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  1. I would sub Bateman for Levi but I pretty much agree it will be D on first pick.
  2. Would like to have gotten a G but gave up the MTSU kid to get Tre Brown DB and Return specialist. Deablo to ILB next season. I will stand on this one: 22. Greg Newsome II CB Northwestern 53. Elijah Moore WR Mississippi 85. Spencer Brown OT Northern Iowa 100. Tommy Tremble TE Notre Dame 126. Dayo Odeyingbo EDGE Vanderbilt 166. Divine Deablo S Virginia Tech 205. Tre Brown CB Oklahoma 215. Simi Fehoko WR Stanford 232. Jose Borregales K Miami (FL)
  3. As I see it: Round 1 - 22 CB is the most value. Newsome might be there, looks like Farley will be there (injury) but highly unlikely Horn or Sertain are there. At WR Bateman probably will be there, highly unlikely one of the top 4 will be there. If they really like E Moore he will be there are 22 but could be (< 50% chance) there at 53. Marshall will be there too a WR if they go that route in 1. There is a chance one of the LBs will be there (Penn St or ND kids) but not a big a need in 21. Collins will be there at LB. Barmore on DL has a chance but he would be rotat
  4. Green kid from Ill would work a pick or two earlier for me as well. Also the MTSU kid a pick or two later might do the job too.
  5. Got my second Moderna on 4-10. No issues with the first shot, my arm is a little sore today. Following the regimen of 2 xtra strength Tylenol every 4 hours for a couple days.
  6. Now you see why I was hoping this one would have legs .... a good Twitter War would have held some of this stuff down.
  7. @TitansGuru time to take this one to the political room.
  8. Do you think the "y'all" in "y'all gonna make me lose my mind" were the crack and other drugs that took it in the end?
  9. Well that is a HOF group for sure.
  10. Turn on your camera and become a star!
  11. I like Simi Fehoko WR Stanford in this role as well. He is 6 or 7th round, maybe UDFA. Not sure if Titans have met with him though.
  12. Ok, I agree with you. My order is Newsome, Farley(injury), Bateman. Only 21 can go before the Titans. If these three are gone, my next four are Paye, Melifonwu/Collins and then Oweh (he reminds me of Kearse). If all 7 of these are gone then somebody has slipped drastically and the Titans are getting a hell of a player.
  13. No wonder that woman left you a few years ago.
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