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  1. Still, you are trying to make it look like it's unreasonable to expect to work longer hours for more money. This is happening right NOW, not the 1970s. Also the point you made about reducing damage to the body, still irrelevant to these workouts. And that "collective group" decision that led to the James situation.... Yep, that's "progress". You have your right to your opinion but to say that expecting players making more money to put in more hours is "ridiculous" is pretty debatable when you look at life and work in general.
  2. Your stance is not consistent with how the world works. First, you say: "dismissing the players' legitimate stance because they make a lot of money is ridiculous." Sorry, but many jobs outside of sports work that way also. How many managers or business people do you know that routinely work 70 - hours because it is expected when you make a certain amount of money? And they do it for many more years than a typical sports career and it hurts their body because of lack of exercy, nutrition, rest, and increased stress. Of course people who are compensated mor
  3. This year more than most because of COVID, IMO. Often top prospects aren't even there.
  4. Kiper's bias shows even in the listing of needs to be adding the draft and he stars with WR. This team's problems were much more on defense and OL. Not saying that we can't use more help at WR but when you start with WR as the primary focus then guess what the grade will be?
  5. You call this "talent"? It's not like we're talking about an athlete that demonstrated last year that he could be a significant contributor whether it's his fault or not And yes, we have the great fortune of having a TE coach be our OC, which again, shows what? You say nothing will change and last year's offense couldn't consistently use JS. That was even before he had to stay in and help with blocking. This guy would make us forget him? IMO, not even.
  6. How can anyone say that he fits exactly what we want when we have a new OC who probably hasn't yet really figured out what he is doing as OC even if he has been in the organization in a subordinate role?
  7. As opposed to most of this board which maybe saw a few games and is looking at lists. IMO, this draft is a difficult situation because of the COVID schedule/situation last year. Historically,guys evaluated as "can't miss" guys do all the time. This year? Crap shoot. Makes the complaining more entertaining to me.
  8. We are talking about this guy? From ESPN: " Pre-Draft Analysis Tremble is an H-back who lines up at multiple spots and is an excellent move blocker. He has great speed and shows some upside as a pass-catcher, but he was never featured in Notre Dame's pass game and had too many drops for so few targets. Tremble has the perfect mentality and speed to contribute on special teams. -- Steve Muench" Some are crying over missing out on that?
  9. If there were "can't miss" receivers we passed up I would be feeling what you did but when I go down the list of "best available" WR and especially TEs on the ESPN site and read the analysis - I am not heart broken.
  10. IMO, the talent we got was worth more than drafting for a need when what we have now is quite a few slot receivers who may not truly have an impact or TEs which typically do not contribute much in their 1st year.
  11. Are you deliberately ignoring the Senior Bowl performance, not just the game but the whole event?
  12. Yes. "Journalists" are taught in school that they are there to make a difference - not report. Neutral journalism has not been the norm for a very long time.
  13. TEs almost always take time to develop even when they are good. I think WR is a better bet to contribute to the offense this year.
  14. Wish we would move the pocket outside on those so we'd have a chance to run or something. Nothing RT can do when that pocket collapses.
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