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  1. charleytolar

    Collinsworth slide

    must be a UF bar
  2. charleytolar

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    Better than the screen game He catches the ball with momentum in space not standing still looking for a hole. Or this...
  3. charleytolar

    The 99-Yard Run

    The long touchdown runs he made eclipsed another 10 or so carries he might have gotten had the drives, with no big gainers, gone the length of the field to First and Goal instead of culminating with 50+ and 99 yards to the house.
  4. This brings up the perennial argument. Aikman, in particular, was saying we can't throw the ball downfield without play-action that is "concerning" to the defense. Maybe now it will be. Has anyone bothered to evaluate our down field throws: how many play-action vs drop-back?
  5. Thanks. The summary I was looking at eclipsed that game from the stat sheet. Nevertheless, one rushing TD for our "starting" RB is pathetic.
  6. Lewis does not have a rushing touchdown this season. Interesting fact.
  7. It's easy to diminish the effort, but the first guy stiff-armed-- Bouye-- was catching up to Henry as he crossed the goal -line 80 yards later; and the second guy stiff-armed (#48) had to be thrown off twice by Henry-- he didn't just give up either. The Jags front four was pretty much a non-factor thanks to very improved O-Line play. The back seven had the thankless job of halting a runaway train.
  8. charleytolar

    WTF Jags?

    Don't they have three starting OL on IR or something? Wonder what Marone's status is? Will Coughlin move in and import Eli for a transitional fix. I like Kessler-- wanted the Titans to go after him for backup QB after the Browns had acquired Tyrod and drafted Mayfield. Maybe Mike McCarthy comes there. He's an old OC, right-- maybe fix the offense from Coughlin's standpoint.
  9. charleytolar

    Where has Derrick Henry Been all year?

    It looked to me like Bouye turned his head. Henry's finger were a little curled naturally and it appeared like a tug. Glad it was a no-call because it would have ruined a truly historic run. I do find it kind of odd that stiff-arms to the face-mask are allowed.
  10. charleytolar

    Doug Williams/A Football Life

    I watched it. Hard to figure out why the drafted him given the way they treated him after what he had done for them. The theory offered was that they "wanted a new face of the franchise." Dang, they knew what color his face was when they drafted him.... He's a classy guy.
  11. charleytolar

    Time to fire the Special Teams Coach

    Some resourceful researcher should look up how many punts have been returned against the Titans this season that resulted in being tackled-- not run out of bounce or fair caught or let roll dead... maybe there are individual stats on who made those tackles.
  12. charleytolar

    Sharif Finch's Ceiling

    What are perceived to be his limitations?
  13. charleytolar

    The 99-Yard Run

    Bouye went at his shoulders when he should have done like Evans did on that goal line stand and just swiped an ankle. Even if he just stumbles, it gives other defenders a chance to catch up. Really exciting play: I'm just glad they didn't call him for a face-mask-- seems like his fingers got tangled in Bouye's face-mask on that stiff-arm.... nothing intentional... but lots of penalties are not.