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  1. We were surprisingly depleted too. Especially WRs and 1 and 2.
  2. Great to see the other team suffering from a screen.
  3. We're so intent on pressuring Wentz we are forgetting responsibility and getting killed by screens.
  4. They are throwing short into a lot of traffic. Like the roll out a lot more.
  5. Please don't waste your time. I put him on ignore and only see when you quote him but it's the same stuff. This video of the Brandolini law reminds me of him. He makes up BS like by trying to create a subcategory for PA passes that only exists in his mind then asks you to refute it. Textbook Brandolini... https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRtutowq/
  6. He's on ignore but I don't even have to look. He won't answer your point, he'll just counterattack. Don't waste your time.
  7. Not the point. First, this is supposed to be a football forum. We should be "arguing" over that topic here. Second, while I have some real sympathy for some of what you're trying to say the result in the forum will be nothing but emotional responses.
  8. May God comfort you and give you strength to deal with life has in store. This isn't a good thing but maybe you can make something positive out of it.
  9. Reich has been pretty darn good with what he's had to work with.
  10. Look at the flea flicker play last week among others. I think he is doing more.
  11. You'd do better not responding to him at all. It's obvious by his posting that he has a continuous agenda.
  12. I got vaccinated early in the year in Texas and I was curious a few weeks ago if my vaccination was recorded in case I lost my physical card. (Yes , I have a digital image.) Apparently there is no official record of my vaccination and my card is my only proof. It looks pretty easy to fake to me. The only specific information on them is the vaccine lot numbers.
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