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  1. I think my memory of this game will always be Ben's reaction on the missed kick.
  2. Love the optimism or is it sarcasm... Titans have been outclassed on every level thus far.
  3. As much as I agree with the list and had/having so much fun watching them all play... It is all kind of empty without a single Lombardi. Henry has the chance to be the real King if the team finally brings one home.
  4. Fox should probably stop having Mayor Pete on their channel...
  5. Oilertattoo

    Voter Turnout

    I dropped off my ballot Tuesday morning and had confirmation Thursday morning.
  6. LOL! I don't know what it is, but it sure does look awkward.
  7. I see he needs 2 hands to hold a glass and drink a sip of water still.
  8. Oilertattoo

    Voter Turnout

    I have tracked my Florida ballot and my vote has been counted. I seriously hope people take the time to check and see if their ballot was counted or not. It is easy enough to do.
  9. Not only does he look like a corpse, he is stiff like one too. (purely speculation)
  10. lol @ the Disclaimer in the Guardian link... • This article contains spoilers about Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
  11. Don't they know that email doesn't work. Just ask that Nigerian Prince, cause he never sent me my money.
  12. More like a broke as hell homeless crack addict's Derrick Mason.
  13. Steelers will have a chip on their shoulder coming in. Titans getting all the hype, they have a chance to take that from them.

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