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  1. You can't play the "you won the weakest division" card and ignore the rest of the schedule. Nobody likes how the season ended but did you notice what happened to the other #1 seed in the NFC? It happens.
  2. You're also conveniently leaving out the winning record against teams with winning records and other playoff teams.
  3. Really? Where? How? Where do you get this opinion from? Where do Titan fans get the opportunity and platform to get this reputation?
  4. Understand. I was just curious about your logic originally and I can completely understand your list.
  5. Fair enough, just curious because you seemed to emphasize results and so far I see more potential than results in the playoffs from him.
  6. Since you have Smith and Davis on there you must be referring to last year. Are you seriously calling the Titan defense last year "good"? KC last year until the injuries at the end of the year did a much better job of pass blocking than the Titans OL. Love PM but you really don't understand Tannehill or what's happened or you wouldn't have that evaluation.
  7. This is why he is one of two on my ignore list. You're killing him but he's not self-aware enough to know it or he's just an argumentative jerk who won't admit he's wrong. Maybe both. Please save yourself the aggravation and put him on ignore and please don't quote him. He loves the attention.
  8. Using that logic how is Allen that high?
  9. He went through a lot of work restating history, but that's not the same as analysis. For example, when he made an evaluation that Tannehill was better at targeting the middle of the field with Henry in - it didn't take into account that AJ was also on the field pretty much wasn't taken into account and that a big chunk of the time that was not as successful AJ was out. So much changed during the season it's virtually impossible to use standard statistical techniques to reliably demonstrate correlation performance. This article is fuel for the debate for sure.
  10. Why are you here? Don't expect "kissing up" but you aren't like DC or others that are thoughtful and potential opponents. You do nothing but cheer lead for your team which isn't even in the competition now.
  11. Is the goal all-time ranking or how likely are they to contribute to their team's success for this playoff?
  12. If he's assuming each team is equally likely to win and it's like flipping six heads in a row on a "fair" coin it's 1/2^6 or 1/64 or 1.56% but we know that the games aren't 50/50. I wouldn't have seen this if you hadn't quoted him but it's another example of why he and the Ajclown are in an ignore class by themselves.
  13. I agree to a point. Cincinnati has proven what in the playoffs until last week? That criteria is very selective.
  14. Please don't waste your time.
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