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  1. Yes it was. Automation is creating the "slaves" of the new world and ironically, we will become slaves to the automation. The rich will get richer from the automation and its essentially free labor.
  2. That wouldn't be funny, it would be awesome. But no more awesome than any QB getting a title for the Titans.
  3. I get the point, but it still made Steve a middle of the pack QB in 1999. We know he was more than that. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/1999/passing.htm I am not convinced the Titans are trying to build a high powered passing attack, though it my develop eventually. I see them building a strong D with a strong running game and want a QB that simply won't screw it up. Losing Lewan for the first 4 games is the teams biggest problem heading into the season. But a lot can change from now until Sept 8.
  4. I believe... If the Titans go 12-4 with Marcus, some will say that they would have went 16-0 with Tannehill. This is what makes TitansReport so fucking great! As long as Marcus can convert 3rd downs, keep drives alive, the team should be fine. That is what made Steve so good. Steve is my favorite Titan ever, but the dude had a 78.6 QBR the Super Bowl season. He always seemed better than the stats. There was absolutely plenty of NOD over McNair talk back then. Ultimately, I don't care who the QB is, as long as the team is winning. Living in South Florida, I have seen a bunch of Tannehill and know he can be just as polarizing as Marcus. Titans look to have a pretty good roster. If Pees doesn't die and Derrick Henry brings it...Titans will win games.
  5. "Irsay did not specify what part of the body this “little bone” injury is in." Insert jokes here...
  6. This question should be sent into the Twitterverse, just to see if anything happens.
  7. I love the guy that comes in at the end, smacks him on the head when he is down, then takes his hat. #class
  8. I dug it too. Definitely felt like a 70's flick.
  9. Marcus is the Trump of the Titans and NFL Talk forum.
  10. If it happens once, it is under thrown. If it becomes the norm, then it is a back shoulder throw! 😁 Great catch either way.
  11. lol! A pocket pussy sounds like something that could possibly make the world a better place.
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