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  1. I hope McNichols shows them so much they have no choice but to keep him. Feels like he already has. Henry has a true back up in Fluellen so it'd be nice if Dion Lewis did too.
  2. Well, that and the fact that both her's and Keanu's characters die at the end of the 3rd Matrix would seem to present problems for this new film. Are they rebooting the Matrix? Is time travel going to be introduced? There's a lot of conflation to deal with...
  3. It helps. No, if you win again we got beat by an android... again.
  4. The high priest hath rebuketh hith dithiples...
  5. He had actually developed a hi-resolution audio player and accompanying download service called Pono back in 2013 or 2014. Their online store was also going to sell earbuds/headphones that were capable of accurate playback of those hi-res files. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pono_(digital_music_service) It was a great idea, but it got killed off by record labels by insisting that consumers pay more for the hi-res files and Neil Young is of the opinion that all music should cost the same. He had to discontinue the device because of it, which is partly where I think the idea for his own streaming site came from. So when you say he's fan-oriented you're tagging that donkey right in the ass.
  6. Nothing screams competence like spending money and other valuable resources on players that are an anathema to what you're wanting to do on offense.
  7. No, I meant... I mean, you didn't word... the last bit didn't make sen... *sigh* nevermind. Anyway, back to this thread's regularly scheduled Mariota bashing...
  8. Eh... I was good with comprehending this post until the very end and then my mind just exploded in confusion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As for the part I did understand, I've got both Apple Music and Spotify that I use daily. Well, more Apple Music these days than Spotify. Among the reasons for that is the fact that Spotify can't seem to release decent updates to their app anymore. Sick of all the crashing and buffering/delaying. I'm trying out Apple Music during the free 6 month deal they give Verizon customers to see how comparable it is to Spotify and if I can get by without some of Spotify's bells n whistles. Fwiw, I'm obviously not against streaming or digital downloads at all. The technology itself is a revelation. Look at Neil Young as an example for what streaming should look like for any given artist. That guy set up his own website (http://www.neilyoungarchives.com) that streams his entire catalog... in hi-resolution music files, not just that compressed 320kb mp3 bullshit... to fans who pay either a monthly or annual fee for access. $1.99 a month or $19.99 per year. They even have a dedicated app that serves the same purpose as the site. Honestly, I think all artists need to follow his lead on this. There's a lot of potential for artists to connect directly with fans and make an experience out of it rather than going through intermediate entities like Spotify, YouTube, etc. etc. where they only have access to music files. So yeah, streaming is not the devil. No one's really carrying around Case Logic notebooks full of CDs anymore. But I'll still buy physical copies of albums from artists I really care about/like and it's not just for nostalgia-related reasons. CD's have a higher sound quality and the audio doesn't have to travel down network paths where it's subject to data packet loss and other deterioration of signal that causes deterioration of sound. --- @freakingeek, you've mentioned that you're more from the hippie generation or close to it, amirite? Idk if you're a Neil Young fan, but if you are have you seen that website of his?
  9. And this is part of your problem. You think it's about living or dying on a hill when really it's about rooting for a football team. You do realize that Mariota running away with the job means everyone who's a fan of this team wins, right?
  10. Something I saw elsewhere: If America was founded on slavery, and therefore slavery is an American principle, then: 1.) Why don't we still have slavery? 2.) If it wasn't founding American principles that abolished it, what principles did? 3.) Why do free markets vanquish racism instead of create it? https://www.aier.org/article/how-capitalist-abolitionists-fought-slavery
  11. I've heard people refer to the Cowboys fan base as a front running base. The Titans fan base isn't much different. That being said, I've been to Cleveland once, back in 2008. Fuck Cleveland. Won't be back. May be it was just my luck when I was there, but still... won't be back.
  12. These narratives are doing lines off a hooker's ass every couple hours.
  13. It must feel like pure vindication to know that Mularkey is about to head into his fourth straight season as the Titans head coach. I'll be sure they put that on your tombstone, Heisenderp.
  14. I gotta be honest... I was trying to be PC with my vote. My confidence level on this scale is a true rock hard & solid 8∞. #Mari🐐a4lyfe #8finity 😎
  15. He's entertaining at least. Manziel was a loose cannon too but he couldn't play for shit, which makes it less entertaining. As long as he backs up his sack on the field people won't give too much of a shit. Browns fans at least. But let him fuck up a few times and cost the Browns some games and it'll wear razor thin real fast.
  16. My god, Jake. Do you need a seeing eye dog my man? The pass couldn't have been a much tighter spiral.
  17. You know... he might be right, although Jones has looked pretty decent so far in preseason. But comments like these tend to come back to haunt you. Mayfield may wind up being a great QB, but that jack ass really needs to STFU. The Heisman trophy isn't a winning lottery ticket. They're both NFL QBs now. They've both got a lot to prove.
  18. I'm expecting it to at least be decent. Sort of a Better Call Saul to Breaking Bad. Not as good, not Breaking Bad, but a good enough story in its own right. The hardcore GOT fans will be there opening day, but casual watchers probably won't gravitate to it the way they did GOT. That was unique, lightning in a bottle type shit. Another thing that is a challenge for the show is that there is no massive collection of novels that it's based off of. The story itself will be new to everyone.
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