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  1. My only issue is her calling subsequent employers to get offers revoked. That is a huge issue with me. You’re a lawyer, and Idk if you’ve ever worked in a firm, but lawyers can be extremely petty. If that didn’t happen, then I have no issue with her demanding a lot from her staff. Being a lawyer isn’t easy. There are times I sit in my office and question what I’ve gottwn myself into. But I suck it up and power through.
  2. If this is the worse thing you can say sign me up. There is a new one of these written every week, and it’s getting old.
  3. I dare any of you to eat salad with a fork and not get pissed.
  4. Earth isn’t always a proper noun. It’s only capitalized when used as a proper noun. You’re the last person to judge someone’s grammar/spelling.
  5. Enforcing laws is big business. How do you think we pay for over inflated police budgets?
  6. I particularly liked that she pushed 2 year colleges and trade schools, something that has been needed for awhile. I’m liking Klobuchar more and more.
  7. Leaving it up to the American populous is a terrible method.
  8. Statistics show once you’re in Congress, it’s pretty difficult to lose as an incumbent. It’s pretty rich career politicians like Mitch McConnell telling people to get real jobs. Someone should not spend their entire career in politics. Politician is not a career goal.
  9. “I don’t not have stereotypes of black people.” The old double negative. so you do have stereotypes of black people.
  10. I only have Ben and Tux on ignore. Usually not a fan of it, but their posts grew past the point of annoying.
  11. I only see his shit bc ppl quote tweet him.
  12. Lol he’s great. He right on the 10k part, but 2k is too frequent.
  13. I’m not a Porsche guy — but it seems like 99% of #lawtwitter owns a Porsche (I’m not the 99%) — but the Panamera is fucking sweet.
  14. Prediction: In 2 years, Earl, tard, Cux, and the other trump army will be in here crying about executive overreach when President **Insert Dem Here** announces a national emergency.
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