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  1. So, by implication you are saying MM knew what to do and he didn't do it??? Meanwhile he's apparently healthy enough to "kill" the defense in practice? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?
  2. No, the point of my attempt at discussion with you in this exchange was not Taylor. It was about exchange of ideas and your regard for the opinions of others. You have deflected and chosen to ignore that. You've inspired me to learn how to put someone on ignore. FWIW I've never done that before.
  3. You are so focused on being right in this argument that you missed the point, not me. People can disagree, fair enough. But your language, go back and read it. Here's an excerpt from above: "My god these idsiots never had fluid discussions about the draft in their entire lives?" It's not about whether you are right or wrong. It's about your approach. People who don't agree with you are incapable of having a fluid discussion, they are "idsiots" who hate you. Lots of people who dedicate their lives to the draft are wrong sometimes. Sometimes people are "right" more because they are lucky than intelligent. Yes, it is possible to say a 29th pick on a running back in this case isn't the right choice with being an "idsiot".
  4. I'm watching the back and forth here and what it seems to come down to for you is: Opinion not yours = Opinion is from a person who doesn't have "guts' to take a stand OR they are they are just not as smart as you. This is a forum and you might want to consider that it is possible to have an opinion different than yours for reasons other than stupidity or lack of intellect.
  5. Regardless of his timed speed, his ability to shift and his acceleration is pretty obvious.
  6. And you still haven't said who you would have picked who was available at that selection. I wish the draft was like Walmart before the virus, too. Endless stock of what you need if you have the money. The draft isn't like that. I agree with your premise that pass rush is a key to getting to the next level but I don't see the missed opportunity. So please tell us, who would you have picked at that spot that isn't available today?
  7. If you say so. I'll definitely agree with you if he continues to criticize with no real alternative.
  8. Regardless of the talent level he's playing against there's no doubt he has speed and good acceleration. Again, who specifically are you saying we should have picked?
  9. I agree pass rush is the primary need now but I can't complain at this point because I don't see any "can't miss if we develop them" prospects. Who did you have in mind who is available now that won't be in the next round?
  10. I would rather have Dye but as you said... It's the 3rd round.
  11. I looked at the highlights I could find on YouTube and the burst is definitely there. Problem is most of the plays I saw were him using speed to take advantage of bad positioning and angles on defense or just bug initial holes with no one in his way in the second level. If he is schemed open I can see big plays but with the level of competition I saw in the videos I can't tell how he will translate to NFL level of play.
  12. I'm hoping we go OLB. Baun, Lewis, or Dye. I think we need help there more than WR. The DL left won't make as much of an impact.
  13. From ESPN: Pre-Draft Analysis Fulton has average size, below-average length and good top-end speed. He's at his best in press coverage. He's not a playmaker. He picked off just two passes over the past two seasons. However, Fulton deflected 25 passes during that span and is competitive at the catch point. -- Steve Muench Not sure how to translate he's not a "playmaker" based on only two interceptions. There could be so many other factors. Anyone actually watch him much?

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