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  1. Than that will lead us to Jalen Hurd... following Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray out of Oklahoma. Wouldn't it be interesting if OK had three consecutive Heisman Trophy winners. I don't see Hurd climbing to the top of the draft charts but then neither were Mayfield and Murray there either at the outset.
  2. Well it is not quite like I remember it, but he is still reaching back for the ball with two defenders closing rapidly on him so he tried to make a play. He certainly could have been more aware, but I don't see it as a bonehead play. Delanie had the referee's view of that play.
  3. How about Jalen Hurd? He's the closest thing to McNair seen in awhile.
  4. I thought Tajae was pretty well cut-off by the DB and did what he could. Seems like he had to come back for the ball a bit so his momentum was already heading in the wrong direction.
  5. Imagine if Rosen got shipped again should Miami take a QB at 1-1 in 2020. His confidence will be through the roof.
  6. ".... maybe Woodside even...." sarcasm [ sahr-kaz-uhm ]SHOW IPA SYNONYMS|EXAMPLES|WORD ORIGIN SEE MORE SYNONYMS FOR sarcasm ON THESAURUS.COM noun harsh or bitter derision or irony. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark:a review full of sarcasms. TEST TOMORROW!
  7. 15 of 18 for ~112 yards at half-time but no threat really. That high ball to AJ was just awful. He throws high way to much and exposes crossing receivers to injury. I'm ready for Tanneyhill and maybe Woodside even. Tired of the frustration.
  8. Of course. I congratulated him, didn't I? BTW, he has overthrown some of those on other occasions and he has been sacked likewise. He was under no pressure on any of them. Everything happens in a context. Eleven carries for 92 yards comes down to earth when one of them was for 77.
  9. Dang, you sure undercut the momentum of optimism you were building!
  10. Watch the 5 TDs he threw: > the first was an 8 yard slant to a guy with a step who then managed 30 YAC to the goal line > the second, third, and fourth were nice over the shoulder balls downfield to guys with 1-3 yards of separation > the fifth was to a guy standing in the endzone with no one within five yards Congratulations but nothing really earth-shattering to be seen.
  11. That one to Brown, he had to throw falling back as the pass rush ended at his knees. Corey Davis dropped a nice ball that hit him in the hands.
  12. Dang, I thought Mariota looked okay. Where are these two TDs coming from? I will add that I am surprised. I expected him to be dismal.
  13. Red Zone Efficiency-- TDs only -- Titans 2015 #5 2016 #1 2017 #14 2018 #23