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  1. That would be because there is no inmate interaction between other DR inmates.
  2. There’s no purpose to it. We have the ability to incarcerate those who don’t belong in society adequately.
  3. Just lock em away and throw away the key. Problem solved. I’m not anti-punishment. I’m anti-state sanctioned murder.
  4. This has been endlessly debunked. It is far more expensive to put someone to death than it is to keep them imprisoned for life without parole.
  5. “No spite.” Lmao. It’s very spiteful. It’s a punitive measure to the convicted murderer. It’s not that he can’t rejoin society. We already have a measure for that: life in prison with no possibility of release. Our prisons are very secure as very few successfully escape every year. The state killing of another is malicious. It’s murder. Point. Blank. Period.
  6. Jake is talking about abortion. He’s not talking about a Casey Anthony situation.
  7. Murder: “the intentional killing of another with malice aforethought.” State sanctioned killing is the very definition of murder.
  8. I don’t know his politics. He simply believes the government shouldn’t be committing murder. And he’s right.
  9. No. It was simply a discussion. There was nothing implied in the OP about Trump. You snowflakes get so butthurt if you think anyone is even remotely attacking your cult leader. Also, think again. James Byrd Jr.’s brother was against this execution.
  10. Because he was executed today. That’s why there is a thread on this.
  11. God fucking dammit you motherfucker.
  12. I have no issue with convicted felons voting. They’re still Americans, and they should have a say who represents them. Their punishment is loss of freedom and other civil penalties.
  13. The Native American stuff is a black eye, but she’s the smartest person running for president in 2020.
  14. It’s well known knowledge I sat out 2016. I won’t be sitting out 2020. I like Mayor Pete and Klobuchar the most. I don’t think either make it that far, but I’m voting dem in 2020 to get the fucker out of office and watch the indictments roll in.
  15. So he better hope and pray he doesn’t lose reelection.
  16. Toll means the clock doesn’t start. I don’t know if that happens or not.
  17. I wonder if the statute is tolled while he’s in office...
  18. No. I don’t think Mueller believes he obstructed. Mueller did conclude Trump attempted to obstruct, but those attempts were quashed by his staff’s refusal to do his dirty work.
  19. Btw, the indictments from the SDNY will have almost nothing to do with Russia.
  20. Based on the DOJ’s position a sitting president cannot be indicted, no, I don’t think so. But that’s just my interpretation. I wouldn’t say that’s fact.
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