up starts in his place so if the Titans lose big changes are coming.
  5. If the Titans lose this game changes will take place. That said TN should win but the short week and Jvilles rallying around a new starter could spell trouble for the good guys.
  6. Adoree, 1st, and a second in 2022 for Jalen Ramsey.
  7. Condensed Game Hot Takes: Adoree Jackson is a terrible football player, trade him, if you can... Jayon Brown is a great player. The offense should go through 22 with Mariota still terribly inconsistent in his 5th year. 4th quarter number of touches are inexcusable as another poster pointed out. Colts OL dominated the Titans, especially the interior. Titans so ill prepared that Colts are running plays from the TECMO Bowl offense, and they work. Logan Ryan is a tough as nails CB who can cover. Depth behind him sucks. Mariota's sacks are a peek into his inability to process what he sees in front him. The slightest confusion renders him impotent. 3rd quarter sack with 5:54 left is a sack that a rookie takes. Evans drops an INT for the second week in a row. Henry was taking over at the end of the 3rd. Read option early in the 4th (13:20), Mariota keeps, Henry would have 10-15 the left side. Jet sweep to Humphries while 22 is rolling? Who the fuck... Mariota sack (11:13), confused again and no clue what to do, takes points off the board. Makes the Colts DL look like the Steel Curtain. Mariota terrible choice of a target at (6:48) had Davis wide open. Simple cannot read the field at all. He was going Walker all the way come hell or high water. Hilton TD dances on Butler, fk your super bowls... Mariota should have been picked at 4:33. Lucky. Mariota again throws to Brown between 4 defenders, Davis, wide open again. Right side. Cut Tajea Sharpe. He can hold the door open for Adoree as they both the leave the organization. Hilton smokes Butler again, lucky Brissett sucks. Why spike the ball on 3rd and 2? WTF No second play called? This is just embarrassing and takes the game out of the players hands. Last play of the game, high and hard to catch ball to the left. Accuracy still an issue of course. Davis made a cut that caused his man to slip. Davis could have ripped off a shit ton of yards. Colts came to play an old school road NFL game. Grind it out make the Titans make plays to win and the Titans could not. Titans are not ready for the big time yet. Big step backwards from last week in terms of perception, but the Browns sloppy play gave the Titans the game. Oh well.
  8. Literally, my car. Edit: Pulled in the driveway from DFW, 420 miles. Titans could use some. Bout to watch the game, cause I need more stress and angst...
  9. On my home front Dallas. Got a new car for the collection. And the Titans lost to Colts...again.... At least I got the car...
  10. Looking forward to the continued growth of the Titans. The Colts will not commit 1,527 penalties like the Browns. The Colts can run the ball. They can rush the passer. Titans Ol is suspect right now. This game worries me a great deal. Lets hope Vrabel has them ready.
  11. Call the cops woman, why a public trial trial/civil suit? Dumb people deserve each other.
  12. ABs release from the Pats, immanent... This dude is a colossal dumb fuck. He should have paid her off because this story doesn't add up. She basically waited around to be raped after he sexually assaulted her then happy-ended her like a porn star and she still RETURNED? After meeting him in bible study? GTFO...
  13. Hopkins is a stud. He stays healthy, which he wont, he will have a great career.