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  1. Great move by KC to attempt to win the organization’s second SB while their QB is cheap. I bet Simmons wasn’t on the KC board for round 1. So if MM flames out this year, the solid roster JRob has built is for not. Titans are two to three years away from doing something like this IF they draft a franchise QB next year. By then several of the assembled pieces with be other places. The health issues leading to on field play has been far too streaky for success.
  2. So when does Melisandre show up to die?
  3. Word is PK is trying to get the hot chicken joint to sponsor their podcast on his website.
  4. Everything you hear from this point forward until the picks come in are lies.
  5. Yes, par for the course. We bought a lot in the subdivision we now own a house in (subdivision is 20 plus years mature). Make sure the HOA is current with the state. Our pseudo HOA dissolved in 2005. The original officers act as if they still have power of the covenants and still create huge issues by selectively enforcing. My wife and I remind them each year in writing our attorney has advised us to notify their loosely connected group of individuals working under the cloak of a credible HOA that we are not associated with their group and our enclosed check is a donation to offset the maintenance of the front entrance of the subdivision. Recently this group has decided they want to reinstate the HOA legally but the cat is out of the bag and no way will the families that have moved into the subdivision agree to their covenants. I would agree to reinstate the covenants just to watch the HOA tell two home owners they have to either kick out the renters or sell the homes they are currently renting. It would cause huge shit storm between prominent family members. Yes, we are known as the trouble maker assholes. All par for the course when people think they have power.
  6. Ahh the dreaded HOA board. Do like I told my wife when we got married, buy 50 acres and build you home in the middle of it. The one addendum I would add in 2019 is make sure you can get high speed internet there. If you are an asshole, it keeps you away from all the other assholes.
  7. Come on green screens and cartoons would make it work.
  8. Upcoming battle in Ep 3 should take care of most of this issue. But as always with GOT lots more bad stuff will happen than good. My hope is Arya squares off against the Mountain at some point, face lifts him to get close and stabs Cersei in the eye as before mentioned. Cersei will probably sniff it out however.
  9. Pro, I like Simmons but in more of a trade back scenario due to injury.
  10. Along with Burns, Jerry is my pick if Titans stick at 19.
  11. Agent would never take contract at 15 to 20 mil per and little guarantees. Other agents would kill agent and it would kill his career for new clients. But maybe MM is a SM and likes all the abuse he gets in TN. MM is playing 19 to stay off the Tanny path.
  12. It takes 18 months to diagnose the injury and the another 18 to recover I’m sure.
  13. Ok, feel free to shove the green screens up your ass.
  14. Slow down it is still fiction. Anything is possible.
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