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  1. Purposely have stayed away from this thread until now. IMO there is only one way a season is played - the world gets lucky and one of these vaccines shows promise the end of this month and the NFL fast-tracks it for the players, coaches and referees. I see no way fans can attend regular season games. On the other side of this coin is the potential huge risk a person is taking with a vaccine that has not properly vetted to show long term effects. Once again good chance sooner and/or later the lawyers will be the ones making the money on this one.
  2. Speed sounds a lot like Orlando Brown Jr. who started 10 games as a rookie in 2018 and made Pro Bowl as alternative last year then ending up starting in it. If he becomes an island he will get a second contract. If he becomes a Conklin, some Brownesque team will overpay and the Titans will get a high comp pick in 25 or 26. Nice plan JRob.
  3. Pretty sure guys carry the ball after they catch the forward pass. But hey, carry on.
  4. What is next? Do you really have to ask.... https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/adult-film-star-ron-jeremy-charged-with-rape-sexual-assault-190927529.html
  5. Yes, MM split out as a WR and flailed his arms aimlessly in the playoffs last year. Therefore he got my vote.
  6. Marcus Mariota. Yes, I read the OP. When he came it was him, an immature Lewan and a top 5 DT in Casey. He left a stacked team at almost every position with his tail between his legs. Sad part is he has talent but he is not a type A guy and that is his downfall.
  7. FRT

    UDFA Thread

    I agree, it is called Madden 2020.
  8. I understand but think of the liability a team or the NFL shoulders by purposely give a respiratory virus to an athlete and then a lawyer saying this is why my client did not achieve their greatest heights during their playing career. Much less dying from it. Zero chance the NFL or teams purposely infect players.
  9. Good thought but in S Korea ... https://www.wsj.com/articles/can-you-get-covid-19-twice-11589388593
  10. Two types of teams in the NFL, those with a QB and those looking for one. it is all about the QB.
  11. Yesterday got a email from Titans saying they wanted to make sure they had the correct information. Ended up being a short survey: I selected No Answered C. This stuff is hitting teams right between the eyes.
  12. Does anyone think players are going to quarantine during the season? What are the teams going to do, lock the players up in a hotel for 17 weeks? Not going to happen. Rats are the fringe benefit many of these guys can't do without. What is a team going to do if 10 players get this and are out 4 weeks? Anything less that a vaccine kills this season. This doesn't even take into consideration fans at games. Teams are going to lose millions this year if they don't play but It is going to cost them millions more without a vaccine and they do play with fans in the stands. Good chance the Kevin Bacon's law gets pulled out by the law firms. Liability could be astronomical. I know the corporation I work for is being so careful telling the field staff to use your best judgment about travel but make sure you hit your numbers. Classic CYA. Without a vaccine I see no way any sport plays and certainly no fans. Edit: Crazy alternative with huge liability is give all the players the Covid now and quarantine them the next 5 weeks hoping they are immune going forward. No science to back this up right now though.
  13. Pants pissing squad if full effect with Soxcat. Covid can't touch the TR offseason.
  14. Quicker and certain perfect records for all teams.

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