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  1. I don't think so, I've never eaten a toasted hot dog bun...
  2. Idk about that Justa. His lack of charisma was very damaging and he became Trump's punching bag early on. Trump absolutely buried him on the debate stage. The poor guy had to ask a group of people he was speaking to to "please clap". Dude was super cringey. I do agree with you that being establishment was like the 5th thing wrong with him though lol. It's too bad too because he's the type of moderate republican that could actually help balance out democrats and the left without becoming an authoritarian dick-head.
  3. Oof, I think we disagree on all fronts here. Then again, it seems that you're higher on Taylor than most while I'm probably more down on him than most. I really just don't think he's good enough to do what we need.
  4. Beat a defense deep 2 or 3 times early and see if that safety stays in the box. I bet he doesn't.
  5. I'm not asking for a guy that can do ALL of those things just a few of them and I'm not going to list them for the 4th time. I also find it interesting that you think this is what it would take to unseat Taywan Taylor. You're clearly much higher on him than I am.
  6. Well I certainly wouldn't expect a rookie to be destroying elite corners from day one but I also don't think that blowing the doors off of people on the regular is a requirement to help keep defenses honest. Teams just have to get beat deep a few times before they adjust and start taking safeties out of the box and underneath throwing lanes open up. Honestly though, the feasibility of adding an instantaneous deep threat wasn't even the conversation I was interested in having. What I was debating previous to this discussion was whether or not hypothetically acquiring a legit deep threat would significantly help Mariota and the offense. I think the answer is a resounding yes but not everyone seems to agree on that ( I know you do).
  7. You're straw-manning my stance. I've been repeatedly saying that the guy must also have reliable hands and the ability to make contested catches. Also guys like that drop to the middle rounds all the time due to size, playing at a small school, or even injury. I'm also not necessarily limiting us to the middle rounds though would obviously be optimal. I haven't done a deep dive into most of them but in this very next draft there seem to be a couple of guys that may be there in rounds 2-4 that might fit the bill. I'm not advocating that we force such pick but I don't think it's wise to close ourselves off to the idea of it.
  8. Dude, you speak as though all fast receivers are bad route runners. That's not the case at all. I'm also not saying the guy can just run deep every play but your insinuation that if the guy can't run the entire route tree perfectly from day one he's somehow useless is extremely simplistic.
  9. Well if Taywan had been taking care of business we wouldn't even be having this conversation.It's not like he's set some incredibly high bar that it's crazy to think someone else could do a better job.
  10. Our offense is literally going to have 3-4 receivers consistently threatening the underneath and intermediate areas of the field. We're not lacking in that department. We don't need an all-world route-runner. Just give us a guy with elite speed, that can reliably catch the ball, and hold on through contact and Davis, Humphries, and Walker will take care of the rest of the field. I think you're making the mistake of hyper-focusing on what I player can't do rather than looking at what they can do and how to best utilize that skill set.
  11. It's not just about the stats of the individual player, it's about how the threat of that player's speed can help keep safeties out of the box and make defenses respect the deep pass. Right now, defenses face no downside to stacking the box and jumping short/intermediate routes. A guy who can make those safeties pay for sneaking up is all I'm asking for and it's not necessarily going to cost an arm and a leg to get him. Look you can quibble all day about the cost/benefit analysis but the bottom line is that a legit deep threat would help our offense and I don't think you have to be some 1,000+ yard receiver out of the gate to make defenses respect the deep ball.
  12. Well, the moderates all seem to be head over heels for him so we'll find out during the primaries if they're as popular as they think they are.
  13. I worry a little too but hopefully it was just too many carries for him and an offseason of rest is all he needs. I'd like to see us acquire a satellite back to in case though.
  14. You're presenting a false choice. The options aren't sell the farm or don't even bother. Even a player like Dee Dee Westbrook who the Jags got on the cheap could help us out. Young WRs come into this league on a yearly basis an contribute even in limited roles. Tyreek Hill was simply an example of what a deep threat can do but he isn't the only example. If Tyreek is too much for you then how about Tyler Lockett then? 3rd round pick and he provided Wilson with easily his best deep target. You're talking as though it's impossible to acquire a field stretching WR that doesn't shit his pants in traffic without spending a top 5 pick or tons of millions of dollars and cap space. Travis Benjamin, Taylor Gabriel, etc aren't as good as Hill but they don't need to be in order to be effective and actually give safeties something to think about. I'm not even saying that the Titans NEED to do this but honestly to act like there is no upside to trying is crazy to me. They say speed kills for a reason.
  15. Nice to see Lewis there at 4. We need a serious bounce back season from him this year.
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