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  1. Yes. It / he thinks he is being so clever. Posts the same crap on multiple threads trying to bait a response.
  2. Are you serious? Less than the Ravens high school offense?
  3. I mostly respect opponents but the Ravens now are worthy of contempt. This kind of play happens routinely with the Ravens along with the "attitude" plays like Lamar Jackson's running into another player crap.
  4. Yep.... Brilliant analysis if that's what you get out of this game.
  5. Aikman still makes it sound like Tannehill is scheme/system QB. Annoying.
  6. I've never been to the stadium. Does the stadium mitigate the winds? Do the winds swirl at one end like some stadiums? How much will this affect the game?
  7. He was pretty successful when Brady was hurt before- won the division and got a high round draft pick for Cassel. This year is a different situation with all the COVID call offs on defense. I don't think his legacy is affected a bit by this year. On the other hand Brady's situation is completely different. He has been given everything he's asked for even to the point of signing AB. IMO, trying to judge the contribution of success between coach and QB in NE in the past based on their success this year or next is not a great concept.
  8. I think there's a fundamental difference between the thread you created: "Roster full of wimps" and someone speculating on why a specific individual practiced on back-to-back days and isn't playing. In this case, whatever is happening it's the coaching staff making some call, based on who knows what, not a player wimping out.
  9. You lose the down on the sack. PLUS potentially even more time than the 10 second run off.
  10. Pretty much. Doesn't help those who already have the pichforks and torches out already.
  11. He got the yardage back. It was a simple miss by the kicker.
  12. If that's what you took from the game you are hopeless.

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