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  1. Nashville and Titans fans every where should embrace the Oilers history if for no other reason than... FUCK THE TEXANS.
  2. I specifically enjoyed them saying "the loss of Ficken was huge" But the real highlight was when commemorating Adele Harris for being the first black woman to work in the front office of an NFL team and who died in 2007.... "I hope she realizes all that she has done..." I was hoping she realizes that she is dead.
  3. Oilertattoo

    Virus in US

  4. You got me curious to see what he has done this preseason and it looks like Peterman has taken all the snaps. I did see this... ...no I didn't listen. https://www.raiders.com/audio/quarterback-marcus-mariota-titans-oregon-nfl-training-camp-2021
  5. Time to sue Led Zeppelin too. Also, LOL at the baby looking like a sex worker.
  6. LOL WUT? https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/man-photographed-baby-nevermind-cover-sues-nirvana-alleging-child-pornography-n1277578
  7. Oilertattoo

    Virus in US

    I wanna know who volunteered their kids for a study that proves children wearing masks for extended periods of time causes them harm.
  8. Great question, considering they all travelled together to Tampa.
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