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  1. Bates got absolutely killed in passing downs. Many of the early third down conversations were on him. Also possibly the 3rd and long conversion at the first drive of the 2nd half which sealed the game for the Ravens. They converted like a 3rd and 17. I think Bates was horrific in passing downs. We need Woodyard and Vaccaro back. Both are really missed.
  2. If you think this is the case and they were playing him smartly, then why did JRob fire Mularkey. You seen to think there will be minimal change to the offense as far as scheme but if that was the case, why fire the coach who won a football game. I am pretty sure that JRob shared some of the same frustration that other Titans fans had and yes Marcus will likely play better just due to having a healthy offense but more than that was needed to really make this offense optimized. In 2016, there was an 8 game stretch that the offense really looked great but in the 20 games since we never came close to duplicating it. Part of that was on Marcus. Part on the decline on Murray. But also a huge part was that teams more effectively game planned against this Mularkey lead offense and he failed to adjust. I think it was the lack of adjustment and his stubbornness that got him fired. The new offense passes and runs from the same formations. That will allow us to become unpredictable which is one of the biggest changes compared to last year. That may be 2 TE or 3 WR sets. Who knows which influence Lefleur will follow more. Mcvay or Shannahan. My guess will be more shannahan but certainly with elements of Mcvay.
  3. It’s possible that Landry was rated above Evans but it was close enough that Jrob felt that Evans was the last elite ILB available and that he could not afford to pass up Evans at that spot. He would surely be gone even as soon as the next pick. To to that point only 2 OLB has gone and we had done work with other OLB that we likely felt comfortable drafting them compared to the 5th ILB. Once Landry made it out of the first round, I think JRob called every team and offered his 3rd round pick until the Raiders took the offer. I think we were going after Landry the whole 2nd round but weren’t willing to offer any 2019 picks. It was going to be our 3rd round pick and the Raiders were the highest team that would take the offer.
  4. How does Evans compare to the other LB from Alabama. Compared to Foster, Mosley and Hightower?
  5. I would trade a 3rd to get James now
  6. If Dervin James is falling to low teens I would consider a trade up to get him. Elite talent
  7. The one thing to look it is does this make a potential trade more or less likely. I think that if Spain had received the 2nd round tender, it was very unlikely any team would have signed him. Now I wonder if a team that wants to sign him would incentivize the Titans not to match by giving up a 4th round pick. Teams have done that in the past where they agree to a tender but don’t sign it so they can negotiate with the team. I am wondering if this is what Jrob is thinking. it could also be that they just think he will be a poor fit and why waste the money.
  8. Martavius bryant may be on the trade block. Obviously has had a lot of issues but because of that he could come cheap and would provide the speed and deep threat that we need.
  9. It won't be frustrating if we get our choice assuming that is deflilipo.
  10. Listen none of us know Vrabel. All we are doing is speculating if he will be a good hire or not. What is encouraging that multiple people in the media or otherwise involved in the NFL who do know him speak very highly of him. That gives me encouragement about this hire. So many people have come out and said this hire was a homerun. They could all be wrong but atleast they know him and have interacted with him. Unlike all of us in this message board who are just speculating.
  11. Mcdaniels is not going to have personnel control. That's all J Rob. That is a big difference between this job and the one in Denver. J Rob is not drafting another Tebow. Mcdaniels can focus on just coaching.
  12. I would expect a meeting with AAS and Robinson in the next day. We will know then if they will fire him. Personally I hope so
  13. They didn't come out in spread 3 wideout sets this game. For whatever reason or more likely the score, they eventual switched to it. In the 2nd quarter they were moving the ball but had 2 breakdowns to end 2 potential scoring drives. Here is the thing, we don't run a hurry up. We run a no huddle which are 2 different things. Less men in the box is better for our running game. The key to things game which has not been mentioned was that overall protection of Mariota was great. He had time to look over the field repeatedly. Even the scrambles had good protection.