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  1. I can't stop blaming his teammates because they deserve blame. Only people suffering from Mariota butt-hurt could even think to make an argument otherwise. And before you try to act like I'm taking you out of context, understand that you just asked me to stop blaming his teammates as if that's a reasonable request. That's like me asking you to stop blaming Mariota when he clearly deserves some of the blame. It's pretty clear to me that only one of us is trying to absolve someone of criticism to further a narrative.
  2. Ok but I'm sure he's out there working on that as we speak. Meanwhile you're just getting worse. Hyperbole certainly does have it's place in legitimate conversation but a comment that is purely hyperbolic like the one you made is pretty useless unless the point is to express some kind of negative emotion.
  3. I don't disagree at all. An average QB can indeed limit a good roster and we've seen this with guys like Dalton. I believe we now unquestionably have enough talent around Mariota for him to be deemed the problem if shit goes sideways. If he shits the bed due to injury or otherwise, I'm out.
  4. Generally I agree with you but as I said until you find that guy putting as much talent as possible around an average to above average QB is the best you can hope for. You can't just sit around feeling sorry for yourself until the golden goose falls into your lap. As you intimate, this approach has it's own challenges and is less sustainable but it is what it is. At least you have a chance to win with a guy like Mariota if you play your cards right. With bad QBs, it doesn't matter what you put around them and this seems to be what some on this board think Mariota is. I disagree.
  5. That's just your emotions and talking. Do try to reign them in.
  6. Mariota isn't elite either and like Prescott will likely never be but there is a reason Dak has never had a season as bad as Mariota. Simply put, Dak, from the beginning has been surrounded by superior offensive talent. As the talent started to decline (OL not as good, Dez declining) Dak's production went with it. It actually rally speaks to my point of how much of a difference the surrounding cast can make. If you swap Mariota and Prescott for the first few years I bet there isn't much difference either way. The major difference between the two has IMO been injuries which of course is the biggest strike against Mariota. Of course, the ideal scenario is to acquire a top 5-7 QB for whom the surrounding cast is more ancillary but by definition these guys are rare and extremely hard to find so until you do, putting legit talent around a mid-range guy like Mariota is your only play. I get the frustration since we didn't draft him at #2 overall to be the kind of QB he's become but short of identifying and successfully acquiring a legit top 5-7 guy we don't really have many other options.
  7. Here's the rub though; we haven't just had bad QB's we've also had terrible surrounding talent. If we're going to say that all these QBs flamed out then the same must be also be said about the surrounding talent given that the only offensive weapon we've drafted that has had any success after leaving the Titans is Jared fucking Cook. It's not like we've been surrounding our QBs with so much talent that when they fail it's clear that they're overwhelming problem. That's why people recoil when it seems like some think it's reasonable to dump 80% of the blame on the QB's door step. The overall talent level of the Titans over the last 10 years has been appalling and the fact that barely any of these guys are even in the league is a testament to that. It's not like any of them went on to show that all they needed was a QB. Dak Prescott looked a lot better after he got Amari last season after being largely saddled with bums. He isn't an elite QB and likely won't ever be but he's a good example that a mid-range QB can have success if you give him help. Obviously, it's optimal to find a top 5 caliber QB but those guys are rare and until you find one, you have to surround the guy you have with enough talent to at least have a chance to win some games. We haven't successfully done that in decades.
  8. You missed the point. The point isn't that Davis as the #1 got doubled, it happens everywhere. The point is that despite the #1 drawing double teams, the #2(Taylor) wasn't good enough to take advantage of favorable 1 on 1 match-ups and the rest of the offensive weapons weren't much better.
  9. JV at that. Thank God he's way better than he looks.
  10. It's crazy how excited I'm getting about Brown. Logically I know he's largely the same player he was a couple of weeks ago but emotionally I feel like he's already a stud. Can't wait for this season.
  11. It really all comes down to whether or not you believe that the government should protect people form themselves. My gut says no but the consequences from stupid peoples' stupid choices usually extend beyond themselves and starts affecting others. I'm sure everyone's health insurance premiums are at least in part affected by the stupid choices people make regarding their risk-taking behavior and diet.
  12. Our uniforms are fine. Our old unis were the best in the league IMO and my favorites. Oh well They're still the Titans.
  13. I think you're right. Gore played his senior year. It was McGahee who was drafted hurt. Guess I mix the two up as well.
  14. Hopefully by then end of camp he'll be able to wear #13...
  15. Hard to knock the ones who passed on him. I wouldn't have even considered him.
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