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  1. Opining is not whining. You only call it whining when YOU see your long-held position prove to be wrong as Conklin moves toward exiting the roster. I hope he makes a comeback, but at this point THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT WE OVERPAID FOR HIM. Will you even try to make a counter-argument anymore?
  2. What you dumbasses don't get is that the problem persists with only a few of you in "this place." See, even your language indicates that you think it operates without your own set of selfish rules. Other people support this place, too. If you tools want to fuck each other over, go ahead. You know who you are. Have at it but leave the rest of us out. MOST of the posters at TR are great. Even those of you who succumb to your own Dumbassery can post good stuff about football-- just wish you would stick to that. I find it the height of irony that you accuse me of attention-grabbing when that is all that your juvenile barbs are intended to accomplish. Hypocrite.
  3. You are sick and disgusting. I've only appealed to unreasonable people for reason. Triggered? The "bird" emoji is the only disapproving choice I get. I'm just fighting the good fight and I will do so as long as it interests or pleases me.
  4. Who not fucking grow the hell up and show a little civility to those whom you know won't welcome your stupidity? It's fine if you want to beat each other up, but you don't own this site anymore than I do and I think it not too much to ask to respect the rights of others. The problem is not deaf ears; it is hard hearts.
  5. It's only your own myopism that fails to let you see that "your way" is not the only way. It's the irritating part of this place. You guys think you get a hero bade for climbing up on the mountain of your own excrement and shouting "FREEDOM!" like you're William Wallace or something! I'm just calling for a little courtesy and judgment.
  6. What the fuck does sympathy have to do with it? Her death was a pre-requisite to her cremation with the Mariota figure. As I pointed up, I didn't even know her that well. It was meant to be just a nice little Titan fan sidebar.
  7. .. and crapping on anything you want to is not problematic? Why do you guys think that the rest of the board can't wait to see you show your asses. You are just a big circle jerk.
  8. Thank you, Dr. Phil... 😏 You ruin something that was intended to be a nice little human interest story with your juvenile antics. You have no respect for anything... and you're proud of it. You want to capitalize on something with your juvenile humor at whomever's expense.
  9. Do you really believe all your bullshit? What bullshit are you self-appointed thugs calling me on? I re-told a quaint and true story about an unlikely Titans fan that had a great human touch. You and your ilk must not recognize that. Sad for you and too bad for us. It is NOT up to you to decide what is fit. With freedom comes responsibility and you and your friends' recklessness does not reconcile with that responsibility. "Let it go" is a better version of "anything goes"... which is just CHILDISH.
  10. NashvilleNutjob, I sat in a small church in Virginia yesterday for two hours and listened to stories about this 91 year old woman who buried a husband and a daughter before her. One of them was told by my brother-in-law about her love of Marcus Mariota to the extent that she had requested to have her "doll" of him cremated with her. Some sick puppies here,but I'm not going to let them rule the day. It's a great little human interest story about an unlikely Titans fan. Shame on all of you who doubt and ridicule this... and if you haven't noticed, I've been giving a DOUBLE THUMBS UP to all who post sympathetic remarks... which is a population TWICE THE SIZE OF YOU ASSWIPES! Victory for the Good Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. You are a lunatic. What is there not to believe?
  12. At least there is an admission of trolling. I didn't know, but I wondered and kind of expected this kind of crap. I don't understand you people...
  13. 1. Story was true; I heard it first-hand told by my brother-in-law. You dumbass. 2. (a no value cheap comment) 3. (another no-value cheap comment) I'm unclear as to why you, Oilerman, oldschool, and nowPenguin feel like you need to be the arbiters of what is fit to print. Quit Being Trolls. If you're not interested in the topic, move on. We don't need to know every stupid idea that boils up in your little brains!
  14. Bitch, this was a story about a Mariota fan that I heard first-hand. So many destructive people...
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