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  1. Not if they are Isaiah Wilson and Caleb Farley! I'm not ready to endorse pursuit, but he would be our starting QB so that is easily worth one 1st. He's 26 and Tannehill is 34... He's not a bust so there's the other 1st. I struggle with the injury history and the massive dollars. You have to admit he is damn exciting to watch.
  2. What does that even mean? Another NFL team signed him. In fact it was the team that had him through early December, so we are talking about months to evaluate the player and they want him back. Granted he is automatically the backup, but that's what he was here.
  3. There goes my fantasy team! 😁 Isn't it interesting that the Browns had the longest look at him and they wanted him back? They lost Brissett to the Commanders. Maybe he's not as bad as "everyone" was saying. Wish we had retained him. So we're down to Tannehill and an unprepared but talented Willis. Hold on boys...
  4. Aren't these requests from the team more often a desire to improve the team with another contract rather than a criticism of recent play?
  5. I never said you had "a singular faith preaching to the unconverted." What made you a cabal was the childish rudeness with which you treat other people. That is the unifying characteristic of this cabal. Use of the word "eviscerates" is a key element in all of this. So once again, you have it wrong. No surprise.
  6. Yeah, "control" is the key word, isn't it? We'll see how it plays out.
  7. "This group" does not own this place. The can/should just butt out if it is not of interest to them.
  8. You just might be beginning to understand the reason why that is...
  9. This "circle" doesn't own this place. I don't despise this place. I've been coming for a long time. You didn't answer the question I posed you because it was an empty insult and you had nothing. The story I posted about was a true one yet the rumor prevails that I made it up. Thank you for your analysis, Dr. Phil. Now that I'm released from your care, I'll put you on IGNORE.
  10. It was a story about a Titan. This is a Titan fan page... allegedly. What circle could be more appropriate... if the circle is comprised of normal people. I'm not sure what facts vs opinions could you be referring to? That sounds like made-up shit...
  11. This is a weird place populated by a bunch of strange people-- not everyone for sure. I post a true story about a funeral that I attended. Some posters promote lies about it and, supposedly, I'm the troll? Too rich....
  12. The remaining thousands of posters who post football topics. I have no desire to talk "to you". I wish to talk ABOUT football.
  13. And where did that "come out".... your lying lips I suppose.... It was my brother-in-law's mother-in-law who opted for this. I was at the funeral and he told the story in remembrance. Do you have no dignity? no integrity?
  14. SMH. I'm sure the Titan organization is proud of you "bunch"...
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