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  1. Fine by me if that is your obsession. @reb9000tn makes a valid point. No one is right or wrong except in their own mind about any of the conclusions, however the manner of expressions should rise above the childish insults.
  2. I'm glad we didn't have to surrender draft picks for those guys. I get that players move, but you can't compare players that were traded for high draft choices to a player whose option was declined and was allowed to go get rich on the back of a sap franchise.
  3. This conversation started right after the Titan selection in the first round of the 2016 draft. I've said numerous times: I'M A BIG J-ROB FAN. He was green when he started. I don't think the trade-ups worked in our favor that much. We got some players but those were all players in the first three rounds when you are SUPPOSED TO GET PLAYERS. Up until the last couple of years, his later round picks were pretty disastrous too. Those have gotten way better. Honestly, go back and look at the thread when Conklin was drafted. Lots of griping about the price when it happened. That let up when he backed into an all-pro selection and then gained momentum again when we declined his fifth year option.
  4. So you think it was a good deal to use a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd on a player who had one over-rated year (thanks to Delanie Walker) and left us for nothing and with nothing? This is a league with a shortage of tackles and he got PAID by one of the most desperate teams who even after signing him used the 1-6 pick on another tackle. Anything seem out of the ordinary about that?! Just because some dipshit marries your ex-girlfriend does not mean that she was all that.
  5. Good examples... except all those guys were traded and Conklin just walked. All we got was Cap Space. If we ever trade back again, I think I'd want the extra picks to come in different years to help alleviate the overflow.
  6. It is really hard to make that assessment because we don't know the value of what we never had. Conklin, Evans, and Landry are NFL players. The question is were they worth the cost of acquisition. We can only remotely attempt to answering that by looking back and imagining what else was do-able and then finding out what will happen when their contract ends. I'm a big J-Rob fan. I did not like this tendency which has subsided the last two years. I think it was particularly mistaken to go that route when the post-Webster Era roster was relatively weak. It would seem smarter to pick and choose more (i.e. trade up) when your roster is pretty solid.
  7. Focus on Tretola? Who's the babbling idiot? I know everything you tried to "school" me on. The only mention I believe I made in this thread of the 3 second round picks was something to the effect of "Thank God we had three because only the third one is paying off" I never connected Dodd to the trade. I just listed all the selections from that year where with a 1st, three 2nds, and a 3rd only the last of the 2nds and the 3rd will have impact beyond their rookie contract. Conklin got a big contract because tackles are at a premium and the Browns still drafted a tackle at 1-6 or so even after signing Conklin. I never remotely suggested keeping someone because of the cost of acquistion. Quit trying to put words in my mouth. Opportunity wasted is just wasted. En guarde!
  8. Have you read any of this?! At this point, 50% is the best we can do if Evans and Landry prove out. There are two components to the draft: 1) how many draft assets you have, and 2) how you realize those assets. When you compromise #1, what you do with the second part becomes a "no-fail" proposition. See my example: we got 3 picks in Rounds 1-3 out of what could have been 7 picks in Rounds 1-4. If your picks in the first four rounds are "back of the roster players", you need a new GM. The four picks we lost were a 2nd, two 3rds, and one 4th. We had to fill those empty roster spots with later draft picks or FA which is a crap-shoot. I completely understand why they traded for Evans: scheme fit. If you understood at all what was going on here, you would realize that I campaign for staying from the get-go. This debate goes back to the 2016 draft. It didn't just get born when Leonard won Rookie of the Year. I hadn't even looked at that scouting report until last week. FOR THE ELEVENTH TIME... I never suggested Leonard. He was just an illustration that if we had to have a linebacker, we could have stayed put and just drafted Leonard, kept our 4th rounder, and probably been more than okay. BTW, no one has stepped up and told me which all-pro or all-conference NFL player they would not want on our roster because of "scheme fit." Still waiting.
  9. This goes way further than I want it to, but I find most people's "objections" are not well-founded (as in NOTHING OFFERED BUT A DISSENTING OPINION) and easy to overturn. The daring trade-ups do offer an initial rush but then so does heroin. Then come the long-term implications so I think it deserves to be thought out more thoroughly.
  10. In the Conklin, Evans, and Landry "deals" we drafted three players when we "could have drafted" seven in premium rounds 1 thru 4 had we just stayed put. As a result, we now have to fill those roster spots with, AS YOU SAY, with other teams' "crappy players." Why would WE want those "crappy players" when other teams don't?
  11. I don't believe I've ever started a thread about it. I just plug it in there where I find it to be disturbing.... I mean appropriate for others. I keep citing evidence to back up these idea. I keep hearing "that's not how the draft works", but you can work the draft any way you want.
  12. You know, my son, if you don't want to discuss this stuff... you don't have to. 😉
  13. Well, we got a blockbuster deal for the 1-1 from the Rams. People were placated by the fact that we were "playing with house money" but each deal should be judged on its own merit. Seems like we frittered away a chunk of house money on a losing proposition. Out of that 2016 draft we got 1-8 Conklin, 2-33 Kevin Dodd, 2-43 Austin Johnson, 2-45 Derrick Henry, 3-64 Kevin Byard, 4- nobody, 5- nobody, and 6-X useless Sebastian Tretola. I believe only Henry and Byard will be reflected on next year's roster. I think we swapped #1 picks with the Rams in the 2017 draft for 1-5 Corey Davis and sent our natural 2-52 to the Browns in the Conklin deal. At 3-72 Taywan Taylor came and went. In a great move we got Jonnu Smith at 3-100. 4-SENT OF WITH TAYWAN TO MOVE UP, 5-155 a great pick in Jayon Brown, 6-218 Corey Levin, and 7- Josh Caraway, Brad Seaton, Khalfini Mohammed. I do prefer trading back to trading up because a larger net increases your odds of getting valuable players. See above. The last two of our five selections in three rounds of that draft are the only ones which we might choose to keep. Anyone notice how, overall, J-Rob's picks throughout the draft have gotten better and better? Keep 'em!
  14. What do you think it is? Damn, we had BETTER get a 3rd for Conklin or that move will be more disastrous than it seems!
  15. I looked and could only find projections... not sure when it solidifies. Understand now, @Soxcat?! You'll have to find something new to jump all over me about now, although I must admit that it feels like I'm fencing against a blind man.

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