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  1. Makes sense if you want to believe Ran when he said he didn’t think Skoronski would be there at 11. I would hope they revisit this in June and we can walk away with a 3 or even a 4 for Tannehill. It’s the Levis show now fellas. Cry UT fans.
  2. I bet we will bring in Hakeem Butler and Corey Davis once he’s cut
  3. Some of you are in for a rude awakening lmao
  4. No one here is going to like this but we can’t half ass a rebuild here. Tannehill needs to be gone and Levis needs to start. Whether that’s now or by the trade deadline. He has a 4 year deal, I’m not crazy about wasting one year of that deal. He needs reps. Tanny, Byard and even Henry should be trade chips at the deadline to recoup missing draft capital for 2024.
  5. Absolutely need to start Levis Day 1
  6. If you told me we would draft all offense players and take 0 WRs I’d call you mentally retarded
  7. Solid draft if you ignore the fact they have no pass catchers WHEN Burks goes down
  8. Between Skoronski, Whyle, and McCreary… we don’t give a shit about arm length
  9. Can’t wait for the day 3 presser when Vrabel and Ran say the board just didn’t play to them picking a WR when they only had 6 picks and waited until R5.
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