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  1. My personal favorite list: 1) Season 4 2) Season 3 3) Season 6 4) Season 1 5) Season 7 6) Season 8 7) Season 5 😎 Season 2 EDIT: Had to switch 3 and 4 around. I liked sesson 3 more in general, but fuck Walder Frey, Roos Bolton, and Tywin Lannister. May they all three of them burn in the 7 hells.
  2. Oh, they're necessary. They're just not "haha necessary".
  3. I'm just content in knowing I'm not the one complaining about meatheads doing meathead things. Perhaps we should reexamine who the actual flakes are...
  4. I'm just curious what exactly people expected from this. Mensa-level discourse? Jesus. They're three football players sitting around on a hot ass bus in middle TN in May/summer shooting the shit. Maybe lessen the expectations a bit...
  5. I've seen it said that Dany's death was predicted in that season 2 finale vision scene. She walked through the throne room, as she eventually did in the finale. But then she goes north of the wall to a tent where Khal Drogo is inside with their son. They said this vision was of Daenerys meeting back up with Khal Drogo in the afterlife, after she died. She says to Drogo, "maybe I am dead and just don't know it yet."
  6. I think this is the wrong move. Going from a good team to a mediocre team seems like it would pay off more in the long run, Cotton.
  7. I want to hate that so bad but I'm laughing too hard.
  8. This read like an epilogue to some 1920's noir erotic film.
  9. Some people care more about the pre-existing narrative running in their head than the one running in front of their face. Mariota being who he was drafted to be will benefit everyone who's actually a fan of the team because it means they don't have to start all over again at QB... for the 4th straight time since 2006.
  10. Of course you want them to play with fire, but what difference does it make whether or not someone acts like their cock is 5 feet long?
  11. Settle down there, Sammy L. Lack of football action at all since December tells me THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME. BOOYA! I HAAAAAVE AAAA MAAAASSIIIIIIVE HAAAAARD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! But that's just the thirsty ass fan in me acting like a thirsty ass fan.
  12. Do you really expect to have a paradise island in the middle of Lake Diarrhea and not expect, at the very least, the occasional fly?
  13. The Redskins will never be anything but a Patek on a homeless man as long as Snyder is running shit there.
  14. What is this bastion of the old TR of which you speak?
  15. Well, anyhow... ...season 8 rulez. Fuck all you haters.
  16. He really wasn't all that and a bag of Kibble last year for LA, was he? It'd be nice to have someone come in and hold Simmons' spot down until he's ready, but would Suh really be worth the $?
  17. Who gives a fuck? Do you really hold his opinion in such high regard? If not, then stop letting him live rent free in your mind and maybe you won't be so offended when he says something that tweaks you. I mean, you're not going to change him by trying to figure him out. He's oldstool and that's that. He's fine with it so you be fine with it. He doesn't have to change to appease you and you don't have to change to appease him. Deal with it and move the fuck on.
  18. Something everyone, especially the bellyachers, should read. https://wokesloth.com/fan-viral-thread-game-of-thrones/jessi/
  19. In the end, this really was a story about House Stark. It may not feel that way, but House Lannister ultimately lost in a helluva way. All the worst of them wiped out, with the best one remaining. I honestly would have preferred if Tyrion had turned out to be a Targaryen, but the Starks deserved to win the game of thrones after all the shit they endured. Too bad Tywin couldn't have lived just long enough to see it and to see Tyrion be his one heir who made it through before exhaling his last breath.
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