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  1. The "way the draft" works has never changed. You make your secret board then take turns making selections. You manage your draft capital-- hopefully wisely. I "properly evaluate a draft picker" by looking at his behavior and his results. Robinson's results are uneven and methods costly. I don't just look at them in a vacuum. I framed Conklin in the 2020 all-pro group and he was the ONLY player that cost three premium picks that made that grade. How can that be overlooked much less praised?
  2. I wasn't meaning to replace Evans with Cunningham. I was just pointing out that both he and Thuney were more than role players as was asserted in an effort to minimize the cost of handing over premium picks in trades-up.
  3. Has the "your guy" strategy really worked for J-Rob? Likely none of those "your guys" * (two of four are already gone) will see a second contract from the Titans. You raise a good and fair question about what the league-wide trend is about second contracts. I don't know how or where to find that info. I've looked. The main issue for me about not offering second contracts is that those high draft choices not getting second contracts ALSO cost us valuable draft capital in the 2nd thru 4th rounds so it's a double-hit. Can't skip over that because in my hypothetical, Thune
  4. How can all of you want to make a BFD about where Robinson "rates" as a GM and then sentence him to do what "league averages" predict? Why not be concerned about the "Robinson average"? Shouldn't he do MORE of what he does well? Wouldn't that generate better results?
  5. It's Robinson-sized sample and that is all that matters. Remember he is a 75th percentile rated GM so why would you hamper him with the performance of the bottom three-fourths of the league's GMs? I mostly say what we could have done when coaxed. Most of my pronouncements are what we shouldn't do and they are announced once and forever as the standard. Robinson flaunted that three times in his first five drafts and none of them really paid off. Has he learned? I hope so.
  6. 7 of those 9 have ZERO connection to Robinson. ALL the players I named were Robinson picks and more have been starters than not. Give us a break; at least be honest and accurate. The only history we need to evaluate is Robinson's and he is better than average in those rounds which is why it hurts to see him forfeit those picks in trades-up. It can't be said any more plainly.
  7. So we get him at 1-8 by giving up a 2nd and a 3rd because the Giants would have just taken him at 1-10... "a little more in compensation"? Conklin was the only first team all-pro last year that took 3 premium picks to acquire. Has that sunk in yet? And he wasn't our all-pro... Was there value for the Bears to give away the farm to get "their guy" Mitchell Trubisky? It worked for the Chiefs who gave up just a bit more than we did for Conklin.... but Mahomes is a QB not a RT.
  8. Well, if someone else can project a bum to us, nothing wrong with projecting a player we might very well have selected based on position-played and where they were picked on draft day. The idea is to look at alternatives: It's not that unrealistic at all. Our seconds recently have been split: AJB/Henry/Landry vs Dudd/Austin Johnson. Our thirds have been split likewise: Byard/Davis/Jonnu vs Taywan. THAT IS NO VAST MAJORITY OF BUMS
  9. A couple of years ago, I found it and read it. It wasn't what I remembered. There were lots of people expressing concern about the price paid for Conklin. Why does it not surprise me that you only will ask others to do the work!
  10. It's not Conklin so much; I think most of you over-rate him. When he was announced all-pro with us it was pointed out how much he was protected by Delanie Walker and when he earned all-pro with the Browns, someone pointed up how there were other players statistically more "deserving." Of course, he contributed; he's not a lousy player. Seems he benefitted from having two great running backs. The reason we can't forget it is because the guy that pulled the trigger on that is still pulling the trigger. He does seem to have backed away from such shenanigans the last few years, thank g
  11. Bums really? 2nd and 3rd Round picks? Now you're making an anti-Robinson argument if you are not confident that he could have gotten someone of value-- at least one. I'll just piss everyone off and remind them we could have stayed put and re-built our offensive line with Taylor Decker at 1-15. He may be no Conklin but he's started 70 out of 80 career games with the Lions since coming into the league. Better than what we are left with? With our retained third-round pick, guess who was on the board? Joe Thuney who has been terrific in New England and just signed a FA cont
  12. No doubt Conklin is a "nice" player and Wilson a disaster. Do you have any comment on the fact that Conklin was the only first-team all-pro last year who took three premium draft picks to acquire? I'm puzzled because every time I mention it, no one acknowledges how out of kilter that is. Oh, and he wasn't even our all-pro last year...
  13. ... like trading up expensive to target a RT need pick?! 😁
  14. Is it more likely that the Titans were lucky that Henry was still on the board at pick 2-45 (having chosen two other players at picks 2-33 and 2-43) or that J-Robb knew the entire league had him rated lower? Does BPA rule the day or is it to draft for need? If it's BPA, we have to question what we were doing be cause Henry was far and away the better player of those three... and many taken before? If it's draft for need, I pointed out elsewhere that the only RBs on the roster were scrubs like Antonio Andrews and Bishop Sankey and an unknown quantity in DeMarcus Murry c
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