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  1. Lewan way over-valued here for a few reasons... Titans offered a first to TL's deal coming off a serious leg injury? A man that big? With his history of "enhancement"? The Titans would be fools not to take the deal...
  2. ESPN says (7 possible deals) one is Rogers to the Titans for Tanny, 2 firsts, and some junk. Nope, no thanks to that scenario.
  3. Jrob throwin' crap against the wall and seeing what sticks. Nice approach.
  4. My dude got kicked out of college? Solid addition to the room. He will have some stories to tell...
  5. Jrob likes his bad boys. Punching a pregnant drunk lady, Isiah Wilson should write some bars about that...
  6. Titans cant rush the passer but they picked a replacement for Rennie Curran. Jrob, stellar stuff...
  7. Jrob likes his injured 1st rounders. Simmons worked out, so what the heck! Welcome aboard Caleb!!!!!
  8. Been waiting on this. Kyle always gets it done.
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