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  1. How should I "change my approach".. get their approval for my thread topics or my thought processes? I'm sorry but why do I have to change my approach? I'm just trying to have what is to me an interesting discussion and these guys just want to get in the way and disrupt. I don't toss out ad hoc insults. I don't post in every thread so I certainly just stay away from topics that don't interest me. Why can't THEY do that? I've asked them to put me on ignore since they apparently don't think I have any valuable insight to offer, but they refuse. I'm tired of their littering the board with this kind of crap. They may not stop as it is just a kind of Circle Jerk for them and they can watch each other so I don't know if it will spare the rest of you, but at least I won't have to navigate it.
  2. Eat shit... and you can go to your grave knowing that this is the last response I will probably ever make to you since you are definitely part of the Crazy Eight ban... NOW IN EFFECT!
  3. The Crazy Eight Cabal of Insanity has been put on my Ignore List.
  4. Well, of course, because the thread topic doesn't pre-suppose an answer. I wanted to see what others thought: A good group of grown-ups suggested alternate paths: @headhunter, @Titans279, @KingTitan8, @TitanTez, @prometheus, @AvgJoe, @Soxcat, @Ricky, and @titanruss I thank you for your legitimate participation and apologize for the nonsensical rantings of everybody else that make it hard to participate. Shame on them.
  5. This is a sad place filled with some even sadder people-- can't even have a discussion about football.
  6. You really think I don't understand what he is doing? It's just stupidity piled upon stupidity from a man who knows no shame.
  7. You are just a sad little clod of wasted clay.
  8. I have a finely-honed sense of humor but I find constant and deliberate obstruction not funny at all. What is funny about Japan's initial post? Walk a mile in my shoes and try to initiate a discussion only to have a handful of guy deliberately derail it. It really is that complicated because if your getting "to laugh and have a good time" comes at the expense of something, then it's time to have a re-evaluation. It is not your's or anybody's right just to tromp on whatever you feel like.
  9. Look, it is really simple: if you don't like a thread topic, stay out of it. It's not your job to jump in and render a value judgment to any thread! That's what the grown-ups do. .
  10. It is the same Crazy Eight jackals not "pretty much everyone". This is part of your delusion. Some people know how to work in groups and some don't. It is as plain as the nose on your face. What was the very first derailing response in this thread... from Japan? The very first response! Now whose fault would that be? He makes no effort to contribute but just to deride. Then the rest of the losers pile on. Here and there a few clever posters share an idea in-between all the crap laid down by the Crazy Eight.
  11. You whiny bitches have got it wrong. You don't like my thread so all you can do is whine and stomp your feet like children trying to make it go away. If you don't like the thread, stay out of it. It does not need or require your stamp of approval. This thinking that a thread needs your personal stamp of approval is just the marker of a spoiled child. I'll have none of it.
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