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  1. "You get an NFT featuring a rendering of the sneaker that is wearable in all top metaverse venues." This means shit to me. "The redemption window opens, and you redeem the NFT for the physical item. No burning required: you get to keep the NFT as well as the physical version. The NFT itself, built on a mutable standard, simply toggles its ‘redeemed’ trait to YES. The sneakers arrive in the mail." But this, and the ensuing paragraphs, are pretty intriguing. People mindlessly buying monkey jpgs thinking they're going to be bazillionaires is no worse than the mindless criticizing of NFTs based on the mindless buying of monkey jpgs. It's an empty dichotomy.
  2. Fwiw, all of his rookie highlights were with Alex Smith under center. The Browns don't want to deal him because they essentially have 2 #1 RBs for almost the price of one. Why should they trade him? He's the one who agreed to an extension with them. Use him for as long as you have him and then wave bye after you're done.
  3. Also, mix some tuna with some Nutella. Eat it. Thank me later.
  4. Well, it's not like this country needs more IRS. Especially not 87k more people's worth, if that's right. Maybe just more efficient and less complicated IRS. Generally, less of its dick in everyone's oatmeal trying to fish for pennies.
  5. Watson was suspended for 6 games, not the whole season. Where are you getting "out this year" from?
  6. I don't think they'd mind the jokes. CEH has been underwhelming at best.
  7. If they did decide to trade him who might the obvious suitors be? Omit the Titans because that's not gonna happen. But who are the more RB needy/desperate teams?
  8. Are you talking about the play at 1:29 of this video?
  9. All solid points. Now, let's go make fun of Todd Heap's daughter some more errbody! WOO HOO!
  10. You know they don't mean "beat" as in defeat the horse in a battle of wits or in Eldin Ring. What they mean is you beat it like a drunken step dad looking to take out the day's frustrations on.
  11. Do you mean *actual* boomers... as in people who are at least 59 years of age or older... or are you talking about anyone slightly older than you? A 15 year old can call a 25 year old a boomer, but that's not what a boomer is. If it's the former then I have to wonder who you're talking about because I don't imagine there are too many 59+ year olds fucking around with NFT projects.
  12. Medical records, the deed to your house in digital form (might come in handy in the case of a house fire), ticket sales, useful art (limited edition releases of their music, as a use case, is far more useful for the artist and their fans than mere JPEG images), photography (maybe photographers can be more properly credited and paid for their work without worry of having their images ripped off from them), etc. etc. NFTs are an emerging thing and a lot of time the earliest use cases for something are merely for the sake of use cases. So a lot of the APE NFT glut that is out on the market right now is just from people trying to capitalize on the hype, but the real use cases, especially in various industries as they discover what they have the potential use for, are not only going to be remotely useful but locally useful too. Also, a bunch of NFT use right now is tied up into the "metaverse". I don't care about any of that shit, but there are a lot of younger idiots ready, willing, and able to give up their bodies to be plugged into the Matrix. Or so it would seem.
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