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  1. If we are out of position for Alt/Fashanu, I'm 100% targeting one of these stud WR's.
  2. Lol at Vrabel really considering putting Dullard back at LT.
  3. I'm sure he would be an improvement over Brewer. I would take another over Brewer at this point.
  4. Good year to focus on a defensive free agency. So we can target OT/WR in rounds 1/2.
  5. Considering dark humor is seen as a coping mechanism. Sounds like someone needs a hug.
  6. Mommy issues? In the closet, but spends his weekends adult book store? Living a life of lies? Sister turned you down, so you had to settle for your 1st cousin?
  7. What's funny is thinking of all the reasons why your such a miserable prick: Caught your wife with a real man? Uncle touched you to many times? Someone de-panted in high school showing your classmates you came up short? Viagra quit working? Really the possibilities are endless why your OVER COMPENSATING
  8. I'll start worrying about my grammar when you... Post less.
  9. Yeah I don't care. This shit shouldn't be tolerated. It's a Titan message board and this is multiple times their are kid related death threads by him.
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