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  1. Typically I insert one post and then someone mis-represents it in arguing because they don't understand my stance. I have to fix it and it goes one and on. If you folks who do this would smarten up and try to understand, we would only have the occasional painful reminder of the insertion of a slice of Truth!!
  2. This place doesn't exist just for YOUR amusement. Only you know what your intentions are and you claim these empty "victories"...
  3. You're not "arrogant" but you call people with whom you disagree "stupid" and you think of them as "foes"....
  4. Saw one of those online quizzes and deduced that four QBs who started across the NFL the week of Tom Brady's first NFL start ultimately played for the Oilers/Titans: Chandler, Collins, Hasselbeck, and O'Donnell.
  5. I struggle with the idea of losing Henry. Tannehill was special in his stint, but Henry was heroic. I guess if someone is going to really pay him he'll forgive the snub from the Titans.
  6. Why did Houston dump Crennell? Because of the KC comeback?
  7. The funny thing about reading all these "solutions" is that most have been tried by us already. I call it the "Just Do This Syndrome." Going into the draft needing a RT is how we ended up over-paying for Conklin.
  8. I think the 1-year one barely counts, but QBs are different. That may have been his third, actually, or how do we get him through 7 or so previous seasons?
  9. Did anyone hear Brian Kelly at the Senior Bowl practice talk about corners? He said that at Notre Dame they look for rugged six-foot wide receivers that they can turn into CBs.
  10. Oh, I know but your comment was that we lost the game once the deferred on the opening kick-off. It was 21-17 and the end of three, but it didn't seem that close.
  11. ... but we halted their first drive in the second half, no?
  12. What team out there WILL pay Tannehill the 30 Mil? Who is our competition for his services? Those who are not big Tannehill fans, what is the most you would pay him? You have to admit he is the best we've had in a long while. I understand the skepticism, but we have to put someone under center...

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