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  1. I keep hoping Hulu, Prime, Yahoo or someone else bring the NFL into the 21 century. As I say that I remember the Titans being the lone hold out for a year or two with the Radio game feed a few years back on Sirius. Money grab there too. I would think the WWE or fight app blueprint would be pretty easy for the NFL to follow. The networks will stay to cater to the old guys not tech savy.
  2. Isn’t this the first cousin to a bongwaterer? 😁
  3. QB stuff is done to death. I’m glad to hear positive Dane stuff. The 4 S spots are set. On a side note, the best indicator as to who is making the bottom of the roster are the guys on the first punt team PSG#3.
  4. According to the Marvel DD and Jessica Jones shows on Netflix, CAM’s ass is a little to large for the Matrix these days.
  5. Of course it’s what I think. I never claim to have any insider info. All I have is common sense. I stand by my post as always.
  6. Week one MM rookie year first pass vs. Bucs? I know more since but that’s the one I remember.
  7. Sure, ever wonder what would happen if Ben weren’t there? Mike Wallace can tell you all about it. They are a great organization btw.
  8. What few isolations I saw of AJ Brown were impressive. He seems to fit the bill of a strong guy that can create separation.
  9. Sure, first three guys are two second year guys and a 38 yo guy. They seem fine right now but good chance they miss time during the season with injuries. It just happens. Let’s hope it’s the one or two games and not the 14 games. Landry disappeared last year at times. Evans is suppose to be the situational rusher so he can spell them. UDFA rarely pan out less Finch. Other folks seem like JAGs to me right now. Pees having stronger DL and being able to bring pressure from anywhere will help the most.
  10. At this point I would be happy with just one exit.
  11. O my, I see it now QB watch 2020 at the Nashville Airport. First Peyton, now Brady. 😜 😝 🙃
  12. The most damning thing for me is MM’s footwork/mechanics in year 5. If a 7 step drop turns into a 9 step drop? - I’m not sure you can fix things like that going forward. I remember that be an emphasis when Mularkey was here. It proves MM has extreme talent to still be in the conversation as a starting QB in the NFL year 5 but not be able to take a 7 step drop consistently.
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