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  1. That was awesome. I have to admit that the posts on that thread at least sound a lot more articulate and fun than most of the other "enemy" boards I have visited. The response: "Gotta admit, that's a pretty quality smack post. No go back to eating your mayonnaise hillbilly" Made me laugh.
  2. His stated purpose for coming last year was to "warn" us. Very kind of him considering our influence on the Titan personnel decisions. Since that time we've been sufficiently "warned" but he or she continues to come back for the attention. Unless you just like to have a continuous lawyer-like disagreement (I didn't say argument because "Logical" is not logical) don't spend much time engaging. If you enjoy berating each other's QBs it could be amusing.
  3. Now you're just being provocative and ridiculous. You can look at several examples of "anything but perfect" on this thread, much less this forum.
  4. Regardless, overreactions based on a play or even the first game of the season aren't worth much.
  5. If you open up the tweet in Jon's posting above it has the following: "A more effective passing game adds balance to the Titans' offense, especially late in games, when teams focus on stopping Henry. Tannehill's 34 passing yards and Henry's 33 rushing yards in the game-winning drive Monday provide a good example of that balance." We used both pass and run to not only get the ball downfield but also kill clock. I don't know why there seems to be the effort to minimize Tannehill's achievement because Henry also contributed. Henry's longest run of the game was "only" 13 yards and it was on that drive. (I say only because we've been spoiled by his breaking longer ones.) I am not minimizing Henry's contribution - I am saying that Tannehill has made a difference.
  6. In fairness, he is young so it's probably a little premature to say he's "terrible". IMO it's harder to be fair and give allowances for experience level, etc. in an environment when he's being over-promoted. For example I remember how really bad Terry Bradshaw looked in the beginning. I don't think he would ever have had a chance to develop in this era where you're either the next "franchise" QB or you're a bust in three years or less.
  7. Sorry, if that was sarcasm then I missed it. I'm accustomed to seeing sarcasm as a rebuttal, not as a "me too".
  8. Really? Did you watch the Colts-Jags game? If you did I don't know how you could say that.
  9. Once again, it's not about who is "right" in this debate. And it is obviously a debate because even here people are continuing to disagree with you.
  10. IMO, your statements like saying there is no debate whether Kaep was better than Fitzpatrick and then basically saying that disagreement with you is bad mouthing you or Kaep is neither fair nor intellectually honest. A poster gave a statistic and your response was to attack by saying that he would lose "credibility" in ANY football circle. Professionals disagree in medicine, economics, politics, etc. Isn't it possible to disagree in sports and not be without "credibility"? What does respect to express your opinion mean if you can't respectfully disagree?
  11. The Saints throwback-pass play was fun!
  12. Can we move this discussion to the political section? I don't know when the last time someone's position changed due to a "discussion" like this one in an a sports internet forum. IMO, this is back-and-forth is not productive - to say the least.
  13. JT2000

    Josh Rosen

    For someone to get away with attitude you need at least talent and probably success, too. It's debatable if he has a pro-level talent and he doesn't have success yet. I don't see his skill set as a match for what we're doing even if he magically improves his decision making. He's not particularly mobile.
  14. These rankings are a big "yawn" to me. Calling them "analysis" is suspect when you look at teams like Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Dallas, and Atlanta ranked ahead of us when they've actually showed no performance last year to justify it and their additions seem like they don't necessarily overcome the deficiencies they showed last year. Maybe they are right but to me it's about as valid as a straight opinion.

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