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  1. It's cool Ratbird. I get it. It's obvious that the 6 seed coming into your building and taking away your awesome season is going to be hard to deal with. It isn't like our franchise has ever had to deal with anything like that before. So, no sympathy here. and.... you know the rest.
  2. Frauds? What does that say about the Ravens then? WTF is wrong with you bitter boy? Why are you here? Oh yeah, cause you didn't have anything else to do today. Fuck the Ravens!
  3. Drew Hill, Will Fuller, a 1st and a 5th (don't remember who those picks were)
  4. Deal with it, dickbag. Titans whipped that ass and Tannehill only threw for 80 yards. so, fuck you too.
  5. He turned out to be an AWESOME pick for the Oilers, when they traded him.
  6. Tannehill would have to be cheap, which he is not going to be and I am not sure he is worth being overpaid for. Titans will be in the Brady, Cam etc.. talks.
  7. Really? Mahomes proved why he is the best QB in the league today.
  8. So did the Dolphins. They had a shot at him and went with Culpepper.
  9. I agree and don't think he changes a bit, unless he has a QB that he really trusts. Not sure who that guy is, but I don't think it is Tannehill.

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