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  1. I don’t think any truer words have been said. Not only the two players in this post but the entire team - players and staff have been spinning in circles all year. Week to week there are new highs and new lows. I hope this these circles are the path of the Titans moving from being consistently bad to being consistently competitive.
  2. Except for two games everyone in the division plays the same team's every year. Gotta call bs
  3. If Adoree broke pinky, why is he returning punts?
  4. FRT

    Matt LaFleur Play Calls - IN OVER HIS HEAD

    One more loss in AFC and I’m on board to see what we have in the young backup OL.
  5. While this thread is breaking down rapidly, I thought I would post this article. I am encouraged MM can be better than the middle of the pack. I also know people are saying give him 18 months in this system but this article and a 5 yr/$135 million contract are what scare me. You get saddled with bad contracts and bad QB contracts kill you. Don’t want this to be the Titans in 4 years. https://sports.yahoo.com/no-excuses-matthew-stafford-lions-135m-investment-magical-arm-021229817.html
  6. Clickbait thread. Had your baby yet? Better yet your DNA test?
  7. “You people” love the Pats game but realize injuries are a part of the game and you can really have only one $25 million guy at QB. Oh, and “you people” also watched the Phins, Bills, Ravens and Colts games.
  8. And don’t forget to mention the common denominator the past few years, MM.
  9. I think we have to wait 18 months for the offense to gel. Just really no other excuse. This basically a throwaway year from all I have heard the last 11 months. No need to panic or over react since the schematic concepts are way to difficult to pick up this early. The switch will flip around the bye week in 2019.
  10. FRT

    Lafleur can go ahead and get a HC job

    Truth be told MMs elbow may have determined the game plan.
  11. Shoo shoo elbow flu. Gotta stop taking hits in order to be the man every week.
  12. FRT

    Episode 171 - Titans Dominate Patriots

    I never listened until this season and really enjoyed these podcast. I just want to say thanks to you guys and Guru for doing these. Many posters really don’t appreciate the time it takes. A select few on TR (probably more than I realize) think it is easy and their narrative is something everyone wants to hear. Trust me, folks don’t or there would be a demand for them. Keep up the good work.