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Found 7 results

  1. If he gets $30M/year from Dallas, then what is Mariota going to get? $25M/year? Maybe $27M/year like Matthew Stafford makes? http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001030537/article/breakout-nfl-players-for-2019-dak-prescott-is-a-30-million-qb
  2. https://twitter.com/cyp/status/1121860414323724288?s=20 Re-sign him! We could use the depth and vet skill set. Gimmie those 3 safety looks.
  3. What do you think? I’m big into unis so that’s why I posted. I like the metallic green helmet and the shade of green. Other than that I think they’re not great. Their is no jet anywhere on the uniforms which seems odd. I like how we incorporated our swords in ours. This one seems a bit lazy like the jags.
  4. There are unsubstantiated rumors the Jags want to trade Jalen Ramsey. They screwed up their chance at domination when they gave Bortles his contract. Just as we study QB play, they had to know better. But I bet you Bortles had a lot of fans screaming he was great and gave him credit for 2017, Sacksonville. They also blew it with the Fournette pick. He hasn't produced and he's a headache. The Jaguars are financial retards, can't pay everybody. JRob should be down there right now in a disguise trying to work a deal. Ramsey would be perfect for Nashville. Media will be here for the draft and like 'everybody and his mama' will want to move here. Jalen Ramsey is an elite corner and would add W's with his play. Ramsey would put the Titans in the national spotlight. Mr. Big Chest would bring media, but only at the cost of the rest of his teammates. Ramsey plays on an island. Anything goes wrong, it's on him. He has not missed a game since he was drafted. No need to say anymore about his ability. He's one of the best football players in the NFL. I think Vrabel would have no trouble at all with him. Ramsey's from Nashville, played at Brentwood High and the city would love him. He may piss some off, but piss on them because the name of the game is win. He would fill the stands. People would buy tickets to come see the Titans because he would bring a football swagger back to this town. Maybe he says something every once in a while that rubs people the wrong way, but Nashville is not the same town it was back in 1999. Old Nashville is being shoved out. I hate it, but it's the truth. I went in a coffee shop the other day. I'm sitting there on my laptop chilling and 30 minutes later the place starts filling up with people partying drinking draft beer. Nothing Ramsey says is going to offend new Nashville, the one spending a ton of money. The ones who showed up 100,000 strong to watch the Preds on the big screen. Cost. You have to pay to be the boss. He ain't coming cheap and he's going to sign a blockbuster deal next year. I would offer Adoree and a 2nd. Probably going to take more, but I would start there.
  5. With Taylor's absence from team activities, does this automatically disqualify him from the team's foam-sword Fortnite game? It doesn't really seem fair to everyone else since Taylor won't have to be present in the locker room danger zone as much as all of the other players. This idea brings up an interesting theory. Is Taylor's holdout less about a contract extension and more about foam-sword Fortnite strategy? Discuss..... Also, in b4 "I wish the season would hurry up and get here."
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