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  1. This post confirms your 65 post count. Hang around another couple hundred post. You will see. He wished death on us all until he rules the world.
  2. We all know where MM is going after the season ....
  3. The NFL should play this video for all rookies coming into the league. At the end the commissioner should stand up and say “This is why you should not gamble. Your all dumb and you will lose all the money you make during your playing days and have to take a second career as a head on a stick showing the world just how dumb you are.”
  4. Talk about a last second Hail Mary at 4 seconds left...
  5. Well if you need another backup in that system we have just the guy for you and he is a FA and you have the C he wants too!
  6. My guess is Haslam request a interview with Smith this week.
  7. @TitansGuru I vote if we make it to the SB vs SF we ban Kyle for two weeks so he can concentrate on his favorite team.
  8. Ok serious question, how many pro bowl, all pro, mvps .... nevermind.....
  9. Somebody remind me how many pro bowlers the Ravens have AND who is going to be the regular season MVP again? OYeah it really don’t matter!
  10. o the Titans have already won, they have RT as the QB.
  11. Playoff winning HC in Titans history. Can count those on one hand minus thumb and pinky.
  12. Ha, too funny. Give me the greatest GM IYO and I’ll show you their misses. Week 1-6 and the K situation this year are of way more concern to me than any draft misses by JRob. Now continue with your pants pissin and trollin post.

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