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  1. Time to play him. He’s the first round pick. Time to grow up or go away. MV needs to win the AFC South and if not JRob needs to hold the assets accountable including some pretty poor decisions he made himself this offseason. Really simple when you think about it.
  2. Unless you factor the 4 game PED suspension last year and the ACL this year meaning you can double his salary for the games played the last couple of years. Can't be a sign of things to come with him or the Titans are severely overpaying for the LT position.
  3. Ha! Season is set. Let the football people football. See Browns if you are confused.
  4. Maybe a self imposed ban should be coming for posting political satire in the NFL forum?
  5. Ok, it is Monday and Jack Doyle is likely out. Can we please prepare to cover the TEs vs Indy starting today?
  6. Colts game is way more important in the grand scheme of things.
  7. Thank goodness it is all going to go away after the election!
  8. Well that is pretty solid evidence there was an issue. Thanks for your service Beau.
  9. Remember when the Titans use to claim Pats in cuts and FA.
  10. Jeez, maybe this means they won't throw away one of their other two 6 rounders on a QB that can't play QB. After all, I have a pretty good idea that COVID will still be around in the 2021 draft.
  11. But, but, but can he long snap or.... can he punt or be the holder? Should flush out the scheme or lack of DC issue at least.
  12. 5-2 is way better than 2-4 from last year. Maybe the D will come around like the OL did last year mid season and we make a run. I feel confident a reduction in the 9 to 10 yard cushion the CBs give at the snap will go a long way in helping.

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