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  1. I'm pretty sure that most here regret the Conklin trade at this point. That's not dwelling on the past, it's learning from history for the future. I don't start the name calling thing. Occasionally I do shoot back, but I never start these things.
  2. Oh you are part of that "crew"... I'm not sure who it belongs to though... Now ask yourself, if I was really that thin-skinned, would I still be around? These silly insults just waste everybody's time. A small group of you do it and seem to enjoy it at anyone else's expense. Drafting a QB prospect more regularly is certainly not a play it safe mentality. Most of you see it as reckless. I'm not abjectly against trading up; I am leery of the pattern established to do it-- especially at a time when our roster was much weaker coming out of the previous GM regime when we really needed to bolster our roster. We are missing four prime draft picks from those first three years. Be nice to have them now. Maybe Landry wouldn't have tired out so. Three straight years of 9-7. A full year with Tannehill as starter last year projects to two more wins.- so 11-5.. Playoff run was remarkable.
  3. Is that all you got? I used YOUR words. What could possibly be delusional about that?
  4. You are obsessed with delusions. I used the actual words used by YOU in both cases. They were real! DELUSION: "a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact:"
  5. Kyle was making two mocks, one with a speculative condition that we had signed Clowney as a free agent-- the other to come, I guess, will be to re-signing Correa. You converted that condition into an "assumption" and added the LOL. You've distorted what he said for your own purposes. Maybe a thin effrontery, but you are also paying for your many past sins as well when this topic is addressed... 😎
  6. Majority? How many registered users and I count about <20 regular trouble-makers. Now, who's delusional? You have nothing but an illegitimate claim to make. What I propose is a norm around the world. Most won't protest because they don't want to become targets. All you've really done is coopt the site for your particular preferences and the rest be damned.
  7. Delusional? Only your words: "Putting you on ignore would not be doing me a favor, it would be a disservice. I would never deprive myself of the ability to watch your little tirades and other posters drumming you." Without realizing it, you have confirmed what I've been saying. No poster should be the topic of discussion. That should be reserved for football-related topics, but you and your crew insist on doing whatever the hell you want with people. Sordid world. It's not about having a sense of humor or not having a sense of humor. I have a hellacious sense of humor... your schtick is just tiresome and irksome... not funny... except to each other. I know the moderator and I fear the site-owner is in league with you because nothing ever changes.
  8. I said those may have been worth it where Conklin was not. We'll know in a couple of years. My concern is the cost of acquisition of these players. I hear there are some free learn-to-read tutorials online. Quit mis-representing what I say to try and make your point.
  9. Did you even read? I said that was worth it. You agenda has you crashing into walls.
  10. Tirade? You're the one who gets your panties in a wad. I'm toying with you guys on this matter, because my position is defensible. Your's, as your answer implies, is just selfish.
  11. Thanks for asking!! Those are two arguments that I'm seeing here more and more agreement with on here; sometimes it takes a while for the truth to work its way to the surface. The Patriots have drafted 2.5 starting NFL QBs ( a 6th, a 2nd, and a 3rd Rounder as I recall; we have drafted none. Overall they've drafted 2X (?) more QBs than have we and won how many more Super Bowls? Yeah, a lot is Brady, but they otherwise have a high performing team... that defense! Oh yes, and they have a tendency to trade down not up... We let Conklin go in free agency and got that 3rd round draft pick back... yay! Is the 2nd coming, too? No? Keep beating your head against that wall. Generally I like JRob a lot as a GM. Everyone is going to strike out some, but he can spot some gems. I like it when he has a full arsenal of picks. My main criticism of JRob is the high price he pays to get what he wants. We still were only 9-7 (again) and the season was only saved by the emergence of Tannehill. Have you not noticed all the moaning about our lack of "draft capital." In fact, this year our shortage of draft capital is by virtue of having Tannehill and Gilbert on the roster, yet still there is moanng about loss of draft capital. Those were one-for-one trade-offs that ended up in rostered players. Moving up for Conklin was 1-for-3, Evans and Landry 1-for-2. Conklin is gone. Evans and Landry look more to be keepers, but we could/should have four more picks in recent years in rounds 2, 3, and 4. Maybe we wouldn't have all these needs now had we kept those picks: one 2RB, one Edge, one CB, and one OT? Had Evans and Landry not been available when our normal turn came up, I'm confident that JRob would have tabbed another talented player. With very few exceptions, there has always been a better player taken after any selection in the draft: probably not true of most of the QB class of '83 (?), Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Lawrence Taylor, and Mr. Irrelevant year in and out-- although lots of FAs make rosters whereas Mr. Irrelevant often does not.
  12. I have no claim or goal to be an internet tough guy. I just want to post about the Titans. Whether or not there is zero or unanimous agreement with my, or anyone's, opinion is immaterial. I we don't have differing opinions there is nothing to discuss so it's OK to disagree about football stuff. It is what actually should make this place interesting-- not hurling insults back and forth. Take Kyle's mocks, for example. All they are is fun conjectures, but these "critics" turn them into "predictions" and bang on him. I love the mock in this thread, but like most mocks we like it is probably too favorable to the Titans.
  13. Just do us both a favor and put me on Ignore. Wishing death by coronavirus on anyone is objectively not funny. That you probably don't get that is the root of the problem.
  14. Wow, an internet tough-guy. Your schtick has grown old. No one needs to be harassed by you and your ilk. Peace.. out!
  15. The last two posts before I chimed in were just useless shit knocks on Kyle. The first three Kyle-Niner jokes were kind of funny but, as we approach 1,000, they are old and stale and have outgrown their usefulness.

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