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  1. Geez, is it the end of July yet. Definition of insanity - doing (saying) the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
  2. MM has to be the breakout player if this team is going to make any noise in the playoffs. Little else matters to me. If not, it is just another year.
  3. 8 ints in 2018 which is a career low SO he must be improving. That’s all the stats I need.
  4. Or the massive influx of talented skill positions and better use of existing talent should greatly increase the scoring offense thus putting games out of reach to hopefully use the 2018 second half RB that fell into our laps last year to kill the clock.
  5. Fully anticipate MM’s extension coming just as soon as the ether clears. I predict it will surpass the annual amount the best QB ever receives this year.
  6. No he will be the problem this year. Lingering Robiskie ether was the issue last year. LaFluer ether will be the issue this year. Rumor has it the fumes could last up to 18 months from the old OC.
  7. Pretty sure Wiz was let go for this reason. Yes 4 years later but if they don’t protect the QB, Tanny won’t last long either unless he gets the ball out before the magical 2.5 seconds.
  8. I never get offended on here so no issues. As far as how it was worded, hmmm maybe. While it is not completely in line with OP, this team is so much better than it was 5 years ago and still won 9 games being so banged up last that I feel they are way better than Vegas thinks. With that said I hope as a fan(antic) the 4 and 7 equal one good QB.
  9. Hmmm, 4 years is the number of seasons our starting QB has played, 7 years is the number of years our backup has played but feel free to keep teaching history. Pretty sure I know the history of how their careers have gone so far.
  10. Always a chance of trades/injury maybe?
  11. No matter how you look at it, where you analyze it, debate it - NFL comes down to QB play. 2019 is set. Titans know what they are going in this season with. There are 4 and 7 years of history to show at the most important position. My odds are about a 40% chance this season has a positive outcome. My 2019 positive outcome is a playoff win. Division champ and home playoff game, AFC Championship game reduce it way less than the 40%. History is not in the Titans favor but I believe because I am a fan(antic).
  12. I would guess the opposite, he no longer has the “I’m a NFL player” protection when he bes Pac-Man! Jail over/under 8 months.
  13. Wonder if he shows up at double or nothing this weekend?
  14. Here I was thinking the OTA yesterday had some good stuff happen but of course it is only a bunch of thread derailing MFers!
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