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  1. Josh Allen got Beasley last year and Diggs this year, right? Mahomes should have better number because he's had better weapons at RB, TE, and WRs.
  2. Did Tennessee Vols hire anyone yet? Isn't he a graduate?
  3. On the field of play, the fumbling team retains possession when it goes out of bounds. I'm not sure why that same event happening in the end zone should receive such a harsh and counter-intuitive resolution. I get that there is some loose connection to kick-offs but that formula leads to an overly harsh resolution. The defensive team may have done nothing to bring it about; people have fumbled without even being hit. Make a new rule: possession lost inside of the 5 and fumbled through the end-zone results in possession on the 5 regardless of whether that results in yards-gained or
  4. ...but only where the end-zone becomes involved. It just seems like a harsh, isolated resolution. A kick-off (even on-sides) gives the receiving team the first shot at the ball since it has to travel 10 yards to them. It's the receiving team's to lose. A fumble is just a loose ball with equal opportunity to claim with no "distance" requirements. Passing out of bounds in the field of play means that the fumbling team retains possession. However if the end-zone comes into play, and no one recovers it before going out of bounds, the ball is turned over to the other team even though t
  5. ... but the opponent didn't recover the fumble.
  6. It's a dumb rule. If the same play happens at the opponents' 20 yard line, you get the ball on the 19 or thereabouts; I believe you can even gain a first down if the fumble advances past the line of scrimmage before going out of bounds. A punt that goes out of bounds in the air or on a big bounce has a guestimated line of scrimmage established. Just make the best calculation of where the player went down when he lost possession and return to play. This loss of possession is unusually harsh. Another fair question: why can you coffin-corner punts but not kick-offs? The in
  7. What kind of programming is taking that slot?
  8. We did it when we were only up 10-0 at the end of the first quarter.
  9. Bills. Losing 4 Super Bowls needs to be overcome...
  10. In the defeat of Baltimore in January 2020, Tannehill threw a 46 yard bomb to Khalif Raymond right after we had gone up 7-0.
  11. The first three wins by a total of 6 points. IIRC, our margin of winning was the smallest of any playoff team-- 3.2 I think while KC and GB hover around 10.
  12. I'd like to think so but the only Titan who brings it as a passing threat week in and week out is AJ Brown. Davis disappoints. Jonnu Disappears. Firkser shows and then gets ignored. Batson, Raymond and the other kid are total non-factors. Would signing Kenny Stills have hurt?
  13. Didn't he just disappear after 1Q? People are knocking Raymond but he caught that 46 YD touchdown last year for us to go up 14-0.
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