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  1. There are a lot of ways to look at the different scenarios and while we might see some of them differently my main point is that there will be competition for Tannehill. It only really takes two teams but I think it will be more like three if the Titans don't put together a competitive offer.
  2. IMO, your assumptions are off. First, I'd say Miami isn't in the market. They aren't taking Tannehill back, they have a veteran they're happy with, and they very likely will draft one of the rookies on your list. I seriously doubt Cincinnati will do anything but draft Burrow or Tua and whoever that is will almost surely start. I think these are the only two teams who would willingly start a rookie. Having said that, I think your "to a lesser degree teams" are all potential fits for Tannehill. TB? Why not. He'd almost certainly fit with the coach there and there's a Florida connection. Would Coach A willingly start a rookie? Doubt it. Are Rivers or Bridgewater better fits? Rivers is too old and I don't believe TB has a young QB to develop. Bridgewater? Better fit than Rivers but better than Tannehill? Chargers? They don't have a young QB and they have pressure to win now. Could be a 3 way race between those not named Rivers or Brady. They won't start a rookie willingly. LV? Gruden collected QBs like charms on a bracelet when he was in TB. He doesn't seem happy with Carr. Gruden has a pretty big ego and he might take on a rookie project or pick up another veteran. No clue what he'll do but history shows he's likely to make a change in this situation. He's already shown he's willing to trade and make deals to affect a change. Chicago? Who didn't feel that for most of last season the the QB spot wasn't limiting the Bears? What I hear most often is that MT has a limited skill set. They don't have much money tied up in him and if they think his ceiling is low they Might Not be that reluctant to let him go. There is pressure to win in Chicago so I doubt a rookie starts there either. Don't see Rivers as a fit for that offense so if there is a replacement then it's like Winston, Bridgewater, or Tannehill. Colts. True or Not the consensus is the team has underachieved. They could certainly go after any of the veterans. So what about the Titans? Would any if the high level rookies likely to be available? I'd say probably not. Of the veterans - wo fits what we do? Rivers? No. Winston good skill set but he is a historical turnover machine. Won't work with us. That leaves Bridgewater and Tannehill as fits for us IMO. In my there are several places that Bridgewater and Tannehill are the best fits. There is competition because the numbers aren't really in our favor in terms of supply for our demand / need. What will we do if Tannehill or Bridgewater don't sign here? Can you really see any of the other options as workable?
  3. By numbers, maybe. But there's a pretty steep drop off after the first few, IMO. Age or other factors make a lot of them less desirable.
  4. I'm not buying your generalization. Look at the tape.
  5. This becomes apparent on obvious passing situations and especially when we aren't running a PA pass. I'm taking nothing away from Mahomes but the number of times he threw to wide open targets, not just in scramble situations, compared to us was noticeable. I am not saying we junk the offense but there is definitely something off when the QB has to make so many tight window throws. I'm a big Tannehill fan but this is where some "regression" may come next season. A lot has to go well that depends on the receiver and a delay in response by the defense even if the ball is there in tight window throw situations.
  6. Agreed. So many opinions seem to be based on what could happen in Fantasy or Madden football land.
  7. If I read what was posted correctly, the article was written by Omar Kelly. He is reviled by most who follow Dolphin football and majors on opinion and theory but minors on actual information in his "reporting". He doesn't know what's going on in Miami, I don't know how he would be better outside of Miami. If this were to happen it would be the first time I can remember Kelly being right about anything.
  8. This is probably my last response to you because you are either incapable of following a line of thought or you are just argumentive. My response to you was to your statement that Tannehill needed a GREAT team. My response pointed out that the team was not great as measured by the team record and the individual performance of arguably their greatest talent - Henry. He accomplished what he did without a GREAT team. He clearly made a huge difference. He performance as measured by many standards was not only an "upgrade" as you label it - it was remarkable in completion %, YPA, and other metrics. You are the one who is cherry picking because you have an agenda to downgrade his performance. You keep wanting to bring up Miami with a pretty shallow knowledge and observation of what happened there. I leave responding to you to those other members of the community who have the time to argue. I prefer to discuss. Life is too short to argue.
  9. Don't deflect. I just stated the facts. The TEAM was 2-4 when he became the starter. Henry's performance improved immediately after he became the starter. One variable changed in one game.... How can he not get major credit for his contribution.
  10. Your opinion and your entitled to it but the "team" wasn't great. It was 2-4. The offense wasn't great even though Henry was a great player needing some help to achieve his highest level of performance this year. Your repeating this over and again doesn't make it more valid.
  11. I guess the question would be trade him for what? Anyone has a trade price at some level. I can't see anyone trading for him that would give up what we would want. I am aware of and agree on a level with the thought that running backs in general aren't as valuable as they appear. I do think Henry is a special case that makes you reconsider that whole line of thought. If you had a crystal ball and KNEW who the next Henry was then sure but I haven't seen many functional crystal balls out there.
  12. I'm not just talking about the scrambles to buy time, I'm talking about the routine throws. KC's receivers have more space than ours.
  13. And exactly why do you think Tannehill or his agent would accept that in this QB hungry NFL market? Just because you think it's a good deal doesn't make it practical or acceptable.
  14. You make a good point about the offense not being designed to take advantage of some of the things RT does that MM doesn't. I am taking nothing away from Mahomes but did you see how many times his targets were wide open or at least has significant space to catch and run? Imagine what it would be like if more of RT's throws weren't of the "tight window" variety... I agree with you that there's something to build on if we can get a little more team speed.

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