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  1. Nate Davis missing camp was/is the real problem, not letting Levin go. Also, Taylor Lewan getting his dumb ass suspended the first four games did the group no favors.
  2. There's always the New England team you could root for. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Yeah, but mostly because I'm the one who posted it. Mariota has his flaws, and yeah he holds onto the ball "too long", but when he has an average of maybe 2 seconds to set up to throw the ball even in 12 personnel packages, which I guess are being called because of the oline's struggles, what else can he do but hold onto the ball and take sacks? Would people prefer he "get rid of the ball" just for the sake of getting rid of the ball and he winds up tossing INTs galore? Someone on the board said earlier that if you put Tannehill in you're basically swapping sacks for interceptions. All things being equal I'll take the sacks. "The line is fine." Yeah... Fucked up, Ineffective, Nonplussed, and Egregious.
  5. I wish god would do this for us while we're watching these games.
  6. If that's really the case then JRob needs to have a heart to heart with Vrabel.
  7. I'd like to go jump off a cliff. Does that count?
  8. God I fucking hope so. Even if it isn't any better I don't see how in the fuck of fucks it could be worse.