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  1. My point regarding Tanny is keep the same energy. If you were ripping Mariota left and right continue to do so with Tanny but if you had the kid gloves on with Mariota, keep them on for Tanny. Don't just become the salty "hater" you despise just because the people who were shitting on Marcus were mean to you and now you're bitter.
  2. Rosen has been a sacrifice. His life is now forfeit.
  3. It completely shut down Baker Mayfield,Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham, NJoku, and Nick Chubb all young starts in this league. Did you already forget that?
  4. Henry was getting stuffed late in the game in part because the defense knew they could key on him and Mariota wasn't good enough to punish them. They were clearly right.
  5. It's not the weapons or the defense. It's the QB. He's holding us back and it's obvious. Adam Humphries was one of the best slots in the league last year and Mariota can't find him to the tune of a 15% 3rd down conversion rate. It's over bruh.
  6. I bet that the second you stop backing Mariota and stressing, your cortisol levels will drop and you'll add like 10 years to your life span! Think about it!
  7. IMO strong safeties are less valuable than OL, RB, and TE. I would take any of those three high and well before strong safeties. IMO it's the least valuable position on the field save for a blocking TE with little receiving upside. Rangy free safeties are a different story entirely.
  8. I love Corey but I would trade him and Adoree for Ramsey in a heartbeat. I'm actually more protective of those #1 picks now that it's clear we need a QB and it's likely we'll have to trade up for one.
  9. Strong safety is different. Even with the top strong safeties the drop off isn't big enough to justify the expense.
  10. No thanks. We don't need to spend a draft pick and big money in two years at safety. Hooker will be fine as long as Byard is prowling the secondary.
  11. True, thre new QB might throw for a measly 154 yards and lose you the g- oh wait....
  12. The anonymity of the poll is why we were able to see just how many people are still clinging to hope with Mariota. Going forward people may be less likely to be honest knowing that they will be outed and ridiculed. It's isn't the end of the world or some huge outrage but it potentially did more harm than good and for what?
  13. Of course the board was hard to read with all the Mariota bashing but to treat Marcus with kid gloves and then crush Tannehill for every mistake is bullshit. At the very least people should stay consistent. If you were shitting on Mariota then shit on Tanne and if you were defending Mariota at every turn you should do the same with Ryan. Both guys will have been in very similar positions so to do anything else is hypocritical. I get that watching your favorite player getting trashed every day is annoying and on a primal level you want to "get even" but it's the wrong way to go about rooting for a TEAM.
  14. I disagree that he should lose mod status but I do agree that it was wrong to out people on an expressly confidential poll. People will never trust these polls in the future if they know a mod will out them simply for holding an unpopular opinion they disagree with.
  15. The right never presumes innocence when it's someone on the left. Be real about it.