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  1. Work smarter, not harder. Why go out to get tang when I can order it to my door for nothing more than a cell phone and Netflix subscription?
  2. You’re talking to the generation that created Tinder and Grindr. Our generation is fucking. A lot. We just ain’t marrying. And it wasn't ok in 1993.
  3. I was 9 in 1993. Even at 9 I knew not to randomly grab a woman’s ass.
  4. “Americans are fucking sick and tired of people who come here for economic reasons and then hate this country.” Beto didn’t “come here”; he was born here.
  5. And that’s saying something considering Tux is a frequent poster here. Can’t believe Merc has converted to a Trumpster.
  6. Stop this nonsense. He’s a hateful bigot. He’s not smart enough to do something like this for a long con.
  7. Did you miss the part where AOC, Pressley, And Tlaib were born in the Us? And AOC’s parents are from Puerto Rico, which is part of the Us?
  8. They’re already spinning it. They’re saying he meant for it to be about Omar. 1) ok? So? She’s an American. 2) he uses terms “they” and “women”. Both are plural, meaning more than one. If he intended it to be just about Omar, he could have used “woman” and “her”.
  9. These clowns act like the economy was poor when trump took office. There were several years of growth before trump and that growth has maintained since he took office.
  10. There are all kinds of stories about people having the same procedures done in MX for a fraction of the cost. A surgery that would cost $100K in the US might be $7500 or $10k in MX.
  11. Agreed. But I think they should have already started them.
  12. That’s fair. But I don’t think his testimony will have any effect.
  13. If roles were reversed we’d be dick deep in impeachment hearings. Anyone who says otherwise is a fucking liar.
  14. He’s just gonna read from his report. We arent gonna learn anything not in the report.
  15. Its time for Ds to consider someone else for Speaker. Pelosi and the rest of her ilk are pussies who think “demanding change” is going to do s god damn thing. #PelosiResign see how effective that is, Nancy?
  16. Oh it’s already been floated the Clintons have put a hit on him.
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