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  1. How good will RT be at the end of his 18 months in this offense? Can’t wait.
  2. The MM fanboy love would have undermined RT if he started game one. Three games would have been a gracious plenty to make the move. This way the FO would have been able to see how RT would do without Lewan. Now we won’t know until the next cycle.
  3. Somebody is going on mandatory testing. Sometimes I have to remember these guys are barely adults and make poor decisions.
  4. Really nice to see Henry run now. Reminds me of E Dickerson in lots of ways now. Really like how he dances so much less than he did earlier in his career. Blas had some nice lead blocks too.
  5. Pure comedy. Let the OP die on this hill!
  6. What a great pickup. His catches yesterday came at crucial times in the game. Yes, everyone falls in love with the FB but I think he is what they wanted Flu to be in the O and ST.
  7. I am in the boat that resigns RT over any other option unless he has a Alex Smith type injury over the next 4 weeks. Selling out for Brady or to a lesser extent Rivers seems risky. At the end of the day the MVP, Rushing title, pro bowl or any other individual accolades are trumped by the SB. You take Brady then JRob is saying the Titans win the 2021 SB or bust.
  8. OLB and CB are my targets in the draft. Hope the IR GA kid pans out this offseason. FA should consist of keeping our own but feel Ryan and maybe Butler are gone. K may be a huge need as well.
  9. 11:13 in the third Simmons gives the other Indy G whiplash as he almost pushes the guy into the QB. Simmons is not a guy that will be single blocked for long. Watching the condensed game so I don’t have video.
  10. 2:20 to go in the 1st quarter Simmons pancakes Nelson. He is going to be very special next year.
  11. This is a Jet fan banging on his coach! But still justified.
  12. I hope the Raiders carry over this play the next 6 quarters.
  13. Huston was a long time poster that takes long breaks. His latest break started about the beginning of the season. It was really surprising how he went down on the USS Mariota. The other two showed up around the same time as Marcus. Seems like Russ stayed on the ship to long too. For me the tipping point was in 2017 the playoff season when the Titans lost back to back to back Arizona, SF and LAR.
  14. Eddie would be a good wing man for Gore.