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  1. lol If you find you're having to disclaim your comments with "on a podcast by two liberal evolutionary biologists", you might be a redneck talking into a liberal echo chamber.
  2. Woof... And this is why Cardano has a really great opportunity to flip Ethereum soon. Would cost $120 to move $10 worth of USDC right now. Don't know what's happening on the Ethereum blockchain, but those are ridiculous fees.
  3. Just tossing your own logic back at you.
  4. My favorite thing about babies is that I know none of them that like using their legs, arms, hands, and feet to get things off the top shelf, feed themselves, or change their own diapers. They get all excited when someone brings them food or upset when their diapers are full of shit but none of them would rather take care of things themselves.
  5. Won't be the Packers trading him since the relationship with Rodgers is finally getting smoothed out. It wouldn't have been anyway if they really believe Love is the heir to the post-Rodgers Packers.
  6. Not to all those bears trying to squeeze and shake people out of their positions. Lots of shorts out there having to buy back in at a loss right now.
  7. BTC zeroing in on 38k, on its way back up to 40k.
  8. All this talk about CBDCs in the crypto space and forced vaccines is setting up quite nicely for the rapture, the tribulation, the mark of the beast (can't buy or sell without it), and all sorts of fundie Sunday school goodies. Hell, look at the attitudes of those toward the unvaccinated. "Yippee, ya'll gonna die and we gon laaaaaaaugh!!!" I bet you jack o lanterns won't have any qualms turning in strangers, friends, or even family who won't take the mark of the beast and worship whatever world leader eventually takes over that one world govmint that's eminent. HAHAHAHAHA! Folks, the end
  9. How are you going to get 3 rebounds off a shot and continue to shoot fucking 3 pointers when a simple jump shot closer to the basket ties the game with France? The modern day NBA can go fuck itself. It's trash and I am ashamed to see the NBA represent the USA now.
  10. Just keep his retarded ass off the kick return team and we'll be fine.
  11. I'm vaguely aware of this fact, but it's never really registered and I've never bothered looking into it. Does every single decision come down to a democratic vote? Does the entire city of Green Bay get a say in how things are run?
  12. I wonder if a chunk of his mentality/mindset is arrogant jealousy over the career Brady has had that he thinks he should have had.
  13. I get being skeptical, but you are being willfully obtuse on a whole other level.
  14. I... don't quite get this one, but I get what you're aiming for so fuck it. Ha. Ha. It's good Hollywood seems to have finally gotten over its infatuation with turning young adult post-apocolyptic novels into ham-fisted movie franchises.
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