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  1. I look forward to the next game with Indy. They have a very strong OL and I think he was drafted to combat that.
  2. So has he been moved to the 53? When is the deadline each week to move him there?
  3. What for a $1? Come new guy don’t you think you need to give the seat information?
  4. could be a great topic. Pay half remaining salary of MM and get a 5th for him? Certainly if we go 2-5 this week it should be on the table.
  5. The bar is set at 2 - 4 for the next 6 games.
  6. Nah, we were not thin at OLB prior to trading for Gilbert.
  7. At first glance I thought the OP was from Jonboy. Thought he was really on the sauce.
  8. Not really, that’s what a good QB does - makes plays and wins.
  9. I think much of the OL issues would be minimized if the opposing defense respected the QB could beat them with his arm.
  10. Have they reached out to Gary Anderson yet? Just saying.
  11. Guess I was watching different game than you last week
  12. Brown - 10 catches (not sure about targets), 223 yards (not sure about YAC) and 2 TDs. While it will never happen but if 1 out of 5 catches is a TD going forward, he should be thrown to all 24 plays he is on the field. And to think in the early days of I thought it was neat to have an area scout give us some time on the board. BB must bath in stupid juice.