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  1. If they had voided his guarantees, would they be restored if he were traded. Sure would have made it easier to trade him if they stayed voided.
  2. I think that is part of the Victory: take the snap, take a knee surrounded by backfield players in case there is mis-handling.
  3. I never understood why they cut him last year....
  4. It's my understanding that this play alone led to what is now called the Victory Formation-- where the QB takes a snap and a knee surrounded by backfield players...
  5. Why let a good thing go? You guys are the mental ones to let it upset you so... I do this for the responses it generates. I've already won the argument. Even oldschool conceded it.... Geez, you still don't understand the issue at all, do you?
  6. I don't let assholes make my choices for me... so no!
  7. Not at all. I like to show up here and there. One of my favorite places is where posters like several in this thread try to tell people what they should and should not post about. This one is a two-fer!!
  8. Outmatched though be the expensive decision to move up to draft him... hey @oldschool!
  9. 1965 9-5 (with Sayers and Butkus) 1966 5-7 (George Halas' last year as coach) 1967 7-6-1 1968 7-9 1969 1-13 1970 6-8 1971 6-8 1977 -- the Bears finally have a winning record at 9-5 in Walter Payton's third year. No doubt the Packers were great in that stretch (Lombardi, the Ice Bowl, Super Bowls), but the Bears were not that tough As we are all-too familar, the Bears rotated through seven different starting QBs in that stretch... none too memorable for sure.
  10. IIRC, the Bears drafted two HOFers in the first six picks (Sayers and Butkus) but never made the playoffs with them.
  11. If I have to "prove" my ideas then so do you. What you asked me to prove is unprovable! "You don't have proof that having more selections makes up for the misses. That's the point." You do realize that you can prove what would have happened with something not even possible... so what are you asking me to prove? It's a meritorious idea. With the picks that were missing and the good eye for talent generally exhibited by J-Rob I think we could have more contributing players. You and your running buddy Japan guffaw for some reason at my observation that the last two drafts will be in the long run the most impactful-- unless backng into Derick Henry with our third 2nd round pick that one year continues to be a a HOME RUN. So far, so good. Not sure why that is so funny. Seems like we have more of those players rostered than from the first two drafts. This is a critical piece of evidence that a complete set of picks is a favorable approach...
  12. Oh, BS. You require me to prove my case but you can just blab yours without consequence. It don't work that way...
  13. I thought you'd weasel out. It works both ways. I "prove" my case and you "prove" yours. Only problem is that you won't allow the only way to prove it which is to describe better potential outcomes and the hidden cost of sacrificed picks. You have an actual outcome which is hard to defend: no one on the roster from four picks that were "used" three-four years ago.
  14. Show me how it is done... How was trading a 1-15, two 2nds and a 3rd for Jack Conklin WORTH IT?

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