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  1. Mariota at 2, can't miss on top five pick. Titans did. Warmack at 10. DeAndre Hopkins goes at 27? Holy cow!
  2. Lamar said the Titans "snuck up" on the Ravens? Meaning the Ravens were better than the Titans and really had no business losing to them? No accountability for his own game?
  3. Take the time to watch this if you dare... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nhWAAKSDBQ
  4. LOL, I bet you agree with this clown as well. https://twitter.com/CalebJHull/status/1266222112458629120?s=20 Nothing to see here, peaceful protest, shit is on fire, people looting, its normal, blame America, yea, thats it, LMFAO...
  5. LOL, ok. BLM Fascist ANTIFA Communists Socialists Anarchists All far left brown shirt wannabees are the widely reported prime movers of this "protest movement" now. Remember this is about George Floyd and police reform. Right? Now its about de-fund the police, systemic white racism in 60 year democratic strongholds, mobs demanding people kneel before protesters, and all Americans who don't signal virtue are racists? Fuck all that horseshit, its yours, you live it, you campaign and run on that. It will come for you soon enough.
  6. I agree with this, its mostly white young people. That said, they are aligned with the totalitarian left.
  7. "...some people" Nothing will change then. Fair enough. "...Cold War" if the violent radicals on the left continue to dominate the narrative I fear the reaction to those tactics could be catastrophic. Cheers, see you at the BBQ whenever it may be...
  8. I hope you would agree on the following. I consider this to be the main problem concerning American political awareness and activity. The political parties want us to be this... Americans when it comes the leaders we elect we need to more like this... As Americans we need to have facts, there are few if any media sources that give us facts. If we are going to act like fans rather than rational adults who hopefully were instilled with virtue and honor from our family this is going to stay very ugly and most likely only get worse. I think media and social media is playing a destructive roll in fueling these divisions and how we view our fellow Americans. We need to be more umpire and less fan to ever make our leaders accountable.
  9. SK pardon me here... You speak on what I would assume you would consider to be inflammatory rhetoric to keep the base in line/energized. I don't know how old you are, younger than me I hope, but do you remember the term "Super Predator"? How about "deplorables" or "bitter clingers"? How about "...they are gonna put ya'll back in chains"? Just last week "...who says protests have to be non-violent". I think you are little too bright to act like the right has a monopoly on nonsensical messaging. As far as the OP you were responding to, it was a noble effort.
  10. Interesting way of phrasing the question. How do you view the Little Big Horn National Monument? How should the those that attacked and massacred U.S. Army forces and Americans be viewed? As the OP became more clear with input by others and less of an attempt to create drama, the statues should be moved or turned into a museum/educational experience. I doubt the current "woke" generation would agree with anything but destruction and napalming of history however important it is.
  11. I missed the part where the President was ordering the Park Police to clear out the peaceful going to pray and the firebugs out back. What you are citing is open to debate, lies on both sides for sure. But this outrage at Trump just shows the left wanted this to energize their base because they nominated Creepy Uncle Joe. I gotta give Joe his cred though, he beat up Corn Pop with a chain.
  12. Weird, I thought this was about George Floyd and police violence? If hate is a party, party on dems...
  13. For all those that support the riots, which are hope are few... https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/02/black-americans-killed-in-riots-across-american-cities/
  14. I ask about this "de-fund" the police because it would affect the model you propose to punish poor/criminal law enforcement. I think it would lead to "Robo Cop" type private law enforcement, if have seen/remember the movie, which would allow the government to afford the privatized/corpratized police more liability protection ala the current big tech oligarchs and would be a total disaster for us, the public who the government is charged with protecting our lives and property via the constitution. Edit: I dont think you could get an insurance company to carry a policy for what police are charged with. I will admit I know little about insurance underwriting.
  15. So you ignore this case and the facts that it is policy to choke citizens? Everything you stated everyone is against. But in this case the city has a policy to choke out citizens if they resist. Just out of curiosity, are you in favor of this de-fund the police manta that is currently circulating?

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