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  1. With MM at $20 and TT at $7.5 you now have the QB spot at $27.5. Too rich for my blood especially with a couple guys known for not playing 16 games.
  2. JRob's staff is on lock down. Any info coming out will be from Agent or prospect. Really nothing to see until we start signing our own own FAs. Next will be free agency. At that point you get a clearer picture of draft. Not much will change in this process.
  3. QB from Arz looked good in third quarter. Had 4 TDS tonight. He’s an investment banker in real life unlike some investment boogers playing errrrr riding the pine I mean.
  4. Chalk it up as Titans giving Linus his security blanket in hopes of a faster healthy offseason recovery. If he can play at this level it is a plus.
  5. Come now Gurley is injured so he gets the same participation trophy as the others.
  6. So turn it around. If the Titans D held opposing QBs to those numbers through the season would you be happy? Titans need a damn difference maker.
  7. Crazy thing is I’d be willing to bet law enforcement has given him way more than two “courteousy rides” home that were off the books.
  8. The real question is did the 18 month clock have to be reset?
  9. https://www.chron.com/houston/article/Former-Texas-quarterback-Vince-Young-arrested-for-13592077.php?ipid=hpsportsctp what a moron!
  10. I’m excited to see him healthy this year. There will be no new offense 18 month onboarding in 2019 and if he gets injured in the 3rd quarter of the first game (or any other game) it becomes his norm. Explaining it away by blaming others will not get the long term deal. He could get the tag but no long term deal with play in ‘19 that mirrors ‘18.
  11. D Hopkins is the best WR in my opinion. In 2017 he had 1300+ yards 95 catches with 13 tds in 15 games, in 2018 he had 1500+ yds 115 catches with 11 tds in 16 games. Not much difference IMO. Team finished first this year and last the previous in the same division. Watson is the difference. It’s all about the QB.
  12. Ice storm and one salt truck in Metro ATL area is the reason it’s been so long. ATL was not prepared. I went to Jacksonville for championship game. Wished I would have spent the $500 to go to the SB back then because with ticket prices what they are today, I don’t think I will ever go to a SB.
  13. Looking for Mr. Moon to have that same heart to heart with an unnamed Titan this off season.
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